Pellet Gun Boresight Review: 15 Best Models on the Market 

If you’re looking for the best way to sight in your pellet gun, a Pellet Gun Boresight is the answer. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best models on the market and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Our top pick:

  • Best for everything [amazon link=”B0794YFRYP” title=”MidTen Bore Sight with Two Sets of Batteries” /]
  • Best for all calibers [amazon link=”B07DZ5BYFG” title=”StrongTools Red or Green BoreSighter 177 to 12GA Caliber Rifle Scope Handgun” /]
  • Best for indoor use [amazon link=”B07WQYDNW4″ title=” StrongTools Green BoreSighter for .17 to 12GA Caliber Rifle and Handgun” /]
  • Best for outdoor use [amazon link=”B08M5VKZYR” title=”MidTen Bore Green Laser Sight BoreSighter for 0.177 to 0.50 Caliber Rifles Handgun” /]
  • Best for handy design [amazon link=”B074DSBLM9″ title=”GOTICAL Red Dot 30-30 Win Laser Bore Sighter Boresight Hunting Tool” /]

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Pellet Gun Boresight Reviews 2024

EZshoot BoreSighter Bore Sight kit with Button Switch for 0.177 to 0.54 Caliber Rifles Handgun

[amazon box=”B07TK9SVVY” ]

There are different size plastic plug things that screw in the back to work with different calibers, and if you don’t mind making something that fits right (maybe from a bore brush?) or using a little plumber’s tape or something to get a good fit, you can probably make it work with anything less than a.50. The dot is nice and bright, and the whole thing seems quite robust and well constructed. It comes in a beautiful package with all the tools you need (allen wrench, screwdriver), as well as a tiny sight adjustment target table thing.

Make sure you screw the rear end item in far enough to press it up onto the post, spreading the plastic out. Otherwise, most rifles will have a little of a wobble. As you can see, the two spots are rather near to each other, which is a positive thing. To obtain a tighter fit on some firearms, you’ll need to shove the item in there as best you can or wrap the end in something. A dedicated single-caliber bore sight won’t have that wobbling… but then you’d need a half dozen separate bore sights if you’re like me.


– It looks great and comes in an attractive box.

– It’s very well made and very easy to use.

–  Good value for the money spent


–  The battery compartment is tricky to install

JahyShow Red Laser BoreSighter Bore Sight Kit for .177 to .50 Caliber Rifle Scope Handgun

[amazon box=”B079CFBM79″ ]

It only took me about 5 minutes to get everything set up and the scope centered in on the laser at around 50 yards. Later that day, I brought out my laser-zeroed 30-06 and shot one bullet into a 3 inch target from exactly 50 yards, hitting around 2 cm left of center while kneeling and holding the rifle free handed. The second shot was almost the same. I am certain that if I had used a bipod or a lead sled, those shots would have been dead center.


– no wobbly up/down movement

–  It will get you “on paper”


– No instructions for battery installing

MidTen Laser Bore Sight kit for 0.177 to 0.54 Caliber Rifles Handgun

[amazon box=”B08F7MHMMC” ]

So, altogether, I’m pleased with it and would suggest it. Because the rods that go into the barrel to hold this in place come in a “range” of sizes, it may not always have the ideal fit and may allow for some wiggle. As in, if you put the laser in the barrel, turn it on, and point at the target to get your reference point, if you turn or touch the laser even a little, your reference point may move a bit (fractions of an inch up to an inch or two) (fractions of an inch up to an inch or two). While this may appear to be a terrible thing, it isn’t.

This device’s sole purpose is to get you on paper and save a few rounds before you zero in. So, if this gets you within a few inches of your destination, it’s done its job.


– works great when the laser is adjusted zero.

– Quick delivery, accurate description

– Can’t beat the price…


–  The laser had to be unscrewed for the battery bank to drop in.

POVAST Laser Bore Sight Kit, Handgun Rifle .17 .22 to .54

[amazon box=”B0932BM7P1″ ]

After sighting in said Ruger and another.22 rifle with it, I’ve decided that I like this one a little better. While they are essentially the same design, one of the things I disliked about the Bushnell was the hideous switch on the cylinder. This one on the other hand, you basically rotate the whole cylinder until it slips into a notch on the sight body. Feel is considerably better in that aspect. I also appreciate that it comes in a box to keep all the pieces organized, and that it includes a screwdriver as part of the package for inserting the arbors.

