Top 10 Best Netflix Projectors For Your Home Cinema 2024

Let’s just admit it, the quarantine somewhat turned us into introverted cozy bears who enjoy the comfort of being in our own home. We turn our house into a park, a restaurant, our school, and a cinema. Because, even when the pandemic is mildly controlled, we still have that sense of hesitation each time we go outside. That is the reason why many are choosing the safe way to enjoy one of the pre-pandemic leisures: bring the cinema home with a Netflix projector.

Did you know that in 2019, there were 1.2 billion movie tickets sold in the USA, which proves that we just love the cinema and it is one of the places that we miss going to the most during quarantine? If you do miss it but you just have to stay home, why not turn your home into your own cinema with these small, modern boxes called Netflix projector?

Or have you got that idea in mind but simply can’t choose one that is suitable? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We did research and picked out these best Netflix projectors for your own liking.

Best Netflix Projectors Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Netflix Projectors Reviews 2024

Sony Home Theater Projector

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Sony is one of the most well-known corporations originating from Japan. Throughout its years of development, Sony has put its name on the map by producing one of the best electronics devices out there. Some of Sony’s most well-known products are TVs, game consoles and of course, projectors, like this one right here. Sony’s projectors have the best quality that you can find in an electronic device since Japan has always been taking the lead in the technology world. 

If you are an IT guy or a tech lover, this netflix projector is for you! One of the most significant features that make this projector stand out from the rest is its output picture quality. The projector comes with a sophisticated lens and 4K technology for the best picture quality that you can find in a projector. Expect binge-watching Netflix with high-resolution pictures and life-like colors.

Another trait of this projector is that it provides a 3D-ish view for a satisfactory experience. So, not only can you watch normal content with this projector, but gaming can also be a virtually decent experience.

The projector comes with remote control, AC cord and manual instruction for easy use.


  • High-resolution picture, the 3D option is available 
  • Quiet operation
  • Provides IMAX visuals like in cinemas
  • Best for its price


  • Can be a little heavy and bulky
  • The sides can be hard to clean

LG Smart Home Theater Cinebeam Projector

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LG is one of the leading companies in consumer electronic devices, well-known for its high-quality products including smart TVs and smartphones. In 2019, it was ranked highest in customer satisfaction across all appliance categories. So, there is no doubt that you should get yourself a piece of LG’s technology.

This is one of the best Netflix projectors you can purchase if you are a true home interior designer. This LG projector has a modern look with a white-gray color scheme and compact features with neat edges. Whether you place it in the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom, it will automatically give the room a luxurious look. This Netflix projector is a perfect fit for modern 21st-century houses.

One of the significant traits that make this projector special is that it comes with Amazon Alexa functionality built-in, which makes it more convenient for using and enhances user experience. 

The projector also enables Bluetooth connection for remote usage.


  • High quality output picture
  • Adjustable feet
  • Alexa built in
  • Quiet and low heat operation


  • A little difficult to clean
  • No color black options

Hisense Laser Cinema 4K Projector

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Apart from its core product – smart TVs, Hisense also produces other electronic devices that provide users high-quality visuals. One of Hisense’s products that is highly recommended by consumers is its projectors. 

This Hisense is one of the best Netflix projectors that provides sound quality close to that of a real cinema since it has award-winning digital audio technology. This feature enables you to experience the superior audio of a home theater.

Another convenience of this Netflix projector is that it is easy to control. The voice remote system with Google Assistant helps you find shows, adjust volume and so on. It also comes with a remote so that your favorite shows are just a few clicks away.

Hisense 4K projector also has many ports so that you can hook it up with your media player, gaming console, etc, so that you and your whole family can enjoy different kinds of entertainment with only one projector.


  • High image and sound quality
  • Voice control
  • Multiple use
  • Long bulb lifespan


  • DIY installation can be challenging

Epson Home Cinema Pro-UHD Projector

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Epson is an electronic company based in Japan, it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers and image-related devices, such as screens and projectors. 

This Epson Netflix projector, according to some, is everything you need for your home cinema experience. Most users like it for its picture quality in comparison with other projectors at the same price range. This Netflix projector provides a high resolution, luminance, clear picture that can make you go “wow”. 

Another thing that I like about this Netflix projector is that it has a smart auto-adjusting system that helps you a lot in finding the right way to customize features for different content. For example, it automatically adjusts the lighting, clarity and sharpness so that you can watch a 50s movie with the best experience. This is truly one of the best options out there!


  • High resolution picture
  • Auto adjusting system
  • Various positioning options


  • Can be a little heavy and bulky

WeMax Nova Short Throw Laser Projector

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When compared with other brands listed before, WeMax may be less of a recognizable household name when it comes to electronic devices. However, its products’ quality really is top tier. Additionally, you can get a lot out of WeMax’s projectors at an affordable price. Take this one as an example.

This projector is one of the most multi-functional projectors on our list! It is a smart projector that comes with a load of thousands of apps that you can access with just a touch. Now, you can stream literally any of your favorite movies from your favorite sites right at home with this excellent Netflix projector. 

