The 3 Best Snorkel Gear Sets On the Market

Snorkeling is a popular activity that you can enjoy in many different kinds of waters. You may want to snorkel on vacation or explore the bottom of your local lake. To do either of these things, you could rent snorkeling gear, but you would end up spending a bit of money over time. If you are interested in snorkeling, then you probably want to know what the best snorkel gear is on the market. Flippers, snorkels, and masks are all part of snorkeling gear sets that you need to check.

Flippers, snorkels, and masks are all a part of snorkeling gear sets. Different sets come with a different standard of quality for the items within the set.

Whether you are someone who is getting into snorkeling for the first time, or if you have been snorkeling for a number of years, we have excellent recommendations for the snorkeling gear you should get. A full review of what to expect from this paddleboard, and how it compares with the competition.

How We Rate The Best Snorkel Gear

Snorkeling Gear usually contains a pair of flippers, snorkel, and a mask. To discern what the best snorkeling gear on the market is, we had to come up with a set of standards that we rate each snorkeling gear set on. We rate the best snorkel gear based on the following criteria:

  • Flipper/Fin quality
  • Mask quality
  • Snorkel quality
  • Price
best snorkel gear

Flipper/Fin Quality

We consider flipper/fin quality when reviewing snorkeling gear sets because the flipper/fin is a very important aspect of the snorkeling gear set.

Flippers help propel you when you are underwater. If you have a pair of flippers that are uncomfortable or low quality, your diving experience will likely be affected. Similarly, the quality of the flippers can give some insight as to whether or not they chafe.

Some flippers you can use without wearing snorkel socks, while others require snorkel socks to prevent chaffing and other uncomfortable skin tearing.

Mask Quality

Quality snorkeling gear that we consider to be the best must also include a mask of respectable quality. The mask is a very important piece in a snorkeling gear set.

The mask is how you see underwater and can greatly impact your experience depending on why you are diving. If you are diving for pleasure, you probably want a mask that gives you a wider more open field of view.

If you are diving for work, you are probably going to want a mask that has more protective properties. Speaking of protective properties, some masks are also hypoallergenic a consideration that those with skin conditions will definitely want to take into account.

Snorkel Quality

The most important piece to consider is the snorkel. Having a quality snorkel is necessary when you are diving because that is how you will be able to breathe underwater. Certain snorkels are considered “dry” and can help you by preventing water from entering the breathing apparatus.


At the end of the day, price factors into whether or not we think snorkel gear is worth it. If snorkel gear contains high-quality items at a high price, the quality of the items will be taken into consideration. However, if low-quality items are sold at a high price, the item will probably not appear on this list.

Best Snorkel Gear Sets On the Market Reviews 2024

Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set

[amazon box=”B003S9N8H2″ ]

The Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set is an excellent snorkel set with a clear mask, 100% dry snorkel, and quality flippers. This snorkel set also comes with a bag that can be used to store all of the items that come with this set.

Flipper/Fin Quality

The flippers that come with the Cressi Palau Set are definitely high quality. The fins come with an open heel and a fully adjustable strap that makes fitting the flipper to your foot easy.

In addition to the fully adjustable strap, there are also short blades that extend from the foot pocket. These blades are used to help reduce the amount of drag divers experience underwater. Experiencing less drag also helps make these flippers accessible for people who are new to snorkeling.

One of the last measures of the quality of the flippers that come in the Cress set is the fact that these flippers can be worn barefoot comfortably. You don’t have to worry about buying an additional pair of flipper socks.

Mask Quality

The mask that comes with the Cressi Palau set is a silicone two window mask that is low profile. The mask comes with a skirt edge and adjustable straps. Both design additions allow for the mask to fit different face sizes.

Another benefit of the mask that comes in the Cressi set is that it is hypoallergenic. You won’t have to worry about chaffing or aggravating skin conditions with this mask.

Snorkel Quality

The Supernova Dry Snorkel that comes with the Cressi set is a 100% dry top snorkel. This dry top snorkel has a special valve on top of the tube that keeps air out. This valve makes it so that you do not have to clear the snorkel when you come back up above the water.

The snorkel also has a splash proof dry guard making it even more waterproof.


The Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set is available on Amazon. We think this is an excellent entry price for snorkeling gear especially for the quality of items you receive in the Cressi Palau set.

The Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set is a quality set that includes well-designed flippers, a hypoallergenic mask, and a 100% dry snorkel. It is hard not to recommend this set, especially for beginners.

Great Mask, Fin, and Snorkel Set for TravelingSome reviews say that the design for the fin straps is not good

U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set

[amazon box=”B01ABT6MT2″ ]

The U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set is an affordable snorkeling set that contains quality flippers, mask, and snorkel. This set is also very colorful as it can be purchased in a wide variety of primary colors.

