Best LED Grow Lights

We spent several hours researching and testing LED grow lights from multiple leading manufacturers. We have compiled the best LED grow lights buying guide and reviewed our top picks. We ranked VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series LED as number one in both quality and effectiveness. However, our top five picks will help you choose the best LED to grow lights right away.

LED Grow Lights Reviews

LED grow lights are artificial light sources that are used to enhance the growth of plants, specifically cannabis. They are considered the powerhouse of the growth room and speed up the weed-growing mechanism to provide you with the biggest yields you have ever seen. These lights provide a light spectrum to plants that are similar to that of the sun and offers a variety of colors, temperatures, and intensity level.

best led grow lights

LED grow lights have been a major advancement in recent years and are predominantly becoming popular among hobbyists and commercial growers. The best LED grow lights offer a number of distinct features, which we have reviewed in our top picks. For instance, they produce minimal heat while saving a lot of energy. Also, they are reliable enough to last for several years. We have included a buying guide as well to let you know about important considerations for an informed decision.

Top 5 LED Grow Lights


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The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series LED is a creative product designed to provide 300W full spectrum grow light along with a 250W HPS bulb. It supports the plant’s growth from the vegetative stage till flowering.

Using this model, you don’t have to worry about the production of heat as this product comes with inbuilt heat sinks and upgraded cooling fans. These highly useful features make sure that minimum heat is dissipated, thus keeping your garden and plants safe and sound. The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series LED is suitable for small to medium size hydroponic gardens covering an area of 2”x2” up to 3”x3”. Also, it’s perfect for adding to already hydroponic grow light setups.

The model has been revolutionizing the plant’s growth for years and has become a prominent competitor of well-known brands such as Galaxy Hydro and King LED. Available at a modest price, it makes sure not to compromise on quality. Finally, it is backed by three years warranty and offers you great value that you will surely don’t want to miss.

Mars Hydro LED Grow Light

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The Mars Hydro LED Grow Light provides high-end performance while consuming only 132W of power. The LED grow light is comparatively more cost-effective than the competitors, which can save you a lot of money with the growing process.

LED grow lights are required to be used for a longer duration, and less power consumption in this process is a blessing. Covering an area of 1.5ft x 1.5ft, it’s a perfect solution for a single plant or for adding to existing grow lights for a large grow. Featuring blue, red, and white diodes, it offers a full spectrum of light covering each and every stage of plant growth. The Mars Hydro LED Grow Light makes use of 5W LED chips which provide a deeper canopy penetration that can be quite hot; therefore, it comes with a large diameter fan and heat sinks.

These features assist in the effective dissipation of heat. The fan is capable of producing 56 decibels which is pretty impressive. Besides, the installation process is simple and easy, offering an LED unit, a steel hangar, and a power cord. It’s a highly recommended option for hobbyists and recreational cultivators.

ViparSpectra Reflector 600W

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Every plant is different in terms of the required light it needs for effective growth, and here, ViparSpectra Reflector LED growth light is an ideal solution. The model provides a full spectrum of light that can be used on any plant regardless of the stage at which it is growing.

The LED grow light features mirror-like reflectors all across the diodes, which helps in providing sufficient coverage and density. The 5-watt LED chips efficiently work with the 300W reflector to provide the light that is similar to natural sunlight. Since they are LED grow lights, therefore, they do not require any extra amount of energy. Running at 600W, they consume only 276W, which saves you a great deal of money on electricity. Another prominent feature is that it makes the cooling process easier while ensuring the longevity of LED lights.

Using 4.72-inch fans and aluminum cooling heat sinks, it guarantees you perfect setting and maximum efficiency. Finally, the model comes with a 3-year warranty. Overall, it provides superior power at a very competitive price. It neither gets hot nor frustrates you with the complex operation. Using ViparSpectra Reflector LED grow lights, you can truly save a lot of energy in the long run.

TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb 36W

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With TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb, your plants get more raw energy for efficient growth rather than flowering, as it features 7 blue LEDs and two red LEDs. The model comes with a standard E26 plug for any socket and operates with a voltage ranging from 85V to 264V.

The most exclusive feature of this LED grows light bulb is the combination of various wavelengths that can boost your yield up to 50%, which is pretty amazing. Additionally, it enhances stems and leaf quality, thus producing up to 20% vitamin C and sugar. As far as the range is concerned, it casts at a 60-degree angle of light which is appropriate for bigger mini greenhouses.

