Look For A Motogadget M-Unit Alternative For Your Device

The Motogadget M-Unit has undoubtedly found itself to be an iconic piece of the DIY moto community. The ability to control headlights and other electrical components of your bike’s electrical system fits its niche very well. However, some Motogadget M-Unit alternatives offer expanded capabilities. A few of them have even come close to being a dead ringer in terms of look and feel, just like the M-Unit.

If you are looking for an alternative, you have come to the right place. As a result, we find out some items that the product is of excellent quality and used by hundreds of other customers who bought it elsewhere online. So now, let’s get started.

Motogadget M-Unit Alternative Comparison 2024

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Motogadget M-Unit Alternative Reviews 2024

Motogadget MG4002040 – m-Unit Blue Digital Control unit Builders

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The m-Unit Blue is a digital control unit for your motorcycle – the ‘heart’ of the vehicle’s electrical system. It enables you to integrate all electrical parts and keep billions of combinations possible – from simple to very advanced techniques. You can use your smartphone or watch as keys or even unlock the immobilizer using Bluetooth or NFC from our authorized dealer network.

The central component enables you to connect all additional electrical components and unify their function, simplifying the entire wiring harness and providing a solid base for clean and practical work. It combines all essential elements such as fuses, flashers, alarm systems, and GPS position detection – everything you need to operate a modern motorcycle. The possibilities are almost unlimited – even for future upgrades.

With m-Unit Bluetooth, you can connect to your m-Unit from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The m-unit blue must be associated with the m-ride app for Android via Bluetooth and configured via the menu to use its full functionality.

The buttons on the device are used for essential operation, and if an external ignition switch is connected to terminals 5 and 1, turn the power on or off. If a conventional key switch is used, it has to be switched between OFF – ON – RUN positions.


+ Solid base

+ For simple to advanced techniques

+ Connect via Bluetooth

+ Consist of all essential components

+ Easy-to-use switches


– Nothing

Motogadget MG1005030 – Motoscope Pro

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The ultra-thin MOTOGADGET Motoscope Pro is an analog dash panel for classic motorcycles that does more than look cool; it has a slew of digital functions. It is designed for use with Motogadget handlebar controls, and the tiny unit has 718 LEDs that generate a relatively complete and self-luminous display matrix.

Anodized billet aluminum housing is fragile (11mm), making for a sleek, OEM level fit and finish with the supplied mounting bracket. Motoscope Pro functions include a speedometer, rev counter, shift light, trip, and total odometer, trip time, gear indicator, clock, onboard voltage, and more! With a total of 271 individual functions that can be activated or deactivated, this highly versatile Motorcycle Dashboard offers a tailored solution for virtually any motorcycle.


+ 271 individual functions

+ Ultra-thin design

+ Tailored solution


– May none

Motogadget MG6002011/MG6002012 – m-Blaze Disc LED Bar End Turn Signal

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m-Blaze Disc LED Bar End Turn Signals – left and right side. These minimalist CNC milled aluminum turn signals are designed to seamlessly integrate with your motorcycle’s aesthetic while acting as a stylish, high-quality addition. They can be operated with load resistors or all load independent flash relays m-Stop, m-Wave, m-Stop, and m-Relay+.

Small in size but mighty in light output, these sleek signals are sure to draw attention and turn heads. Installation is quick and easy with the included rubberized clamps that fit inside handlebar diameters ranging from 14mm to 21mm. The included pair (2) of LED bar end signals feature a left side and right side design for easy installation.

The m-Blaze Disc LED Bar End Turn Signals are designed as replacements for OEM bar end weights with the same high-end quality as our first-generation disc Blinkers. They are made from black anodized aluminum and mount in the handlebar—providing a clean, integrated look.

These turn signals fit INNER handlebar diameters of 14mm to 21mm, which means a minimum OUTER handlebar diameter will be about 30mm up to 36mm (1-3/16″ – 1-7/16″). We use an LED unit optimized for intensity and visibility at daytime and nighttime to illuminate these signals. Since LEDs do not require any load resistors or other electronic devices to function correctly.


