Top 10 Best Metal Detector For Woodworking In 2024: Useful Tool To Ease Your Work

You are seeking for the best metal detector for woodworking among hundred available choices that makes you headache, right? There are a wide range of options of this product with varying prices. Today, we will offer you a list of affordable but really effective metal detectors for you to work with wood. A metal detector is a very useful device to find old nails or coils inside your wood or wall. So you can locate and get rid of them easily to reduce harm while working. 

If you plan to work with any type of lumber, you should find the suitable tramp metal before that, otherwise, you will destroy your tools glumly, or it may lead to an unexpected accident. We would say you do not want that to happen, as you not only damage your device, but also can harm yourself. That is why it is essential to take the old coils or metals out the wood to work smoothly and without any breaking the tools. 

If you are still confused for the right metal detector that is the best suitable for woodworking, we here to help. Based on our research and experiences, we will introduce you to 10 striking metal detectors for woodworking to assist you make an informed decision. Let’s get started.

Best Metal Detector For Woodworking Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Metal Detector For Woodworking Reviews 2021

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

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This is the best metal detector for woodworking that we highly recommend for you to consider. It is the ideal product for entry-stage metal hunters due to providing inexpensive metal with the excellent features, and super easy to use. 

The device is combined of various characteristics and good at detecting things like gold, relics, treasures and of course, metals inside wood. It is equipped with a 3-level tone ID and a large LCD screen. It comes with 6 distinctive push button control systems that are easy to work with, just simply touch the operation button and device getting charged. 

There are sensitivity buttons that help to pinpoint correctly the location of subjects. A LED display with 10 inches is functional. It increases the accuracy to detect the targets, for this reason, you will be able to pass over unneeded items and gather valuable things. The metal detector owns an operating mode that notices when the battery is running out on the screen.

The search loop is submersible with water-resistant, this makes it even better compared to others. This coil will just grab crucial items and ignore the trash. Everything is precisely finished of this extreme sensitivity and detect modes. 

The model includes 2 years of warranty to ensure you with the quality and give confidence to use. 


  • Suitable for all levels of metal hunters, even beginners
  • Excellent features
  • Super easy to run
  • Functional LED display with 10 inches
  • Good at detect valuable items and metals while ignoring unnecessary things
  • Operating mode to notice when the battery runs out
  • Submersible with water-resistant search loop is amazing feature
  • A warranty of 2 years


  • Fairly expensive
  • The battery runs out speedly as it needs to operate lots of function at a time, which is quite annoying with those who work in a long time, as they need to charge

Garrett Super Scanner 9V Metal Detector

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Another excellent product from Garrett brand. This is a professional metal detector for woodworking as well as other purposes. Normally, it is used in the airport and special occasions all over the world. Therefore, security and law administration are always confident to use this product thanks to its reliability and excellent detection capacity. 

This device is extremely sensitive when finding metals, knives, pistols and razors as the sensitivity level is different for various items. For instance, this Garrett metal detector can find a medium scope pistol of 9 inches, 6 inches for a big knife, 3 inches for a cutter box and razor edges and a tiny jewelry of 1 inch. So you can see this tool is really versatile that is not just used for woodworking but many other purposes. 

Like the other Garrett products, this metal detector for woodworking is also featured with LED systems but with a new thing that is audio. This is one of the brilliant handy functions as the audio structure vibrates and LED management light when it detects any type of metals. So it brings convenience for you to just take necessary items while passing over trash.

The operating temperature ranges from 37 to 70 degrees.


  • Extremely sensitivity to helps you easy find metals inside wood or lumber
  • Suitable use for different purposes such as working at home, using in airport or special event
  • Reliability and excellent ability to detect metals
  • Turn on and off uncomplicatedly in a switch
  • New feature which is audio to vibrate alarm 
  • Flexible detector items
  • 9V battery allows you to charge this tool anywhere
  • LED system


  • Quite high price
  • Occasionally it finds unneeded things in foil paper at the airport check

Garrett 1165190 Super Scanner V Metal Detector

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This best metal detector for woodworking from Garrett is reliable to use. The scan surface of this great metal scanner is 10 inches to enhance the scan outcome. This product possesses an excellent ability and accuracy to find and collect metal. It provides a 9V battery with the package. 

This useful tool to ease your woodworking has an audible management system and LED indicator to detect metals more simply. Every trait offers the same capability to find pistols, jewelry and knives, even foil paper wrapped drugs. 

A brilliant choice for a metal detector to assist you get rid of coils and nails before working must have an extreme sensitivity. Therefore, this Garrett product is an ideal option. It will detect different items with a distinctive sensitivity level. So you can collect the valuable items while ignoring trash and unneeded things effectively. 

