Running is a favorite pastime for many exercise enthusiasts. Not only is it a great hobby for people who enjoy the friendly competition associated with races and meets, but it’s also a good way for people to stay in shape.

Running offers numerous health benefits, such as maintaining a healthy weight, keeping your heart in good condition, preventing diseases, and promoting healthy bones and joints. If you suffer from flat feet, however, you may find that running is a more painful activity than it is enjoyable. If you’d like to be able to exercise by running, you should find the best running shoes for flat feet.

Having the right shoes for your flat feet can help promote healthy arch support, stability while you’re on your feet, extra cushioning against the pavement and the common problem of overpronation.

There are numerous brands and variations of shoes for runners, which can be overwhelming if you’re looking for the right ones for your feet. Here are some of the best running shoes for flat feet for men and women, along with their various benefits.

Top Recommendations for Women (Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet)

Saucony Redeemer ISO

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If you need the best running shoes for flat feet that provide you with extra cushioning and added stability while you’re out running, Saucony Redeemer ISOs offer both at an affordable price. Not only do they offer the right amount of support while you’re running, but also their breathable mesh prevents your feet from sweating on those long, hard runs. Made from lightweight material, the Redeemers won’t weigh you down while you’re running and come in both regular and wide widths for all feet types.

  • Motion-control shoes are a must for this avid runner
  • affordable price
  • The roomy toe box, allowing users to wear it in comfort
  • shoes is somewhat heavy

Brooks Addiction

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When motion control is the name of the game, then Brooks Addiction shoes are a great choice. Not only do they help prevent moderate to severe overpronation, but also they offer extra shock absorption from heel to toe. These come in both regular and wide widths to accommodate all feet types and offer extra space in the forefoot and heel. As is standard with the Brooks brand, you’ll also find these best running shoes for flat feet to be lightweight to give you an easier run.

  • quality support and stability
  • durable and long-lasting
  • comfortable 
  • needs improvement for style

Asics Gel-Fortitude

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Asics Gel-Fortitudes are excellent options for those who need maximum support and motion control. Because they’re made with extra depth and width than your standard running shoe, you can insert your prescription orthotics right into them with ease. Despite its thick cushioning, the Gel-Fortitudes are much lighter than other shoes with the same amount of cushioning. You’ll be able to wear these shoes whether you have regular or wide feet.

  • Removable ComforDry insole
  • Comfortable with no rubbing
  • recommended for people who has neuropathy/pain in my feet
  • shoes are somewhat wider

Mizuno Wave Inspire

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Women who suffer from overpronation can benefit from wearing the Mizuno Wave Inspires. Made with lightweight materials, these shoes provide excellent arch support and stability during even the toughest workouts. Made with U4iC technology, the Wave Inspires do an excellent job of absorbing the shock associated with running while providing added durability without the extra weight thanks to being thirty percent lighter than your standard running shoes.

If your feet sweat a lot while you’re running, you’ll also benefit from these best running shoes for flat feet. Thanks to their breathable material made to keep your feet ultra-dry. If you need added arch support, the removable insoles allow you to add additional orthotics to enable running long distances such as marathons.

  • built-in support system
  • dynamically supportive and lightweight
  • durable and great for distance running
  • shoes are somewhat narrow

Brooks Ariel

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Brooks is known for being high-quality running shoes for runners of all types. The Ariels are the most stable shoes in the Brooks shoe lineup and they made them specifically for those who suffer from low or fallen arches or overpronation. The Ariels are also known for their extra cushioning, which helps prevent fatigue while you’re out running.

A new addition to the Ariel model is a seamless, no-sew upper lining, which prevents irritation caused by repeated rubbing while you’re in motion. Unlike other running shoes, however, the Ariels are not as lightweight, which can make you feel more weighed down during your runs. However, over the years Brooks has improved on their weight and also offers a higher heel-to-toe drop than standard shoes at 12 millimeters.

  • high quality running shoes
  • provides extra cushioning
  • recommended specifically for those who suffer from low or fallen arches or overpronation.
  • not as lightweight as expected

Nike Air Zoom Structure

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For decades, Nike has been a dominant player in the athletic market. From athletic wear and sports equipment to best running shoes for flat feet, they’re well-known to athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. The Nike Air Zooms offer superior support for those who suffer from low arches.

