Maui P900 Reviews-Find Out The Best PA System For Your Needs

You want to buy a PA system, but you don’t know what’s the best choice. There are so many options out there and it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. Therefore, you should consider choosing Maui P900.

Maui P900 Studio Powered Column PA System is the perfect solution because of its great sound quality, portability, and affordability. It’s also easy to set up with no need for an external power source or cables!

Here is our Maui P900 review in 2021. Check out now!

Things To Consider When Buying Maui P900

Weighing all the factors will help you make the best decision on what speaker to buy. It is important to seek advice from professionals in this field if possible, like sound engineers or producers who know your industry and can give you feedback about your plans.

If it still remains unclear, then try testing out some speakers and mixing boards in person to get an idea of what is most comfortable for you and your team.

Everyone’s needs are different, so it will be better to ask yourself questions about the specific items your studio requires and need before making a purchase. Don’t forget to take into account all of the needs and requirements listed below and they should help you narrow your choices down to a few options.

Maui P900

Size & Weight

The most important thing to consider before buying a studio-powered column PA system is the size. It is important to consider the space you have available in order to make sure that it is proportional or near proportionate to the size of your studio. Otherwise, it will not provide good sound at all levels like where the speakers are placed.

Make sure that the size of your studio-powered column PA system fits into your studio or post-production facility without difficulties. Ensure that the columns are small enough to be moved throughout the studio and not pose any problems during transportation.

It is also essential to consider the weight of your speakers. If you plan on moving them regularly without assistance, you should find speakers that can be easily transported.

Turntables and CD Players

Another thing to think about is whether you want the best equipment with the latest technology or remain conventional. This may be a matter of personal preference, so ensure that it is something you and your team agree on.

If the DJs prefer using vinyl over mixtapes, then purchasing turntables would help enhance their skills and make it easier for them to perform. It will also save you money since you do not need to purchase the equipment again. On the other hand, if you opt for mixtapes over vinyl, purchase CD players instead.

Input-Output Ports

One important thing to consider is whether your mixer allows the input of sound from microphones and instruments. Some of the studios like radio stations only need speakers to make announcements or play songs on air, so it will be easier to just purchase a mixer that has no input ports, but if you do require them then ensure that the studio contains the number of ports you need.

As far as output ports are concerned, look at whether your speakers have enough capacity to handle all the sound they receive without any feedback problems after closing down. This is important especially when you have more than one speaker that can produce sound at different volumes.

Maui P900

Volume/Power Controls

Most importantly, the volume and power controls should be easy to use. No one will go wrong with systems that are simple to operate. It is important to allow your team members access to these controls for their own shows rather than limiting them or giving them lower volumes.

Presets for Different Effects

Presets are also an important thing to consider, especially when you have different sounds and effects that need to be mixed. For example, if you usually play rock music, look for speakers with presets for this type of music so it can save time during your shows.

Cables & Connectors

Another thing that you should consider is the cables and connectors. Make sure to purchase cables that are long enough if your main mixer is not near your speakers. Also, the proper connection will be needed because it may happen that old equipment has different types of connections compared to new ones.

Your Needs

It is also important to know that some speakers are designed for recording and others are designed for live performance in order to get the best overall quality in your instruments and vocals when they’re played back. This is something that you can research on your own.


Another factor that needs to be considered before buying a studio-powered column PA system is portability. The unit must be easily transportable between studios if they’re not permanent installations. Generally speaking, smaller speakers are more likely to fit with your overall need for ease of portability.

Maui P900


It is essential to consider the power of your studio-powered column PA system before you buy it. Make sure that it has enough power for your needs, but purchasing too much can be totally unnecessary.


Make sure that the sound quality produced by your studio-powered column PA system fits with all of your audio equipment like microphones, interface units, and recording equipment.


Lastly, you should consider the price of the speaker. This may sound like an obvious thing to do but it is something that some people forget to put into consideration.

If possible, research the prices of your studio equipment online first before making any purchases. That way, you are more likely to find a good deal if there are any available.

As you can tell, the above points will make it easier for you to purchase a studio-powered column PA system that’s best suited for your needs and preference as well as those of your entire team. Guide yourself accordingly and things should go smoothly from there on out.

Maui P900 Review

LD Systems MAUI P900 G Porsche Design Studio Powered Column PA System, Platinum Grey
  • Powered column PA system for live events and install
  • Award-winning design by Porsche Design Studio

Maui P900 studio-powered column PA system is a best-in-class portable powered speaker system. The revolutionary bi-amplified 9″ 2-way system delivers the power, clarity, and durability you need to be heard in crowded environments with a sleek footprint that is easy for one person to transport, set up, and break down.

Designed for bands, DJs, or anyone who needs a portable powered speaker. It features a built-in mixer, Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to link two towers together in stereo mode for even more powerful sound.

Maui P900’s rugged design and steel grill ensure durable use in tough environments, while an integrated carrying handle and optional fly kit make transportation easy.

The layout is sleek, simple, and efficient. With Maui P900 you can take the show on the road with ease. Maui P900 is everything you need to cut through at your next live gig, no matter what the size of the crowd or room.

