Louis Vuitton Waterproof: Buying Tips And Helpful Information When Taking Care Of Products Of This Brand!

The following surprising facts will help you somewhat understand why Louis Vuitton is one of the top fashion brands in the world. Products with sky-high prices but still being hunted by fans. Louis Vuitton is a fashion brand with outstanding leather products. Established in 1854 from a shop specializing in selling suitcases and travel chests. Thanks to rare talents and creative direction, LV has quickly risen to become a global fashion brand. That success cannot be excluded from the following stories that make the world admire. Let’s read the information below for Louis Vuitton waterproof!

Information About Louis Vuitton Waterproof Bags

Handmade handbags

Although a brand in the fashion industry, Louis Vuitton’s products are not “industrialized” in production. Each of its handbags is 100% handmade in about 7 days, then taken away to check the quality of the seams in meticulous detail. LV bags always have a certain number of stitches at a certain position on the same bag models. There will be a team of craftsmen in charge of counting the number of seams. If any bag is unfortunately redundant or missing a thread, it will be immediately destroyed quickly.

Amazing testing process

Each LV handbag before reaching the customer has to go through an “unbelievable” inspection process. They were stuffed with objects weighing 3.5 kg and then dropped from a height of half a meter for 4 consecutive days. In addition, the zipper of the bag will be tested to open and close up to 5,000 times and the bag material will be exposed to ultraviolet rays to ensure that the bag’s color does not fade in the sun.

Water-resistant, fire-resistant material

Louis Vuitton bags use waterproof Canvas and flame retardant PVC. That is the reason to ensure the quality of the Louis Vuitton handbag as well as its expensive value.

Louis Vuitton waterproof bags never go on sale

A true fashionista will never find a discount card hanging on a genuine LV bag. With strict standards in production as well as in the material selection, if not sold, all Louis Vuitton bags will be taken to the factory to be destroyed by crushing or incineration, never labeled. Goods are willing to sell off their products. This helps the true value of the brand be affirmed and preserved most completely.

Some best louis vuitton waterproof

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram Bags Handbags Purse

Louis Vuitton commends the Neverfull with another adaptation of this famous pack. Peer inside to find a large group of refinements. The upgraded inside highlights a new material covering and legacy subtleties propelled by House documents. The best part is that the removable zippered grip can be conveyed independently as a stylish pochette or fill in as an additional pocket. Linings in a choice of brilliant shades loan a fly of clear tone to the ageless Monogram material. 


  • Upgraded inside with Louis Vuitton document subtleties, Textile-lined inside pocket 
  • Removable zippered grasp with coordinating with inside, Natural cowhide calfskin trim, Golden shading metallic pieces

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene Bags Handbags Purse N41358

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene Bags Handbags Purse N41358

  • 12.6 x 11.4 x 6.7 inches (Length x Height x Width)
  • Redesigned interior with Louis Vuitton archive details, Textile-lined inside pocket

The Neverfull MM carry joins immortal plan with legacy subtleties. Exquisite in Damier Ebene material with regular cowhide trim, it is ample yet not cumbersome, with side bands that snap for a smooth charm or release for an easygoing look. Thin, agreeable handles slip effectively over the shoulder or arm. Lined in vivid material, it includes a removable pocket which can be utilized as a grip or an additional pocket. 


  • Upgraded inside with Louis Vuitton chronicle subtleties, Textile-lined inside pocket 
  • Removable zippered grip with coordinating with inside 
  • Regular cowhide calfskin trim, Golden shading metallic pieces

Frye Melissa Tote

Frye Women’s Melissa Tote, Cognac, One Size

  • Antique pull up leather shoulder tote bag from Frye’s best selling Melissa collection ; 8 1/4″ handle drop.
  • center zip divider, 1 interior zip pocket, 2 interior sleeve pockets

Actually like our notable Melissa boot, this sack flaunts our unique Frye craftsmanship. Made of delightful antique draw up cowhide that has been shined to give it that all around cherished, effectively worn-in look, it is the ideal size to convey every one of your basics, and slightly more. Highlights an inside zip pocket, inside zip divider, and 2 open sleeve pockets 


  • Antique draw up cowhide shoulder handbag from Frye’s top of the line Melissa assortment ; 8 1/4″ handle drop. 
  • focus zip divider, 1 inside zip pocket, 2 inside sleeve pockets

Instructions For Use And Care Of Leather Louis Vuitton Waterproof At Home

How to clean leather goods at home

To care for your leather goods at home, the first and simplest thing you can do is buy ready-made solutions specifically for cleaning and maintaining leather. Most major brands have their line of leather care products.