Many users say that even though it is not the best projector for you when it comes to lighting and sound, it is one of the best with its price. You can still experience your movies and games with high quality pictures and sound effects while enjoying the comfort of your cozy home. 

If you want a Netflix projector that is small, compact and can save a lot of your space, this must be the right one for you!


  • Have many apps built-in
  • Saves space
  • Easy and quick set-up
  • Modern design


  • A sound system can be improved

LG Smart TV Home Theater Projector

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This LG Netflix projector is one of its kind. The reason why I say that is because although it may look bulky and heavy at first sight, it is actually very portable. It has a compact, box-like design and the special thing is that the cord can be pulled and placed neatly inside the box. There is a handle for you to carry it around. In conclusion, it is the perfect Netflix projector for home cinema as well as outside parties.

If you are that person who wants to experience the original sound of your show without any interruption from your surroundings, this is the perfect Netflix projector for you. It is extremely quiet even when it has to work extremely hard.


  • Smart design, compact and neat
  • Portable, on-the-go features
  • Quiet operation
  • Decent picture resolution


  • Only a few placement options

ViewSonic Portable Smart Wi-fi Home Theater Projector

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ViewSonic is a company that mainly produces visual display hardware. This means that ViewSonic’s projectors are made with high concentration on developing the product’s quality. You can see it clearly in this portable projector.

Smart design is the first thing to talk to about this projector. It has a handle that allows you to easily carry it around basically anywhere you want. A significant feature of this projector is that you can install it anywhere in your house, even on the ceiling. So if you want to turn your home into a true cinema, this Netflix projector is the right one for you.

Another plus point of this projector is its sound. It has an excellent built-in sound system that provides a cinematic experience at home. So if you want movie nights with your family in your backyard, you can totally use this.


  • Versatile installation
  • Portable design, easy to carry around
  • Affordable with many advantages
  • Nice sound quality


  • Hard to watch under bright light
  • Bulky

BenQ True 4K Smart Home Entertainment Projector

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BenQ is a Taiwanese corporation that sells and markets electronic devices such as computers. Even though it is not BenQ’s core product, projectors are perfected with high quality that assures consumers’ best experience. 

This BenQ projector is one of the most common Netflix projectors on the market. It has pre-installed apps for you to stream various content such as gaming, sports, music and so on. 

This Netflix Projector comes with high technology for your best experience with sound and picture quality and gives you more detailed, realistic images. 

When purchasing this projector, you sign yourself up for a market-leading warranty of three years of parts and labor coverage. So, if your kid accidentally messes up one of the pieces, BenQ nationwide customer service system is one call away.


  • Various apps available
  • Good picture quality
  • Long light bulb’s lifespan
  • Warranty and nationwide service


  • Loud operation

WeMax One Pro Xiaomi Projector

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This is a special Netflix projector since it comes from a foreign brand – Xiaomi. However, this is one of the most prestigious technology companies in China so you don’t have to worry about the quality of this projector. 

The projector comes with an additional special card which is suitable for Chinese users in the US. The projector’s initial display is in Mandarin but you can read the manual instruction and change it into English within 10 minutes. 

One of the best qualities of this projector is its sound system. The built-in sound system is among the best in its field, you don’t even need an additional speaker for your home cinema experience.


  • Good image resolution
  • Sound quality
  • Small, compact design
  • Looks modern and easy to fit in many different interior designs


  • Not suitable for gaming
  • The user has to change the language setting at first

Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector

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NEBULA may be a less well-known electronics brand for US consumers, however, its products are thriving in sales as well as in quality and it can be predicted that this brand will blow up in the future. Aside from developing products’ technology and quality, the design of each projector’s line is also focused. Nebula has won several awards for its projectors’ smart and efficient design. 

Significantly, this is the right projector for studio apartments or small houses if you want to save space since it is just the size of a soda can. However, it can project content with high image quality to a screen as big as 100 inches. 

The Netflix projector provides a 360-degree speaker which resembles a real cinema. So wherever you are in the room, you can always listen to your favorite show. 

The image quality of this Netflix projector is incredible, especially with animations. If you are a parent with kids, turn your home into a cinema and watch cartoons with your children all night long!


  • Small and portable
  • Decent resolution and speaker
  • Quite affordable


  • Lacks of pre-installed apps
  • Lacks of steadiness/ placement supports

A Guide In Choosing The Right Projector For Netflix

Know what you want

The first thing to do before you purchase basically anything is to question yourself “What do I really need?”. Once you have answered this question clearly, then you can get exactly what you want and not regret it. The same thing goes for choosing a Netflix projector .

netflix projector

If what you really need is a TV, then just get a TV and don’t spend extra money on a projector. But if you need something that is portable, versatile, an entertainment box that comes with a variety of content, then head to the store and get that projector!

Check your compatibility 

Let’s be true that none of us want to buy something just because we like it at first sight, but then regret buying it because it doesn’t have that compatibility with our surroundings. When buying a Netflix projector, it is essential that you carefully measure the surroundings of the space that you want to install it on first, then you will have a big picture of what you need. 

