There are many brands of fabric softeners that vary in fragrance, how they perform, and even how well they soften up the fabrics. For the best overall result for all of these types of fabric softeners, let’s look at the top 5 best-smelling fabric softeners on the market based on my experience.

Top 5 Best Smelling Fabric Softeners.

Since the need for fabric softeners has been so prominent over the years, the need to find a pleasant aroma for a fabric softener has been present since their invention. Fabric softeners come in many different fragrances that can vary from each brand.

Let’s look at all of the possibilities of which are the best smelling fabric softeners from my experience, how they have helped me retain the quality of my fabrics, and what are their main key characteristics overall. The best 5 smelling fabric softeners out there are the following:

Snuggle Blue Sparkle Liquid Fabric Softener

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This liquid fabric softener has been known to be one of the more popular choices out there that are used as a fabric softener, as it has retained my clothing soft and fresh, with a great smelling aroma to my clothing garments.

The scent of this liquid fabric softener is a mixture of a citrus-like scent, meaning that it will keep your clothing with a fresh and more long-lasting scent, as this sort of fabric softener is known to keep its fragrance for a longer period.

Since this sort of fabric softener is well known for its fresh citrus type of smell, if you are a fan of this type of scent, then you will surely love its properties. It has provided my clothing with smelling fresh for longer periods.


  • Leaves your clothing extremely soft and fresh
  • Has a very long-lasting scent to the product
  • Has a citrus-like aroma
  • Comes in liquid form, scent shakes, and even dryer sheets, which each have different properties.


  • May not reduce wrinkles
  • Will not reduce the static produced by the clothing
  • Does not protect from fades, rips, or tears

Suavitel Liquid Fabric Softener

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The great thing about this fabric softener brand is that it comes in 3 main fragrances: Morning sun, Field flowers, and Soothing lavender. With the great diversity of fragrances and smells, you can choose which scent is the best for you.

I’ve used every single scent of these fabric softeners, and I personally prefer the Soothing lavender fragrance, as it has kept my clothing smelling extremely fresh and great, with the added bonus of softness and overall stain control

With the great diversity of scents for this brand, you can choose which one of these scents is the best-smelling scent for your fabrics, and which one of these cents will suffice your needs overall. However, there are a few notable pros and cons to these fabric softeners.


  • Provides great softness to any clothing item
  • Has an amazing variety of fragrances that all have their unique scents
  • It can retain softness for up to 45 days
  • Leaves your clothing with no static


  • Packaging may produce leaking if not sealed properly
  • This product is not vegan

Downy Infusions Liquid Fabric Softener (Lavender Scent)

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The Downy brand is mostly known for producing some of the best-smelling fabric softeners out there, with a great variety of different sorts of fragrances.

This fabric softener is popular for its long-lasting scent, as well as its ability to be used in multiple items of washing with just one load. It also does not require copious amounts to be used for it to provide an amazing-smelling product.

You can use this fabric softener with a combination of the same brand of fabric softener beads and dryer sheets to furthermore enhance the overall smell of the product, leaving you with a stronger smell.


  • Provides a long-lasting scent to the clothing
  • Does not require copious amounts, just a cupful for a full load
  • The product will last you for several items of washing
  • Comes in a variety of multiple products such as scented beads and dryer sheets


  • The consistency of the product is thicker than most fabric softeners
  • Does not remove static from clothing very well
  • Due to its overall structure, it may cause allergic reactions because of the ingredients

Downy Ultra Plus Liquid Fabric Softener April Fresh

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If you are looking for a strong-smelling fabric softener that can be spotted from meters away, then this is the fabric softener for you. Some may claim that this fabric softener has an overwhelmingly strong scent.

However, the Downy brand is mostly known for creating strong-smelling fabric softeners, to provide some of the most long-lasting scents that will be present for weeks on end, to even multiple months if used correctly.

With that being said, this fabric softener is economical, trying to retain the most minimal use of it to retain its fragrance, while providing the best overall results with minimal waste of product to it whatsoever.


  • Very strong April flowers scent
  • HE compatible
  • Removes static completely out of the clothing
  • Is very economical and does not require large amounts of fabric softener


  • Scent can be TOO strong and overwhelming at times
  • The consistency of this fabric softener is very thick and may have chunks

 Gain Eco Fabric Softener

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The gain brand is not the most commonly used fabric softener brand out there, however it is known to produce a few exceptional types of fabric softeners that fall in the category of best-smelling fabric softeners out there.

