10 Best Mattresses For Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis is painful enough during the day, but often even worse when trying to sleep without irritating the affected area. One of the biggest causes of poor sleep with hip bursitis is that you have the wrong mattress.

So, consider getting rid of your old mattress in exchange for better sleep and quicker healing. We’ll show you how with our top ten best mattresses for hip bursitis.

What Causes Hip Bursitis, Anyway?

Hip bursitis happens when fluid-filled sacs, called bursae, become inflamed. Bursae are responsible for cushioning muscles, tendons, and bones around your joints.

Bursitis doesn’t only occur in the hips. It’s common for it to appear in other places on the body that use frequent, repetitive motions such as shoulders and elbows.

The most common causes of bursitis are repetitive motions and lifting weights that put pressure on your hips.

However, age can also play a factor; the chances of getting hip bursitis increase with age. Additionally, those with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and gout are more susceptible to getting hip bursitis.

Hip bursitis symptoms include pain when moving and pressing on your hip, swelling, redness, and feeling stiff.

The good news is that hip bursitis is easily treatable. Pain typically subsides within a few weeks, provided that you rest your hip and protect it from re-injury.

Most people with hip bursitis don’t have to see a doctor, although it’s recommended to do so if you have sharp pain, a fever, or can’t move your hip.


Why Does Hip Bursitis Affect My Sleep?

Here’s the brutal truth—most people with bursitis don’t have pain when merely standing.

Instead, pain from hip bursitis gets worse by lying down, especially if you sleep in a position that puts pressure on your hip.

A hard mattress can be devastating to people with hip bursitis, causing individuals to awake to sharp pains in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, because the hip will have spent so long in a resting position, it can cause the joint to stiffen, making it painful to get out of bed in the morning.

And there’s more. By trying to avoid agitating your hip bursitis, you may unintentionally get into a position that wreaks havoc on your neck, back, and other body parts.

Rest is one of the most important factors in healing from hip bursitis. However, since pain from bursitis can affect your sleep, it may hinder your ability to a fast recovery. And thus, the vicious cycle begins.

In this post, we’ll be covering the best mattresses for hip bursitis, which is one of the most effective ways to alleviate pain.

In the meantime, you can try placing a pillow under your hip and between your legs to reduce bursitis pain. Doing so is particularly useful if there are stray springs in your mattress that could poke into your hip.

Keep in mind, however, that these are temporary strategies. Using pillows to help you sleep better with your hip bursitis can negatively affect your sleeping position. Back and neck issues can result from this, among others.


How to Choose the Best Mattress for Hip Bursitis

Choosing the right mattress is crucial to a quick recovery from hip bursitis. If your mattress is too hard, it could put unwanted pressure on your bursitis, making the healing process feel endless.

For this reason, you must choose a mattress that conforms to your body. When you think about hip bursitis and mattresses, your focus should be on what mattress materials and styles keep pressure points away from your pain.

You may be wondering: what’s the best mattress material for hip bursitis?

Memory foam is a good start. It follows the contours of your body, ensuring it keeps pressure away from your hips. Foam padding is another excellent option.

Generally speaking, individuals with hip bursitis should avoid mattresses with coils unless those coils are deeply embedded in the mattress.

While the best mattresses for hip bursitis are soft ones, you should also consider your sleeping position.

Those who sleep on their backs and stomachs will need a firmer mattress, relatively speaking, for support. If you’re a side sleeper, you’re in luck. A soft mattress that offers lots of pressure relief is what you need, with or without bursitis.

If you used to sleep great on your mattress in the past, even with hip bursitis, and this is no longer the case, it could be because your mattress is old. Like anything that undergoes constant use, mattresses wear down, losing their supportive, pressure-relieving properties over time.

Here’s the bottom line—you must eliminate mattress pain to cure your bursitis pain. Without the right mattress, your bursitis will continue to get agitated.

The Best Mattress for Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis varies from person to person. Furthermore, some individuals sleep better with a firmer mattress and others with a mattress contouring to the body.

Regardless, as you now know, selecting a mattress that takes the pressure off your hips is the most important factor for healing hip bursitis.

It can be challenging to know where to start when mattress shopping for bursitis, but we’re here to help you out.

The mattresses detailed below offer exceptional support for alleviating discomfort associated with hip bursitis.

Saatva Classic— Best Overall

[amazon box=”B0888WJXJX” ]

Saatva’s handcrafted Classic hybrid mattress combines coil-on-coil springs with comfortable foams. It’s been approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Association and recommended by U.S. chiropractors.

