Top 10 Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep Reviews In 2021 For You

You’ll need plano waterproof stowaway 3700 deep to keep your equipment, fishing line, bait, hooks, and other stuff private and protected. 

The greatest fishing bag would have enough space for everything, be water-resistant, and be arranged so you wouldn’t have to troll through searching for items.

Our ancestors’ bait containers, including some of the kinds I currently live with, are nothing like the ones I see now. On a Sunday morning, you always had to come home from school, pull your dinner leftovers out of your packed lunch, toss in your lure, and then be on your own to the lakeside!

A professional foul bag is a must-have for any angler, if you’re really a serious fisherman or just enjoy occasional angling outings. The finest bait containers are a practical and simple way to keep your baits and angling supplies organized for your next sailing trip. 

A professional foul box can help you arrange your fishing gear for quick access and safety from the weather. Bait containers come in a range of sizes and combinations. 

You may wish to consider a better backpack with extra functionality according to your requirements. We look at the top bait containers on the market, whether you’re seeking exceptional pricing, sturdiness, adaptability, or a transportable choice.

Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep Comparison 2021

Wild River by CLC Custom Leathercraft WT3702 Tackle Tek Frontier Lighted Handle Bar Fishing Tackle Bag, 5 PT3700 Trays

Best for
Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep For Feature



Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, Premium Tackle Storage

Best for
Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep For Design



Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag, 38.8-Liter, Black

Best for
Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep For Stability



** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 1

Frabill Plano Deep Waterproof Stowaway Utility Box

  • Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Great for large crankbaits | Ensures tackle stays protected and dry

SaleBestseller No. 2

Plano 374010 Waterproof Stowaway,Clear

  • Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Extra-long bulk storage great for organizing tackle and other small items | Ensures items stay protected and dry

Bestseller No. 3

Plano Deep Hydro Flo Box 3700 Deep Size, 437300

  • Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Hydro-Flo holes allow tackle to dry naturally preventing oxidation and rust | Spray off baits and lures through the closed box, and then set them aside to dry quickly and thoroughly

SaleBestseller No. 4

Plano 3741 Deep Waterproof Stowaway, Clear, 14″ x 9″ x 2.88″

  • Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Great for larger items | Ensures items stay protected and dry

Bestseller No. 5

Bassdash 3600 3670 3700 Tackle Storage Waterproof Utility Tackle Boxes Fishing Lure Tray with Adjustable dividers

  • Constructed from BPA free, eco-friendly PP material
  • The waterproof tackle box features a deeper capacity with the option of 4 to 20 adjustable compartments; Box measures 14”L x 8.66”W x 3.15”H (35.5cm x 22cm x 8cm) – Perfect for housing your bulkier crankbaits, swimbaits and tool

SaleBestseller No. 6

Plano Angled 787 Guide Series Stowaway Tackle System- Includes 7 Stowaways, Fishing Tackle Storage, Premium Tackle Storage, One Size, Model Number: 787010

  • Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Main compartment presents utility boxes at a 15-degree angle for ease of access

Bestseller No. 7

WP5001 Ultimate Waterproof Tuff Tainer – Double Deep – Bulk Core (Includes Zerust Tab)

  • Flambeau Outdoors
  • ZERUST ANTI-CORROSION TECHNOLOGY: Includes a tab infused with an exclusive VCI formula that releases a corrosion inhibiting vapor, forming a protective layer on metal to stop rust in extreme marine environments

SaleBestseller No. 8

Plano Worm Stowaway 3700

  • Dual-Sided Stowaway Design
  • Transparent lids for quick and easy identification of contents without opening

Bestseller No. 9

SaleBestseller No. 10

Top 10 Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep Reviews 2021

Elkton Outdoors Rolling 

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Fishing Tackle Box X-Large Waterproof Storage Bag Backpack – with 5 Removable Tackle Trays and 4 Rod Holders – Fisherman Gifts for Men, Fish Tackle Bag, Roller Tackle Box

  • FISH EASIER: Durable, waterproof, light, compact, and convenient makes it easy to get your fishing gear to your favorite spot.
  • LOTS OF STORAGE: Padded and adjustable top storage compartment, five 3600 size, 18 compartment tackle trays to fulfill of your organization and storage needs for all your gear!

With a portable bait pack like the clever and industrious Elkton Outdoors, you can take the effort out of dragging your fishing equipment about.

The Elkton rolling bait boxes is a flexible four-wheel vehicle, with the option to push or handle, making it a good choice for many of these fishing excursions or afternoons on the lake.

