Best Reclining Sofa In 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Is two or three a crowd? Nope!! More is fun, and so should your sofa be.

The best reclining sofa has always been a huge favorite with people of all age groups!

Apart from its utilitarian value, it is a mini-abode of relaxation, a place where you just want to forget all your worries and tensions.

Homelegance Resonance is our pick for the best reclining sofa. This imported 3-seater sofa is extremely functional and has a classic appeal.

reclining sofa

Its arms, seats, and backs are upholstered with a higher grade of foam. The reclining mechanism operates with a gentle pull. Its seatback is easy to assemble.

A very versatile reclining sofa, its corner wedge transforms into a deluxe sectional sofa. Enjoy the benefits of two sofas in one elegant sofa.

The sofa comes with a one-year warranty and holds up pretty well. No issues of sagging in the seats or cracks in the leather.

It also fits through a 24” door into RV very comfortably.

Top Best Reclining Sofa

Best Reclining Sofa Grey Solid Transitional Leather – with High Resiliency Foam Cushioning

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It’s a rarity to find leather reclining sofas, with most being made of its cheaper alternatives, such as PU or bonded leather.

One of the best leather reclining sofas on offer. This traditional wooden-framed reclining sofa with leather gel fabric gives the feel of fine leather.

The camel color adds to the old-world charm. Has firm seat comfort and is hand stitched. The cushion is foam-filled.

Has a cushion back, multiple cushions, and rolled arms.


  •  It comes with high-quality steel reclining mechanisms that are adjusted manually
  •  Leather gel fabric upholstery resembles fine-quality leather
  •  High-resilience foam cushioning offers sturdy support and elasticity to the seat and back
  •  The reclining systems are made from good-quality steel
  •  Classic hand-stitched detailing
  •  Nailhead trim adds a touch of exquisiteness to the look of the sofa


  •  Requires to make manual adjustments to recline

Final Word

If simplicity and elegance are what you seek, then this sofa is for you.

RecPro Charles Collection-Double Recliner RV Sofa (Love Seat) – Multi-Purpose Wall Hugger Recliner

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Durability, elegance, and comfort come together in the form of the RecPro Charles Collection Double RV Zero Wall-Hugger Recliner and Sofa Loveseat.

Upholstered with strong faux leather, making it easy to clean while at the same time giving durability.

The Tiona pattern gives the sofa a scaled look. Sure to go with any décor of the room.

Available in classy woody colors such as mahogany and chestnut, and Toffee.


  •  Polyurethane upholstered sofa makes it easy to clean and maintain
  •  Saves space, except that you have to place it 3” from the wall to make full reclining possible
  •  Multi-purpose seating use such as RV theatre seating, RV sofa bed, RV couch …wow, this is soo much
  •  Each seat reclines separately
  •  The modular structure makes for easy installation


  •  The pull handle is located on the inside of each chair near the front
  •  No added installation
  •  Pull cord reclining mechanism may pose problems
  •  Just a word of caution, there could be a gap between the seat and the seatback.
  •  The wooden part could hurt the back.

Final Word

Opt for this theatre-cum-couch-cum-sofa bed-cum-wall hugger reclining sofa loveseat if you want to go easy on your wallet.

Homelegance Resonance 83″ Bonded Leather Double Reclining Sofa – Living Room Contemporary Loveseat

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This Cranley Collection recliner functions on a release mechanism on the gentle pull to get you into the reclining pose.

Seats, overstuffed arms, and back are covered with black-tufted bonded leather to give added comfort.

A versatile piece that allows you to convert the corner wedge into a sectional sofa.

Available in brown microfiber and black.


  •  The seating area is made of bonded leather
  •  Side covered with PU leather
  •  Arms, seats, and backs are upholstered with higher-grade density foam
  •  Easy to assemble
  •  The corner wedge may be converted into a sectional sofa
  •  Offers good lumbar support in either upright sitting or reclining position
  •  The sofa reclines almost to a lying down position.· Super sturdy. Reportedly, the weight carried is 440 lbs.
  •  Rubber-fitted feet, so no scratches and marks on the floor
  •  Easy to clean


  •  Operates manually with the help of a lever
  •  Only both ends recline; the center does not recline
  •  The footrest rises only up to 40 degrees
  •  Reports of bent frame and recliner not working were reported within a few months
  •  The manufacturer does not provide swatches, though planning to have the option soon
  •  Stitched seat covers so they can’t be taken off

Final Word

A comfortable and plush 3-seater sofa lever-operated recliner at a great price.

Flash Furniture Harmony Series Black Leather Loveseat – Dual Recliner Loveseat

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This contemporary style sleek leather loveseat comes with plentifully padded arms and pillows back cushions.

This Black Knight offers maximum comfort and relaxation. Sleek footrest for optimum comfort to feet.

The recliner can easily take up to 100 lbs of weight.


  •  Sleek contemporary style
  •  Upholstered with soft leather
  •  Easy-to-wash fabric
  •  Well-padded arms and soft pillow back cushions
  •  Fitted with recessed lever


  •  Complaints of broken and non-functioning levers reported
  •  This is not a wall hugger
  •  Reclines only up to a specific angle, not a full recliner
  •  Some may find the recliner small for them

Final Word

A sleek, sturdy, and contemporary loveseat at an unbelievable price.