The Euro pillow sets Saatva apart from its competitors. It’s designed to contour your back, hips, and shoulders. Your hip bursitis is bound to heal quickly, thanks to this feature.

Saatva Classic also offers excellent spine support due to Lumbar Zone technology. The mattress comes with active wire support that runs down its center, helping with spinal alignment thanks to Spinal Zone Technology.

Superior joint and body support is a result of a five-feature mattress system. These features are critical for reducing hip bursitis.

Thirteen coils are distributed throughout the mattress. They offer mattress breathability and support, so it doesn’t sag over time. Mattress sagging is one of the worst scenarios for hip bursitis since it feeds into pressure points.

By purchasing a Saatva Classic mattress, you’ll get to choose firmness. You have three options to choose from: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm.

Luxury firm firmness is most commonly chosen, especially for partners who have different mattress firmness preferences.

Saatva Classic is compatible with almost all foundations, including box springs, platforms, and adjustable bases.

When you order a Saatva Classic, a mattress expert will arrive at your door and install your mattress for you.

You’ll be given a 180-night trial to ensure you have enough time to know the mattress is a good fit for you. Your mattress also comes with a 15-year non-prorated warranty.

The DreamCloud—Second Best

[amazon box=”B00Q7EPSHI” ]

DreamCloud offers a unique blend of traditional innerspring coils with memory foam.

You may be thinking—can coils be helpful for hip bursitis? When it comes to DreamCloud, they are because the coils are wrapped and positioned to support your body shape.

The DreamCloud mattress is made up of four layers. The bottommost Essential Base Layer offers overall support to the mattress.

The Targeted-Support Coil Layer comes next, which is where the specially designed wrapped coils come into play.

Then comes the Sink-In-Just-Right Layer. As its name implies, this layer allows your body to dip down into the mattress. But it stops you from sinking all the way.

Most important for hip bursitis is the topmost Pressure-Relief Comfort Layer. This gel memory foam molds to your body and ensures your pressure points are protected.

A final Soft-To-The-Touch Cover goes over the top of the DreamCloud mattress. This foam and cashmere cover is both comfy and helps to prevent overheating.

DreamCloud is ideal for people in all different sleeping positions.

Furthermore, DreamCloud is touted as a compromise mattress for couples who differ in their preference for a soft versus firm mattress.  It both contours and pushbacks, creating a perfect middle ground.

If you’re woken easily when your partner rolls over or gets out of bed, you’ll love DreamCloud’s stay-put feature. The coils prevent vibrations, and foam reduces the chance of feeling your partner move.

The stay-put feature is also advantageous for hip bursitis, as you won’t have to worry about your partner’s movement accidentally forcing you to roll into a painful pressure point on your hip.

With a 365-night sleep guarantee, DreamCloud makes it easy to try out their mattress risk-free.

Puffy Mattress—Most Affordable

[amazon box=”B01IU6RJYA” ]

Perfect for lovers of medium-firm mattresses, this classic Puffy mattress will offer you the support you need while being gentle on your hip bursitis.

At ten inches thick, this mattress is designed with three layers—Firm Core Support, Climate Comfort, and Cooling Cloud. As these layers suggest, Puffy Mattress comes with temperature regulations and climate-adaptive properties.

It’s designed to contour with the body and give pressure relief, one of the most important qualities when looking for a mattress to heal hip bursitis. It achieves this via its Firm Core Support Layer, which keeps your spine aligned and eliminates painful pressure points.

A puffy mattress is a perfect option for people with allergies. It has a hypoallergenic covering that’s designed to prevent dust, mites, and other irritants from clinging to the mattress.

Whether you’re a side, back, or belly sleeper, Puffy Mattress will offer you the support you need.

A unique aspect of the Puffy brand is that their mattresses can be used on any frame or surface. Whether you have box springs, slats, flat frames, or adjustable frames, the mattress flawlessly molds with its environment.

Puffy mattress understands the importance of an extended trial period to ensure their mattress is the right fit for you. You’ll be given 101 days to try out the mattress. If you’re unhappy with it, you can return it for a full refund.

Furthermore, Puffy offers a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and free returns. Every inch of your mattress is made in the U.S.A., and a stain-resistant cover ensures that stays looking new.

Puffy is an excellent budget-friendly mattress option. With customers claiming that it feels like a cloud and has eliminated their body aches, it’s truly an exceptional value mattress.

Saatva Loom & Leaf—Best Eco-Friendly

[amazon box=”B08LQD3FPP” ]

Saatva prides itself in their development of the Loom & Leaf Mattress, which offers premium memory foam at an affordable price.