The solution is easy: lengthen the grip and roller like such a professional, owing to the tough tires that can withstand most straight lines and short sharp turns. 

Head on down the handles and remove the cushioned sleeves whenever the road becomes tougher, and you’ve got yourself a comfy rucksack to carry you and your fishing kit where you’ll have to go

The Elkton, on the other hand, is no slouch when it comes to equipment and tackle storage; lift the lid and you’ll be delightfully pleased by the amount of room within. 

It can accommodate up to Eighteen catch boxes, based on the size, with 5 massive things occupying the front area and the rest of the area being divided into movable spaces for lesser trays. There are four robust PVC rod mounts on the exterior.

The Elkton rolling bait bag is a fantastic method to carry all your fishing equipment and equipment whilst maintaining them small and secure. It’s made of a sturdy, sturdy, and weatherproof material with strong closures to keep the wound moist.


  • Resilient, submersible, lightweight, small, and easy to use
  • For simple rolling, a good tire and grip system is essential.
  • The Interior is unexpectedly spacious and adaptable.


  • It is not possible to roll on rough terrain or steep terrain.

Wild River by CLC


Wild River by CLC Custom Leathercraft WT3702 Tackle Tek Frontier Lighted Handle Bar Fishing Tackle Bag, 5 PT3700 Trays

  • FIND YOUR BAG, AT ANY TIME: The handle bar design on this Wild River fishing tackle bag has a rotating grip with a built in LED light system
  • CONVENIENT FEATURES: Permanently mounted molded sunglass holder in this Wild River tackle bag helps keep your glasses safe and removable plier holder goes from bag to belt so your pliers are easy to find

If you enjoy all the lights and frills, the CLC Tackle Box is for you. This isn’t your average tackle box; it’s loaded with customization options, contribute, and thoughtful details that will make preparing for your next family vacation a breeze.

On the surface, it appears to be a nice-looking flexible tackle box, composed of strong transparent material with robust bar handles that can easily carry your essential fishing gear. When you lift the shift back flap to show what’s within, though, you’ll see that the Tackle Tek is anything from average.

So, where will we begin? Consider the LED light embedded into the handle, which allows you to locate your luggage at any time of day or night. 

The detachable fishing pendant attachment and transparent interior map pocket, for example, or the moulded sunglasses case, the retractable steel wire to clip on your knife sheaths or cards,  So far, so excellent; all of the items are stuff you didn’t realize you required, but wow, are they useful tips for keeping your camping trip simple and pleasurable.

What’s nice about the Tackle Trek was that it is not all show and no content; it can also carry a lot of fishing equipment. The Tackle Tek includes a top storage compartment with two movable partitions and can carry an astounding number of 3700-size angling trays — five in

If compartments are your style, there have been four transparent compartments so that you can see what was inside effortlessly. 

Yes, you will spend more than usual for all of this stuff, and it might not be for everybody, but you’ll get a lot for your cash. And who will not enjoy a touch of bling every once in a while?


  • It’s well-made and has a large storage capacity.
  • There are a lot of great things you didn’t realize you need!


  • On the pricey side
  • For sailboats, it may be a little inconvenient.

Plano Guide Series 


Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag | Premium Tackle Storage with No Slip Base and Included Stows, Khaki with Brown and Black Trim, 3700XL (PLABG371)

  • Plano Tackle Storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • 3700XL Plano Guide Series line of Tackle Bags features a hard-backed construction of rugged 1680 Denierfabric. The sturdy material will hold its color and shape for years, making it a quality investment for those constantly on the water

If sporting goods bags seem appealing to you, consider the Plano Guide Series Bait Backpack, which is the finest sporting goods bag on the market. 

The Plano Guide Series Bait Bags has a tough, massive structure with a hardcover structure and microfibre textile covering. 

For improved technique management, this deluxe technique bed has seven 3700 stows and 3 3600 folds up. It has built-in walking stick hooks so that you can handle your fishing equipment without having to use your arms.

Other advantages include a padded sleeve for your equipment, bigger zipper for easier usage, and a sticky top that allows you to rapidly reach your baits without trying to access your fishing bags.


  • The contents are easily seen because of the clear cover.
  • The design is straightforward.
  • There is plenty of extra storage.


  • The pack’s structure isn’t completely watertight.

Plano 7771-01 Guide


Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, Premium Tackle Storage

  • Includes Plano 4 utility system, Plano brochure, nameplate order form
  • Three removable bait racks with separate access

The Plano 7771 is an excellent box that stows all of your belongings in its vast storage capacity.