In addition to arch support, the Air Zooms also provide excellent stability and a dense midsole that can stand up to heavy use without wearing down. Their cushioning also provides added comfort where your feet need it most without the added weight. Thanks to its mesh construction, your feet will stay cool and dry without slippage because of sweat.

  • offer superior support for those who suffer from low arches
  • excellent stability
  • mesh construction allows your feet to stay cool and dry 
  • Laces need some improvement to make them less troublesome to retie during a race.


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They specifically make the ASICS GT 1000 for those who suffer from overpronation, flat feet, or fallen arches. Designed with stability in mind, the GT 1000s have gel in the forefoot and heel for added shock absorption during long-distance runs. The GT 1000s also feature a DuoMax midsole for even more stability and support for the more serious runners. If you have wide or extra wide feet in addition to flat feet or fallen arches, the GT 1000s are guaranteed to be a great fit.

  • added shock absorption during long-distance runs
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems
  • Excellent stability and cushioning at a budget-friendly price
  • padding on the top of the shoe feels weird 

New Balance 1340

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With maximum motion control, stability, and cushioning in mind, they make the New Balance 1340s for flat-foot sufferers. An added rubber heel composition gives you added durability against heavy wear. The heel-to-toe drop of 10 millimeters also gives you extra balance control. The shoes fit all feet types ranging from narrow to wide. So you’re guaranteed a great fit no matter what type of control you need.

  • running shoe in breathable mesh with padded tongue and collar
  • Stabilicore medial support system
  • comfortable for wide feet
  • too much flex in the forefoot

Saucony Guide 10

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Runners who suffer from mild overpronation can enjoy Saucony Guide 10s thanks to their durable build and extra arch support. They build these shoes to withstand heavy use thanks to their high level of shock absorption and durable, dual-density materials. The Guide 10s are made from lightweight materials.

So it won’t weigh your feet down and give you an added spring to your step with every stride. Their removable inserts make them an attractive option for anyone who needs to use orthotics or added arch support while running, and their mesh construction gives them superior breathability. Their three-way flexibility also provides you with more movement than your standard running shoes which will take your workout to the next level.

  • recommended for runners who has mild overpronation 
  • durable build and extra arch support
  • high-level shock absorption 
  • shoes needs improvement on the room

New Balance 870v4

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The New Balance 870v4s come with specialized ABSORB crash pad technology. This is to give you incredible cushioning from your heel to your toes. Their extra cushioning also reduces shock while you’re running on different terrains. And their padded tongue and inner lining also promote your comfort level during your workouts.

Made with REVlite technology, their midsoles are constructed to be responsive to your movement while maintaining their durability, so you can rest easy knowing they’ll last for a workout after workout. As with other running shoes, the 870v4s are also lightweight and breathable so you don’t have to worry about sweat pooling in your shoes while you’re running.

  • extra cushioning also reduces shock while you’re running on different terrains.
  • lightweight and breathable 
  • padded tongue and inner lining  promote comfort level during your workouts.
  • sizes are somewhat smaller than usual

Top Recommendations for Men (Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation 8

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Men who suffer from flat feet or overpronation will find these shoes comfortable and soothing during those long runs. Their superior gel cushioning system makes your feet feel like you’re running on clouds and supports both the fore and rearfoot during your workout. They build it to be a little deeper and wider than standard running shoes, so you can insert orthotics or arch supports for extra comfort. It has a moderate heel drop and is available in regular or wide width.

  • superior gel cushioning system 
  • comfortable and soothing during those long runs
  • you can insert orthotics or arch supports for extra comfort
  • moderate heel drop 

Mizuno Wave Paradox

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They made the Wave Paradox for men with small to medium frames who also suffer from mild overpronation. Built with extra cushioning, it absorbs the shocks of running on pavement, dirt, or other hard surfaces easily while also allowing for maximum support. You can also expect extra stability with these best running shoes for flat feet to keep your feet in the right position while running. Made with a heel drop of 12 millimeters, these shoes are good whether you have regular or wide feet.