Every metal scanner of Garrett always features LED indicator as well as audio system, so this 1165190 model is not an exception. The LED feature will brighten when the tool detects metals while the audible system contributes to vibrate, thanks to that, your search to get rid of metal inside the wood would be quickly and efficiently. 


  • Huge 10 inches scan surface
  • On and off function can be easily turned in one switch
  • Audio system to vibrate alarm
  • Can charge from any device with 9V battery
  • LED system
  • Durable and reliable to use for a long time
  • Highly accuracy


  • Slightly expensive
  • Sometimes, it collects unneeded items in wrapped foil paper

Garrett SuperWand Metal Detector

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The Garrett SuperWand metal scanner is a lightweight structure and accurate finding metal which can detect 360 degrees with great sensitivity. This helpful tool can track weapons and metals with intense accuracy.

Its effective function creates more comfort for users and scans metal items more efficiently. This best metal detector for woodworking offers you choices so you can set an audio function with or without vibration as well as LED lighting. This is a one-touch control providing you red, green and amber LED colours. This button can perform 3 distinctive functions, you can turn on or off, and even silent it. 

The model is designed with a double alarm mode. So you can adjust the device’s audible or vibrate and silent functions. This Garrett product owns a finest sensitivity, that is why you do not need to set other things to find it. The maximum sensitivity is automatically changed with the function.


  • 360 degrees for detecting metals
  • Extremely efficient
  • Just use one switch to turn on or turn off, so easy to use, not complicated
  • Diversities operate modes
  • LED system with 3 different colours
  • Effortless to turn on or off the battery shell
  • Double alarm mode
  • Optimum sensitivity


  • Quite tricky for beginner to use and adjust different functions
  • May be vulnerable broken if falling from a high altitude

SUNPOW Metal Detector IP68

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This SUNPOW is one of the best metal detectors for woodworking that is easy to use and suitable for even beginners. With an investigate probe of 360 degrees and elective three modes, this model is more effective in searching metal inside wood. The identified metal detector with 360 degrees helps to expand the discovery area and decreases object loss.  

The 3 modes which are vibration (silent) mode, audio mode, vibration and audio mode switch. This feature makes the metal detector suitable for searching in silent, noisy, seabed and other distinctive environments. It is designed with full waterproof. 

So in any weather circumstances like heavy rain, even in the oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds, you can be able to sink this metal detector into deep water to search metals or treasures hidden underneath the water. 

The handheld metal scanner can detect the target quickly and precisely. This tool can scan diverse items such as iron, aluminum, gold and silver. It allows you to reach small-scale accurate positioning that big metal detectors cannot. 

It features a single-button operation and mode switch. Just need to press the button and begin hunting day. This metal detector is a reasonable gift for diverse people including kids, men and women as birthday gift, Christmas gifts. 

The package includes a pinpointer, a 9V battery, belt holster, retractable hanging and an user manual instruction. 


  • Investigate probe of 360 degrees to increase detection area
  • Three mode consisting of silent, audio, vibration and audio mode switch
  • Can be able to detect valuable items or metals in various environment
  • The whole product is designed with water-resistant, so be confidence to use it everywhere even seabed
  • Find the target quickly and precisely, users can reach small-scale accurate positioning
  • Uncomplicated use with one-button operation
  • The package comes with all necessary accessories
  • Affordable price


  • Not enough excellent to distinct trash with metals or valuable items, sometimes, you may collect dirt or unneeded things
  • Not as high quality as expected

RANSENERS Handheld Metal Detector

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This RANSENERS metal detector for woodworking is great sensitivity that can find even tiny hidden metal items. There is a typical audio tone and vibration to notice you, which is extremely appropriate for examining metal things.

The product has two modes which are audio and vibration modes that are suitable for all circumstances. According to the demands, vibration mode ought to be utilized in loud situations or in areas where the users do not want the sound to be heard in their surrounding zone. 

The sensitivity can be adjusted so it provides more effectiveness and accuracy in detecting metals in wood or other items. Switching to a low sensitivity level by pressing the button of the metal detector, it will solely respond to larger metal items such as knives and will not answer to small things like ring, coin and key. Do not let loose the low sensitivity mode until you finish the detection process. 

This RANSENERS model is powered by a standard 9V battery or rechargeable battery, however they are not included in the kit. Keep in mind prevent charging it while you get no rechargeable battery, if not it cannot work as usual. 

The handle is comfortable and broadly used. This metal detector is lightweight construction and relaxing handle grip that creates convenience for users to work for a long time. It equips with a belt clip, making it moveable and handy. 

It is commonly used for detecting metals inside woods, security for indoor/outdoor occasions, airports as well. 


