Top Best Rzr 1000 Clutch Kit: Reviews And Buying Guides 2023!

As an individual who has plunged their toes into the one next to the other world will advise you, each best rzr 1000 clutch kit is extraordinary. So a grasp unit that works incredibly in one machine may demonstrate less marvelous in another. 

Indeed, even inside the Polaris RZR space, to get the correct grip commitment and calibrate your apparatus’ RPMs however you would prefer requires significant investment and tolerance. Therefore, running grasp units and different frameworks from producers that will give that time is basic. 

Notwithstanding your specific Polaris RZR release and the reseller’s exchange segments, the non-superarms1980s you have introduced, yo, slow ride style, and where you ride will likewise influence your machine’s grip execution. In case you’re doing any sluggish slithering with enormous tires, Dura Clutches and those of comparable kind are extraordinary. 

These grasp packs are utilized for amazingly lethargic activities, and the presentation updates they produce are night and day. Not any more smoking belts on specialized highlights or hills. Dalton Clutch Kits are additionally mainstream with riders.

Be that as it may, some have communicated discontent with the essential spring solidness, which causes a high grip commitment. Another secondary selling grip unit that gets a lot of recognition is the RVS Performance grasp framework by RVS Performance. 

Despite the secondary selling Polaris RZR grasp pack that you settle on, tuning can support its presentation significantly. More grasp weight will create lower RPMs, while less grip weight will deliver higher RPMs. Notwithstanding the grip weight, the beginning and completing rate on both the essential and optional springs will adjust the speed of your up-shifts, back-movements, and RPMs also – with the point steepness of the helix making comparable outcomes. So slap it on, adjust it, and enhance your holding to make your best clutch kit for rzr 1000 run like a fantasy!

Best Rzr 1000 Clutch Kit Comparison 2023

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Top Best Rzr 1000 Clutch Kit Reviews 2023

Centerforce KCFT379176 Centerforce II, Clutch and Flywheel Kit”

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Centerforce’s standing as the grip arrangement of decision extends back to the mid-1980s when incredible Hot Rodder, organizer of Hays grasps, and SEMA Hall of Fame part, Bill Hays tried to fix issues with existing plans while building up an opposition appraised grasp/pressure plate framework reasonable for use with non-asbestos contact facings. 

STM makes the most impressive CVT grips available anywhere. This is a finished pack that incorporates amassed total essential and auxiliary grasps. These arrangements can be befuddling. We attempt to make it as simple as could be expected. We need some data to get you the right parts inside your grip. 

Essential arm alternatives: The essential grasp arrives in a 3 arm, 6 arms, or 8 arm arrangement. For non-super gentle arrangements, we suggest the 3 arms as it is lightest and bounty solid. If you have a major bore or super with less up to 15psi utilize the 6 arms. For more than 15 psi utilize the 8 arms or take a gander at our new Z1 grip arrangement that utilizes a bigger belt. 

Essential spring choices: The essential spring controls the grasp commitment or slows down the speed. This is the number of rpm’s it takes to draw in the grip. Recorded underneath from lightest to mildest. 

Anything over gold is more a race just arrangement. We suggest gold. PATV7 Brite Green Primary Spring (1500 rpm slow down) about the same as stock. PATV9 Gold Primary Spring Most mainstream 2000-2500 rpm slow down. PATV1 Red Primary Spring. PATV2 Orange Primary Spring. PATV6 White Primary Spring. 

PATV4 Purple Primary Spring. Motor force: Let us understand what you have for power adders so we can get you the right loads. Helix choices: The greatest thing you’re going to see with a helix is the alternative to either have motor slowing down or not have a motor slowing down.

This is the point at which you discharge the choke. The grasp will have the motor slowing down like the production line hold to help in easing back. We suggest you utilize the alternative with motor slowing down.


  • Billet adjusted piece of craftsmanship. 
  • A lot more grounded belt squeeze overstock. 
  • Over a 10mph increase in maximum velocity because of bigger width. 
  • Accessible in 3, 6, or 8 arm grasp.


Polaris RZR TURBO XP New Primary Clutch

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For a NEW grip total with weight and springs pre-introduced. Is a post-retail grip made as an OE style Polaris essential (also known as a drive) grasp made explicit for 2016-2020 RZR TURBO XP and 2019-2020 TURBO-S? 