  • High-mileage running shoe featuring lightweight support 
  • Wide forefoot gauge for maximum support
  • stunningly lightweight and yet also amazingly stable
  • less ventilation

Saucony Grid Hurricane

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If you’re looking for maximum support for your flat feet, then you’ll like the Saucony Grid Hurricanes. They design it to provide a combination of both extra cushioning and stability control. Constructed with breathable mesh, you won’t have to worry about your feet overheating or excess sweat during your run. While these aren’t best suited for those with overpronation, they are appropriate for anyone with flat feet. You can find the Grid Hurricanes in sizes ranging from regular to 2E wide width.

  • Floating support cage adapts to foot size, shape, and movement
  • great look and fit
  • Great shoe for those with wide feet
  • a bit pricey compared to the competition

Brooks Beast

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The Beast lives up to its name and offers a sturdy shoe that can handle heavy footfalls with ease. If you’re looking for maximum motion control the Brooks Beasts are a great fit and will keep your feet in place. The Beasts are also made to be breathable. This is so you can take them on long runs without worrying about sweat building up in your shoe. They’re also the most widely available in size, ranging from medium to extra-extra-extra wide. So almost anyone should be able to find their perfect fit.

  • can handle heavy footfalls with ease
  • made to be breathable
  • very comfortable
  • a bit pricey

Brooks Addiction 12

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These best running shoes for flat feet made both the men’s and women’s list of top shoes for runners with flat feet and for good reason. They help balance out moderate to severe overpronation. Also, they offer superior cushioning to absorb the shock of your foot hitting the ground. You can also find stability control with these shoes, thanks to their glove-like fit. This shoe is heavier than standard running shoes. So if you’re in the market for something lightweight, these may not be for you. With a heel drop of 12 millimeters, the Brooks Addiction comes in regular, 2E and 4E extra wide sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find the right fit.

  • offer superior cushioning to absorb the shock of your foot hitting the ground
  • very durable and stable
  • help balance out moderate to severe overpronation
  • shoes is a bit heavy

New Balance 1260v6

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New Balance knows how to make shoes for all athlete types, and the company doesn’t disappoint with the 1260v6. These shoes offer superior arch support and stability to help correct overpronation and other issues associated with flat feet. Their foam insole is lightweight enough that you won’t notice yourself being weighed down while you’re on your runs.

And the ABZORB crash pad offers heel stability and cushioning to make you feel more comfortable if you’re a heavy runner. If you need the extra support of orthotics, you can simply swap out the removable insoles for the right level of comfort. These shoes are great for both men and women runners. They come in a variety of colors to match your style.

  • Highly versatile and flexible, making it useful on various terrains
  • foam insole is lightweight enough that you won’t notice yourself being weighed down while you’re on your runs
  • ABZORB crash pad offers heel stability and cushioning to make you feel more comfortable if you’re a heavy runner
  • toe box is somewhat larger

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

[amazon box=”B01GETYT3E” ]

Made for both men and women. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 running shoes are great for those who suffer from flat feet or overpronation. These shoes are made with stability in mind. It offers a dense midsole that’s aptly named Brooks’s progressive diagonal rollerball, which helps balance out overpronation. Featuring extra cushioning, a removable foam insole, and mesh upper construction, these shoes offer a great experience from the time you put them on until the time you take them off.

  • great for those who suffer from flat feet or overpronation
  • perfect balance of cushioning and stability 
  • lightweight and versatile
  • sole is flat and not arched
best running shoes for flat feet

Tips for Runners

In addition to getting the right shoes to address your foot issues, you should also incorporate some helpful tips into your running routine to avoid pain or injury. There are a variety of exercises and additional things you can do to make your running experience more enjoyable.

While you may enjoy hitting the pavement, it can actually be good for your feet to mix up your workout routine by running barefoot. However, you don’t want to hit the street in your bare feet. You should instead run on soft and cushioned surfaces. Surfaces such as sand, to strengthen and stimulate your foot muscles and improve your body’s natural shock absorption capabilities.


Incorporate muscle-stimulating exercise, such as picking up small items like ping pong balls, with your bare toes. This exercise is recommended by experts to help strengthen your muscles and improve your running game. After a long run, roll your feet over a muscle roller. This is to break up the fascicle tissue and relax tired muscles. This can help avoid cramping, injury, and other problems associated with running.

By using these tips and wearing the right shoes on your feet, your running workout should be a pain-free experience. Even if you suffer from flat feet. Your feet should immediately notice the difference once you slip into the right shoes, listen to your body, and take care of your feet.

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