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Silk Balance Alternative is a spa water treatment system. It is made of organic material, which acts as a sponge to absorb chemicals and impurities in the water. As it absorbs, it also releases beneficial vitamins and minerals back into the water, restoring the balance of your water. 

This article will share with you the necessary information to choose the most suitable Silk Balance Alternative

Silk Balance Alternative Comparison 2024

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  • Best for Maximize: No products found.
  • Best for Environment: No products found.

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Silk Balance Alternative Review 2024

Silk Balance Natural

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This 8-inch tuning wrench gives you a precise way to make fine adjustments to the setup of your spa.

This naturopathic skin care product specifically works with the skin and works to prevent the formation of slime and sludge.

Enjoy spa & bath time in this absorbent pillow that has been infused with soothing healing elements. This gentle pillow is made of soft lambswool and helps to maintain the pH balance in your spa. The smart hydrate and clean pillow absorbs up to 55% of its weight in water.

SilkBalance Natural is a natural and effective way to maintain balanced water chemistry.

This filter absorbs chlorine in the water and prevents mold, algae, and bacteria from growing.

Optimize the oxygenation of your pool water using advanced copper and silver technology for a more balanced and natural chemistry.


  • It works well to keep the pH balance
  • It seemed to “lock” in the pH really well. It made our skin feel great, no smell at all and eczema is going away.
  • For less then a $1 per day you solved the problem, and you are using much less chlorine and other chemicals


  • This stuff is expensive but after spending $10,000 + on a hot tub, you will realize that this product not expensive 

Silk Balance Clean Start

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The deep clean. The fastest way to clean your spa. Whether it’s flushing or draining, maintenance, or an inspection, the repair kit for a hot tub connects your hot tub’s drain and return with Quick Drain Fitting and Quick-Fill Reservoir Drain Plug to remove the toughest cleaning issues

Start with ease! Soak your spa in one small bottle of silk Balance Clean Start to dissolve all the sludge and gunk. No measuring, messy creams or gels.

This concentrated liquid formula is specially blended to deep clean the spa pipes, jets and plumbing equipment. 

This is a Premium hot tub tune-up that contains Hydro-Clenz to support a quicker cleaning and degreasing of all drain valves, filters, and plumbing parts.

SilkBalance made an effective hot tub detox solution that will lower the pH of your hot tub, and ensure your hot tub is clean and healthy by eliminating the need for chemicals and mechanical products.


  • Hot tub water turns foamy white then as the oils get released you will see a orange or tan line from around the edge of the hot tub.
  • This product brought out all the oil and dirt that gets trapped in the lines of the spa. 
  • It is only to use at least 2 times a year since 
  • Great value, and it works.
  • Crystal clear water, no smell, no need for conditioner as the water is perfect


  • When you did the filling, the water was foamy

Silk Balance Natural with a Lumintrail Bag

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The combination of silk and chlorine creates a balance that creates soft, odor-free water that you can use to enjoy without the hassles of a salt water system.

Treat yourself to a spa in your back yard. The Silk Balance Natural hot tub system simplifies and transforms your back yard into a luxurious oasis, and Silk Balance NaturalTM water keeps your back yard hot tub performing at its best.

SilkBalance Natural is an all natural chemical free, spa care treatment.Natural elements and oils break down hair, scale, and residue build up in the spa’s water. The water’s pH is also fully maintained.

SilkBalance is a biodegradable, fiberglass reinforced alternative to a cartridge filter, reducing your spa’s maintenance requirements while improving the quality of your water.

The Lumintrail is great for keeping your hot tub clean and clear. This classic fitted microfiber towel is perfect for quick cleaning, non-slip performance, and is designed with an antibacterial treatment to keep your hot tub fresh.


  • This keeps the water in our hot tub soft and always properly balanced.
  • This product is awesome, like clockwork once a week 4oz in the spa and water is beautiful
  • This helps keep your  hot tub clear and seems to make the water less harsh on our skin. 


