Best Low Action Acoustic Guitar for the Money [2024 Reviews]

Numerous guitarists choose a low action. Also, I should clarify right off the bat that when I speak of the “action” of a guitar, I am talking about the space between the frets and the strings. When the strings are farther out from the fretboard, known as higher action, they are more difficult to press down. Strings are less slippery when their ends are closer to the fretboard, which lowers the action. For a beginner, it means less work and fewer blistered fingertips. You will find the best low action acoustic guitar in this year.

low action acoustic guitar
Best Low Action Acoustic Guitar for the Money [[year] Reviews] 4

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Taylor Academy 10e Dreadnought Acoustic Electric

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Taylor’s Academy 10e retains many of the qualities that have made previous editions of the game so popular with players. Solid Sitka spruce and ebony tonewoods are employed in the construction, and the neck shape is both smooth and quick. Their guitar pickups feature the ESB Preamp System, which includes a three-band equalizer and an online tuner that comes in very useful on stage and in the recording studio.

Best with Gloss Finish: Fender CD-60SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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All three of this guitar’s major housing pieces—the back, sides, and top—are made of a Mahogany laminate. The guitar’s tone is complemented by the mahogany’s dark finish when played via a public address system or amplifier. The Fender CD-60’s confident and well-balanced tone is a direct result of its use of the tried-and-true Fishman CD-1 Pickups, which can be heard clearly through any decent speaker setup. The guitar has a warm walnut fingerboard with mild factory action, making it suitable for players with little expertise.

Best High-Quality: YAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

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The nato wood body and scalloped bracing on this instrument are reminiscent of the first guitars ever built in this style. This precise bracing is what gives the guitar its out-of-this-world resonance, which really shines in concert halls and other big listening spaces. The Yamaha FG800 has a Rosewood fingerboard, which provides a visually striking contrast to the guitar’s light Spruce top.

Best For Beginners: Donner Acoustic Guitar Kit for Beginner  DAG-1C/DAD-110C

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Since kids often have less-developed fretting hands than adults, guitars with minimal action might be a perfect match for them. Putting a conventional guitar into a child’s hands might slow down their development and even cause damage. A variety of kid- and young-adult-friendly beginning guitar bundles are available from Donner Guitars.

Best Long-Lasting: Fender CD-60S Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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To be clear, this guitar is not like that at all. It’s not as inexpensive as other acoustic Fenders, but it won’t break the bank either. It’s not a Martin or a Taylor, but it’s not bad for the price, either. Its Mahogany front and Nato wood back give it a unique appearance. Also, the new visual style is accompanied by an entirely new vocalization. The mahogany wood produces a warm and pleasing sound that is well suited to a softer playing technique. Excellent for a relaxed, low-thrust setting.


low action acoustic guitar
Best Low Action Acoustic Guitar for the Money [[year] Reviews] 5

What is the smallest action possible on an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitars have a minimum standard action of around 0.5mm. It’s a sixteenth of an inch or 1/16 of an inch. If the action is any lower than this, fret buzz will occur, and the instrument will be unplayable.

What are low-action guitars? 

The difference between a standard guitar and low-action guitar is the narrower distance between the strings and the fingerboard. It’s common practice for guitarists to modify their instruments in this way, so they have more leeway and flexibility of movement when performing.

Is there a way to get low action without the usual fret buzz?

The motion of a guitar is affected by several variables, such as the string gauge, neck tension, fret spacing, and bridge height. When these factors are well-balanced, a guitar may have a low action without producing any audible fret buzz.


Picking out a guitar isn’t a walk in the park, and there are many factors to think about. Most people start by considering whether or not to go with a well-known brand despite potentially higher prices. Try something different that might be less expensive. If you need a guitar with little action, however, the neck’s feel is more important than anything else.

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