Prox DDJ 1000 Case Reviews – Perfect Case To Protect Your Digital Controller

You’re looking for a case to protect your DJ equipment, but you don’t want to waste money on something that won’t work. The Prox DDJ 1000 Case is the best choice for you because it’s made of durable and lightweight materials. It also has a built-in handle and wheels so it’s easy to transport.

This case will keep your gear safe from damage while traveling or in storage. We recommend this product because we know how important it is to invest in quality protection for expensive DJ equipment like yours!

Here is our detailed review of the Prox DDJ 1000 case. Check out right now!

Things To Consider When Buying Prox DDJ 1000 Case

There are many factors to consider before buying your Prox DDJ 1000 case. Here is our list of the common factors:

Prox DDJ 1000 Case


The first thing to consider before buying a DDJ case is the size. The DDJ 1000 is a compact device with dimensions of 331mm x 280 mm x 58.5mm, so you need to make sure your case is not too big or small.

If your case is too big, you may as well buy a new case. If the case is too small, the case will not be safe for your device and may cause damage to it. If you buy a huge Prox DDJ 1000 that’s as big as a suitcase then there’s no point as well as wasting money.


The Prox DDJ 1000 weighs 1.85 kg, so you need to make sure your case is lighter than this amount. Any heavier and the case may become too heavy for you to carry around. If your case is lighter, you can travel with it more easily and carry it around for a longer time.


You need a sturdy Prox DDJ 1000 Case if you want to keep your device from breaking or getting damaged. If the case has been poorly made it may lead to various problems such as poor build quality causing USB ports to break and head-pots becoming faulty. If this happens then you will need to buy a new one sooner than expected, so choose wisely!


The next thing to consider before buying a Prox DDJ case is the materials used. You need to consider the type of material used in your case and the stiffness/resilience of the material, as well as whether it is waterproof or not.

When buying Prox cases for DDJ, it’s usually recommended to get one made out of steel instead of aluminum because steel holds up against pressure better. The DDJ 1000 has 2 metallic parts on the top, so you might want to consider getting one made out of steel.

The Prox DDJ 1000 case has a very sturdy and strong zipper, and many cases that we sell come with extra locks. So the material used to cover your case needs to be able to resist any type of force or high pressure.

Prox DDJ 1000 Case


Also, you should consider how waterproof your case is as well as whether it has space for small accessories; like power adapters or cables. If you’re buying a DDJ case then it’s mostly recommended to buy one that’s waterproof, dustproof and has space for accessories.


Durability is the next thing to consider before buying a Prox DDJ case. In most cases, cases made with good quality materials will be more durable than those made from cheap materials as the former can withstand pressure better. The Prox DDJ case is made from top-quality ABS and steel, so it’s no surprise that the case is very durable.

Color And Design

The next thing to consider before buying a Prox DDJ 1000 case is the color and design of the case. The Prox DDJ cases come in many colors such as black, silver, and red.

You can get a stylish DDJ case to emphasize the beauty of your DJ controller, or get a contrasting color to make it easier to find your controller when you need it. The Prox DDJ 1000 case has an eggshell design, so it’s easy to find your controller in a pile of cases.

Prox DDJ 1000 Case


Construction is another important factor to consider before buying a Prox DDJ case. Usually, cases with good construction are more durable than cases with poor construction.

Most of the time, well-constructed cases are usually made out of high-quality materials. The Prox DDJ case is very well constructed thanks to its steel frame and ABS outer shell, so it’s no surprise that the case is very tough.


The next thing to consider is the functionality of your new case. There are lots of functionalities that a case can have, such as a durable handle, a shock-reducing suspension system, plenty of storage space for your cables and controller, etc.


You also need to consider how portable your case is and whether the size and weight of the case is suitable for your needs. When DJ’s travel through crowded streets with lots of stairs then they use a carry bag because it’s easier to carry their controller around; seeing as most carry bags come with straps that you can put over your shoulder.

When DJ’s perform at gigs and events, you also need to consider how portable the case is; not only when it comes to traveling but also transporting your equipment from one place to another. You need to make sure that your case is the right size and weight for transporting your equipment.


The last thing to consider when buying a Prox DDJ case is the price. There are many cases available for sale online, so you can find one at your desired price. Finding the perfect DDJ case for you is all about making a list of what your priorities are, then basing your purchase on that.

Prox DDJ 1000 Case Review

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Prox DDJ 1000 Case is a DJ Controller Case with a divider to protect and carry your DDJ1000. This is a one-piece fold-away mount that you can remove and then mount back on the case easily. There’s an adjustable knob that allows you to angle it up or down for a better viewing angle.

It also has a 45-degree angle cut which is nice to have if you’re using a laptop on it. You can also add pads or cupholders with velcro tape that’s easy to remove and place anywhere you want on the ProX DDJ 1000 case.

