Top 10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Receiver In 2023: You Do Want To Try It.

Nowadays, Backpacking becomes popular. People usually go by motorcycle and they do not want to bring too many things. A device that provides both features as a map, radio can help them a lot. Therefore, Motorcycle bluetooth receivers are the best choice to stay connected when you ride.

A device can help you to find the way to your final destination, listen to music, talk with others, or make, receive phone calls. As a travel lover, I can understand the problem and then find some kind of bluetooth adapter for motorcycle that may be suitable for you.

BestGìĐó Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Receiver Reviews 2023


[amazon box=”B00W2KFEOI” ]

If you not only like motorcycles but also bicycles, this kind of product can help you. Due to its design, you can install it on the handle-bar to control most Bluetooth enabled devices including iPhone and Android smartphones.

You can remotely control volume and track selection, along with play/pause so you don’t have to fumble with your phone. In addition, the bluetooth device requires manual activation and will not automatically turn on when power is applied. It includes a blue wire as a remote to start and stop the device. If there is no signal in 5 minutes, it will automatically turn off.


  • easy to use
  • weatherproof
  • suitable prices


  • not include speaker micro
  • not use for professional rider

CARDO DMC/Bluetooth Packtalk

[amazon box=”B07MVWTL6V” ]

In my opinion, this is the best motorcycle product for professional riders. Providing many features so it becomes the most trendy motorcycle bluetooth receiver in 2020. It includes a micro that whenever you need, you can say “hi cardo” and your cardo packtalk will do the rest. it even connects directly to Google or Siri. 

High-definition speakers and special-tune audio can bring to you a sound experience like no device before. The most feature of this receiver is Dynamic Mesh Communication because it can solve all bluetooth usual pain and make it the most capable motorcycle communication device in the world.  

In general, it can charge when you ride by plugging in a battery pack or 12V charger.  Cardo can operate up to 13 hours and is Waterproof and Dustproof.


  • suitable for professional rider
  • high technology
  • having many feature


  • not easy for amateur driver to use
  • may have to buy accessory
  • take a long time to upgrade

Cardo FREECOM 4 PLUS-4-Way

[amazon box=”B07MYD5BF8″ ]

The FREECO 4+ had been publicized since 2004 which led to the motorcycle bluetooth receiver in the world. 4 way Bluetooth communication can connect with other bikes within 1.4km. Cardo bluetooth combines not only bring the best sound but also design to work outside the helmet.  

One of the reasons I like this device is its cutting edge design. The razzon-thin wheel, about 20 mm, is a true breakthrough in both form and function. It helps you install and use more easily. plus, it has all the features which a backpacking needs such as GPS or phone connectivity.

All the Cador products  have natural voice operation, you can say hi Cador and then they will automatically do what you ask. This device can be used for both Android or IOS.


  • high quality and common item
  • weatherproof
  • have a beautiful design 


  • not include accessory
  • not recommended for amateur driver

SENA 30K-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth

[amazon box=”B00468KV9W” ]

If you are a sport lover i’m pretty sure this Sena 30K-01 will not make you disappointed. The first time I have seen this device I really like it sporty looking. The shiny black along the body and the shape looks like a wing  bring to customer strength, freedom and energetic feeling. 

Due to its 2.0 technology, users can set up the final destination and help max 6 members connect with each other. Whenever one of the group riders gets the wrong way, the devices allow the rest of the group to find out and reconnect. With the new members this facility can help them alot.

Having new quick charge features, the receiver can get ready in 20 minutes and last for 8 hours. when you are on your way, the 30K can be remoted by natural voice such as listening to music, making, receiving phone calls and listening to the radio.


  • beautiful looking
  • save energy
  • lightweight


  • pretty high price
  • need accessory


[amazon box=”B0736N8PMD” ]

The 20S Evo is the next generation of the original 20s. Hence, it will follow the success of the previous version and improve some features. The biggest change in this version is its design: 20S Evo has a shark fin antenna as opposed to its previous devices with the flip up antenna. This change makes this receiver more modern and sporty. 

Sena’s Advanced Noise Control helps the cracking noise don’t interfere with incoming or outgoing audio. The motorcycle intercom allows you to talk with up to 7 people within 2km distance. You can also listen to music, radio or GPS guidance just by using natural voice.

Because it can operate in -10°C – 55°C (14°F – 131°F) temperature you do not have worry about the weather and terrain of your journey


  • Sporty design
  • weatherproof
  • fit for off-road vehicle


  •  do not have accessory
  • only have black color

Sena 5S Motorcycle Bluetooth

[amazon box=”B088G1TSRM” ]

I don’t really like this device’s design. Having a screen outside, the receiver is easy to be broken by the weather conditions or sand if you are driving across the desert. 