All you need to keep your gear and fishing outfit organised and prepared to go is included in the Plano Stowaway Support Structure. 

The box comes with four utility bins and a bulk storage section for your hooks, fisherman bucktails, and other items, all hidden beneath a direct sight lid. 

Three retractable spinning rod hooks are also included in the lockable top for fast and cheap accessibility. 

That was one of the more costly Plano catch boxes, but at less than $60, it still represents exceptional value. The 7771 might be the problem carrier for you if you’re seeking for a single storage container to fulfill all of your needs.

It also has excess handles for additional convenience, but be aware that when completely loaded, this tackle box might bring you down, making it unsuitable for long walks to your fishing spot. 

But, other than that, a fantastic look for a huge strong box which might protect your valuable gear.


  • There’s plenty of room for all of your fishing equipment requirements.
  • The contents are easily seen because of the clear cover.
  • Detachable crank bait hangers are included.


  • A large size that may take up a lot of room aboard the ship
  • It could be a bit of a burden to transport over lengthy journeys whenever it’s filled.

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag, 38.8-Liter, Black

  • Soft-sided 38.8-liter fishing bag with waterproof, skid-resistant molded base keeps bag from sagging
  • Roomy design holds up to four large tackle boxes (included)

You won’t be disappointed with this robust and efficient fishing equipment rucksack from Spiderwire for the contemporary fisherman while out and about, which holds a lot of stuff considering its lane size.

The Wolf Tackle Bag is a backpack suitcase that is smartly built to accommodate all of your week as well angling while also facing high for those longer fishing adventures.

First and foremost, its length as a carrying tackling bag allows it to be utilized as a baggage bag while travelling while still providing an outstanding 38 gallon inside storage for all of your belongings. 

But then don’t anticipate this handbag to be soft simply because it’s composed of cotton.

It’s constructed of 1680 denier and has a watertight, powerslide moulded base that helps it hold its form. There are two spacious and easy-access front compartments with integrated angling organisers for your equipment and small coastal pieces, and the capacious inside can hold up to four big gear containers, which are supplied.

Along either end of the backpack, there seem to be two retractable parachute cord injectors, which are a nice addition for the cost of the backpack, that is less than $60. 

A top grip and cushioned laptop bag round out the set, ensuring that you can comfortably handle your filled fishing bags.


  • Traveling – and flying – anglers will love this size.
  • Pretty sizable storage and several compartments


  • The pack’s structure isn’t completely watertight.

Plano Three Tray

Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access, Dark Green Metallic/Off White, Premium Tackle Storage

  • Plano tackle storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Three cantilever trays with 22-34 adjustable compartments for versatile organization options | Plenty of bulk storage below trays for larger fishing equipment

Plano’s traditional 3-Tray Bait Container is a safe pick for a young fisherman, a newcomer to the activity, or a comprehensive system seeking for a second box to house all his gear. 

With this sturdy storage container, you get exactly what you want to see, and it’s a steal at less than $20. First and foremost, there’s Plano’s immediately recognisable construction quality, which results in a basic yet functional line sling built to endure.

The box is designed with a cantilevered tray that opens to display the inside. The case has a durable foldable handle that makes it simple to transport and stow, and the metal bail clasp securely locks the lid, protecting valuables safely. So far, it fulfills all of the (fishing tackle) requirements.

Plano is, as you may have imagined, one of the most well-known stars in the industry of sporting goods boxes. 

They produce a variety of boxes in a variety of sizes and organizing capabilities, but we chose the Plano Tackle Box for its simplicity. Which is both basic and smart, this basic tackle box is among our best hobbies on the marketplace. 

When you open the package, you’ll see a 4 model with two cantilevered slots and a huge bulk holding plate. That’s a lot of memory for such a little package. You won’t have to waste time at the river’s edge hunting for the correct piece of equipment.

It’s definitely ready for you when you unlock the Plano Backpack.

This tackle box seems to have enough sections for all your baits, loads, floating, and hooked, with the 3 trays giving between 23 and 35 sections based on how you design them. 

There are also three highest storing compartments for your equipment and other small items that you’ll have to get your paws on quickly.

The tackle box is pretty lightweight, and even when completely loaded, it’s still manageable to handle. However, some customers consider taking heavy goods at the top to keep it straight and simpler to access.


  • The design is straightforward.
  • There is plenty of extra storage.
  • Building that is long-lasting


  • There have been several instances of missing pieces.

Okeechobee Fats


Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag, 4 Utility Tackle Boxes, Brown/Green

  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Top-load main compartment Comes with four large utility boxes

This delux style tackle bag from the delightfully called Okeechobee Fats makes transporting serious fishing equipment a stroll in the (fisher) garden, effortlessly earning it a top technique box honor.