This grasp is made pre-tuned only for RZR TURBO dissimilar to the different ones I have seen. I have invested a great measure of energy testing and modifying these grip before offering them to ensure they have smooth and responsive execution on RZR TURBO XP. I do ensure this comes right for prepared to dash on and ride with loads and spring effectively in it! 

This grip unit replaces your whole essential grasp, optional grasp, and all internals… totally new gripping with the AA elite grasp pack. For 2016 and more current machines, they went to a BOSS auxiliary grip which is modest and destroys amazingly quickly and causes issues. This grip is the Team Tied rendition constructed explicitly for the transmission shaft of the 2016+ models. 

This is a similar style grip that went ahead with the 2014-15 XP 1000’s and other different better quality models consistently. This grip is an incredible plan that functions admirably and keeps going quite a while. Changing to this grip implies fewer belt/grasp issues, better grip consistency, and better execution. 

The essential grip that accompanies this unit has been tried by us as a generally excellent substitution grasp the same as the processing plant plan with incredible life span when joined with our other grip segments. 

On the path or at the race you’ll see devilish speed increase and moment grasp reaction when getting once more into the choke after pounding that corner. In the ridges, you’ll see similar advantages yet also have considerably less impeding when climbing that enormous rise. 

The machine will hold RPM so you can get where you need to go, and arrive quicker! Going mudding? Our mud arrangement will help turn those tires through the thick and profound with much better RPM and wheel speed that is critical to moving out of that opening. 

We have a colossal measure of CVT information, incredible energy for the game, and spent numerous hours testing various arrangements in reality. We realize you’ll be very satisfied with the exhibition acquire from our S4 grip units! 


  • An essentially should have when running bigger tires or oars 
  • A lot quicker speed increase 
  • Devilish choke reaction and speedier downshifts 
  • More steady grasp execution 
  • Motor slowing down in the optional grip can be taken out for all the more free-wheeling when off the choke


Hellwig 7008 Front Sway Bar

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By plan, an influence bar applies strain to the external tire, upgrading cornering capacity and strength. The Hellwig 7008 has accompanied a back influence bar since its beginning, yet numerous secondary selling organizations have been providing stiffer and more customizable alternatives for racers hoping to improve cornering ability. 

Hellwig 7008 has taken this further by adding a custom front influence bar that works related to the guard. The Hellwig 7008 framework joins to the front A-arms using Weldon tabs, and the Chromoly-splined influence bar turns off the front guard. 

Adding a front influence bar almost kills body roll and builds a foothold by keeping every one of the four tires in contact with the ground. 

With the advantages of a front influence bar promptly obvious, front influence bars immediately advanced onto Polaris’ planning phases. Polaris as of late delivered the Fox Edition XP with the primary OEM front influence bar supplementing the interior detour Fox stuns.


  • Top-notch 4140 chrome moly spring steel 
  • Quick simple bolt-on the establishment 
  • Each Hellwig influence bar is designed and produced for your particular application and incorporates innovative polyurethane bushings


Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC Winch | 9,500 Pound Load Capacity

[amazon box=”B00JXS3BXI” ]

The XP 1000 auxiliary grasp uses a cast, inside insect gear as the last drive between the grip and yield shaft. The stock cast gear has demonstrated inadequate for the weight and torque that the remainder of the framework can deal with. At the point when this cast gear breaks, you are dead in the water. 

Curtis Sparks Racing and Team Industries both sell a solidified “Dark” stuff or “grip damper” that will kill breakage. If your stuff is a gold-tone, it should be supplanted before it breaks. On the off chance that it is dark, it has effectively been refreshed. This is the best 35 bucks you can spend, and it requires around 20 minutes to introduce. 


  • Best rzr 1000 clutch kit in class 500AMP Solenoid 
  • Unit comes total with all wiring needed for establishment. Smittybilt suggests utilizing provided wiring 
  • Smittybilt offers a restricted lifetime for substitution to the first buyer on tempered steel items 
  • Double stage, powder-covered items convey a 5-year or 100,000-mile warranty, whichever starts things out


AIRLIFT 57215 LoadLifter 5000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit, Black

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Tow and take with wellbeing and solace with carrier flexible air partner springs. Transport customizable air springs guarantee that weight is appropriately circulated to each of the four tires, which balances out the vehicle. This augments wellbeing and rides solace. Lifetime guarantee – Air Lift offers the best guarantee in the business. 