With five pounds of memory foam and other high-density layers, your hip bursitis will be well cared for, given the contouring nature of this mattress.

Four layers make up the Loom & Leaf mattress, starting with an organic quilted cotton cover. Treated with Guardian, you can rest assured that this botanical application will keep the microbes out of your mattress.

The second layer in the Loom & Leaf is a Spinal Zone Gel layer. The Spinal Zone Gel layer is designed to maximize spinal support while also keeping you cool as you sleep.

The Premium Memory Foam layer is where you’ll have five pounds of pressure-relieving support. Then, the Multi-Layer bottom ensures that the base and transition between the layers is stable and balanced.

Loom & Leaf offers the same style mattress with two different firmness options—relaxed firm and firm.

The relaxed firm mattress is ideal for people of all sleeping styles. On the other hand, the firm mattress is a good fit for stomach sleepers.

While Loom & Leaf mattresses work with most box springs and other platforms, it offers two frame styles specially customized for this mattress. They include a standard fixed foundation and a lineal adjustable base.

Due to a national manufacturing network and 100% U.S.A. materials, most Loom & Leaf mattresses travel less than 100 miles from the factory to your house.

But its environmentally friendly perks don’t end there. Loom & Leaf foams are made with renewable oils and are CertiPUR-US certified for health and environmental safety.

When you purchase a Loom & Leaf mattress, a Saatva expert will come to your home for free. They’ll offer free white glove delivery and take your old mattress away.

Saatva Latex Hybrid—Best Hypoallergenic

[amazon box=”B0861H89LP” ]

Saatva’s Latex Hybrid mattress is a perfect eco-friendly option for people who suffer from hip bursitis and allergies.

The organic latex, cotton, and wool used in creating this mattress are entirely free of unhealthy chemicals. The top cover is treated with Guardin, which is Saatva’s unique botanical antimicrobial treatment.

As a medium firmness mattress, the Talalay latex layer offers contouring support for your bursitis and pressure relief. However, given the latex’s elastic and resilient nature, you won’t have to worry about sinking too far down into your mattress.

The Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress is composed of six layers: an organic cotton cover, an organic wool layer, a Talalay latex layer, a quantum-edge coil unit, and an organic eco loft pad.

As mentioned earlier, the top cotton cover is treated with the antimicrobial Guardin. Directly beneath this layer is New Zealand wool, which serves as a flame retardant and offers increased airflow.

Saatva’s signature latex layer is where the magic happens for hip bursitis. It offers one-of-a-kind joint support and pressure relief.

The quantum-edge coil unit comes with three wrapped coil varieties. Their purpose is to minimize how much you feel movements, such as when your partner rolls over in bed.

The eco loft pad’s purpose is to anchor the mattress in place. It’s the foundation that holds the layers together, ensuring a mattress with a long lifespan.

Environmentalists will love the Saatva Latex Hybrid because its coils are produced from recycled steel. Its latex has a pure certification from the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and there aren’t any harmful chemicals that go into making the mattress fire-resistant.

You’ll get to try out your Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress at home for 180 nights. If you’re unhappy for any reason, Saatva will refund you.

Puffy Lux Mattress—Best for Different Sleeping Positions

[amazon box=”B00H2RS984″ ]

Puffy’s Lux Mattress is a step up from their standard Puffy mattress in ways that will further help eliminate your hip bursitis.

The mattress is designed with two extra inches and an additional layer, which offers additional contouring and support. It falls in the medium category in terms of mattress firmness.

In addition to the Firm Core Support, Climate Comfort, and Cooling Cloud Layers found in Puffy’s traditional mattress, their Lux mattress comes with a Plush Dual Cloud Layer.

The Plush Dual Cloud Layer is designed with high-density transition comfort and thus supports improved spinal alignment. Therefore, it relieves pressure points, including the sensitive areas around your hip bursitis.

Thanks to its Cooling Cloud and Firm Core Support Foam, this mattress will adapt to you. Whether you shift your weight an inch or roll from your back to your belly, Puffy Lux will contour and support your body.

A luxury cover comes with Puffy Lux mattresses. It is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified and has a Zip-N-wash feature. The cover is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Another unique feature of Puffy mattresses is their Cooling Gel Cloud Layer. This temperature control feature ensures the mattress doesn’t absorb heat. Never again will you need to worry about waking up in the middle of the night from your mattress holding in heat.