+ Made from black anodized aluminum

+ Sleek signals

+ LED unit

+ Quick installation


– Need for a new flash relay

Motogadget MG6002013/MG6002014 – m-Blaze Disc LED Bar End Turn Signal

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The new m-Blaze Disc is a modern LED turn signal with an E-mark. The CNC-milled aircraft aluminum housing contains a polycarbonate disc that glows evenly around its circumference when the LEDs are illuminated. Installation is quick and easy using the included rubber clamps.

They follow the modern lines of the motorcycle and integrate into it with superior design. The new m-Blaze Disc LED turn signals are available as stand-alone indicators or as a set with mounting adapters. The high-brightness LED light elements to create an illuminated surface that is visible both in daylight and at night.

These bar end turn signals are incredibly bright and will draw tons of attention with an eye-catching design that is certain to be the highlight of your bike. They feature a low-profile design that won’t get in the way.


+ Eye-catching design

+ CNC-milled aircraft aluminum

+ Simple installation

+ High-brightness LED light


– Take quite much time to install it

Motogadget MG4002000 M-Lock RFID Ignition Lock

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The m-Lock is an electrically operated RFID switch. The key requires no battery and functions with a 4 to 5 cm switching distance. The m-Lock can be installed instead of the ignition key virtually anywhere on the motorcycle, ensuring a clean look and various design possibilities. The m-lock transmits digital identification via radio and replaces the ignition key completely.

The tiny device for unlocking your motorbike works without a battery – and without any button-pushing. The included digital transponder (identification) is a routine RFID (radio frequency identification) tag. A card and a fob are also supplied in the delivery.

No key has ever been this small – so it can be inconspicuously integrated into your bike’s design. It is battery-free and uses the latest RFID technology. Therefore, it is tamper-proof, thanks to the millimeter auto-tuning.


+ RFID switch

+ Digital transponder

+ Inconspicuously integrated

+ Tamper-proof


– No have mounting brackets or mount screws

Motogadget m.view cafe bar end mirror

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The m.view is the latest addition to the range of high-quality and innovative mirrors motogadget offers. The lightweight design without edge and frame is possible due to a brand new production process and exclusive materials used for this revolutionary product.

The fragile and light mirror surface is produced in fluctuating by means of diamond tools on ultra-precision machines. Combining state-of-the-art technology and unique materials, the optical quality of this mirror is also outstanding. The convex mirror surface made from highly transparent synthetic glass ( acrylic ) is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and scratches. The precise ball joint allows a comfortable and very stable mirror adjustment.

The m.view blade that looks like a miniature bolide can be screwed directly into an original handlebar end hole or an open handlebar end where 22mm or 25mm/1″ rubber inserts are usually mounted. The screwable blind plug of milled aluminum comes with a sophisticated rubber gasket Laval seal system for use at open handlebars (each mirror includes two blanking plugs).


+ Weightless design

+ No edge and frame

+ Thin and light surface

+ State-of-the-art technology

+ Oxidation resistant

+ Adjustable


– Not include clamp grip and light

Motogadget mo.Switch Basic 3 Button Billet Hand Control

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The MOSwitch is a universal, great push-button control for handlebars. It is constructed out of high-quality aluminum, and its pushbuttons are fully sealed and protected against dust and water (IP65). A compact housing is equipped with either two or three pushbuttons.

Switch Basic allows the handlebar to stay nice and clean because it replaces all existing buttons for the turn signal, kill switch, brake light switch, and horn. And this tool can be used universally as a main on/off or kill switch for all motorcycles, e.g., the Motogadget mo handlebar ends. A separate flasher relay is still required.