While different organizations cover just the breeze springs, we cover the whole substance of the unit. Airdrop air spring frameworks shut down these regular issues: – reaching as far down as possible – squat and Headlight point unpleasant ride-influence and body move 5, 000 pounds load-evening out limit. 

Completely movable, LoadLifter 5000 packs have genuine air muscle and keep your vehicle riding level and OK with no heap, stacked, or towing on any street condition. Airdrop’s hardest air partner springs, have as much as 5,000 pounds of evening out limit, straight up to the maker’s suggested Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, and are air flexible from 5 to 100 PSI. 

Tough and strong, the unrivaled 2-utilize texture-supported air springs are fabricated like a tire. Ultra high-strength Zytel nylon end covers – solid as steel, yet less hefty, and erosion evidence – complete the air springs. 

Your unit will likewise incorporate Air Lift’s selective upper and lower move plates that expand load limit by 10% and shield the air spring from sharp edges like sections, and so on All units are designed to be not difficult to introduce and accompany a completely outlined guidance manual. 

The stock suspension is truly great in profound challenges, slowing down knocks and G-outs, yet it could utilize some genuine assistance in a couple of other key zones. One of these “key” regions is restricting body roll. Both Walker Evans and Shock Therapy have broad re-valve/re-spring bundles that improve dealing with in all cases. 

The two organizations update to a superior double rate spring and hybrid arrangement, giving enormous enhancements in cornering and off-camber feel. Stun Therapy additionally has steel stun bodies and front and back influence bars for most extreme side chomp. 


  • Completely customizable air springs level your vehicle when towing or pulling a weighty burden for a safe agreeable ride 
  • Dispose of the list and reaching as far down as possible and when every one of the four tires is solidly on the ground, slowing downtime and controlling are both improved 
  • Tough solid segments including air springs and all equipment 
  • Simple to introduce with included instructions. On event, give the air springs a hard spray with water to eliminate mud or other flotsam and jetsam


Polaris General 1000 New Primary Clutch

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For a post-retail grasp made as an OE style Polaris essential (also known as a drive) grip made explicit for ALL 2016-2019 Polaris General models. This grasp is made and pre-tuned only for General not at all like other reseller’s exchange ones I have seen. 

This comes right for prepared to dash on and ride with loads and spring effectively in it! I have invested a great measure of energy testing and updating these grip before offering them to ensure they have smooth and responsive execution on Polaris General 1000. 

SLP grip units have been planned and tried to get the most predictable presentation out of your Polaris UTV. We have been working with outward grips for more than 45 years, and ability to tune them to move your torque to the ground. By and large, advancing the grasp arrangement is the best exhibition acquire for the dollar spent. Through our testing, we have discovered two unmistakably unique grasp arrangements relying upon what sort of territory that you drive on. 

These grip units are intended for a semi-hard surface path with intermittent spat sloppy or sandy conditions. They give improved commitment quirk, choke reaction with better top-end force, and consistency over an expansive scope of rises and conditions. 

These grip packs are for high burden conditions like sand, mud, or when 1″ to 2″ bigger tires have been added. At the point when presented to these high burden conditions, the stock grasping performs inadequately, leaving the vehicle with helpless choke reaction and loss of RPM. 

These grip packs give improved commitment idiosyncrasy, choke reaction with better top-end force, and consistency over an expansive scope of heights and conditions. When running solely on the sands, see our Sand Specific Clutch Kits beneath. Note: If execution changes, bigger tires (+3″ or bigger), or weight has been added or eliminated from your UTV, kindly let us know so we can tailor your grip unit as needs are. 

These sand explicit grip packs are custom-made explicitly to running the sands. The springs that we use in these packs give a significantly more responsive feel and utilization of force when in the high burden conditions on the hills. The helixes these packs use are non-EBS variants, which diminish motor slowing down and permit the unit to freewheel when off of the choke. 

These aides keep the nose up when hopping, just as giving an extraordinary on and off choke feel as you are playing on the ridges. These units are extremely strong to RPM misfortune, keeping the motor running at its pinnacle torque level whether you are on the level or climbing that fiendish steep rise.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to use


Polaris RZR 1000 XP & S New Primary Clutch

[amazon box=”B07PS35XSR” ]

For a secondary selling grip made as an OE style Polaris essential (also known as a drive) grasp made explicit for ALL 2014-2020 RZR 1000 XP and 2016-2019 RZR 1000-S models. This grasp is made and pre-tuned only for RZR 1000 XP dissimilar to other secondary selling ones I have seen. This comes right for prepared to rush on and ride with loads and spring effectively in it! 