The Puffy Lux mattress is versatile. Whether you have an adjustable frame, box springs, or anything between the two, it will conform to whatever object you place it on. And regardless of what surface you use, the quality of support will always remain the same.

High quality and safety is a top priorities for Puffy. For this reason, their mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified. You’ll receive the most comfortable sleep of your life without having to worry about breathing in harmful chemicals.

Saatva Solaire—Best Luxury

[amazon box=”B07BTRDGRM” ]

The Solaire mattress by Saatva is a luxurious mattress option that was featured in Consumer Reports. Thanks to its adjustable design, it offers 50 firmness options with the click of a remote.

With organic cotton, Talalay latex, and gel-infused memory foam, your hip bursitis is bound to heal quickly thanks to this mattress.

Six layers go into Solaire’s mattress design. It starts with the organic cotton pillow, which offers breathable fabric and a gold damask trim. A dense 5-zone Talalay latex layer offers maximum pressure point relief thanks to its back support.

The third layer is a gel-infused memory foam that’ll support your spinal cord and leave you craving this comfortable mattress all day.

Saatva is committed to being eco-friendly and promoting healthy sleep environments. The Solaire has a moisture barrier layer that prevents bacterial growth.

Vulcanized air chambers are the second to last layer. These chambers are where the magic happens by allowing you to adjust the firmness of your mattress.

Finally, a power edge enclosure layer ensures your mattress retains a clean, modern appearance. You won’t have to hassle with or see pumps and hoses.

The Solaire offers mattress settings on either side. Therefore, you and your partner can make adjustments to your individual preferences.

Furthermore, having the ability to change your mattress firmness is ideal for bouts of hip bursitis. When you have a bursitis flareup, you’ll want to keep your mattress in a softer setting.

Once your bursitis heals, you’ll be able to switch back to the mattress firmness of your preference easily.

While the Saatva Solaire sits at a higher price point than most of the other mattresses listed here, it’s still a significantly better value than its competitor, the Sleep Number.

With a free 180-night trial period, 25-year warranty, and white glove delivery and setup, it’s worth giving Saatva’s Solaire a try.

DreamCloud Premier—Most Comfortable

[amazon box=”B00HEODPU2″ ]

DreamCloud Premier is DreamCloud’s luxury mattress style. It’s made up of six layers, offering unparalleled support for individuals suffering from hip bursitis.

Starting with the bottom layer, the Stay-Put Control is a foam designed to enhance airflow and distribute vibrations from the coil system above it. The Edge Shield Coil System itself has encased coils that offer full-body support.

The third layer from the bottom is a Low-Motion Transfer Foam. This layer is ideal for sleeping with a partner since it reduces mattress movement when your partner rolls over or gets out of bed.

Next, Point-Activated Foam has gel memory features. It’s designed to relieve pressure points, help you sleep better, and give you a quicker hip bursitis recovery.

A premium Trueloft Eurotop layer is a quilted memory foam that sits on top of the Point-Activated Foam. Its breathable design will help to cradle your body further.

Finally, the top layer of the DreamCloud Premier is a Cashex Cashmere blend. Made from Mongolian cashmere, it offers an ultra-comfortable feel with cooling and wicking properties.

Innovative sleep science went into developing the DreamCloud Premier. DreamCloud hand-selected and tested all the mattress materials to give your mind and body the best sleep you’ve ever had.

DreamCloud mattresses meet CertiPUR-US standards, thereby ensuring that your mattress is durable and free of formaldehyde, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals.

DreamCloud offers an incredible 365-day trial period. Even if you’ve had your mattress for a year, you’ll be eligible to receive a free refund if you’re unhappy with the sleep you’re getting.

A Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures your mattress will serve you, your joints, and your sleeping habits for as long as you own it.

Puffy Royal Mattress— Best for Hot Sleepers

[amazon box=”B074NDQ143″ ]

It wouldn’t be right to include Puffy mattresses on this list without including their Royal mattress design. The Puffy Royal Mattress is ideal for people with hip bursitis who also suffer from getting too hot in their sleep.

The Puffy Royal Mattress enjoys the four-layer features of the Puffy Lux style, but it has an additional benefit—a layer with infused cooling beads. Of this 14-inch mattress, 1.5 of those inches is made up of a cooling layer. It reduces heat retention, maximizing a good night’s sleep.

In addition to the cooling beads, the Royal mattress has an S.M.T. design that encourages airflow throughout it.

Puffy is already known for designing mattresses that contour to the body, thus eliminating pressure points. But the Puffy Royal has an additional 1.5-inch layer of premium foam for extra support.