Manage device functions hands-free while riding using the voice commands supported across 8 languages. it’s also supports you answering phone calls hand-free, listening to music and using GPS navigation.

With the HD speaker facility, you do not have to worry about the cracking traffic jams noise. communicating with it, you can enjoy the most clear voice than any product before. However, this receiver only connects with a total of 2 people.

Plus, it is easy to set up and operate. You can take advantage of the Sena Utility app on your smartphone to configure your 5S Bluetooth receiver the way you want at the touch of a button.


  • clarity voice
  • lightweight
  • friendly with user from different country


  • can connect with few people
  • easy to broke screen

Sena SMH10-11

[amazon box=”B0087NB088″ ]

This is the best complete motorcycle bluetooth receiver that you need because SMH includes micro and headset function. Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity allows you to listen to and share music, make hand-free phone calls and participate in a four-way intercom conversation. 

The noise control cut down the background noise for both incoming and outcoming radio. once changed can last up to 12 hours of talk and 10 days of stand-by time.

Sena supports you in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish which help you quickly find your way on the device. Plus, it has individual adjustable volume that means you can easily change the volume of voice, music and it only works during the use of specific profile devices. 

Because of lightweight, Sena SMH 10 can easily be installed for most helmets.


  • include accessory
  • support 5 languages
  • lost-lasting battery


  •  pretty high price
  • not suitable for amateur drivers

Sena SMH10R 

[amazon box=”B00DSOUG5E” ]

For me, this sena SMH10R that looks like a game control remote is the best beautiful design in any product before. The combination of 3 colors black, blue and red make it look so sporty, modern and energetic. 

This is the complete kit which has a rechargeable battery pack, a 12v charging cable for your car and a stereo speaker. Plus, some parts such as mic, speaker and battery are all individually removable but I guess you will want to try them all. 

If you used to buy any motorcycle bluetooth receiver of Sena Brand, SMH10R can work with all other sena versions. Plus, this item complies with US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 so you do not have to worry about its quality.

In addition, the convenience to receive calls is awesome and clear with incoming calls and hear the speakers. You can ride at speed up to 120 km/h and can still maintain the conversation without issue. 


  • beautiful design
  • include all the accessory
  • clear voice


  • quite high price


[amazon box=”B084GQYC31″ ]

This is the upgraded version of FT4 which has taken their very successful FT4 and makes it better. Have you ever needed a flashlight when on the road at night or need to receive calls, hear the GPS guidance but can hold the phone? This receiver can help you a lot. 

FT4 Pro has a long battery life: for 350 hours in standby mode,18 hours for music playing and 15 hours for talking time. There are 7 colors light and 3 selectable modes so you can pick the color that fits for your outfit, your helmet or your motorcycle. 

One of the different things with all the receivers before is there is a flashlight in front of it. This feature can help you see in the saddle-bag, fix your motorcycle,… it can link with all the bluetooth brands also. However, FT4 Pro can connect with one device at one time.

In addition, you can experience an incredible sound quality and volume. with the LexinPulse 40MM Speakers, you can listen to music, hear GPS voice or call clearly and loudly no matter the speed you drive.


  • have a flashlight
  • 7 colors trim light
  •  suitable for amateur driver
  • long time battery in use



[amazon box=”B08JBVKFZ2″ ]

The ET-com is the best long battery life motorcycle bluetooth receiver. For once changer it can last up to 15 hours for music stream, 8 hours talk time and 300 hours standby time. If you are a long distance driver, I highly recommend this item.

Plus, ET can access both Siri and S voice facility which help you receive and make phone hand-free calls, listen to the best HD service music, FM studio or GPS voice directions. You also share the driving experience and chatting with 2 more drivers at one time at an intercom range of 1200 meters.

With the noise reduction DPS, you still hear the incoming calls, radio playlist clearly.There are 6 colors housing that provides free exchange which can match with your different outfits, motorcycle color or your helmets.


  •  Long battery life
  • 6 different colors housing
  • Sporty design


  • Not included accessories
  • Limited connect with 2 members 

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Receiver And Some Trouble About It

In some countries, answering phone calls while driving is not legal. But, sometimes, we have an important call that can not be canceled. In those cases, we have to stop on the road-side and It takes us a lot of time to find the way to park. 

On the other hand, making phone calls, text messages, email or any other mobile application while driving can pose serious safety risks. In the US, nearly 390.000 accidents occur each year because of texting while driving. 

As a result,  you need a device that helps you making, receive calls without stopping on the pavement. The bluetooth adapter for motorcycle not only helps you connect with your phone but also saves your time. 