  •  It’s a bit pricey but lasts quite a while and gives you piece of mind that we’ll always have good wayer quality


No products found.

Made with 100% natural hydrogen peroxide, Nature’s Gift® Renu2 is a powerful way to keep you squeaky clean. Destroys most germs and bacteria, including influenza viruses and human papillomavirus, on contact.

Renu2 is a powdered personal care product based on an all organic plant extract. It’s a waterless wash that simultaneously neutralizes bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms which can cause rashes and skin sensitivity.

Our Renu2 is the perfect everyday cleaner. It lasts longer and actually improves the life span of any hard surface. Just spray it on, leave it and forget about it. It will dissolve grease, oil, grime, soap scum, airborne dirt, even a bee sting!


  • Works perfect in ThermoSpa. 1 Tbls after each use; 1 tbls chlorine every 1-2 week(s) based on usage; monthly rinse of filters which are always white
  • It keeps the hot tub water looking sparkling clean.
  • This has solved the problem of having trouble with the water looking cloudy after a lot of use or even after several days of no use. 

Cons: N/A

Rendezvous Spa 

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DESCRIPTION: The UNI-T UT9000 is an electrically powered chlorine dioxide cleaning system designed for use in closed containers for heavy duty sanitizing applications.

Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you are providing your equipment with a proper method of disinfection with this convenient portable unit.

Enjoy the sound of nature as this spa idler has a timer that activates, lights, and features a freshwater tank and filtration.

Installs easily in your spa without disrupting the comfort of the water or dishwashing process.


  • Buckets this size are long lasting and worth the money when using your hot tub regularly.
  • There’s a slight chlorine odor when added in a spa, however it goes away once it works its magic in the water. 
  • It’s also great because you don’t come out of the hot tub smelling like chlorine.


  • Easy to use, however would be great if it came with a measuring cup

Aqua Clear Pool 

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Developed using the same high-quality components as our other spray units but in a smaller, easier to store space.

This filter is safe for use in pools of all types including salt water pools.

Aquafina is a premium drinking water in a concentrated transparent powder form.

The Aqua Clear Systems, bring greater protection to your pool than ever before. The self-cleaning feature, allows light to penetrate through your filter bag, rendering extra protection and allowing filter part to be cleaned every 30 days.


  • Granular dry acid, fine particles will dissolve fast
  • You stirred it from time to time and it dissolved in a few hours. 
  • Raise CYA level fast and make your  liquid chlorine last for a few days.
  • Cyanuric acid (swimming pool stabilizer) is essential for chemical balance of the water


  • This is hazardous as it generates ACID dust if you pour rather than scoop

Shock Gems

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Shock Gems are a simple way to safely remove parasites from your body, helping you too

The Shock Gem is an easy way to test water before take your shower

This is the first water and sanitation brand that regularly uses social media to reach out to its audience. The website generates stories, illustrations, and videos, as well as petitions.


  • Our water is clean and feels wonderful without the chemical smell.
  • This is easy for you and anybody can add a shock gem when they get out. 
  • You don’t have to test water, even my teenagers can do this.


  • The spa filters the clear outer wrappings are never completely dissolved.

SpaGuard Enhanced

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This cold water treatment system creates a shock to allow calcium carbonate to attach to the fine mineral deposits that cause soiling and sediment.

This specialized multi-purpose shock, is designed to restore spa water shine and remove unpleasant odors. The coarse granular nature, allows the Shock to penetrate deeply and rapidly coagulate bio-film and string algae.

The SpaGuard prewetting system is a combined shock and clarifier, which will benefit your spa.

This makes bathtubs sparkle again! SpaGuard Advanced from Reflexion Labs uses patented nano particles to brighten rough or tarnished bathtubs instantly and safely.


  • SpaGuard keeps the water crystal clear. 
  • You don’t need to check the Ph or check anything else in my hot tub.
  • No scent is too strong and it’s the best scent
  • Swimwear hasn’t had the chemical fade.


  • You should put all the jets on and leave the top off after you  put it in to let the chlorine smell evaporate.