This grows light model also produces 3 bands of light ranging from 460-660 nanometers to enhance the overall growth of your plant. On top of that, it helps in developing leaves in only 2 days. The TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb is more durable than many competitors and operates at a wider angle, thus covering bigger plants and gardens.

Galaxy Hydro, 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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The Galaxy Hydro LED grow light is a highly commendable choice if you are looking for natural light to ensure the ideal development of vegetables and plants. This is an energy-efficient grow light operating at 300W. 

It provides a full spectrum to achieve the required PAR. Using proportional techniques, different lights, including blue, white, red, UV, and IR, are combined to amplify blue and red light for perfect growth and yield. Also, it lets farmers hold enhanced light diffusion into the plant cover. The light has been tested in indoor cannabis, and the growth was extensive. You will not find any complicated thing about this LED grow light which makes it a suitable option for everyone who wants a simple operating unit.

This is a compact gadget that weighs only 8 pounds. It works impeccably for plants blooming and fruiting. Also, we consider it a perfect gadget for natural photosynthesis. Furthermore, the Galaxy Hydro LED Grow Light is supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

LED Grow Lights Buying Guide

How to Choose

best led grow lights

While looking for the best LED grow lights, you might get confused with several variations available on the market. However, there are a few crucial factors that will let you distinguish between different models and pick the best one. Take a look at the following considerations.

Area to Be Covered

One of the most significant things you should keep in mind is the approximate area that is required to be covered with LED grow lights. Usually, a large area can give slower results if you have the smallest LED grow lights until you are planning to buy a lot of them. Similarly, a very small area with large LED grows lights might be unnecessary. Therefore, make a plan for how many LED lights you need for a specific area to give you the best coverage.

Phase of Growth

best led grow lights

The phase of growth that you are waiting for the LED grows lights to help with might not be compatible with some products. If you want a full growth cycle, then consider a full-spectrum LED to help in all stages of the plant’s growth. Full spectrum grow lights are comparatively advanced and offer natural light. Also, they have other benefits such as reasonable prices and running smoothly.

Plant Type

The growth phase is always linked to plant type. It’s crucial to understand that the plants you want to grow to need full sun or lower light settings. To go for most plant types, you can consider dimmable LED lights. These are relatively expensive, but they are quite practical as they mimic seasonal light changes along with providing you with more control.


The budget can determine the quality and quantity of LED grow lights you intend to purchase. If you have a limited budget, then make sure to do a lot of research regarding the area that requires being covered. Apart from that, the more you will pay, the superior features you will find on these products.

best led grow lights


LED grow lights run cooler compared to many other light sources. However, the temperature of the growth room is a vital consideration. Usually, full-light spectrum LED lights do not give any trouble with regard to heat, but you should still check whether the bigger units are equipped with fans to prevent overheating and damage to your plants.


The quality of LED grows lights is among the most significant factors you should always check. While purchasing LED grow lights, make sure they are sturdy enough to withstand internal and external hitting issues.


The overall presentation of a product does matter. If the LED grow lights are not attractive, you might don’t want them at your place, no matter how effective they are. Therefore, choose a set that suits the interior or exterior of your home and does not look odd out.

best led grow lights


Measuring a space is a must before you purchase LED grow lights. Consider the size of the lights to see whether you can install them at your place or not. For instance, if you select a set of LED to grow lights that are positioned extremely close to the plants, it might result in burning and destroying them. To know about the perfect distance of LED grow lights from the plans, here you go. Consider Mars, which requires a 300W LED grow light that should be set at 76cm or more from the plants.


While purchasing LED grows lights, look for the intensity in their specifications. For indoor gardening, the intensity is measured in watts. If you are looking for high performance, then consider LED grow lights with higher watts. A 400W LED growth light can give you enhanced performance compared to a 200W LED grow light.


Though the most important thing is to find a highly reliable product within your budget, if it comes with a good warranty, it can be a major plus. In fact, it can make a difference while you are making a selection between two similar products. If you are looking to invest a lot of money in LED, and grow lights, then at least try to get 2 years warranty and ensure the return procedure is clear. In case of any defect, it will be easy for you to return the product without having to pay extra bucks.


Suppose you are planning to set up an indoor growing room. That can be quite an investment, so it’s better to do some research. The search for the best LED grow lights can probably lead you in many ways, and you must avoid them the wrong way. Growing plants is a nurturing practice and requires a lot of care. If you are ready to invest your time in research, then you will definitely get the right LED-to-grow lights that suit your needs. This buying guide has all the essential information you need to stay stuck on the right path. We hope that you have enjoyed these professional and unbiased best LEDs grow lights which will surely help you in making the right decision.

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