The Fisherman Deluxe is constructed to last and is an excellent choice for more daring anglers who really need to transport their gear securely to remote locations. 

This awesome fish finders bag, on the other hand, is perfectly at home at the dock or seafront, especially whenever you want a relaxed yet structured attitude

With its big main section that can consume up to eight big utilitarian containers at a time, this fisherman rucksack is amazing and can manage a lot of equipment. Hold it by arm or throw everything over your shoulders. 

There are 3 treatment compartments with robust zippers for a variety of items. It includes a waterproof and moisture exterior to ward off the environment and keep your goods secure and dry in more harsh circumstances.

In a nutshell, the Fisherman Deluxe is a versatile, favourite fish finders bag which can withstand a lot of abuse.


  • There’s a lot of storage here, as well as a lot of ways to organize it.
  • Its tough construction makes it an excellent all-around/all-weather bag.
  • It’s convenient to carry thanks to the comfortable handles and body panels.


  • Strength and stiffness are a little lacking.

Flambeau Outdoors 6382TB


Flambeau Outdoors 6382TB 2-Tray – Classic Tray Tackle Box – Blue/Gray

  • Trusted classic tray box design: Iconic cantilever 2-tray design provides easy access to securely organized tackle and tools.
  • Capacity: 15 tackle compartments with 6 removable dividers. Flip-top lid accessory compartment and increased base storage volume for bulk tool storage.

In a compact bucket, keep all of your fishing goodies clean and orderly. The Flambeau Outdoors 6382 has the capacity to handle up an entire boat trip on its own, with 8 tray divisions and six retractable dividers. 

Even if it is a little on the tiny side, the very good arrangement makes up for it perfectly. It also has extra base space, so even though it appears little, these fishing boxes could hold a lot more than you may think. 

We appreciate how simple this intelligent fishing box cart is to use: the internal room allows you to become super-organized; the moulded wheels roll over sand or dirt trails easily; and the telescoping handlebar makes dragging this bad boy a breeze. 

Whereas the box is comfortable, it is composed of strong fabric to give sufficient security for all of your goods. The metal frame is corrosion. Additionally, the exterior features four detachable rod hooks, allowing you to bring all you need on your witch hunt.

In addition, a switch cover equipment box connects directly to the fishery resources themselves, completing the near-perfect form.

A sturdy draw tite lock, along with convenient suggestion pan stabilizers, keep it all in position.


  • There is plenty of storage capacity.
  • It’s simple to keep your tackle organized.
  • a reasonable price


  • Not very long-lasting

Single Tray Tackle Box


Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box- 55 Piece Tackle Gear Kit Includes Sinkers, Hooks Lures Bobbers Swivels and Fishing Line By Wakeman Outdoors Lime Green

  • EASY ORGANIZATION- The Wakeman Outdoors Tackle Box features a lid with built in storage compartment for quick and easy access to fishing gear. The single tray inside offers additional storage and removes from the box to give you access to the space below
  • EASY TO CARRY- Anglers of every age will find this easy to transport to the water. The multiple latches help to secure all contents inside the tackle box and the collapsible handle helps for effortless transport and storage.

Pitch your surfboard with some good Policies that will help, a simple tackle box with higher goals, if you’d like to receive genuine value for the price.

If you’re new to angling, this is the ideal beginner tough tackle box. It will also be welcomed by more seasoned anglers seeking for a strong, simple solution to store and transport their equipment.

For about $20, you can buy it if you’re after a fun day on or near the water. It is indeed a one tray box, unusual for everyone else in this top tackle box review, but it has a huge capacity and a click cover with constructed sections for quick and simple access.

Take the one plate box for an extra storage server, and you’ll find some good free space underneath for your eyeglasses, fishing tackle, and other items.

The base of this storage container is constructed of foam insulation and is adequately sturdy to withstand the regular impacts and spillage of a typical fishing trip. 

The Subject also comes with a starting gear set that includes silicone fishing baits, varied sinking and hook lengths, bobbing floating and cutters, and even the lines. Wow, it was incredible. 

If you compare the price of the accessories, we’re quite confident it would be more than $30.

This equipment box is relied on as a beginner package to get you addicted to angling.


  • A wonderful deal on a basic storage container that includes a beginning kit.
  • For the cost, this is a very good box with enough storage.


  • To remain in place, locks must be securely locked on.
  • The condition of the beginning tackle package isn’t the best.