  • Excellent sensitivity to detect even tiny hidden metal items
  • Two modes which are audio and vibration suitable for all circumstances
  • Changeable sensitivity by pressing the button, so the tool will solely respond to larger metal things while ignoring small items like ring, coin and key
  • Featured a standard 9V battery 
  • Reasonable in price
  • Handle is comfortable and broadly used
  • Lightweight structure to make it easy for working
  • Suitable for all purposes


  • Not included 9V battery and rechargeable battery, which is quite annoy for some users

Stud Finder 4-in-1 Metal Detector

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This is one of the best-seller metal detectors for nails and coils for years. As it applies the greatest Advance Sensors Technology for precisely and speedly detecting studs wood metal. 

In any mode, this metal scanner often locates and points the Live AC Wire. No matter if you are a specialist or just home users as well as a DIY enthusiast, this helpful tool will assist you to achieve a great result on finding things.

The great feature of this model is its 4-in-1 multi-functional. It consists of 4 distinctive detecting  modes for beam, joist, woods, metals and even tiny hidden things in walls. The stud mode finds wooden beams in drywall up to 1.2 inches.   

The LCD screen design of this amazing metal detector is upgraded. It will display the stud material and the accurate location of the stud. This LCD display is larger composed with the loud sound to detect the precise position of AC wire stud metals. When you seek the target, the LCD display will notice the route and the intensity of noise informs whether you are close to the object or not. 

This product owns an automatic calibration and a handle featured ergonomic grip for relaxing use. The automatic adjustment before utilizing offers users with optimum reliability and correction. The handy feature for you is the ergonomic grip that provides you the finest comfortable to hold from every angle. 


  • Using the greatest Advance Sensors Technology for correctly and fastly detecting stud wood metals
  • Suitable for professional uses and daily use
  • 4-in-1 multi-functional
  • Featured an upgrade LCD screen, providing more accurate location of the stud
  • Quick detection saves you time and energy, making the work completion simpler
  • Automatic calibration and ergonomic handle for relaxing use
  • Professional manufacturer teams


  • The accuracy for detecting metals is not as accurate as it should be
  • The quality is quite poor so not ensure about the durability

Stud Finder Metal Scanner 5-in-1

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Another best metal detector for woodworking as well as using for other purposes. This is a 5-in-1 functional product from M MARSIAN providing you with 5 detecting modes. 

It comes with LCD display and sound cautioning. The LCD screen with the beeping sound assists you to achieve a greater precise result in both observable and audible mode. The LCD display helps you to obviously see things in the dark. The beeping warning to notice that you are getting close to the target. 

This tool is simple to operate as it permits you to effectively switch among the 5 distinctive modes within a short time. Even a newbie in metal hunting will easily detect metals in woods, joists behind walls and floors. Keep the metal scanner and move it above the wood, it will speedly show you the metals hidden inside them. 

The device provides more correction thanks to automatic calibration. With a developed digital detection system, this metal scanner can fastly and correctly detect hidden items inside woods. The automatic calibration rejects the impact of earlier readings, offering optimum preciseness and trustworthiness for following detection. Start calibration by pressing the scan button and it will finish when the beep noise.

The handle is widely designed with ergonomic grip to give better using experiences for users. It is lightweight for you to hold it from all angles. This M MARSIAN is the best product you need to assist you collect studs prior to installing TVs, or metals before woodworking.


  • 5-in-1 functional product
  • LCD display helps you see things clearly even in the dark environment
  • Beeping sound to notice when you are close to the object
  • Easy use by switching modes in a short time so it is suitable for all user levels
  • Developed digital detection system, providing quicker and more accurate on finding hidden items inside woods
  • Providing optimum preciseness and trustworthiness
  • Automatic calibration
  • Cheap price


  • Not suitable for using at plaster walls
  • Quite poor reliability when collecting valuable items

Handheld Metal Detector

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This Handheld Metal Detection is a product for those who want a tool that comprise various features. It is capable of detecting different types of metals, and it is commonly used in public as well as private sector. Its versatility makes it the best metal detector for woodworking.

The device can detect things in a depth of 2.7 inches. It is super sensitive that you can use to find any sort of small metals. Besides detecting metals for woodworking, it can also do that with weapons, knives and foil paper wrapped.

Featured a dual alert mode, this metal scanner allows you to select among sound or vibration detection modes. The LED display is also designed to find the metals. With adjustable high/low sensitivity, it provides you a better detecting ability.

This model is good at detecting valuable items while ignoring unneeded ones, so it saves you much time and effort when working.