Only thing I really didn’t care for was that the instructions didn’t indicate which way the batteries were supposed to be installed, and actually the way they set it up is counter-intuitive. Basically it’s positive side down, and negative side goes against the spring, though it looks like it should be the exact opposite. That, and it would be great if they could be made to function. 17 caliber, however this appears to be a limitation of all boresight systems. Aside than that, it’s fine and does the job.


– It matches the cost

– Easy to use. 

– The product works as is intended.


– Some people had troubles installing the batteries

StrongTools Red or Green BoreSighter 177 to 12GA Caliber Rifle Scope Handgun

[amazon box=”B07DZ5BYFG” ]

This is an excellent bore location. It subtly places you on the page. If you want the adaptor to fit securely in the bore on.177 and.22 calls, you’ll need to tape it. The manufacturer has stated that they are working on it. That being stated, I taped mine and placed it in the barrel. Then I walked to the and could still see the green dot from 45 yards away in the light.

After making a few tweaks to my scope, it was dead on. Bore site works wonderfully and is accurate when you put it in the barrel and turn it. The dot stays in the same place every time. If I messed about with the shim more, I’m sure I could bring it closer to the point of impact. However, after using it, there was very little to dail in.


– The beam is very bright, and identifiable in all

– the product is very well made and it performs perfectly for its intended use. 

–  I am impressed by the number of inserts for different calibers.



MidTen Bore Sight with Two Sets of Batteries

[amazon box=”B0794YFRYP” ]

The laser bore sight performed beautifully. It’s simple to put into the pistol as a single bullet (without using a magazine), and it was easily visible on a light target when not in direct sunshine. I did discover that how it sits in the chamber affects where the spot goes, so it’s not entirely precise, but it’s decent enough to be in the ballpark before fine-tuning with live rounds. I found it simplest to load the batteries by stacking them on a table first, then lowering the bore sight over them.


– quick and easy “sighting in” tool.

– Delivery was very prompt.

– Spot on accuracy.

– This is a great buy.


– Instructions not included

StrongTools Green BoreSighter for .17 to 12GA Caliber Rifle and Handgun

[amazon box=”B07WQYDNW4″ ]

This was just bought to assist me in adjusting all of my sights. With a laser bore sight this cheap, I expected I’d get on paper with a few less shot groups and fine-tune to zero from there, but this one appears to be much more precise. Not only did it get me on paper with all of my rifles, pistols, scopes, laser sights, and red dots, but it also got me so close that only minor adjustments were required on any of them. I was and continue to be amazed. It features a bright green light that shines brightly and stays put in the bore, and it comes with adapters for every caliber from.177 to.78.

This is a fantastic device that has functioned admirably thus far, much exceeding its price. This review has been marked as’sensitive’ by Amazon for some reason. Their filter must be completely faulty because there isn’t a single swear word, derogatory phrase, or anything else in this review that could be deemed objectionable, therefore I’m reposting it. Please stop censoring views; mine may help you sell some things; unlike many of the items offered here, this one is of decent quality and performs as claimed.


– it comes in a nice protective storage container

– easy to use and accurate

– The green laser is bright.


–  I wish the adapters for all the calibers didn’t require a chart to figure out which one you need…

GOTICAL Red Dot 30-30 Win Laser Bore Sighter Boresight Hunting Tool

[amazon box=”B074DSBLM9″ ]

This device has beyond my expectations, and I am really pleased with my purchase. The batteries are LR41 watch batteries, which may be found at watch battery replacement retailers or online. Three batteries are required for the device. I didn’t have any problems with dead or weak batteries because the ones that came with mine lasted the whole of my sight-in session. The laser is turned on while the batteries are in the device, so remove them when you don’t want it to shine.

This device does exactly what it says it would, and it does it well for the price: it beams a red laser down the rifle bore to the target down range, allowing you to adjust your scope crosshairs to cover the laser “dot” on the target. After that, you’ll need to shoot a few rounds to determine where your point of impact is, and then adjust your scope accordingly.


– Very handy design, fast and easy to use

– It was easy – put the batteries in and turn the end.


– Hard to use on a bright sunny day.