Flipper/Fin Quality

The flippers that come with the U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set are full foot fins. These full foot fins have a soft closed-heel foot pocket that is meant to fit as comfortable around a bare foot as possible.  

In addition to providing excellent comfort, the flippers that come with the Cozumel set have energy efficient vented fan blades. These fan blades are dual composite and provide great power while also helping the wearer maintain energy. We think these are excellent flippers for traveling long distances.  

Mask Quality

The U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set comes with a mask that has its own patented 3-way adjustable Pro-Glide buckles. These buckles make it easy for wearers to fit the mask to their face. The nose on the mask is also flexible, so you don’t have to worry about having a stiff or sore nose when you are done snorkeling.  

The mask that comes in this set is also a two-window mask, meaning that it will be very easy for you to see out of this mask while you are swimming.  

Snorkel Quality

The Cozumel snorkel is equipped with a snorkel guard and Hydro-adhesion technology. This technology essentially makes the snorkel waterproof by preventing splashed water from entering the snorkel barrel.


The U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set is available on Amazon. We think this is an excellent entry price for snorkeling gear especially for the quality of items you receive in the U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set.  

The U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkel Set provides entry level snorkeling equipment at a very low price. You receive quality flippers that are designed to allow for long-distance underwater swimming sessions. We think this is an excellent snorkeling set for beginners who want to snorkel long distances.

The mesh bag feature adjustable shoulder strap for more comfortProvide less propulsion than long fins, which could be a plus if you snorkel in shallow water

Seavenger Diving Set

[amazon box=”B00UM9UAAY” ]

The Seavenger Diving Set is a beautiful snorkeling gear set that comes in a variety of different primary colors. A distinguishing factor of this snorkeling gear is the snorkel and mouthpiece’s reduced jaw fatigue. 

Flipper/Fin Quality

The fins that come with the Seavenger set are meant to be as comfortable as possible. They feature quick release fin buckles that retain the strap length that you initially set. This is useful for quickly getting the flippers onto your feet so you can get into the water.  

These fins are known as “trek” fins. These fins assist the swimmer by allowing for minimal drag. Because these fins have minimal drag, they are great for beginners who are getting used to snorkeling. We think experienced divers will appreciate the ease with witch they can move with these flippers.  

Mask Quality

The mask that comes with the Seavenger diving set is a wide view, single lens mask that promotes a broad field of view. The view is made out of tempered glass lens making it easy to clean. The silicone skirt around the mask is flexible and is meant to provide a comfortable fit for a wide range of face sizes.   

The mask also has custom strap placement with swiveling mask buckles. This configuration allows for the wearer to strap the mask across the middle of their head, or slightly below or above the middle of their head.  

Snorkel Quality

The Seavenger snorkel has a water blocking snorkel top that prevents water from splashing in when the wearer goes below the water. It is built for easy water clearing and requires an exhale to purge solution for clearing the water. This is a technique that folks who are familiar with snorkeling will find easy, but beginners may struggle.  

The Seavenger snorkel also boasts reduced jaw fatigue. The full flex sections of the snorkel curve around the face so that the mouthpiece sits in a natural position. This is important as jaw fatigue can greatly limit the enjoyment one experiences when they are diving.  


The Seavenger Diving Set is relatively affordable depending on the size of the flippers that you purchase. If you have Amazon Prime, you could receive free shipping two-day shipping for this set.    

The Seavenger Diving Set encourages good habits that folks who intend to snorkel long-term need to build. The snorkel included in this set requires that the wearer knows how to come up for air and purge water from the snorkel. This means the wearer relies less on the snorkel, and more on their ability to utilize it as an effective tool.  

When combined with the low price point, we think this is an excellent snorkel set that can teach beginners how to effectively use snorkels.  

Each item is durableStraps on the fins have a tendency to break

Snorkel Gear Buyer’s Guide 

To determine whether or not a snorkeling gear set is for you, it ultimately comes down to what you feel comfortable with.  

You will notice certain masks fit better on your face and remain more comfortable than others. Trust what you feel is comfortable for a mask, or you will end up with a mask that makes you feel uncomfortable ​under water.  

Next, make sure you are comfortable with your flippers. You want to make sure that you purchase flippers that fit your feet and don’t slip off. Don’t settle for going a size above or below the size you actually wear.  

Finally, how comfortable you are with your snorkel with greatly determine whether or not a snorkeling set is for you. If you are comfortable with purging water, then you can save money and purchase snorkeling gear that requires purging.   

The Best Snorkel Gear Makes Snorkeling More Comfortable  ​

Many of the snorkeling gear sets that we consider being the best share one thing in common. They are all comfortable. Comfort is important when picking out the snorkeling set that you use, especially if you are a beginner.  

The more comfortable you are with your ​snorkeling gear, the more you will enjoy snorkeling. 

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