+ High-quality

+ Constructed out of aluminum

+ Dust and water-resistant


– We didn’t find out any bad points

Motogadget MG4000320 M-Switch 3 Button Billet Hand Control

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Motogadget M-Switch Billet Hand Control with three buttons is the perfect addition to your custom build. The ergonomic pressure point and stainless steel bolts clamp the handlebar. Push buttons are suitable for handlebars from 22-28mm (7/8″) in diameter. You can turn on the lights, flasher, starter engine, horns, and much more.

The stainless steel bolts clamp the switch securely to the handlebar, leaving a flush mount. Water-resistant and anti-vibration, this switch features a billet aluminum housing that is available in black or polished finishes and is available in two or three buttons configurations.

Three push buttons are located on the left side of this hand control, and each function can be programmed to work with various electrical devices such as lighting, flashers, horn, and more.

These buttons can either be set to momentary or latching for easy installation. It provides you with a clean-looking switch to replace your stock switch assembly and allows you to control all electrical devices like lights, flashers, starter engines, horns, and much more.


+ Stainless steel material

+ Ergonomic pressure point

+ Water-resistant

+ Vibration resistant

+ Clean looking switch

+ Can be used to control electrical devices


– Nothing was found here

Motogadget m.view Spy bar end mirror

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m.view Spy bar end mirrors are a new part of our glassless mirror series. They have a convex mirror surface produced fluctuating by means of diamond tools on ultra-precision machines. Interestingly, they can be mounted above or below handlebars, both without additional adapters.

All screws are made of stainless steel, and the ball joint allows comfortable and secure adjustment. The very slim design with a diameter of only 58mm has been reduced to the maximum without losing any functionality or stability. The convex mirror surface is produced in fly cutting by means of diamond tools on ultra-precision machines, sanitized, then galvanized, and given a protective UV lacquer in high gloss black color.

Through the intelligent clamping technique, it works perfectly on handlebars with standard right-hand threads as well as for left-hand lines – hollow and solid, as well as chromed or anodized ones with a diameter of 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, and 30 mm.

This mirror provides an ideal vision for your rearview, as the convex mirror surface does not produce distorted images, is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and scratches, and allows easy installation.


+ Convex surface

+ Stainless steel screws

+ Slim design

+ No loss of stability and functionality

+ Supply an ideal vision

+ Extremely durable


– May none

Motogadget MG6004010 – m-Blaze Pin LED Turn Signals

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m-Blaze pin is the smallest blinker of motogadget. With a diameter of just 22 mm and a weight of only 12 g, it will not disturb the overall appearance of your bike – even on small, vintage motorcycles. Power LED technology makes this possible in conjunction with the IntensiLED Technology.

The two violet LEDs are encapsulated within a very slim housing design. The emitted light will be exceptionally bright when switched ON and offer excellent visibility and safety thanks to patented TranzLight Technology (TLT) with a wide beam angle. When switched OFF, you will interrupt the light beamlines and reduce visual distraction by other road users.

The m-Blaze Pin uses cutting-edge PLCC package LEDs mounted onto the circuit board in an advanced matrix system that adapts to the curve of the lens. Furthermore, our proprietary IntensiLED technology provides four times more light than comparable products for even greater visibility and safety.


+ Power LED technology

+ TranzLight Technology

+ Cutting-edge


– The wires are incredibly tiny and quite fragile

Motogadget MG6002014 – m-Blaze Disc LED Bar End Turn Signal

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The m-Blaze Disc turn signals are possibly the most petite and most elegant handlebar end LED indicators available on the market. They are finely crafted from a high-quality aluminum body and integrated protection glass, which allows them to be mounted within a motorcycle handlebar comfortably. The disc turn signal can be simply attached to the ends of the handlebar with a flexible rubber clamp.

Thus, it provides excellent protection against dangerous contact with trees and bushes during rally rides or off-road adventures. With its ideally small diameter of only 28mm, it fits perfectly into the handlebar of almost all motorcycles with no modification required. It also features a 2.3″ high-intensity LED disc that simply clamps onto the handlebar. Thus, it provides excellent protection against dangerous contact with trees and bushes during rally rides or off-road adventures.