No products found.

The SPA FROG™ is a replacement swimming spa filter cartridge. When the cartridge is used in a spa under normal operating conditions and inside the water line it is continuously maintained by simply turning the filter cartridge for a clean and healthy spa environment.

NEW Frog Maintenance Shock removes contaminants in the water in your hot tub in as little as few minutes!

This maintenance is the new, shockingly easy way to shock your hot tub.

Consisting of a tall, slim, rugged cylinder that can be positioned around the water in your spa, body’s of water, and even around the tub itself and contains concentrated chlorine, which when added to chlorine increases the effectiveness of the chlorine in our hot tubs by over 400%.

A 12-pack of waterproof Black SPA FROG Magic Water Treatment to provide non-chlorine shock treatment that eliminates algae, minerals, and chlorine taste/smell.


  • Easy to use, good product. Makes hot tub maintenance easy.
  • This is doing the trick of keeping your hot tub clean
  • As advertised. 
  • Arrived promptly. 
  • Have used it once a week and keep spa water super clean and clear.


  • The packaging needs strong bonds and better protective packaging

HotTubClub – Contains

No products found.

Protect and maintain your hot tub while improving the health and beauty of your skin.

Low-maintenance hot tub chemicals formulated for first-time users and enthusiasts alike.

This special offer is for the HotTubClub members only.

This Hot Tub Club kit has been scientifically tested to ensure that it reaches spa water at a higher temperature and produces a higher level of Chlorine, which has been independently verified by a “hydro-chemical engineer”.

This spa kit includes a custom 11 point water analysis, and also includes a thorough consumer education packet which provides valuable information to help make you more aware of your water chemistry.


  • This product works great. If you weigh the bottle you will see that it does weigh out over 2lb.
  • The bottle is half-full to prevent spills..and make pouring easier.


  • The products aren’t labeled by their chemical compounds but rather labeled by what it would help with.

iONRx Hot Tub Treatment

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Hot tub treatment removes chemical odors, chlorine and harmful mineral build-up so you can swim comfortably and relax in the tub year round.

The iONRx Hot Tub Treatment is the most natural way to keep your hot tub clean, sanitized and healthy.

This blend contains highest concentration (about 6-8 ppm) of chlorine, making it highly effective for the removal of chemicals that have been in hot tubs.

This product is specifically formulated for hot tubs and spas that contain chlorine. If the hot tub contains chlorine and you have a water problem, then this is the product for you.

This natural and safe hot tub detox will help remove odors, maintain a correct pH level, and detoxify the water. This product will give you the feeling of a “new” hot tub for a few days.


  • Clear and great smelling spa water
  • It’s very simple and a great product that anyone with a hot tub should be using. 
  • With this product you are going on a month and a half without refilling!


  • It is tricky to keep the level of chlorine low enough to have fresh water yet high enough to work.

Spa Choice Re-Energize Oxidizing Spa 

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The chlorine dioxide system eliminates the need for salt, chlorine, shock and additional equipment, minimizing the space required for your spa. The Re-Energize™ Oxidizing system produces saturated oxygen to more effectively remove contaminants and odors from your spa water.

The only product that can remove chloramines (spa shock) and bromamines ( spa shock) in a simple, single step. This unique blend eliminates the chloramines and the bromamines left over in pools after bleach is used to sanitize the water.

The Spa Choice De-Oxidizing Spa is designed to deliver good oxidizing power with less than 2% chlorine residual. The Spa Choice De-Oxidizing Spa attaches to your spa and delivers quickly and efficient sanitizing of your pool or hot tub.


  • The cap is not made to be excessively tight because the product naturally degrades over time releasing oxygen.
  • This product really does a great job and does not leave residues that can harm skin or degrade water quality.
  • It’s also better for your skin … and lowers your power bill.


  •  During shipping, the lid maybe comes loose

Hot Spring Spas Freshwater 

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A simple and effective way to combat the problem of low mineral content and impurities in the tap water. 