1. Quality

Firstly, you can use the motorcycle Bluetooth receiver able to last long. A rider usually has a long journey and they need a stable last long device. In addition, electronic products contain substances that can have a detrimental effect on the environment and humans. So this kind of product needs to be long-term lasting.

motorcycle bluetooth receiver

Secondly, it should be weatherproof. Imagine that you get lost on the way to your final destination. There is no station or any home, it is raining cats and dogs and your motorcycle Bluetooth receiver has broken. It’s really horrible! 

In some cases, you have to drive under 40, 50 degrees across desert. So be sure the devices you want to buy weatherproof.

Thirdly, it has a long time uninterrupt battery. Motorcycle Bluetooth receivers can give you directions, listen to music, and some kinds of products have flashlights. It will take place of many things and go with you all the day, helping you a lot. 

Finally, sound quality and voice control is very important. I really enjoy chatting with friends riding along with me over the Motorcycle Bluetooth Receiver. Plus, there are some motorcycle fairs held in the year. So you can come, try the trial devices and find out what you really want. 

However, the device does not always work. On a rainy or windy day, it may have some cracking noise, lost connection that I can hear the voice of a person. Not only listen to music, make phone calls but also hear the audio guidance, a good sound quality will bring to you the best experience. 

2. Price

In my opinion, this is the point that you have to consider a lot. If you are an amateur driver that does not usually ride, you should buy a motorcycle Bluetooth receiver appropriate for other vehicles such as bike cycles, cars or even boats. 

Choosing the suitable items helps you save a lot of money. However, if you are a professional driver, you better spend a worth of price for the product that provides you many features such as map, radio or headset micro. 

3. Warranty and customer service 

motorcycle bluetooth receiver

Because all the electronic products are mass-produced, customers unfortunately can have some error devices. Before deciding to buy a receiver, you need to read the conditions of product return policy. It protects the customers’ rights and keeps you away from arguments in the future. 

Warranty also prevents you from the fake and low-quality products. Using fake technology products can cause a blow out or harm for your health. Plus, remember to save a hotline for whenever you have problems with the items, you can call the customer service and ask them for help.

4. How To Clean, Maintenance And Disposal  

Motorcycle bluetooth receivers do not require annual maintenance or cleaning. However, I highly recommended you clean it for better quality in use. You only need a dry soft cloth to swipe up the outside surface. And do not turn on the device when cleaning. 

Store your Bluetooth receiver in a clean environment and keep them away from humid, heat or cold.

At the end of product working life, do not throw it on household rubbish. Electronic products contain substances that can have a detrimental effect on the environment and humans. For environmental protection and human health purposes, you have to put it into several parts such as plastic parts, battery parts… 

Contact your authorities for advice on recycle facilities.You better keep the original packaging carton, material and product insurance. In the case your device is having some problems you can use it to return to the store. If it is to be disposed of, you should recycle all the packaging cartons.

5. Some Problems You Might Have When Using It

Bluetooth can not be turn on

My friend Alice 2 weeks ago brought a motorcycle Bluetooth receiver, a kind of headset for helmets. She took an hour to install and try to connect Bluetooth but failed. Though that device was broken, she called the publicist and they explained.

If the Bluetooth can not be turned on but the Bluetooth receiver does not match with it because after a shutdown the Bluetooth was not being reset right way. You should press the reset button for 5 seconds and restart Bluetooth again.

Bluetooth receiver can not turn on

Despite the fact that battery power is full, Bluetooth receivers still can not turn on, it is usually because the Bluetooth receiver was not turned off right away from the last time. So you should press the power button for 2 seconds and try to restart it.

The music turn off when you open app with video

According to the salesman, the size of the video will impact on the bluetooth receiver link and make it disconnect with your phone. The Bluetooth receiver will work after you exit the app with video.

There is some cracking sound on noise when playing video on your video:

After downloading the video, you should turn off the WiFi and let the video play for the first time. Doing this will help you prevent your video from cracking noise.

You can not hear or receive any call

Please check your phone whether it ringcall turns on or not. Then put up the motorcycle Bluetooth receiver.

Your phone can not connect with the motorcycle bluetooth receiver

Subsidiary to the receiver you choose, you can connect  at least 2 devices for Sena S5 and 7 maximum for Sena 20S. Let’s check it out and do not worry about your phone not fitting with it because almost all receivers can connect with both IOS and Android operating systems.

In my motorcycle diver club, the members usually have trouble with the way they install motorcycle receivers. So I will introduce you to a video that can help you with this. 

My Top 5 Pick Of The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Receiver

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Smartphones have made it easy for us to stay connected at all times. However, it can cause many serious safety problems if someone tries to make a phone call, texting, email or using applications while driving. With some travelers, using GPS in cell phones not only helps them not have to bring a map paper version but also saves much time on the road. As a result, we introduced you to some kind of motorcycle Bluetooth receiver which can help you improve your journey quality. Let’s try one and tell us what your experience is.

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