The sensor system includes three high-sensitivity accelerometers that detect even the slightest lean angle of the bike independent from speed. This sleek, modern-looking blinker integrates perfectly into any handlebar, giving your motorcycle a clean look.


+ Sleek and modern design

+ High-quality aluminum body

+ Simply attach

+ Against dangerous contacts

+ 3 high sensitivity accelerometers


– None

Motogadget MG4002025 M-Switch 2 Button Billet Hand Control

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The Motogadget m-Switch push-button control (temporary switch) combined with motogadget m-Unit. The aluminum case is available in mirror gloss or glosses black anodized, and bolt, made from stainless steel, clamps it to any handlebar from 1″ to 1-1/8″ diameter.

Motogadget M-Switch is the innovative switch to control on/off functions. Each m-Switch comes with a grey rubber cover that keeps the button waterproof and anti-vibration. And the ergonomic pressure design in combination with the aluminum case is available in mirror gloss or glosses black anodized.

Pressing it again will shut them off for an easy and tactile way to operate turn signals without fumbling blindly for a switch! It comes in two or three buttons configuration to suit your needs.


+ Aluminum and stainless steel material

+ Covered by rubber

+ On/off controlling switch

+ Ergonomic pressure design

+ Easy to use


– Everything is fine

Motogadget mo.unit blue basic battery cable

No products found.

The mo.unit battery cable kit was designed for the modern motorcycle jockey whose rig does not have a battery but plenty of electrical accessories. The 63″ long cable kit features a main integrated fuse (40 A maximum current load).

A kit with a professionally installed connection that is ready to use. It is always good to be prepared for any type of situation. The mo.unit battery cable kit is for use with the Motogadget mo.unit blue and basic ECUs.

This cable will ensure you never get stuck again, whether your battery dies or you lose power at a random interval. This kit includes a spare fuse, shrink tune, and two eyelets so you can keep on riding with confidence for years to come.


+ Have plenty of electrical accessories

+ Professionally installed connection

+ Never get stuck


– May none

Universal Motorcycle Odometer LCD Digital Speedometer Tachometer Gauges

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This Speedometer Tachometer Gauge is specially designed for universal motorcycles. It is also made of premium material, and with thorough treatment, it is durable in use. The speedometer tachometer has a general mechanical speed line interface and a special wire. Its mph can think instead of kilometers.

It is perfect for night riding because it has seven different light backgrounds. With a backlight, it works perfectly at night. It is waterproof and high-performance. This product has a variety of functions such as speed racing, communication, and car taillight. It is absolutely the best equipment for motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy a comfortable driving experience.


+ Seven different backlights

+ Premium material

+ Waterproof

+ Variety of functions


– No include wiring instructions

Universal 7/8″ Handlebars 22mm Double Control

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These Universal 7/8″ Handlebars 22mm Double Control are three wires of copper material. They are waterproof, anti-corrosion, suitable for rainy days fit for handlebar in diameter: 22-23mm/0.78″-0.90″. They can connect the Bluetooth speaker system with an amp. A good choice for installing this switch as an auxiliary or as a replacement switch for a motorcycle or ATV.

This high-quality handlebar switch is easy to install and compatible with spotlights, fog lights, driving lights, daytime running lights, etc. It is high circuit protection. Many of our handlebar switches are universal and will work with any handlebar or hand control system.