The ProX DDJ 1000 Case is made of ABS so it’s light and sturdy. The controller can be stored in this case out of the box with no extra assembly required. Just add some velcro to add pads so that controller doesn’t slide around while your making sharp turns or just use it without any padding for a more firm grip.

In the back of this ProX DDJ 1000 case, there’s a large compartment to store your power cables, footswitch, or any other accessories you may have. The top of the lid has a carry handle so it’s easy to transport from one place to another.

The bottom also has four non-slip feet to prevent the case from sliding on smooth surfaces. On the front of the case, there are also two cup holders which you can use to keep your drinks while you’re playing. The ProX DDJ 1000 Case is available in black, blue, and red colors to choose from.

Who Is Prox DDJ 1000 Case For?

Prox DDJ 1000 Case

Prox DDJ 1000 Case is made to store DJ equipment, such as turntables and mixers, in a safe manner. This case is designed by Prox with features such as metal corners and six-point locking system for increased protection against damage.

The Prox DDJ 1000 is an excellent product for those who want to place their MacBook on their desk and use it as a second monitor for work. It’s also great for people who want to keep their laptop with them and work from multiple locations, such as the office and home.

The Prox DDJ 1000 is not for people who want to play DJ equipment on their Mac. It does not have a stand or any way of attaching DJ equipment or peripherals. The laptop must also be in the case when used as a monitor in order to provide stability.

Pros Of Prox DDJ 1000 Case

The Prox DDJ 1000 case is one of the most popular cases for its durability and lightweight. It has reinforced corners to ensure that it can hold up during any kind of pressure, whether it is heavy or not. It has a removable lid that’s easy to open. If you’re traveling, you can take this case with you on the go.

This case also offers protection against dust and dirt. It’s easy to open but still tough enough to protect your equipment inside of it. There are foam pieces inside the case that give an extra layer of protection for your sensitive equipment.

The Prox DDJ 1000 is a great way to store DJ equipment or MacBooks. The case also has plenty of room for both the laptop and all the rest of your personal items, including DJ equipment.

Another benefit of this case is that it offers protection with its metal corners and six-point locking system, which is different than most cases with four-point locking systems.

Cons Of Prox DDJ 1000 Case

The Prox DDJ 1000 case does not come with any kind of stand, which can make it difficult to play DJ equipment or use the MacBook for DJ purposes. The product is also in limited supply due to its relatively new release.

One of the cons with this product is that it is rather big. Another con is that DJ equipment will not fit inside the case, so there must be a separate place for all your hardware if you choose to use the Prox DDJ 1000 as a laptop case.

Features & Benefits

Prox DDJ 1000 Case


Prox DDJ 1000 case has a great design. Composed of two separate pieces, the body, and the lid. The top part has a built-in handle to make it easier for transporting.

The front panel is made from ABS plastic and features a ProX logo. It also shows cutout for DDJ 1000 jog plates and lit buttons (which looks very nice). Additionally, there are four rubber feet on the bottom to make sure the case doesn’t get moved around while playing.


ProX DDJ 1000 case is bigger than its predecessor. It’s bigger by about 3 inches in every direction. A lid adds 1.5 inches to the height, 6 inches to the width, and 7.3 inches to the depth of the body.

Because of this noticeable increase in size, ProX had to get rid of something… dust cover. The case just wouldn’t fit one more inch without it, or maybe they wanted to give this case a unique feature?


One of the greatest features of the ProX DDJ 1000 case is its portability. Because of the large top handle and lightweight (only 29 pounds) you’ll be able to carry it around no matter where you go.

Prox DDJ 1000 Case

Durability & Security

The case is made from ABS plastic which is known for its high durability, lightness, and stability. Not to mention, this case is stackable. So if you need more space during your sets, just stack up cases and you’ll have enough space for everything.

Because of the removable lid, ProX DDJ 1000 case isn’t 100% watertight (although very close). But who needs a dust cover when you can use this case as a seat?

Locking Mechanisms

On each side of the Prox DDJ 1000 case, there are locking mechanisms that hold the top and bottom parts together. They work very well and we can confirm they won’t pop open during transportation. Most importantly, it does not affect performance in any way.


One of the most unique features of this case is a bearing system that holds the DDJ 1000 in place. It’s very easy to slide it into place and take it out – you just have to push/pull from the top. In our opinion, this type of system is better than any others. It makes it much easier to do a quick setup/takedown.

Padlock Loops

There are four padlock loops on each side of the case, which gives you additional security if needed. The top lid also has one from the inside so you can actually lock both parts together if needed.

Prox DDJ 1000 Case

Materials & Construction Quality

The Prox DDJ 1000 case is made from thick plywood and covered in black vinyl. The top part of the case has a see-through window that lets you adjust your gear without taking the lid off.