Higoo All in One .22 to .50 Caliber Rifle Gauge Boresight

[amazon box=”B00XRKCF1W” ]

All bore sites were about the same, at different price points.

This one was somewhere in the middle. It shipped and came in perfect condition. The directions are a little vague, but hey…

I’m bringing a.22 Marlin and a.177 C02 pistol with me. With simply a wrap of teflon tape on the end and no adaptor, it suited the handgun perfectly.

I’ve seen a number of negative reviews where people blame the tool. The quality of a tool is only as good as the person who uses it… Look it up on the internet.


– Fast shipping great product.

–  easy to use .

– Super price for a very good piece of equipment


–  You need to put the feathered part on the bore sight so it spreads as you tighten the screw.

CVLIFE Bore Sight Cal 223 5.56mm Rem Gauge Red Dot Boresighter with Two Sets Batteries

[amazon box=”B07545BKZW” ]

This laser is really effective. I inserted three batteries, and it immediately began to light up (there is no switch and one is not needed). I tightened the cap, slid it into the chamber, EASED the bolt shut, and sighted in my scope. It was taken out of the chamber, the cap was unscrewed, the batteries were removed, and everything was placed back in the blister pack for safe storage. There were no issues at all. Three more batteries are included, for a total of six. It’s of excellent quality and well-made.


–  It is easy to use.

– has 3 Extra batteries

– Bright


– Its kind of useless in bright daylight

MidTen Bore Green Laser Sight BoreSighter for 0.177 to 0.50 Caliber Rifles Handgun

[amazon box=”B08M5VKZYR” ]

Bore sighting my rifles and handguns with 4″ or longer barrels was a breeze with the laser. Although the light is bright and visible in daytime, it did not function in my 3.1″ smith & wesson m&p shield.40 or my Walther PP with a 3.9″ barrel. The device is too lengthy with short barrels to correctly center at the end of the mussel. Caliber adapters worked good, although they needed to be fitted carefully to the bore.

Longer flash hiders or BOSS may need to be removed before inserting the bore sighter to ensure a tight fit and good alignment. In intense direct sunshine, the laser will not be bright enough; nevertheless, use at 25 yards outside can be done in the early morning or late afternoon. I’m quite pleased with the tool; it’s a good value for the money and it’s well-made to last with proper care. Overall, I would suggest this device to anyone who owns a rifle or handgun with a longer barrel.


– This bore sight seems to be very well made and works well

– Being visible at 100 yds even in daylight

– Very bright and accurate.


– Caliber needed to be fitted carefully to the bore. 

EZshoot Bore Sight Kit

[amazon box=”B07RQSYD4V” ]

Laser is a highly powerful and visible light source. I waited till sundown to use it, assuming it would require less light than the inexpensive red lasers. The beam can be seen all the way, and the dot will illuminate everything in the dark surrounding it.

When I opened the package, the case was damaged, and the top was deformed, making it impossible to retain the screws within. Before I take it somewhere, I’m going to have to put it in a huge zipper bag so I don’t lose any bits.

The laser itself is excellent. It was extremely close to center when I put it in a recognized excellent rifle. It took some time to figure out the adapter sizes, but once I did, it was simple.


– Green lasers are nice and bright.

– The laser itself works great. 

–  The nine adapters (included) allow for many different calibers. 


–  If you get one tight enough to keep the laser centered, it will stick if it’s dry and it’s almost impossible to get it out of the barrel.

Pinty Red Laser Bore Sight Kit

[amazon box=”B018FZHW8O” ]

 I’m happy to report that this one has worked perfectly. The dot is precisely centered and remains so even when projected at a distance when the gadget is rotated (it does not draw a circle).

It’s conceivable that a new version has been released that fixes concerns noted in previous evaluations. Other reviews refer to the different adapters as “rings,” however I would refer to the adapters that came with mine as “cylinders.” It is fairly usual for Chinese items to go through numerous revisions. It’s also conceivable that the laser will be thrown out of alignment during delivery in some situations. In any case, everything I’ve gotten so far has been flawless.

The build quality is decent, and it feels and works as well as a much more costly gadget would. I’m not going to hurl it against a wall, therefore I’m expecting it to endure. There’s no need to bring it into the field when you can bore sight at home and tune it in at the range. After using this gadget, I see no need to explore much more expensive solutions that are almost comparable to this one.

