Odyssey Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case Review

Need a new DJ Equipment Case? Check out the Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case! This case is designed to protect your equipment. It’s made of heavy-duty materials and has plenty of space for all your gear. This case also comes with wheels, so it’s easy to transport from place to place.

Odyssey cases are known for their high-quality products that will last you many years if taken care of properly. If you’re looking for a new case or just want some peace of mind when transporting your equipment, the Odyssey Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is perfect for you!

However, it’s just a few things about Odyssey Cases Black Label, read more about this product now in this article and see what users are saying about it!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Dj Case

pioneer ddj-1000srt case

What Is The Size Of Your Dj Controller, And Does It Fit Inside The Case?

If you are considering purchasing a DJ case, it is important to estimate the size of your DJ controller beforehand. The best way to do this is by measuring its dimensions. Most controllers are not larger than 12 inches in height, but if your DJ controller is larger, then you will need to make sure that you purchase a DJ case that can accommodate it. If your DJ controller is smaller than 12 inches in height (or the dimensions are close), then it might be wise to find a case with more storage space, as these cases tend to be notably cheaper.  

How Often Do You Plan To Use The Case?

If you are using your DJ case for commuting purposes between gigs, then it is probably best to find a durable and lightweight option. On the other hand, if your DJ case will be stationary at one location, then durability may not be as important. Choosing an expensive and heavy model can be detrimental when commuting from place to place. However, if the DJ case will remain at one location for a long time, such as in a studio or performance area, then durability and weight are likely more important than portability and comfort when choosing a DJ Case.

Is There Enough Room For Your Dj Controller And Its Accessories?

Is there enough room in the case to accommodate additional equipment you might acquire in the future, such as turntables or CD players? If so, then it is important to find a case that has sufficient storage space. The important thing that some people want to purchase a new case is that they realize it does not fit inside of their current DJ controller and its accessories.

Does The Price Match What You’re Getting Out Of The Case?

pioneer ddj-1000srt case

Make sure that any DJ case you consider is priced reasonably. It may be a good idea to select a cheaper DJ case if it seems as though the extra features that come with a more expensive model are not worth the price. Of course, ensuring that you get what you want out of your DJ case comes down to personal preference.

Is The Company Reputable?

Choose a DJ Case from a well-known manufacturer, especially if you plan on using your new accessory for gigs or storing it in public locations such as studios or production rooms. Be sure to ask about product warranties before making any purchases too! If you have additional questions, it may be a good idea to contact customer service for answers.

Is The Company Offering Guarantees, Such As Free Replacements And Returns?

Look for companies that offer product warranties so you know you are covered if something goes wrong with your DJ Case. If there are no guarantees or warranties available, then consider buying from a different manufacturer in order to avoid potential problems down the road. Make sure that any replacement parts will be easy to acquire when necessary. For example, if screws break on your case, can they be purchased somewhere locally instead of having to mail away for them?

Presenting the Odyssey Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case

pioneer ddj-1000srt case

The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is designed for use by professional DJs when they perform at parties, events, weddings, and other entertainment centers to hold their DJ equipment when they are not using it. It is lightweight to make it easy to carry and transport. The case features a stylish black label to add to the aesthetics of the unit.

The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is made from a solid material that ensures durability and strength. It also has steel ball corners and rubber feet that prevent any external damage and help protect the internal equipment.

Other notable features include a heavy-duty recessed handle, snap-lock latch, padlock hole with supplied hardware, rear storage compartment for cables and accessories, foam padding on inside top lid for tablet storage or laptop storage pad (not included), an accessory compartment for credit cards, business cards, etc., adjustable corner cleat system for snug fit gear and oversized slide-out bottom platform for storing large mixers and heavy gear.

Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is the newest addition to their line of DJ cases. It’s designed for Pioneer DDJ-1000SR, but it will hold other models as well. For example, it can fit Mixars QU4TRO and Kontrol S8 units with the right setup.