This formula is eco-friendly and organic, meaning that it is produced with the intent to save the environment. With that, the packaging is small and compact, meaning that it does not harbor any large amounts of fabric softener.

This fabric softener can be used in combination with scented beads, as this same brand produces them as an alternative to the liquid softener itself. It delivers a fresh fragrance to any clothing product out there.


  • Eco and environmentally friendly.
  • Packaging is compact and easy to use
  • Delivers a great smelling and longer-lasting scent to the clothing
  • Can be used with a combination of scented beads from the same brand


  • Packaging can be messy
  • Does not remove static from clothing
  • Due to its smaller size, there are no larger quantities of this fabric softener
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Fabric Softeners – What Are They Used For?

Since the invention of the modern washing machine, there have been many attempts at creating products to preserve the quality and softness of organic materials that are provided within the modern age world.

With that being said, the need for a fabric softener has been more present, meaning that the invention of these products has been needed for decades, with the intent to provide the best overall quality for your clothing or home environment fabrics in general.

Fabric softeners are a type of liquid that is used in the washing process of clothing and many other fabrics out there. As its name suggests, this chemical is mainly used to soften any fabrics and provide less-dry results, as washing machines tend to dry out our clothing.

What To Look Out For When Buying These Fabric-Smelling Softeners?

When trying to buy the best-smelling fabric softeners for your needs, there are many key factors you need to look out for, due to the diversity of these products, as these products can cause major issues or may not suffice in the needs that you need to be met.

With this in mind, you have to look out for any issues that may not suffice during the washing cycle, as things such as how the fabric softener is constructed can also be a major role in how it performs

Here are some of the more important things to look out for when going out to shop for the best-smelling fabric softener, which can also greatly affect how this fabric softener performs on your clothing. These are the following features:

Ingredients And Allergens

Due to the vast variety of what each fabric softener is made of, there can be many common ingredients that may or may not be sensitive to your skin personally. This is why it is very important to look at the list of ingredients they are constructed of.

Ingredients such as methylisothiazolinone or even glutaral can be a main cause and ingredient for any skin or rash allergies, especially for people with sensitive skin. However, if you do not have this issue, these ingredients should not be a bother.

The high amount of fragrance and scent can also act as an allergenic, as these ingredients are constructed of high amounts of synthetic ingredients that can easily be a cause for distress.

The Amount Of Static It Removes

Most fabric softeners have the feature of removing static for your clothing, however, that is not the case for every and all fabric softener out there. Some fabric softeners do not offer this feature, in fact, they even avoid it.

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For example, some of the fabric softeners on this list do not include static removal in their formula, meaning that they only add softness and even soft-smelling clothing or home articles.

With this in mind, it is recommended that you invest in a fabric softener that will remove static from clothing, as it can be a great addition to any clothing item out there.

Scent And Softness

Most of the fabric softeners are either citrus-like in smell or even have very specific fragrances such as lavender, or even any type of flower out there. This is because these scents are more popular in the market overall, and are popular for a reason.

However, if you’re looking to choose the best-smelling fabric softener, it is best to choose by personal preference, as to which one you think would suffice your needs. It is most important to go off f personal preference.

That is to say, we should not disregard the other features of the product such as how well it performs, what are its benefits, and how it benefits us overall, even though the scent plays a key role factor, it is important to consider other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fabric Softener Make Your Clothes Smell Good?

Yes, fabric softener has the purpose to make any clothing smell good overall. This also means that fabric softeners are also used to soften your clothes.

How Do I Get My Laundry To Smell Good?

Usually, using fabric softener will do the trick, however, you can also use things such as citrus oils that can be applied to your fabrics to add a better smell before washing.

Why Can’t I Smell My Fabric Softener?

There are two reasons why this issue might be happening
1.Your fabric softener is not strong enough, meaning that the construction and ingredients of your fabric softener are not very present.
2.You have gotten used to the smell of your fabric softener, so the smell isn’t that noticeable to you.

Final Words: Fabric Softeners.

Since we have discussed the larger variety of fabric softeners out there, your choice depends on which preference you have regarding the smell and fragrance, and how it performs in the fabrics.

With that being said, It is important to look into all of the features that each fabric softener provides before making your final choice, as the consideration of all of them is important.

You can also experiment and find which one of these fabric softeners is the best for you, which one of them is the best smelling fabric softener for you, and how it affects your clothing and the overall softness of your clothing.

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