And it gets even better. The Puffy Royal has S.M.T. technology that improves spine support. It’s divided up into what they call the five cloud zones. The cloud zones offer superior support to the back, head, neck, shoulders, and feet.

The Puffy Royal mattress comes with a unique zip cover that makes it easy to wash. But there shouldn’t be much washing needed—it’s stain-resistant cover repels dust, mites, and allergens.

All parts of the Puffy Royal mattress are designed, sewn, and assembled in the U.S.A. It comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning that your purchase will be forever protected.

Puffy understands that it can be challenging to know if a mattress is a right fit for someone. Trying a mattress out in a store is a poor indication of how well a mattress will work for you.

Even having your new mattress home for a couple of weeks can make it hard to know. That’s why they offer a 101-night sleep trial.

So, in the unlikely case, you’re unhappy with your Puffy Royal mattress, you can return it for a full refund over three months later.

Saatva HD—Best Heavy

[amazon box=”B01FIOOMRE” ]

The luxurious Saatva HD mattress provides exceptional support for people weighing between 300 and 500 pounds. As a medium-firm mattress, it’s ideal for back, belly, and side sleepers.

Saatva HD’s durability comes from six carefully tested and manufactured layers. These include edge support, a high-durability coil base, contouring comfort layers, Talalay latex with 5-zone support, an organic cotton pillow top, and hand-tufted finishing.

Every layer of the Saatva HD is created to alleviate pressure points. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for those suffering from bursitis.

Thanks to 5-zone support, the Saatva HD targets support for the hips, shoulders, and back, among other key pressure points.

The steel coils in the Saatva HD are 25% stronger than average. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about this mattress sagging or dipping.

Saatva understands the importance of airflow for a good night’s sleep. For this reason, they’ve designed breathable organic cotton, natural latex, and open coils.

The mattress also comes with hand-tufted finishing. Hand-tufted finishing ensures that the layers don’t shift or wrinkle over time. It also helps eliminate body impressions.

Furthermore, special edge support makes getting into and out of bed a breeze. With high-density foam encasings, you won’t have to worry about your mattress wearing down or ripping over time.

It can take time to know if a new mattress is a good fit. For this reason, Saatva offers a free 180-night trial. Your H.D. mattress will also come with a 20-year non-prorated warranty. The first two years also come with free replacement and repairs.

The Saatva HD is designed to be hypoallergenic with antimicrobial properties. It has CertiPUR-US certification, meaning that it’s free from toxic chemicals.

Best Hip Bursitis Winner: Saatva Classic

[amazon box=”B07BTRDGRM” ]

All of the mattresses we covered here will help alleviate your hip bursitis pain. Their soft yet supportive material will ensure your body stays aligned without upsetting pressure points.

With that said, the winner on this list is Saatva’s Classic mattress. It’s approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Association and is a go-to recommendation for many U.S. chiropractors. Therefore, it’s ideal for people suffering from pain around their joints.

The fact that the Saatva Classic mattress offers three different firmness options sets it apart from most of its competitors.

With Lumbar Zone and Spinal Zone technology, your hips and spine will be well supported regardless of your sleeping position.

Carefully placed coils ensure that the mattress never sags. And therefore, you won’t have to worry about the mattress losing its support over time if your hip bursitis returns.

Sleeping with hip bursitis doesn’t have to be painful. By purchasing a mattress like the Saatva Classic that relieves pressure points around the hips and other problem joints, you’ll be able to sleep soundly, and your bursitis will have the opportunity to heal faster.


Now that we’ve covered our top pick best mattresses for hip bursitis let’s look at some common questions.

Is a firm or soft mattress better for hip bursitis?

Soft mattresses typically alleviate hip pain better than hard mattresses. Those that don’t have as much give tend to put too much pressure on the hips. And therefore, this irritates bursitis.

Can a bad mattress cause hip bursitis?

Since hip bursitis is a result of repetitive motion, a bad mattress is unlikely to cause bursitis. However, a bad mattress can prevent hip bursitis from healing because it can irritate the pressure points.

What is the best mattress for a side sleeper with hip bursitis?

The best mattress for a side sleeper with hip bursitis is a soft one that contours to the body. Not only will this alleviate pressure on your hip, but it also keeps pressure off of other common pressure points on the body.

What’s the fastest way to heal hip bursitis?

The fastest way to heal hip bursitis is by resting. Bursitis typically goes away on its own after a few weeks, provided that it isn’t aggravated by issues such as a bad mattress triggering pressure points around your hip.

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