For frequently used leather products, a few times a week, wipe the bag with a soft dry cloth. This job will not take much time, but it has a significant effect on preserving and prolonging the life of your leather goods. Or once every 1 to 2 weeks, you can use a special solution for leather goods to keep the leather soft, thereby keeping the original beauty of the item as it was.

Always moisturize

The most important thing to keep in mind when using real leather is that this material is very moisture-resistant. Therefore, do not leave the product on the floor, high humidity soil will make your wallet easily moldy and reduce quality. Moreover, molds can also harm the health of users, especially in the rainy season.

Caring for leather items is like moisturizing your leather because leather tends to dry out over time. To avoid flaking or wrinkled leather, you can squeeze a little conditioner into a soft cloth and gently rub it on the surface of the leather.

As for leather bags, you can use mink oil or neatsfool oil (neat fool oil) specialized for leather. These oils work to increase the number of natural oils available in the leather. After applying, you should leave it for about 10 minutes and then wipe away the excess oil. Then let the leather dry naturally in a well-ventilated room.

For leather shoes, experts recommend using a shoe polish made from beeswax mixed with sheep fat, which has a better softening and protective effect.

Maintain your leather products every month to keep them shiny. For extremely high-end and expensive handbags, having the bag serviced by a specialist is essential to keep the value of the bag in the long run.

Soften leather bags

With genuine cowhide wallets, manufacturers always recommend that customers soften 3 times per year to help leather goods stay beautiful. Especially where the air is humid, like in Vietnam, this is even more important. You can use polish to keep the leather surface shiny. However, care should also be taken to use the right polish for the product so as not to damage its natural leather color.

How to preserve leather goods before the weather

Leather is a material that cannot be completely waterproof. However, beeswax cream will help create a waterproof film. Remember, beeswax can discolor your dyed leather bag, so test it in a corner first to make sure your bag doesn’t mix or fade.

Another way that is easier to use but less effective is to use a protective spray, the colorless spray will not affect the color of the bag or shoe.

How to properly store leather goods?

You should store leather bags inside dustbags (always included with the bag when purchased at the store). To keep the shape of the bag, you should stand the bag upright if the bag is upright and slightly soft. You can also stuff a lot of PVP paper – super soft and tough paper inside the bag to keep the shape of the bag. Never use newspaper, they will leave stains on the bag.

For leather shoes, you should invest in shoe form holders, preferably one made from cedar wood, which has the effect of absorbing moisture and unpleasant odors. Please note that PVP paper is placed on the toe of the shoe and then put the shoe form holder inside.

If you do not intend to use the wallet for a certain time, do not put it in a plastic bag, plastic bag, or box that is too tight. Instead, keep the wallet in a dry place, and put a little desiccant in it. You can also put in a piece of newspaper that fits the size of your wallet, they both help absorb moisture and also keep your head shape.

During storage, do not put heavy objects on the product, they will collide and leave folds on the leather surface.

Other ways to care for leather

If your leather goods get wet by accident, let them dry naturally. Do not use a hairdryer. They will make the leather more wrinkled and reduce the material of the utensils.

For leather shoes, you should always keep your feet dry before putting them on and it is advisable to use a shoe insert when you put on your shoes, this small action will help keep the shape and prolong the life of the shoe.

Protect genuine leather bags with newspaper

For the cowhide bag to keep its shine and the most durable leather quality, you need to take care of the bag carefully. When using this type of bag frequently, it is necessary to clean it after each use. Avoid letting the stain stick for too long to cause mold.

In addition, when not using cowhide bags, it is also necessary to carefully store them so that the bags do not peel off. The most effective way to preserve cowhide bags to avoid peeling or mildew is to use newspaper.