+ Waterproof

+ Anticorrosion

+ Good handlebar switch

+ Easy to install


– Sometimes switch light may not work

Motogadget M-Unit Alternative Benefits

Motogadget M-Unit alternative

Motogadget M-Unit Alternative is an advanced, state-of-the-art PC/tablet-based diagnostic and tuning box for all standard Japanese vehicles. Like the M-Unit I, it includes a high-sensitive ABS/traction control / Launch Control sensor interface and is fully compatible with CAN & all newer communication protocols. In addition, it still has other great benefits. Such as:

  • High durability
  • Intelligent technologies
  • Compatible with different models
  • Multi-functional
  • Variety and modern design
  • Easy to install and use

Factors To Consider When Choosing Motogadget M-Unit Alternative

We know that shopping around on the internet can be frustrating and time-consuming at times, so we have extensively tested a few critical parts of the product before making our recommendation. And we also gather here some main features that can help you choose a good Motogadget M-unit alternative more easily.

Motogadget M-Unit alternative

The Durability

When you are looking for a Motogadget M-Unit alternative, there are many things that you can consider. Most people look for reliability and durability in their new Motogadget M-Unit alternative. But most people don’t really know what they are looking at when shopping around. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to create this guide on the most important things to look for when choosing your next motogadget m unit alternative. 

The Compatibility

The second factor for you is compatibility. Why? Because different devices are compatible with various alternative tools. You need to choose one that fits in size, functions, design, etc. This will make sure it works effectively on your devices, and you will not need to change it so many times in the future.

The Functionality

When choosing the alternative of MOTOGADGET M-UNIT, it is important to consider what it will do with your bike. The M-Unit is a unit that allows you to control your bike with your smartphone. It does not have any lines or connections for hand controls, but Bluetooth can be connected for an easy way to connect your phone and the M-Unit.

However, not all bike fanatics are able to install Motogadget on their bikes. Some might be poor at mechanical works, some don’t have access to the required tools, and some simply don’t have the budget for this luxury motorcycle accessory.

The Technologies

When trying to choose a Motogadget M-Unit alternative, the deciding factors are really about the particular technologies involved. Some people don’t care about anything aside from that and the price, but we would like to present other aspects as well. The way technologies differ and give you more options is quite interesting. As you are trying to decide which Motogadget M-Unit alternative is best for your system, it is crucial that you research the technology behind it. This will help you choose the right one for your needs.

The Usage

Do you want to get an alternative that will make you have a lot of difficulties in using it? No one likes this. That is the reason why you should pay attention to the usage. The two most important things are how to install and how to use/control it. You can read these things in the description before deciding to get one. And you just ought to choose one that you ensure you can know how to use completely.

Motogadget M-Unit alternative

FAQs about Motogadget M-Unit Alternative

Q: Which material should I consider of a good Motogadget M-Unit alternative?

A: Well, it is never easy to answer this question. But as you are asking about Motogadget M-Unit and its alternative. W will find out about a gadget, which is not only one of the alternatives but can be reliable and comfortable for you like your old Motogadget M-Unit. Some materials you can select such as aluminum, stainless steel, combined rubber, and so on. In addition, it also depends on the functions of that tool.

Q: Are there any excellent functions of an alternative?

A: This is the question you might have asked yourself when you are hearing the name Motogadget for the first time. We can just be honest and say, yes, it is true. There are a lot of excellent features which make many users love it so much, like being used for GPS navigation, flashing of error codes, etc.

Q: Are there any disadvantages when using an alternative?

A: We all know the advantages of Motogadget. They make amazing-looking parts, they are very well made, and they are affordable to boot. However, like most other things in this world, there are some disadvantages which you should be aware of. While Motogadget gear is often accessible on the eye and offers excellent performance, there are times when you come across an alternative that is just as good – if not better.


In conclusion, the Motogadget M-Unit alternative is a motorcycle accessory that we highly recommend. It is up there with the best M-Units ever made and can provide you with a better experience while riding your motorcycle to make your rides safer and more fun. It was pretty challenging to make a good list of the best alternatives for M-Unit, but you should find it helpful.

And in our need, we think that we may choose the Motogadget MG4002040 – m-Unit Blue Digital Control unit Builders. Because of its solid base for higher durability, compatibility for both simple and advanced devices, easy-to-use design, etc. This is a great choice.

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