All together, it looks very sleek with a beautiful design. In addition to all of this, there are two metal handles on top for easy carrying! As far as construction goes, we’ve used this case for a couple of weeks and it is very durable. It does not rattle or squeak at all and we can definitely see that it will last.

Large Capacity

This case has a lot of space for your gear. It can fit two DDJ 1000’s, a laptop, and all necessary cables. During our test – we threw in Pioneer DDJ-1000, DJM-800 mixer, power strip, and 5″ headphone stand…just to see how it works. Everything is very well protected and there is no chance of any damage during transportation.


There is no reason to worry if you get caught in rain or have some drinks spilled on your case. The Prox DDJ 1000 has built-in rubber seals around the lid so it will protect your gear from any water damage.


The Prox DDJ 1000 case is currently listed for a good price on most websites. All things considered, it’s a very well-built case that comes with free shipping worldwide! Not to mention, the design is beautiful and you will definitely stand out using it.


BUBM Lightweight Molded EVA Storage Case

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BUBM Lightweight Molded EVA Storage Case is the best Prox DDJ 1000 case.  The reason for this is that it’s lightweight, compact, and durable which are all three very important factors.

It weighs less than 0.5kg so you’ll be able to haul it around easily without dreading back pain later. Its dimensions are 32cm(L) x 24.5cm(W) x 11.5cm(H). The exterior is a sturdy durable design with a smooth texture, protecting your precious equipment inside.  

It is made of high-quality lightweight ABS plastic and an environmentally friendly EPS foam interior. The zipper closure provides security as well as easy access to your DJ equipment.

The four elastic straps keep your DDJ 1000 in place while the interior foam design cushions it from any potential impact that may occur when moving or traveling. This case is a quick and smart solution for anyone looking for an easy storage/traveling option that provides excellent protection at a low price.


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MAGMA MGA40988 is the new Prox DDJ 1000 case able to fit the DDJ-1000 controller as well as a 12″ pioneer mixer. The case is made from 9mm Birch Plywood and covered by black ABS laminate. It has got aluminum edges as well as steel ball corners. The interior is lined with foam rubber which protects both the mixer and the controller.

MGA40988 has got a large front pocket for cables and other accessories, 2 comfortable handles on the sides, a shoulder strap at the back, 4 strong rubber feet plus an adjustable steel ball corners tripod.

It is delivered with 4 glass-reinforced corner protectors that can be used instead of the steel legs if you’re not planning to move your case around.

The ProX DDJ-1000 Case is available for a good price which makes it cheaper than most of the custom-made cases made by manufacturers. If you are looking for a new gig bag for your controller, this seems like the best choice so far.

Headliner Pro-Fit Case HL12000

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Headliner Pro-Fit Case HL12000 is a custom-fit case for any version of the Pioneer DDJ 1000 controller. It’s a sturdy and well-molded ABS plastic case with a snug, form-fitting interior designed to hold your Pioneer DDJ 1000 securely in place.

The exterior is protected by heavily molded bumpers that add additional protection from rough handling during transport, while large rubber feet on the bottom of the case offer impressive stability.

The exterior is finished with custom Headliner graphics which enhance your visual presentation and give the DDJ another level of professionalism to your performance.

Headliner Pro-Fit Case HL12000 also features a front storage compartment big enough for cables, adapters, and other small accessories. A large accessory pouch fits on the rear of the controller case, housing a variety of cables and other small items.

The interior is finished with egg-crate style foam for a customizable fit around your Pioneer DDJ 1000. Headliner Pro-Fit Case HL12000 provides heavy-duty protection from all types of abuse while keeping your controller looking professional on any stage.


How many DJ controllers will it fit?

The Prox DDJ 1000 Case can hold 2 small to mid-size controllers. Some controllers’ front-side USB ports are close enough to the side that they might touch the plastic, some controllers may run into this issue with certain accessories attached to them as well. Again, make sure you measure your own controllers before purchasing this item!

How many CDs can it hold?

The Prox DDJ 1000 Case will fit around 6-8 CDs in one small, thin section. You may have to adjust your cabling or just use a USB with external power to save space. We recommend keeping the top CD tray off when using the ProX controller case for ease of access.

Is the Prox DDJ 1000 Case sturdy? How is it built?

The plastic feels very strong and durable. The case looks like it can take a beating, while the handles feel nice and durable. We cannot speak for other cases on the market, but we recommend leaving no valuables in this case.

Is it suitable for a laptop or desktop?

Yes, The Prox DDJ 1000 Case is suitable for a laptop or desktop. Because it is designed to hold DJ controllers while connecting them to your laptop or desktop via the USB port on the controller.


Prox DDJ 1000 Case is lightweight and offers full-body protection from dirt, dust, scratches, bumps, and other potential hazards that could damage your DJI product. You’ll be able to fly worry-free knowing that your investment is safe inside this protective carrying bag made by our reliable brand – ProX Cases. Order now so you don’t miss out on these amazing savings!

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