Plano 3500


Plano 1354-02 -by Rack System 3500 Size Tackle Box, Premium Tackle Storage

  • Plano tackle storage | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Includes: Four 3500 series stowaway utility boxes

Mostly with Plano 3500, you get a delightfully modest travel bag for your lighter hooks, worms, and fishing equipment when you wouldn’t need to go huge on a fishing excursion, bringing the 4 racks 3500 Tackle Box and lowering it down a little bit in dimensions.

This is a well-made, playmaker tackle box that is easily transportable and useful, making it ideal for having prepped and ready in the basement for when several hours at the water’s edge are required.

This is a tackle box to add to your current box set so you may customize based on the type of fishing you want to do. 

The 3500 may also be used as a supplementary container to store your tackle and angling equipment if you’re going on a longer, more intense excursion.

As you’d anticipate from Plano, the inside space is well utilized, with the four time frame providing further versatility in how it can accommodate your gear. 

The 3500 trays are detachable and adaptable, and feature a glass rear covering for easy sharing. They are meant to hold lures and midsized equipment. 

The upper lid includes additional storage space for your fishing equipment and rope, and the foldable handles makes transporting and storage easy. 

For roughly $20, you get Plano craftsmanship and a little tackle box that may be used for short angling excursions or as a rear on your next fish trip.


  • For quick fishing trips, a fast and convenient gearbox is ideal.
  • Plano excellence at an affordable price


  • Because it is not the biggest box, it is appropriate for minor tackles or as a reserve.

How To Choose Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep

When it comes to the best plano waterproof stowaway 3700 deep, there are hundreds of products on the market right now. Search the internet, you will find it difficult to find the product that is really right for you. 

You cannot choose the best products at affordable prices with hundreds of products.

However, you should know what you need to know to compare the best plano waterproof stowaway 3700 deep as well as choose the right one for you.

Here are some ideas that you can consult to find the best product for you

Use this information as a guide and be sure to compare the best plano waterproof stowaway 3700 deep and hopefully our review will help somewhat in finding the right one for you.


If you’re new to line throwing, search for a storage container which would suit you and your equipment today as well as in the coming. The best option is to get a box that is of sufficient size to accommodate your tackle as it grows. 

One note of warning: a box that is too large may be difficult to transport whether docked or on the sea. A sporting goods rucksack is a wonderful choice if you absolutely require a high potential

Preservation of equipment

Search for a storage container that can hold anything from tiny spinners and floating to poles and netting, as well as your meal and a bottle of black chocolate. 

Great fishing equipment containers and backpacks should include large storage compartments, compartments, and compartments so you can carry everything you need while still being capable of reaching and retrieving it when you really need it. 

Consider that there would be a price and height exchange, so make sure the package is still manageable.

Spaces for lures

Choose a box with sections made exclusively for your fragile baits, hooks, and hooks. This manner, you can become completely organised and preserve your tiny items while yet realizing that you can get it out and connected in no moment.


Bait boxes are made from a variety of substances, some of which are superior to others. The materials you choose come down to personal preference, but as a general guideline, choose something that is compact, resilient, and simple to transport. 

Moulded plastic produces extremely light containers, although polyamide packs are simpler and more versatile to handle. If you choose high-quality plastics or polyester, you will obtain a long-lasting angling travel bag or bag. 

If at all possible, stay away from shopping trolleys, since they don’t stand up to the rigors of sea or waterfront living.

High-quality waterproofing

You can’t go fish and be completely dry, correct? Your equipment, on the other hand, may be protected with the correct box or pack. Keeping your equipment as water-resistant as practicable can help it last longer and avoid that uncomfortable wet kit sensation. 

Check that the material is waterproof, the zippers are sturdy and waterproof, and the stitches will be doubled before purchasing a fishing equipment bag. Make absolutely sure the gaskets and joints on a strong tackle box are watertight, and the entire box closes securely.

If you are new and have not yet figured out what it will be like, here will be a video for you to refer to:

Conclusion – Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep

All the Best plano waterproof stowaway 3700 deep we review are the products with the highest rating and most trusted by many people.

I hope you enjoyed our review of the Best plano waterproof stowaway 3700 deep.

We hope you will choose the right device after reading our review.

Wild River by CLC Custom Leathercraft WT3702 Tackle Tek Frontier Lighted Handle Bar Fishing Tackle Bag, 5 PT3700 Trays

Best for
Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep For Feature



Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, Premium Tackle Storage

Best for
Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep For Design



Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag, 38.8-Liter, Black

Best for
Best Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3700 Deep For Stability



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