However, some users have complained that they cannot fit some smaller controllers in this case without removing some of the internal foam blocks first. They also complain about not being able to use more than one controller at a time because there are only two spaces for them inside. Odyssey does offer a second version of this case which has four spaces so you can carry up to three controllers at once or four if you decide to remove some of the foam blocks.


  • Rugged and durable construction.
  • Provides good protection for the external DJ equipment.
  • Has a sleek finish that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.


  • The case only fits one controller at a time, which isn’t enough for some DJs who perform often or have multiple controllers of varying sizes to work with.
  • It does not hold mic stands, speaker monitors, cables, and wires well unless you remove some of the foam blocks from inside the unit first.

Odyssey Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case Overview

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The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is a durable hardshell case designed specifically for the DDJ-1000SRT. The protective shell features an exterior of power coated with reinforced corners and has a customized foam interior to securely store your gear. It also includes four recessed butterfly latches to ensure that your DJ equipment will stay safe during transport. This product comes in black with green trim.

Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is one of the best cases out there. It has a great design which makes it look smooth and sleek. In addition to this, Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case can store up to 4 units of DJ equipment with its removable rack system and movable partition tray. The case is designed to safely store your DJ equipment inside, including a Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Controller with Serato DJ Intro, all necessary cables, and small accessories. This unit also features Latch for easy closing and opening of the case as well as TSA-approved locks so you can securely lock up your DJ equipment while traveling.

Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case comes in black but can be custom painted if desired. So not only does this unit offer great protection for your gear but it looks amazing too!

Features & Benefits

pioneer ddj-1000srt case

The Glide Platform Is Large Enough For The Surface Of The Ddj-1000srt

The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case features a gliding platform that is large enough to accommodate the surface of the DDJ-1000SRT. The glide platform also fits over the top of any gear you want. This allows you to leave your controllers outside of the case, while still being able to store them safely. The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case Review is a powerful and versatile case that will protect your DJ controller. On top of this, you can pack anything else you want in this case, then take it with you.

Easy Transport With The Roller Wheels

The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is the ultimate case to take your DJ set up on the road. Its powder-coated steel roller wheels make it easy to transport and an aluminum handle allows for easy carrying. The case also has a removable handle bracket that fits in any standard overhead compartment. There are foam buffers in the corners which help to keep your equipment safe while inside the case, and there are even storage compartments for your cables or other necessary items.

The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case does not only provide protection for your gear when transporting but also has enough space so you can store everything you need for an adventure to your next gig.

Cable Management With The Bottom Holes

The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case provides storage for the DJ equipment that is used to create music. With an ample amount of room for cables, this case makes it easy to store the equipment away so you have less clutter on your desk. Each of the front panel latches is lockable so you never have to worry about anyone accessing the inside of the case without your permission.

The cable management that is located at the bottom of the case allows for you to tuck away all of your cables which will keep them out of sight and out of mind. There are also designated slots where cables can be stored in order for them to be easily found when needed.

Solid Construction With Plywood

This model offers a solid construction. The outer shell is constructed of plywood and lined with ABS plastic, and the aluminum hardware provides a secure enclosure. The Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT is designed to fit inside the case, and it can provide proper protection. The Odyssey Cases Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case offers professional protection that will ensure that the case will last for years. This model has a limited lifetime warranty which protects your investment if anything happens to it during transit or use. The solid construction of the exterior along with built-in sturdy wheels means you’ll be able to transport it easily but will also provide an extra barrier against impact damage.

Providing Good Protection For Your pieces of equipment

It’s made from durable materials, has reinforced corners, and has quality hardware to make sure it can hold up against the rigors of travel. The high-density foam inside provides excellent protection for sensitive components like faders or knobs.

This Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT case review may sound pricey at first glance but we recommend considering all the benefits you get with this purchase: peace of mind knowing your investment in equipment is protected; better performance due to less wear & tear on delicate parts; and fewer problems caused by unforeseen damages during transport because you have an extra layer of insulation protecting your equipment. The Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is a product specially designed for anyone who needs top-notch protection and wants to keep their investment safe during transport.