Classic Loveseat Recliner in Bonded Leather – Cozy Recliner Sofa Loveseat

[amazon box=”B071RMM6M2″]

This soft, bonded leather-upholstered loveseat sofa has a matte finish.

This prevents sweat and skin from sticking to the material — ample padding on the back, head, and armrest for head-to-toe comfort.

The footrest rises to the seat to offer full-body relaxation.

Available in dark brown color too.


  •  Made from extra strong, soft bonded leather with a matte finish
  •  Prevents skin and sweat from sticking to the material
  •  Excellent padding on the head, back, and arms for a softer, spongy feel
  •  Each seat’s recliner reclines independently· Seat locks after reclining
  •  Minimum assembly required


  •  The recliner may not lose its stiffness even after a couple of months of use
  •  May deform and twist
  •  Some may find the seat small

Final Word

A compact and sophisticated recliner sofa, just cozy enough for two.

Best Reclining Sofa – Buyer’s Guide

reclining sofa

The best reclining sofas are indeed a blessing; for them,

  • Ease joint pains and can even help with blood circulation. Those with arthritis and pregnant women will know this better.
  • They are ideal for small and uncomfortable places with a lot of traffic. Every guest or family member gets a personal seat without adding any clutter to the house. This makes navigation easy and does not overcrowd the space.
  • Reclining and sectional sofas are ideal when you have friends and relatives over for a party. Each one can have his/her footrest and headrest.
  • Additional features such as cup holders, powered reclining, and a chaise section add to the charm of a reclining sofa.
  • To give a brief primer on reclining sofas, this type of sofa falls into three main categories — first, power recliners, the most trending reclining sofas currently. Then there are the manual recliners and, finally, the adjustable recliners.
reclining sofa

Of the three, power recliners are somewhat of a tricky game. One, because they need a power source to connect to, and second because they are more expensive. So if sheer comfort and instant relaxation are what you are looking for, then a power sofa is your best option. Also, be prepared for higher electricity bills.

Oh! So one has to be well informed about all aspects of a power sofa. Yes, and anything that you invest your money in. So there must be some factors to keep in mind when purchasing a reclining sofa.

Yes, with so much happening in the furniture motion market, one needs to be appraised of the latest in this segment. One can browse the websites of leading reclining furniture manufacturers to get an idea of the latest designs, styles, fabrics, and technology in furniture.

How to Care for Reclining Sofas?

reclining sofa

Now that you have invested in a reclining sofa, you also need to take care of the sofa so that it stays in good condition. Do the following to ensure that your sofa looks as good as new and operates well.

The primary ritual you can do is to dust the sofa regularly.

If you are using a vacuum cleaner to dust, use a small brush, as this will prevent scouring of any kind on the surface.

Oil the reclining mechanism regularly so it works smoothly

If you spill any liquid on the sofa, blot it dry with a rag. Do not rub.

reclining sofa

If your sofa is a leather-upholstered one, avoid keeping it in direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight makes the surface brittle and prone to cracking and splitting. Very old sofas, such as those bought 20 years ago or so, are more likely to split even if exposed to sunlight for a short time.

To maintain your sofa’s shine, apply leather conditioners once every two months. However, before using a conditioner, test it on the part of the sofa that is not noticeable. If it reacts, do not use the conditioner. Use conditioner only after vacuuming, dusting, and brushing off debris from your sofa.

To clean a microfiber of spills, use a cloth and a cleaning solution. Be careful of the cleaning solution you use. Some microfibers need to be cleaned using solvent-based cleaners, while others need a water-based solvent.

reclining sofa

Before this, vacuum the sofa to clear it of food, dust, and dirt from accumulating in the frame. Use spray solutions to get rid of sweat and food odors. Alternatively, clean the sofa using a soap solution.

To clean and maintain a wood recliner, use wax and polish to make the wood reclining sofa look as good as new. To test the spray or polish, squeeze it onto a cloth and apply it on an unnoticeable side of the sofa. Observe for any reaction. Then use or do not use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Precautions To Keep In Mind While Buying Reclining Sofas?

The few pointers are as follows:

reclining sofa

Never forget to measure the room space where you’re planning to keep the recliner. See to it that there is enough space around the sofa, as it will allow you to extend the footrest completely and recline your back to a flat position.

Remember to run your hand over the back of the sofa before you make the final decision. In case the back is hollow, it shows that the construction is slacking.

Always remember to measure the best reclining sofa that you’re planning to buy. Note the height, width, and depth of the sofa. Make sure that it fits up the stairs, around the corners, and in doorways.

What are the best fabrics used for making reclining sofas?

Various styles, materials, and shades of sofa recliners are available in the market. Which leather sofa recliners are commonly preferred?

Make sure to pick the material that gives sufficient comfort and matches well with your home décor. Many individuals go for ones made from microfiber material because it has more breathability and is easy to maintain.

If you are looking for ones that are easier to clean, then choose faux or polyurethane leather options.

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