Additionally, Pinty, the firm that created the product, provides excellent customer service. I approached them with a query regarding another of their items, and they promptly responded, and we continued to communicate via email until everything was satisfactory. So, if you’re concerned about the product’s quality, I say go for it, and if you have any issues, simply write Pinty and I’m sure they’ll straighten you out.


– The build quality is decent 

– the tools are really easy to use

– excellent customer service.


– It required adjusting as received

Pinty Laser Boresighter, Red Dot Laser Bore Sight Pistol Carbine Rifle

[amazon box=”B019RNF51O” ]

This tool worked just fine right out of the package.A bright, thin patch that is concentric with the barrel’s bore. Without the scope, I was able to see the target out past 35 yards on a hazy day. It’s well-made and does what it’s supposed to do. To turn off, simply remove the rear panel. A swap would make it overly complicated and unreliable. To everyone who is giving it bad reviews because it fades out rapidly, I say this: BATTERIES SHOULD BE REPLACED. You receive a device that accomplishes exactly what it was supposed to do for this price, and a few cheap batteries aren’t a huge concern. You shouldn’t be deceiving yourself if you require instructions on how to utilize it.


– super fast shipping.

–  I was ease easily able to zero my scope 

– battery life is okay


– None.

EZshoot Bore Sight with Batteries

[amazon box=”B07YZC4L6X” ]

I have not yet gotten the opportunity to take the rifle to the range for first alignment testing, but the device itself is a terrific value for the price when compared to so many other products I have tested. The batteries are easy to load and the build is solid. It’s of good quality, and it glides nicely into the chamber and fits snugly. It doesn’t seem to mind being rejected thus far. I’d like to call attention to the brightness, which allows you to see the laser point from a distance of 25 yards to 100 yards with ease.  Used it to do initial dial in on a new red dot and iron sights, have yet to take it to the range to see just how well it performed but will do an update once I can.


– It is very very bright.

– It’s very cheap

– It’s will get you on paper (At least mine was)

– It’s sturdy

– Comes with two sets of batteries

– Shipped quickly


–  You should not expect a bore sight this cheap to get you to absolute zero

Pellet Gun Boresight Benefits

Utilizes boresight technology to ensure accuracy

The boresight technology used by Pellet Gun Boresight ensures that the pellet gun will be accurate. 

The Pellet Gun Boresight is a laser beam that follows the trajectory of your pellets. This means you can shoot at different distances and still have an accurate shot every time. The boresight is easy to use, it requires no installation in order to operate, and it’s lightweight so you can take it anywhere! It also comes with a carrying case for protection when not in use. 

Pellet Gun Boresight

Holds tight, locks on target, and won’t let go even when the rifle is jostled

Pellet Gun Boresight helps keep your gun steady, even when it is jostled. 

Boresight refers to the alignment of a gun barrel and its sights. The term comes from the word “bore,” which is what firearm barrels are called in some parts of the world. Boresighting starts at a point just in front of the muzzle or nose cone and continues past it, ending at infinity (the distance so far away that light rays become parallel). This process ensures that you can always hit your target by lining up with where they are while aiming. 

There’s no need to have perfect aim as long as you know how far away your target is and where they’re positioned relative to you–but boresight will help you to know that. Boresight uses a laser device like a stylus and tracker, which can be attached at one end to the rifle’s muzzle and the other end to the top rail; it is easy for both soldiers and civilians alike to use. 

Pellet Gun Boresight helps protect people from accidents due to a poorly aimed shot

Pellet Gun Boresight helps protect people from accidents due to a poorly aimed shot. Boresight is the process of aligning a weapon’s sights and its barrel so that they are both aiming at the same point, typically this will be on an enemy soldier or object. This allows for more accurate shooting as there is less deviation between the shooter’s view and where they are shooting. The term boresighting can also refer to any alignment technique used in adjusting machinery, optics, etc., with respect to each other.

Eliminates recoil so you can make a true assessment of your form and ability

Pellet Gun Boresight helps eliminate recoil so you can make a true assessment of your form and ability. By aligning the barrel and sights of a weapon, the recoil is reduced, allowing the shooter to better judge their accuracy and form. This is important for training purposes, as it allows shooters to identify any problems with their shooting technique before they become a liability in a real-world situation. Additionally, reducing recoil also makes shooting more comfortable and can help reduce fatigue, making it possible to shoot for longer periods of time.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Pellet Gun Boresight

Pellet Gun Boresight is a critical component of any firearm. Without it, your shots will be all over the place. 