Pioneer Ddj-1000Srt Case Alternatives

ProX Flight Case for Pioneer DDJ-1000 & DDJ-1000 SRT

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The ProX Flight Case for Pioneer DDJ-1000 & DDJ-1000 SRT is high quality and sleek-looking case. It looks and feels to be made out of higher quality material than you might expect it to be. I carry my controller in this case to every gig and it has protected it from any damage that might arise.

The ProX Flight Case has a construction of plywood which makes it durable and long-lasting. I really like the design and professional look of the case. The sleek design of the case makes it worth the price for such a quality product. I also like the fact it is stackable with other flight cases which is nice because most flight cases are not stackable.

Lastly, the honeycomb digital design with the purpose of preventing mild scratches is a really nice feature. All in all, I would recommend this case for anyone who carries their controller to gigs frequently!

  • High-quality material
  • Sleek design
  • Stackable with other ProX Flight Cases
  • Honeycomb digital design prevents minor scratches

Harmony HCDDJ1000LT Flight Glide Laptop Stand Custom Case

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It’s perfect for DJs on the go! No more worries about carrying around heavy bags while still protecting your gear!

This case is great for DJs who need a laptop stand and the ability to travel with it. This case is very versatile and can be used with many different cases. The case has options for closed storage and open storage which is great when you need to store your mixers in a hurry when traveling.

The glide shelf that comes with this case is designed to hold a laptop so it can be used as a standalone unit. The design of this shelf provides a space on the side of the shelf for storing accessories, plugs, leads, etc. There is foam padding under the shelf so your notebook won’t get scratched by it when put on the shelf.

The case comes with a nice size recessed latch and two heavy-duty latches on the side of the case. The side handles are made from chrome-plated metal and designed to hold weight which is great for DJs that carry more than just their mixer.

It is nice quality for sure! Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT fits perfectly on this stand. There is enough wiggle room at the top so you don’t have to really tighten the screws too much when using it. The shelf slides out nicely and moves back in just as easily when done.

In this case, it is sturdy and easy to use, everything is designed with the DJ in mind. For the price, would definitely recommend this product to someone who wants something simple yet functional.

  • Perfect for DJs on the go
  • Simple yet functional.
  • Smooth sliding shelf
  • Durable

Headliner Pro-Fit Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ Case

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The advent of the DJ revolution has been key in the shift of the music industry. As DJs and turntablists find more and more inventive and innovative ways to put their spin on a single song, this shift continues with DJs and turntablists looking for equipment that will help them perform the impossible. Pioneer is known for its quality of equipment and robustness in design, which is why HeadlinerPro-Fit chose to add the Headliner Pro-Fit Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ Case to their catalog.

This case is perfect for any professional turntablist who needs a case that is durable enough to withstand whatever they throw at it – from bumping into other turntables while on the way to a gig, to being accidentally knocked down by a fellow DJ, this case can take all the punishment you can dish out. In fact, this Headliner Pro-Fit Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ Case is so durable that it uses heavy-duty metal hinges and latches to keep your turntable from spilling over when on its side.

The Headliner Pro-Fit Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ Case is not only durable, but it is also water-resistant! So you can rest assured that your turntable will stay safe and dry no matter the weather. Plus the Headliner Pro-Fit Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ case even has a shoulder strap, so you can carry this case with ease and comfort as if it were a briefcase.

Overall the Headliner Pro-Fit Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ Case is perfect for any professional turntablist who needs a sturdy and durable case to protect their prized equipment from the rigors of performing on stage or in the studio.

  • Resistant to water
  • Affordable
  • Protective of pioneer DDJ-1000SRT
  • Durable
  • Aesthetical design


In conclusion, Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case is a great case for the Pioneer DDJ-1000. It’s made of durable materials and has a sleek design that will complement any setup. The cases offer protection with its padded lining and additional space to store cables, external hard drives, laptops, or other equipment you may need on-site. If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your investment in this high-quality piece of DJ gear then this is it!

You can find the right answer for your questions of Odyssey Cases Black Label Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT Case by commenting below! We are always happy to give you interesting information.

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