This product will provide water softener, heater and cooler at the same time.

This high quality, fully automated, sterilization system produces lead-free water for drinking or for use in daily activities. 


  • Make sure to turn off the main 50 AMP combined (a 30, and 20 AMP) breakers, so you don’t get shocked, but more importantly you don’t burn out your water heaters.
  • The performance in your HT and dials, heating, and pleasure to use will be amazing.
  • Super easy to install and works well in your hot tub


  • Make sure to drain and refill, and hyper treat (if you have filtered water or not) the new water every 3 months.

Spa Depot Oxy-Spa 

No products found.

The Spa Depot Oxy-Spa is an excellent, no-hassle choice for anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of unwanted chlorine smell, chemical imbalance, and mineral build-up.

This system features chlorine absorbents, granular monopersulfate oxidizing shock, and monoper sulfate shock to remove unwanted water impurities.

Uniquely shaped, minimally scented deodorizing salt pool additive. The tablet shape minimizes the product in weight so that it can be easily disposed of with the regular pool filter, allowing it to produce the optimum amount of effectiveness.


  • You can run with lower available chlorine levels (.5 to 1 ppm) if you oxidize with Oxy-Spa since the chlorine only has to sanitize the pool water.
  • It really reduces the amount of work I thought was necessary to own a hot tub.
  • The purpose you should use the oxy spa mineral sanitizer was to get away from harsh chemicals like chlorine and bromine.


  • Don’t forget to change the spa filter as the shock collects the bad stuff and it gets trapped in the filter!

Spa Choice Hot Tub Bromine

No products found.

This special kit is great for those looking to go beyond the average spa therapy and enjoy a relaxing bath that can also help prevent chronic diseases such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis.

The Spa Choice white hot tub bromine cleaner and sanitizer is perfect for spas or hot tubs. It uses special bromine salts to sanitize your hot tub or spa in minutes.

In this product review, we talk about hot tub water chemistry, calcium hardness, and bromine.


  • They have not caused any erosion of the rubber tubing supplying the water to the bowl.
  • They work perfectly and seem to last at least a couple months. 
  • Tablets are mostly intact, with a few broken pieces and a few tablespoons of powder visible in the container–but the broken pieces aren’t excessive (and still work in the Kaboom).


  • These will not clean a toilet bowl that already has nasty build-up; they will just prevent the build-up from happening while the tablets are working

Informations About Silk Balance Alternative

Silk Balance Alternative

With today’s overly-processed lifestyles and less than optimal eating habits, we may need something extra to help maintain a healthy internal environment.

Research shows that drinking plenty of water may not be enough for everyone, especially those who are prone to yeast infections, skin irritations, frequent colds and flus, urinary tract or bladder issues or reproductive discomforts. Introducing silk balance: The all natural alternative spa water care system that helps you cleanse and beautify your vagina! No harsh chemicals.

What is Silk Balance Alternative?

The Silk Balance Alternative- spa water care system is a product that helps to maintain the pH balance of spa water. It is a liquid that is added to the water and helps to keep the pH levels from becoming too high or too low. This product is an alternative to the Silk Balance system. It comes in a 3 or 6 pack and has a 4 ounce capacity.

The Silk Balance Alternative- spa water care system comes with an easy pour spout that helps to prevent spills and allows for easy use. It is also convenient and simple to use. As a replacement product, it is also less expensive than the original. The product works by using a process called ion exchange which involves two liquids of different charges.

Silk Balance Alternative

How Does Silk Balance Alternative Work?

The Silk Balance alternative spa water care system is a three-step process that uses mineral balls to help balance the pH levels of your spa water. The mineral balls are placed in the filter compartment of your spa filter. This keeps them out of the way until they are needed.

These specialty balls contain no chemicals or additives and are used to balance pH levels during the water balancing cycle. Once used, simply replace them in the same place for future use. You can also use them in a fresh bucket of water to top off your spa at any time. The use of these balls during the water balancing cycle helps eliminate any chemical smells that may be present and maintains a fresh, spa-like smell in your hot tub.