But choosing the right bore sight can be tricky. Here are five important considerations to keep in mind when making your choice. 

Pellet Gun Boresight

Check compatibility with your rifle or shotgun 

Before you choose a Pellet Gun Boresight, it’s important to make sure that it is compatible with your gun. Some sights are designed for specific firearms, and may not be compatible with the one you own. 

So be sure to check compatibility before making your purchase. This will ensure that you get the most out of your bore sight, and that it works flawlessly with your firearm.

 Make sure you get the correct size for your weapon 

 When choosing a Pellet Gun Boresight, it’s important to make sure that you get the correct size for your weapon.  Some sights are designed for specific firearms and may not be compatible with the one you own. This will ensure that you get the most out of your bore sight, and that it works flawlessly with your firearm. 

Be aware that some models use lasers to line up and others use an LED light

When choosing a Pellet Gun Boresight, it’s important to be aware of the different types that are available. Some models use lasers to line up the sights, while others use an LED light. 

Consider the price point before making your decision 

Pellet Gun Boresight come in a variety of price points, so it’s important to consider what you’re willing to spend before making your decision. 

That said, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. So if you’re looking for a high-quality bore sight, be prepared to spend a bit more money. 

Consider whether battery-operated models suit your needs

When choosing a Pellet Gun Boresight, it’s important to consider whether battery-operated models suit your needs. Some sights are powered by batteries, while others are not. 

Battery-operated models tend to be more expensive, but they also offer more features and benefits than non-powered models. So if you’re looking for a high-quality bore sight, be prepared to spend a bit more money on a model that operates on batteries.

FAQs about Pellet Gun Boresight

What is Pellet Gun Boresight?

A Pellet Gun Boresight is an electronic device that is attached to a rifle in order to help the shooter calibrate their rifle scope accurately. The device allows the shooter, who can be up to 400 yards from the target and still see it through a spotting telescope, to view the crosshairs of their scope on-screen rather than relying on imperfect boresighting by lining up two self-aligning magnetic elements in the receiver with a floating magnet in front of them. The advantage is that this does not need constant adjustment for windage and elevation as one might when using a laser rangefinder for calibration.

Pellet Gun Boresight

Why should I choose Pellet Gun Boresight over regular ones. 

Pellet Gun Boresight offer several advantages over traditional sighting methods. First, they are much more accurate because they use the barrel of the gun as a sighting mechanism, eliminating any errors that might be introduced due to human error. Second, boresights are adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing you to calibrate your scope to the specific conditions on the day of your hunt. Finally, boresights are very easy to use; simply attach them to your rifle and look through the spotting telescope to see the crosshairs in alignment with your target.

What are the drawbacks to using Pellet Gun Boresight ?

Pellet Gun Boresight offers several advantages over traditional sighting methods. First, they are much more accurate because they use the barrel of the gun as a sighting mechanism, eliminating any errors that might be introduced due to human error. Second, boresights are adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing you to calibrate your scope to the specific conditions on the day of your hunt. Finally, boresight devices are very easy to use; simply attach them to your rifle and look through the spotting telescope ro see the crosshairs in alignment with your target..

How much weight does the Pellet Gun Boresight add to the weapon?  

The weight of the bore sight is negligible and does not affect the balance or handling of the weapon in any way.

How do you use a Pellet Gun Boresight to find the location of an item?

To find the location of an item with a Pellet Gun Boresight , you must first identify the point of impact (POI) – the spot on the target where you want the bullet to hit. Next, adjust your rifle scope’s windage and elevation so that the crosshairs are centered on the POI. Finally, look through the spotting telescope and align the boresight’s crosshairs with the POI.


Pellet Gun Boresight are an affordable, effective way to increase your accuracy and consistency while shooting. Boresight kits come with a laser target that attaches to any rifle or pistol barrel so you can see exactly where the bullet will land before firing. If you’re looking for an easier time hitting your targets on the range or in the field, then this cheap accessory might be just what you need MidTen Bore Sight with Two Sets of Batteries [amazon box=”B0794YFRYP” ] This has so many pros and almost zero cons. Bet it will not disappoint you!

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