Take this as an example, if you live in a studio apartment and you want to watch Netflix on the small wall opposite your bed, you don’t need a projector with a widescreen display. In that case, you only need a small, portable Netflix projector that can stay still on your nightstand and display a maximum 100 inches screen. 

Many other external factors are involved in choosing a Netflix projector but you have to work that out on your own because you know your home best. 

Know the technical specifications

A technical specification is one of the most important factors of any electronic device and it varies for different products. When choosing any projector in general, you should take these numbers into consideration: 

netflix projector
  • Room size: Basically the maximum screen size in which your projector can work best. Measure your screen area to find out the best projector for Netflix watching.
  • Projector types: DLP, LCD, LED, LCOS, and laser are the five projector types. Each will have its own pros and cons, so Google them and with just one click, you will know what is suitable for you.
  • Brightness: Measured in lumens, the brighter it is, the more expensive it can get.
  • Resolutions: Higher resolution equals a higher number of pixels it takes to create an image, this also means you will be able to experience more lifelike images.
  • Other specifications: Some users will need their projector to be gaming-friendly and other special requirements


When it comes to purchasing a Netflix projector, the price range can differ from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand. Keep in mind that the more money you pay for any product, the more quality you can get from it. Know your budget and get the most suitable projector for your home cinema. 

Product support and reliability

When it comes to purchasing an electronic device, it is best to choose one from a well-known brand. When choosing to buy a Netflix projector, make sure to get to know the brand you’re buying first. When you are determined that the brand is reliable, you can assume that the projector is a good one. Brands that provide warranty and insurance, for example, free products and labor coverage, are highly recommended.

netflix projector

Last step: Go buy one

There are many ways that you can get yourself a Netflix projector. Once you’ve set your mind on getting one, search for it online! You can get it online within a few clicks on online shopping sites such as Amazon, and the products will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Or if you want to see it in person first, you can also search for the nearest tech store that has it and go buy it yourself. This is not recommended due to Covid-19, but the plus point is that the store salesman can always give you advice and other things that you need to know about the projector. 

Find out what is best for you and get one. Now you’re ready for your home cinema!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is important in a projector? 

The three most important factors that decide the quality of your image are the projector’s resolution, the movie’s quality and the projector’s contrast ratio.

How long does the projector’s screen last?

An average projector bulb has a lifespan of about 2,000 hours. Although different bulbs from different brands do have different lifespans. 

Are projectors good for teaching?

netflix projector

Projectors have been used in teachers’ teaching sessions for a long time. They provide a widescreen display which enables the students of a whole class to see the slides clearly. This really helps teachers a lot in giving out a visual way of teaching.

How much does it cost to replace a projector bulb?

The cost for replacing a projector’s light bulb can vary, depending on the brand, the material and other stuff. Normally, they cost about $300-$450

Do I need a dark room for my projector?

In terms of contrast, a projector does require a dark room for the best experience. Dark surroundings will make the image appear sharp and bold, the lighter the room is, the more washed out the image looks. Make sure that you use your projector in a dark room for the best image quality. 

How many hours a day should I use my projector?

As stated before, a projector light bulb can last for approximately 2,000 hours in normal operating conditions. However, it is recommended that you should only use your projector for about 2 to 4 hours per day to maintain the projector’s best performance. After that amount of time, if your projector gets heated and produces noise, it’s best to stop using it. Frequently clean it in a gentle, careful way. 

What can I use as a screen for my projector?

Any white surface can be used as a screen for your projector. You can project your favorite Netflix show on your wall inside your house, or even a bed sheet if you’re having the movie party outdoors. Whatever the material is, make sure that it is a smooth, flat surface.

If you are a newbie when it comes to getting the right projector, watch this video:

Conclusion: Our Top Picks For The Best Netflix Projectors On The Market

It is clear that if you have landed here, you are definitely wanting to get a projector and eager to turn your home into a cinema. We hope that you found this article helpful in getting you the right Netflix projector. However, based on many factors, not all projectors listed in this article are the right ones for you. Here are our top 5 best Netflix projectors for different core strengths.

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Those are the 5 best Netflix projectors in our list, each has its own strength that is suitable for different households and demands. However, if we have to pick out the best Netflix projector that can meet all of your expectations, it will be the Sony Home Theater Projector. 

This projector has everything you need, and more! It provides a cinema-like experience anywhere you put it with phenomenal image resolutions. Former customers reviewed that this is one of the best they’ve ever had and it is totally worth its price. Unlike many other projectors which color black is not often portrayed well, this Sony projector gives out the most lively black for your liking. In fact, watching Netflix from this projector will not be too different from watching directly from your TV screen.

Sony Home Theater Projector operates well without making too much noise so that you can enjoy your favorite show without any interruptions. It is easy to use and the detailed manual instruction will help you set it up yourself in a matter of minutes. Plus, its advanced image technology gives you IMAX visuals to truly turn your home into a theater. We believe this is the perfect projector for those who want the best relaxing experience for their family. 

We believe that this review has given you a hitlist of your favorite Netflix projectors. Thank you for reading and if you find this helpful, stay tuned for more information like this!

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