Maui P900 Studio Powered Column PA System is one of the best on the market. If you need a speaker that can easily be transported and provides good sound quality, then this is the right choice for you. It’s ideal for musicians or people who work in venues that need a reliable system to improve their customer’s experience.

Who Is Maui P900 For?

Maui P900

Maui P900 is for people who need a reliable PA system that can deliver power, clarity, and durability. The design of this speaker is top notch making it an ideal option for musicians or venues looking to improve their sound quality.

It can handle all types of music, including hip hop, pop, and rock, but the clarity is best suited to live instruments.

Pros Of Maui P900

The speaker is powerful and can be heard in a large environment. It even has the ability to link two towers together for stereo mode.

The design of the speaker is sleek and makes it easy to transport or set up. It also comes with an option fly kit, so you won’t have to worry about transporting it on your own.

When it comes to sound quality, Maui P900 delivers. It’s ideal for any genre of music but will work best for live instruments instead of other sounds like hip hop or pop.

Cons Of Maui P900

If you are looking for a speaker that can link with other speakers, then this is not the right choice. While it does offer stereo mode, you cannot link it to multiple models and create a multi-speaker system.

Features & Benefits

Maui P900


Maui P900 studio PA system comes with a stylish design. It is a lightweight and portable PA system that will deliver excellent sound performance. It will offer you everything you need to project your voice or music in any space.

You can easily set it up and start using it right out of the box with its simple design. Its lightweight and compact size are made to be convenient and easy to use.

You can carry this unit around even on long tours, thanks to its all-in-one design. You can use it for different purposes including presentations, meeting announcements, worship services, and more.

Sound Quality

Maui P900 is designed to give you a great sound performance that will amplify your voice or musical instrument to be heard by everyone. It comes with an 8-inch woofer speaker and a 12-inch passive radiator. Both of these drivers are excellent at delivering great sound quality.

Maui P900 offers an optimum sound quality because of its 8-inch woofer and 12-inch passive radiator that has been custom-designed for great performance. It is also loaded with a powerful amplifier that is rated at 2 x 250 watts. You can rely on this unit to deliver enhanced bass and dynamic range.

Maui P900

Universal Compatibility

Maui P900 studio PA system comes with a built-in 2-channel mixer so you can connect your microphone, music player, and other devices easily. There is even a USB port where you can plug in your flash drive to play the songs from it.

In addition, this unit is compatible with different connection options including RCA input and output jacks that allow you to connect a variety of devices. It also has a 1/4″ input jack and a 1/8″ auxiliary input that can accommodate different music players. You can connect it to your smartphones, computers, and other media devices as well.

It has a stereo AUX input that will allow you to plug in your music player, MP3 player, laptop, or mobile device easily. It also comes with an XLR & 1/4″ line out so you can connect it to your P.A system or recording console if needed.

Maui P900 studio PA system is perfect for musicians, bands, hobbyists, DJs, or anyone who wants to amplify their sound for better performance. You can bring this unit with you wherever you go since it comes with a compact and lightweight design. It also has a wireless remote control so you can adjust the volume and equalization easily without moving from your spot.

Maui P900 is a complete solution for your public address system needs. Whether you need to amplify the sound of a microphone during presentations or meetings at work or school, this unit will deliver excellent sound quality. You can even use it to play your favorite music with your USB flash drive or other music players.

Maui P900

Easy To Use

Maui P900 is also designed with advanced features that will make it easy to use in different settings. You can set this unit up in any space with its wireless remote control feature. It’s wireless remote allows you to adjust the volume and equalization in order for you to get the best performance of your PA.

With a press of a button, you can easily switch from music to voice settings by pressing the wireless remote’s built-in DJ mode. You can also use its digital echo and reverb function to enhance your musical performance or your spoken word by adding transitional sound effects.

Maui P900 is perfect for you if you are looking for a studio PA system that can deliver long-lasting performance and excellent sound. With this unit, you will be ready to go in the studio or on any stage

Durable Construction

Maui P900 is designed with sturdy construction to give you long-lasting performance and excellent sound. Its transducer components are encased in an acoustic steel structure that will also protect them from external damage such as scratches and bumps.

This studio PA system is made to serve you for a long time, thanks to its durable construction. You can be confident that this studio PA system will give you good value for your money.


Maui P900 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to play wireless music from your MP3 player or mobile device. You can also run it on AC power or DC car cigarette lighter for continuous operation.

With a built-in rechargeable battery, you can use this studio PA system to play music from your MP3 player or mobile device. You can also run it on AC power or DC car cigarette lighter for continuous operation.


JBL Professional EON ONE PRO 

JBL Professional EON ONE PRO Portable All-In-One Rechargeable 7-Channel PA Solution
  • Your purchase includes One JBL Professional EON ONE Pro 7-Channel base | Height spacers (x2), Column speaker array (x1), Power cable & quick-start guide
  • Speaker dimensions – 15.8” D x 10.5” W x 23.4” H | Weight – 37.5 lbs. | Voltage – 100V-120V / 220V-240V, selectable 50/60Hz | Max SPL – 118 dB (peak) | Bass – 8” LF bass unit | Driver – 6” x 2” HF drivers

JBL Professional EON ONE PRO is the product of choice if you’re looking for high-quality sound with great bass.  It is powered by a pair of Class D amps with 300 Watts per channel, delivering up to 75dB SPL which is more than enough for smaller-sized rooms.