  • Simple to operate
  • Powerful battery
  • Extremely sensitivity stage
  • Comfortable use with ergonomic handle
  • Improve security
  • Changeable system
  • Beautiful price


  • The detection accuracy is not as effective as it should be
  • Not excellent to use for lumber

Metal Detector Pinpointer – Waterproof Handheld

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This best metal detector for woodworking is lightweight construction and easy operation. It just weighs ⅓ of the traditional metal scanner weight. It is equipped with a plastic roll belt, belt covering and handbag, so you can simple to carry or hang without falling or losing.

This tool offers you to hold it horizontally to detect huge areas speedly, then use accurate locationing tips to narrow the target before picking. It is partially water-resistant so you can be able to detect things under the water.

Feature an audio and vibration indicator to search diverse types of metals. LED light helps you to work efficiently even in the dark.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • Inexpensive price
  • Comes with a handbag, so you can bring it with you without worrying of falling or losing
  • Partially water-resistant allows you to use under the water
  • Audio system and vibration indicator
  • LED display allows you to work effectively even in the dark


  • Poor durability
  • Not produced from high quality material

Completely Buying Guide: All You Need To Know Before Buying The Best Metal Detector For Woodworking

Best Metal Detector For Woodworking

Choosing the best metal detector for woodworking is not a difficult task, but you must be overwhelmed in front of many available choices in the market. Do not worry, we here to help you ease your search so you can pick the right product soon to home. 

Here are some important factors you should pay attention to before purchasing the best metal scanner for woodworking:


This feature is a very crucial factor to consider before purchasing a best metal detector for woodworking. Firstly, you ought to ensure the size of metal scanner wholly accommodates your stature and height. If the model is way too long or weighty, it will cause unpleasant to use and this will only be a drawback that hinder your possibility to detect treasures. 

Besides, the dimension of the search coil plays an important role as well. A smaller loop would be greater as it might enhance the detector’s sensitivity. On the other hand, you can be able to scan deeper underneath the surface thanks to a bigger coil.


Best Metal Detector For Woodworking

By choosing for a more high-priced metal detector, you will access more functions, which may contribute to your hunt more effectively. Obviously, it is undeniable that not all traits are appropriate for every user and not all functions will be essential. 

Nevertheless, identifying the target is a great strategy, as it will offer you the ability to find the items before you start to dig it up. A battery indicator when the tool runs out of power is also a necessary feature. This will notice you accurately when the battery requires to be charged, so your hunting will not be interrupted for hours. 

LCD Display

It is one of the most important factors to look for while picking the best metal detector for woodworking. An LCD display can show users things such as the target’s depth, where the target is, where the sensitivity is placed, battery life and so on. 

However, some users are still good with a metal detector without an LCD screen. These devices without a screen are considered to be beep and dig gadgets since there is no display noticing you when the detector finds something inside the woods.

Best Metal Detector For Woodworking


Before you plan to purchase any product, you should have a budget plan first. As price plays a crucial role in your process of thought when trying to invest in a strong and durable metal detector. 

We would say a metal detector for woodworking as well as other purposes is a permanent investment and it can save you much money instead of buying again and again a new one. A more high price metal detector will bring more precise outcomes and will also be capable of scanning deeper under the surface.

Therefore, if you are completely serious about detecting metals inside woods, you should choose an average price model.


A good warranty policy is also a vital factor you should pay attention to. Most metal detectors come with a warranty by the manufacturer. You will be beneficial by acquiring a warranty for years.  Spending more for a long guarantee is always a brilliant decision. A metal detector includes a warranty that will ensure about its quality and durability, so you can use it with confidence. 

If you are a newbie on using a metal detector for wood, this video is helpful for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Metal Detector For Woodworking?

The price of a metal detector varies based on its features and functions. So you should determine your purpose to use a metal scanner, you will choose an appropriate product. The more features it owns, the greater sensitive it can be. The most expensive model is not considered the best metal detector for woodworking. 

We have proposed for you our top-rated metal detector with an affordable price, so you can refer and buy one. If you are a newbie on using metal scanners, we recommend you should start with a cheap model first to easy for operating.

Can Metal Scanners Detect Gold?

Definitely yes. There have been a lot of gold finds, from specialized treasure hunters to normal hunters just detecting for relaxing. However, in order to detect gold nuggets and flakes, you may have to purchase for excellent-quality metal detector products. As they always equip with specialized coils that are extremely sensitive to detecting smaller gold pieces buried.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Metal Detector For Woodworking

Choosing the best metal detector for woodworking is easy now with our reviews and buying guides. We hope our top-recommended metal detectors of 2021 make it easier for you to decide which model is the best appropriate for you.

If you are still confused, we highly recommend our top 5 picks of the best metal detector for woodworking based on our experiences for you:

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Hoping after reading our post, you will easily choose the model that meets all your needs and efficiently contributes to your woodworking.

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