Do not wash leather bags with water or detergent

Not taking leather bags to the laundry is also one of the ways to properly preserve leather bags. Carrying the bag to wash with water will risk causing the sugar to loosen, the water will seep into the leather, causing a leather explosion and peeling.

Therefore, to ensure the best durability of the leather bag, absolutely do not wash the bag with water. If the bag gets wet from the rain, when you get home, you need to use a dry towel to absorb the water and then dry it in a dry place.

In addition, detergents are also the leading cause of leather peeling because the leather does not like strong acidic detergents. Therefore, you just need to be patient in the process of cleaning with a soft cloth, and re-polishing it will help the bag always keep its new shine.

Do not store leather bags in the high-temperature background

Not only hydrophobic, but leather bags are also very resistant to high temperatures. If the bag is accidentally wet or slightly damp, absolutely do not use a hot dryer or expose it to the sun.

The temperature background of the dryer or the sun will make the leather bag more likely to peel off the outer layer of leather faster.

In addition, when protecting leather bags, you should also pay attention not to put them in places with high temperatures such as the top of the refrigerator or near the TV shelf or window with direct sunlight.

How to keep leather bags from getting moldy with desiccant

For the leather bag not to be moldy or peeling, you should use desiccant beads after each use. The desiccant particles will prevent the bag from being trapped by moisture, causing the leather to peel and cause mold.

The Most Accurate Way To Identify Real And Fake Louis Vuitton Waterproof

Louis Vuitton waterproof products, especially cowhide bags, are always especially favored by customers because of their durability, aesthetics, and elegance. However, it is also because of this that the waterproof Louis Vuitton bags are counterfeited a lot on the market. So, how can you tell if a Louis Vuitton handbag is waterproof? Refer to some of the fastest and most accurate identification below!

Check the origin of the Louis Vuitton bag

The famous Louis Vuitton brand was formed and developed in France, but in the past 25 years, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group has opened more production locations in countries such as the US, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and the US. Spain. So not only products labeled “Made in Fence” are genuine Louis Vuitton bags because they are also produced in the country as mentioned above.

Check out the logo printed on Louis Vuitton handbags

Because it is a very expensive high-end product, the quality, and color of the product are exclusive and hard to fake. So next, look at the logo printed on the product.

The first is about the color, the LV logo of the genuine bag will have a moderate light yellow color, not too dark or too light, with a luxurious, durable ink color that won’t smudge outside.

Next is about the position of the LV logo, with authentic handbags the auth logo is always located in the center of the bag, without any difference or up or down or as a background (except for vintage style bags). With poor quality counterfeit products, they will not be careful and meticulous, the logo is often disproportionate, and the size and color are irregular.

Carefully examine every stitch on the Louis Vuitton bag

To check the stitches on the bag you should see it in person or if you buy it online, ask the seller to take as many photos as possible with the most angle and clarity of the stitches so that they can be compared to see if it is the original Louis Vuitton bag. real company or not.

If you see the sloppy, uneven seams, then it is 100% sure that the handbag is fake. Because the seam of genuine high-end brand bags is extremely meticulous, never appearing even the slightest error, the stitches are evenly aligned without excess thread, all look very perfect.

One way to tell a fake Louis Vuitton bag by stitching is the SPI index (number of stitches in 1 inch of seam/stitch density). Louis Vuitton handbags will have a higher SPI rating than fake bags showing greater sturdiness and quality.

In Louis Vuitton’s leather workshop, there is a staff who only counts the stitches on the bag straps, so when it is discovered that any product is missing a stitch, it will be destroyed immediately. Do not let defective goods leak out. Make sure all products are perfectly uniform.

Check the uniformity of the lines printed on the bag

The auth standard Louis Vuitton handbag always has clear, uniform and balanced lines printed on the bag. So look closely, if they don’t match, the chances are very high.

Check out the upside-down LV logo on the back of the bag

Not all but most Louis Vuitton handbags have the LV logo upside down on the back of the bag, often in one-piece designs with no seams around, represented by Speedy, Keepalls, and Papillons.

Check the handle of the bag

Louis Vuitton branded handbags are made from natural cowhide, so they are very good, and inside, there is no protective plastic outer layer. Meanwhile, with fake bags, this plastic layer will be needed to ensure certainty. With this detail, you can completely recognize it.