What are the Benefits of Silk Balance Alternative?

The Silk Balance Alternative spa water care system is a great way to improve the quality of your spa water. This system helps to keep your spa water balanced and free of contaminants, which can help to reduce the amount of maintenance that you need to perform on your spa.

The Silk Balance Alternative works by producing ozone at a rate of 5ppm for 10 minutes per hour. The ozone then acts as a sanitizer and oxidizer, which helps to eliminate contaminants in your spa water that would otherwise cause problems for you. The ozone will also remove free chlorine from the water, which can be damaging to your skin.

The Silk Balance Alternative uses 2 oz. of activated liquid salt per 10,000 gallons. Use all the same forms of salt as in The Original Salt Water Balance.

The Basic Salt Water Balance Recipe for Aquariums can be used for mixing and/or testing water quality. It is inexpensive, simple to make, and very effective. This recipe will work in almost any aquarium.

Silk Balance Alternative

How to Use Silk Balance Alternative 

Silk Balance is an alternative spa water care system that is designed to be more environmentally friendly and easier to use than traditional systems .

Silk Balance is a great option for:

• Hot tubs and spas up to 1,000 gallons

• Spas with at least one jet and soft or hard water

• Water that has an odor problem or leaves ring around the tub.

It is made up of a series of products that work together to balance the pH and alkalinity of your spa water, while also providing corrosion protection. The Series 4 SoftMinerals System is designed to work in any type of spa, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

FAQ’s About Silk Balance Alternative 

The Silk Balance Alternative spa water care system is a safe and effective way to maintain the water quality in your spa. This system uses all-natural ingredients to keep your spa water clean and clear. Free shipping when you order online at eVitamins.

Silk Balance Alternative

Is the Silk Balance Alternative any good?

The Silk spa water care system is said to be a great way to balance the pH levels of your spa’s water. This “green” product is also a great way to cut down on the amount of chemicals used in a spa. Each packet treats 20 gallons of water, so one or two packets would easily treat the water in your hot tub. It’s said to be safe for all spas, including the ones that use heavy metals and other toxic substances.

Dissolve the contents of one water treatment packet in 10 gallons of spa water.

Does silk balance replace chlorine?

Chlorine is a necessary component of pool water to prevent the growth of algae. However, it can also be harmful to swimmers’ skin and eyes. This is why pools have a special way of treating the water.

Chlorine is added to the pool water, but it is chemically transformed into other forms that are less irritating to the body before being released into the pool water. This transformation is carried out by the chlorinator, which is an electronic device attached to the pool plumbing.

The chlorinator is usually attached to the pool filter system, often right at the backwash valve.

Silk Balance Alternative

How long does the Silk Balance Alternative last?

is a great question that needs to be answered. The truth is, it depends on how often the spa is used and how well it is maintained. Even the best spa will start to break down after a certain amount of time. The question is how fast will it breakdown? If you use your spa every day and clean it often, it will last a lot longer than if you use it once a month or less and never clean it.

What’s in Silk Balance Alternative?

The Silk Balance Spa Water Care System is a convenient and easy to use system that helps to maintain the pH balance and clarity of your spa water. It’s just a quick and easy way to help you keep your spa water clean and the spa water chemicals at their optimum levels. The system includes the Spa Water Care Kit and a smartphone app so you can check on the spa water with the touch of a button.


No products found.

NoNameImageBest ForRatingDetails
1No products found.No products found.Best for BalanceNo products found.No products found.
2No products found.No products found.Best for ProtectNo products found.No products found.
3No products found.No products found.Best for PreventNo products found.No products found.
4No products found.No products found.Best for MaximizeNo products found.No products found.
5No products found.No products found.Best for EnvironmentNo products found.No products found.

This is a great product that we like and recommend to our readers. Silk Balance alternative provides good levels of spa water care and helps to keep your water balanced, which is great for the prevention of any health risks. It’s easy to use, can be installed quickly and lasts up to 8 weeks between refills.

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