I have invested a great measure of energy testing and reconsidering these grips before offering them to ensure they have smooth and responsive execution on RZR 1000-XP. 

Our S3 withdraw grasp units sneak up suddenly! Regardless of the territory, they hit hard and simply continue to pull for quite a long time. On the path or at the race you’ll see devilish speed increase and moment grip reaction when getting once more into the choke in the wake of pounding that corner. 

In the ridges, you’ll see similar advantages, yet also have substantially less stalling when climbing that enormous hill. The machine will hold RPM so you can get where you need to go, and arrive quicker! Going mudding? Our mud arrangement will help turn those tires through the thick and profound with much better RPM and wheel speed that is vital to moving out of that opening. 

We have a tremendous measure of CVT information, an extraordinary enthusiasm for the game, and spent numerous hours testing various arrangements in reality. We realize you’ll be incredibly satisfied with the exhibition acquire from our grip units! 

Some will offer distinctive grasp units for 2016 versus 2017 models. These two years do require distinctive weight arrangements. Our unit is something very similar for both because of the loads being movable enough for the two years. Your arrangement rule will tell you the right arrangement for your year. 

S3 packs incorporate our exceptionally cut helix which will give you the better capacity to the wheels on 2017-18 models on account of the marginally more extreme point. On 2016 models you will see speedier RPM move into top force and better belt life. All models will see a more reliable RPM clear. Plant helixes get going steep, at that point go shallower on the top end. For super-machines, this is totally in reverse. 

We run a straight point as changing the heap on a substantial machine in a shift can cause a few issues. Essentially, 2016 helixes were too steep and therefore had belt issues, 2017 helixes went MUCH shallower and the exhibition to the wheels endures. We discovered the perfect point to fulfill everything with extraordinary belt life and incredible execution. 

For 2 seat XPT 28-32″ Tires/28-32″ oars. This helix turns out superb for the recorded arrangements and has a more forceful shift point from 0-25mph over the 1024 execution helix. This is the best 1000 clutch kits for holeshots and forceful riders that are trail riding, hill riding hustling, and racing. This arrangement will in any case creep greatly when required, however, if your riding is all the more sluggish speed/slithering, we’d recommend the 1024 helix. 


  • An unquestionable requirement have when tuning your XPT 
  • An absolute necessity have when running bigger tires or oars 
  • Enormous speed increase gains 
  • Fiendish choke reaction when on and off the choke 
  • The more productive the   force moved to the wheels


Polaris Clutch 1322971 1323130 1323283 1323308 Primary Clutch Replacement

[amazon box=”B0885YS171″ ]

EPI Polaris RZR XP 900 Performance Clutch Kit. Spic and span. Polaris RZR 900 2016, Drive Clutch Spider Shim Kit by Starting Line®. Cutting edge All Terrain ACP ATV UTV Tires18 February 2020 The Frontline ACP ATV and UTV Tires are the cutting edges in the track plan. 

I’m certain this is a security highlight incorporated into the item by plan, however dashing is a major hindrance. Before we get to the units some explanation to what in particular kind of grip each model has. There are a couple of organizations that will reflash your ECU to dispose of the disturbance code. 

It may very well be withdrawn. This permits motor turning and allows the motor to run without conveying capacity to the transmission. While withdrawing, it allows the driver to change the transmission into a different gear as per the working condition. While drawing in, the grip slips immediately. This gives smooth commitment and decreases the stun on pinion wheels, shaft, and different pieces of auto. 


  • Produced from quality materials, each piece includes an OEM Fit 
  • 100% tried before delivery


Supper Primary Drive Clutch Aluminum Cart Driven Clutch OEM Drive Clutch Compatible

[amazon box=”B07TVM2MWY” ]

This is an unquestionable requirement that have to change for your tuned RZR S 1000, RZR S/Trail/XP 900 16+, and General 1000s! Grasping is everything, particularly when you add capacity to your machine. To appropriately move added pull you need to change your CVT grip. 

Our custom loads were intended to help shift the grasp harder, bringing about more capacity to the back tires. These Goldstar attractive flexible loads have been a client’s top choice as they are exceptionally simple to change and function admirably. 