Check the product’s lining

Another way to distinguish real Louis Vuitton handbags from fake ones is the inner lining. Genuine handbags will be woven with very durable and beautiful suede or canvas, so be sure to check the product information on the brand’s website to compare with the product you are going to buy.

With the fake lining bags made from cheap materials, it can be easily recognized after comparing the images on the Louis Vuitton website posted.

Check out the zipper on the real Louis Vuitton bag

Every little detail of expensive designer handbags is always made with great care and exclusivity. With standard auth Louis Vuitton handbags, you will see the buckle is stamped with the LV logo, the zipper is only designed in gold or copper-gold, it feels heavy and cool to the touch. The zipper is also very easy and smooth from the first use.

So to distinguish the most genuine Louis Vuitton bag, do not ignore these small details, try to zip it many times to see its certainty.

Check the font information on the bag

In the information of the bag, you can also pay attention to know if it is a real product or not. With typefaces like “o,e, a” are very round but not oval. The letters “d” and “L” are slightly taller than the letters “E” and “B”. The letter U has no underline and the aperture number for this information is 13×8 (13 horizontal and 8 vertical).

Check data code for Louis Vuitton handbags

With each genuine Louis Vuitton handbag product, there is a data code and a serial number, never a model number. Real Louis Vuitton products always have 6 serial characters or only the date of manufacture.

Genuine Louis Vuitton handbags with no tags

This is the easiest and most accurate way to distinguish real and fake Louis Vuitton handbags that genuine products will never hang on the outside of the product. Handbag models always have tags attached but are placed in a compartment inside the bag and placed in an envelope with the receipt.

Check out the color on Louis Vuitton bags túi

For genuine Louis Vuitton multi-color products, there are up to 33 colors represented in 9 letters LV and 24 flowers in different colors. Meanwhile, fake goods will only make a maximum of 20 colors.

Understanding the price of standard Louis Vuitton bags auth

So far, the Louis Vuitton brand has never discounted a product item in promotions or year-end discounts and has not had any sample discounts. The company only sells preferential prices to employees in extremely limited quantities and is tight-lipped with product lines that are more than 3 years old.

Each year, Louis Vuitton produces products with special designs in extremely limited quantities and at “heavenly” prices only for the rich elite. So to buy an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag at the lowest possible price is to go to the nearest and fastest Louis Vuitton retail store to be able to own it before it runs out of stock.

Louis Vuitton does not wholesale all of its products, which are available for sale at official stores, on Eluxury, or at a few exclusive Higlend stores that are strictly controlled by the brand.

Know the structure of the bag Louis Vuitton will buy

This is something that you need to find out before buying anything, not just Louis Vuitton luxury handbags. Before buying, you should visit the genuine Louis Vuitton website to preview the image, structure, color, and detailed information of the product. This is a must-do factor if you want to buy a genuine Louis Vuitton handbag.

Find out about the address and the seller in advance

To confirm whether a genuine Louis Vuitton bag is genuine or not, the reputation of the sales address is also a very important factor.

Some other ways to identify with real cowhide handbags

Visual observation with the eye

This is the easiest and most convenient way to buy cowhide handbags. When buying a bag, you should pay close attention to every detail on the outer leather. Usually, real leather will have a certain roughness and roughness. Especially the ridges on the leather are natural, uneven. Even some parts of the leather, if you look closely, you will see scars, natural indentations of the leather. Imitation leather will be smooth, smooth without any dents or scars, the lines look quite uniform due to industrial printing.

Distinguish real cowhide – fake by heating

This is a fairly common leather test, anyone can do it. However, when shopping, it is quite difficult to use to distinguish. You can ask the store staff to test with fire on a few leather samples.

Real leather does not react when heated on fire. In contrast, faux leather will not withstand the heat from the fire and will quickly clump. When burned, it smells like burning nylon and has a black color. These can be used to distinguish all products from cowhide such as bags, belts, wallets, leather jackets, etc.