It can be heard from just about everywhere in the room due to its 360 degrees horizontal projection. This loudspeaker is very loud and it will deliver sound that’s much better than home stereo speakers.  

The 360 degrees horizontal projection allows you to fill the room with music and voice, meaning your audience can enjoy your performance from anywhere inside the space. The product itself looks quite impressive and comes in two colors: black and white.

One nice feature of the JBL EON ONE PRO is the fact that it can be daisy-chained so you can connect up to five of them together. This option makes it possible for you to play even louder music in bigger spaces without having to worry about buying an extra amp.

Bose L1 Compact 

Bose L1 Compact with Carry Case
  • Bose Spatial Dispersion loudspeaker technology delivers sound evenly across the stage and throughout the audience even to the extreme sides
  • 2 Tone Match channels with fixed presets for a handheld microphone and an acoustic guitar

Bose L1 Compact is an excellent choice for small gigs, both indoors and outdoors. Bose L1 Compact is a small package with a big sound. It has high-quality components with attention to detail that make it stand out in the market of portable PA speakers.

With its lightweight, portability, and adequate power output it’s the perfect companion for most solo musicians. On the downside, it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, which might be a deal-breaker for some people.

The sound is very clear and does not appear to have any resonances at high volume levels. Bose engineers paid attention to this detail as evident from various user reviews.

It’s a great choice for solo musicians because it’s easy to carry, produces clear sound, and is very simple to set up. You don’t need any additional equipment or cables. It comes with everything you need in the box. If you are looking for a simple PA system for your solo gigs, Bose L1 Compact is an excellent choice.

Sound Town CARPO-L1

Sound Town Portable Line Array Column PA/DJ System with Sub Bass Module, TWS Bluetooth, Built-in 3-channel Mixer, Carry Bag (CARPO-L1)
  • PREMIUM SOUND AND GREAT COVERAGE: With one 8“ powered subwoofer and a column array speaker with four 2.5” full-ranger drivers, the CARPO-L1 delivers rich bass and crisp highs; All drivers are positioned at precise angles and the the speaker system provides great sound coverage. There are also two height spacers included that allows you to adjust the height of the array speaker. It is a professional-quality portable PA system for a great-sounding show
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO SET UP: The Sound Town CARPO-L1 is compact and light enough to carry around and can be set up in seconds. Better yet, with a carry bag for the spacers and column speaker, the whole PA system can be easily transported from gig to gig

Sound Town CARPO-L1 is a mobile speaker set that is part of the CARPO line developed by  Maui. The CARPO-L1 consists of two separate speakers each with its own dedicated amplifier. Each cabinet houses a 50mm driver and dual 42mm tweeters for an overall total of 100 watts maximum (50 per channel).

Maui has done an excellent job in the build quality department. Each speaker is wrapped in a solid metal enclosure and stuffed with high-density foam to prevent vibration. The main unit has a simple yet modern design, while the speakers have a bulkier look with extra cushioning for reinforcement.

The two speakers communicate via a wireless 2.4GHz connection to create a soundstage similar to a surround sound setup. Each speaker has its own dedicated amplifier, but they are controlled by the main unit.

The main unit has another wireless connection that communicates with your phone or device via Bluetooth. For all of you non-believers out there – yes it does work!


Maui P900

What is a PA system?

A public address system, or PA system, is a sound reinforcement system consisting of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and sometimes monitors. A PA is one of the simplest audio systems to operate. Virtually anyone with minimal training can operate a PA system.

What is Maui P900 used for?

Pa systems are widely used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, small bars, and nightclubs. They are also employed as voice reinforcement in some areas of live theater. In short, if you have a place where the sound needs to be picked up by microphones and amplified, you most likely will need a PA system.

How does PA system work?

Public address systems can be effective for large or small venues such as ballrooms, chapels, and public meeting rooms; however, the bigger the space, the greater number of speakers and higher-wattage amps usually required. The basic idea behind all amplification systems comes from telephone lines that carried voices by converting them into electrical signals.

What frequency response do the speakers have in a Maui P900?

Maui P900 is a professional two-channel PA system. The speakers in this setup have a tweeter and woofer with a frequency response of 12-28kHz.

The speaker will only work when powered up, which requires additional electricity to power the device, not to mention it needs audio input from another audio source such as a computer or an mp3 player)

Which one do you need-Microphone or a public address?

Public address systems can be effective for large or small venues such as ballrooms, chapels, and public meeting rooms; however, the bigger the space, the greater number of speakers and higher-wattage amps usually required. The basic idea behind all amplifiers comes from


The Maui P900 is an excellent studio PA system for musicians who are looking to use their sound in a live setting. The unit will deliver powerful, clear audio with plenty of headroom, while also being able to handle any abuse you can throw at it. It’s solidly built and should last for years without issue if properly cared for. If the price tag doesn’t scare you away then we highly recommend checking out this product!

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