This Stage 2 likewise accompanies our essential spring, auxiliary spring, and exceptionally cut helix which assists hold with siding strain on the belt for less slip and speedier backshifts. In general, this unit adds colossal execution and will help the belt and grip life of your machine. The pack accompanies a full arrangement rule that will tell you how to appropriately change the loads for your tire size and different alterations. 


  • Gain maximum velocity over the stock gripping 
  • Much preferred force move over the stock loads 
  • Springs hold much preferable pressure on the belt over the that infusion-shaped , production line 
  • Faster backshifting when off the choke 
  • More responsive feel


RZR Lower Half Door Inserts Panels 

[amazon box=”B075NF3Y8R” ]

The Polaris RZR quarter entryways are intended to contain travelers’ arms and legs and to secure against side contacts with brush, appendages, trees, and so forth They are constructed well, and the hooks work extraordinary and don’t shake. Where they thoroughly pass up this amazing opportunity is keeping the driver and travelers clean. 

The RZR’s front tires have a genuine propensity for tossing perch, sand, residue, mud, and whatever else they can discover directly into the void left by the stock entryways. Polaris sells a bunch of infusion-shaped lower half entryways that effectively introduce onto the stock upper-entryway parts. 

The Polaris embeds are sleek, strong and, by working with the stock entryways, don’t shake. Polaris gets 400 bucks for a set, however,has there are presently a couple marginally lower-estimated choices from sellers like Pro Armor, PRP, and a couple of others. 


  • Upgrade the style of your Polaris rzr and give riders more noteworthy solace by introducing a bunch of infusion-shaped lower half entryways. 
  • These rzr entryway boards join rapidly and effectively – utilizing only one device 
  • These rzr lower entryways are not difficult to introduce and they highlight infusion shaped development


Note when using the best rzr 1000 clutch kit

The clutch is the part that cuts or connects the transmission from the machine to the wheel. When the machine is running, the machine transmits from the handwheel (crankshaft) to the front pot (dynamic clutch/starter clutch). The front pot turns the force to the rear pot (clutch load/clutch) thanks to 2 gears that are engaged. When applying force to the gear lever, the rear pot will rotate the primary gearbox and then transmit the force to the rear wheel to push the car away.

Corrosion (pot): After a period of use, the more the father, the pot leaves, the iron leaves will be worn out, the weak springs no longer have enough pressure. Parts of the clutch will slide over each other, reducing or losing the ability to transmit power, generating great heat to heat the engine, causing noise, and fuel consumption. At this time, the capacity of the machine will be lost a lot (large waste of work). The car will be lame, even though the engine is strong, but will not transmit all its power to the wheel.

The clutch is stuck, not cut completely even though the clutch has been squeezed, the clutch still won’t cut. This faulty car is often difficult to change gears, the transmission is easy to malfunction. The stick is often so heavy that when you are waiting for the red light, you can squeeze the clutch and leave the gear 1, but the car still tends to drag away and the user has to squeeze the brake, or when starting up, often have to throttle. otherwise, the car will easily stall. 

best rzr 1000 clutch kit

The car with this error is often difficult to guarantee when squeezing the clutch and in gear. In neutral (mo) garanti ok. Adjusting the clutch lever too small is also easy to make the clutch close completely, causing the clutch slippage when overloaded, reducing the life of the clutch.

Machine heater A relatively easy sign when the leaves are worn out is very high machine temperature. 

When overloaded, the energy lost due to slip turns into heat to heat the lubricating oil and components. If the clutch leaves are worn a lot or are inert, the friction part will cause the lubricating oil to “burn” quickly, the viscosity will decrease quickly, the more the clutch will slip. Besides, parts such as camshafts, valves, rings, and cylinder walls that are not well lubricated will quickly deteriorate and crack.

Poor quality oil When changing poor quality oil or too dirty oil will cause gears, friction plate, clutch hammer, and clutch bowl to slip a lot, causing rapid wear and heat of the machine. This phenomenon can also occur when a scooter is mistakenly poured into a geared vehicle. Commonly used engine oil grades are 15W40 and 20W50. Users often forget to change the oil periodically, accelerate at high gear when the vehicle is stationary or at low speed or overloaded, causing the clutch to be destroyed in a short time.


Let’s look at some best rzr 1000 clutch kit in the market below!

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