Click on the leather

This method is used to test the elasticity of the leather. If you do not know, real cowhide has extremely good elasticity. This is the advantage that makes products from cowhide always durable and extremely long-lasting, the more you use it, the more durable it is. When pressing hard on the leather to create an indentation, the indentation will return to its original state after a while.

And if your dent does not stretch again, more seriously, the leather is cracked or punctured, then it is fake leather.

Distinguish real cow leather – fake through the smell of leather

Although it is quite difficult to recognize, in some cases, you can still use this method to distinguish real and fake cowhide handbags. When smelling the leather, if you feel the leather smells like paint, glue, or plastic, it’s most likely a fake leather product. Because real cowhide often has a natural musty smell. New bag products will often have a clear smell, when you buy them, you should pay more attention to this point. Connoisseurs of connoisseurs can immediately distinguish between genuine leather handbags and fake imitations.

Distinguish by leather color

Another way to tell if cowhide is real or fake is through the color of the leather. Real cowhide is dark in color and uniform in color. Genuine cowhide products also rarely have outstanding colors.

And fake leather products will often be dyed in bright colors, fresh colors, and much more diverse colors. So, when choosing a cowhide handbag, you should choose neutral colors such as brown, black, red-brown.

Wet leather to recognize real leather da

Many people use a few drops of water on the surface of the leather to recognize real – fake leather. The principle of this method is that real cowhide has pores on the leather, so there will be signs of water absorption. Usually, cowhide is also very thirsty, so when you put water on it, it will absorb quite quickly.

Of course, fake leather does not have this feature, there are no pores, so the water will flow away. However, the amount of real water absorbed is quite small, you should pay close attention to recognize it.

Because of that, many recommend not to leave cowhide handbags in places with high humidity, which can easily cause the bag to be moldy and damaged.

With the above simple ways, surely everyone is confident to distinguish genuine – fake cowhide handbags when buying. To be sure, you should still choose a reputable store with a long-term warranty to entrust your trust. Avoid buying goods at addresses of unknown origin, then Money lost disability.

Note When Buying Leather Louis Vuitton Waterproof

Check the seam of the leather bag

Checking the delicate seams is essential when buying a nice leather bag. During use, certain durability and weight must be ensured. To judge a valuable leather bag, the stitching must be nice, clean, and free of unnecessary stitches.

Check bag straps and zippers

To get a standard leather bag without adjustment, you should check the points attached to the bag to ensure safety. Handles and straps must be sturdy and compatible with the bag. Usually, men’s crossbody bags will use two main materials, umbrella or leather, of course, the price of leather crossbody bags will be higher than that of crossbody bags with fabric straps, but of course, the quality will be better, guys. This need not be said. So think before you buy.

Check the inner lining

To evaluate a leather bag, in addition to the eye-catching appearance, you also need to pay attention to the inside of the bag. You should check the lining and seams for tears and wrinkles. This is an important factor to avoid losing money when buying leather handbags.

Look closely at the price

First, it must be affirmed that Louis Vuitton products never drop in price. They don’t hold year-end sales, new products, or open buggy bag stores, but all products are priced right from the start. With some items older than 3 years, Louis Vuitton often sells to employees but the quantity is extremely limited and must be closed. Some products like Theda bags are very limited production and sold at exorbitant prices.

Louis Vuitton always puts quality first because their customers are mostly rich people, if there is a problem with the product, what they do is destroy it immediately so as not to reveal the goods.

If there is, there is only a very small quantity and the company will sell it to employees in the company, but never spread to the outside.

In particular, the price of the Louis Vuitton handbag is quite expensive, so the customer base is mainly people with money. Therefore, the company will produce never have an error on the bag, if there is an item, it will be canceled and no longer produced.

In addition, Louis Vuitton does not distribute wholesale, so all genuine handbags are priced. Only stores that are distributed and managed by the company are allowed to sell products to customers.

Warranty of the store where you buy it

Don’t think this is just a small detail, this issue will have a big impact on other problems to be solved in the future due to the problems that arise. Therefore, to ensure your rights, you should pay attention to the leather warranty, lock, and maintenance at the place of purchase.


Above are some of the information we have collected about Louis Vuitton waterproof . Besides, we also give some useful information on how to preserve as well as how to distinguish real from the fake when you decide to buy these brand’s bags.

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