Technical Pro H12x500UBT Reviews: When Music Touches Our Hearts

The amplifier is essential to get better sound while listening to music or watching a movie. Hence, many electric brands debuted a range of advanced amplifiers. So, I believe you do not know which amplifiers you should buy because they are all excellent. This article will introduce Technical Pro H12x500UBT, an outstanding amplifier in the market now, to help you get more choices.

How To Choose The Amplifier

technical pro h12x500ubt

An amplifier is necessary when the signal is to be boosted in strength or volume. Many technical aspects need to be considered for the amp to suit your needs for amplifiers. Here are some technical aspects of an amplifier that can help you choose which one will suit your needs best:

Types Of Amplifier

An amplifier is a technical term for an electronic device that boosts the power of audio signals. There are many different types of amplifiers, but there are two main categories: tube and solid-state. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Tube amps produce a warmer sound but require more maintenance than solid-state amps; they also tend to be less expensive than comparable solid-state amps because tubes are cheaper to manufacture than transistors or integrated circuits (ICs). 

Solid-state amplifiers produce a more transparent sound but may not provide as much warmth as tube amps do; they also require less maintenance than tube amps because ICs can handle high voltage spikes without breaking down as tubes do.

Inputs And Outputs 

Amplifiers are electronic devices that increase or decrease the power of sound. They can be used to amplify anything, but it is primarily associated with boosting the volume of an audio amplifier (or “speaker”) so that one can hear it more easily. 

Outputs are an amplifier’s output terminals where you connect your speakers. Inputs are what you plug your device into to have it amplified by the amplifier. 

You will find inputs on a CD player, turntable, cassette player, etc., and outputs on a receiver or amplifier. It’s important to know which is which because if you’re misconnecting something, there will likely be no sound at all! 

technical pro h12x500ubt

For example: If I have my amplifier hooked up wrong and I try to play my CD player through the amplifier, there might be no sound at all. I have connected the amplifier’s output to the CD player’s input and not vice versa. 

An amplifier with one speaker is fine for a small area like a bedroom or garage. But for a larger space, you’ll need several speakers. The amplifier needs to send power to each speaker separately so that they can play different notes or sounds at the same time. 

For example, if I only had one amplifier hooked up to my amplifier, all music would come out of just one speaker. If I want to hook up three amplifiers, I would need to have three hooked up, and each amplifier needs its own speaker. 

So, you can see that amps with multiple speakers give a more dynamic listening experience as they can produce different sounds simultaneously. And you should check inputs and outputs to help amplifiers work well.


The amplifier channels are the most critical part of an amplifier. They are what makes it possible for your amplifier to produce sound. The amplifier channels can be single-channel or multi-channel, depending on the type of amplifier you’re using. 

Single-channel amplifiers usually have one speaker hooked up to them, and they work by sending power through this single speaker that will then convert into sound waves. 

Multi-channel amplifiers usually have more than one speaker attached to them and work by splitting up the power between each individual amplifier channel for these speakers to do their job correctly. 

This means that many people use multi-channel because they want their music played at higher volumes with more precise sounds. Still, there are also other uses too, like powering your amplifier as well as powering your amplifier.


technical pro h12x500ubt

What is special and unique about amplifiers? Every amplifier is special in its own way, thanks to the features that make it unique. The amplifier’s key features make it stand out from the others, and also, these amplifier features make it much more efficient than before. 

These amplifier features include power management, monitoring devices, soundboard display screens, isolation slots, heatsink technology. Power management, for example, is responsible for the amplifier’s durability and how well it can run. 

Isolation slots and heatsink technology can prevent your amplifier from overheating too quickly, while power management is there to help you manage your amp’s power better. This makes it more efficient than before by being able to have everything in one amplifier.


Amplifiers are an essential part of any sound system. They take the signal from your amplifier and increase it to a level that will be heard by everyone in the room. 

But how do you know which amplifier is suitable for you? This article will answer that question by telling you what amplifier wattage to look for, depending on your needs, as well as some other considerations when picking out an amplifier. 

Your amplifier wattage requirements are determined by the speakers you want to power, among other things. For example, amplifier wattages can vary greatly depending on whether they’re powering floor standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, or outdoor speakers.

Another thing to consider is how powerful you would like to go in your amplifier. If you simply want background music for casual listening, amplifier wattage as low as 10 watts will be enough to power a decent set of speakers.

If you want maximum volume or want to experience sound quality without any noticeable distortion or static, amplifier wattages between 100 and 200 watts will be the best fit for your needs.

Wiring Options 

technical pro h12x500ubt

Music is a language that can touch our hearts and connect us with another. But if your amplifier isn’t wired correctly, the sound quality will be poor, and you’ll lose most of the music’s dynamic range. 

It’s crucial to get it right before connecting all of your speakers. If you are not sure how to do it yourself, hire an audio professional – they know what they are doing! 

The amplifier has two options for wiring: series or parallel. The difference between these two layouts depends on what kind of amplifier setup you have, so consult the amplifier manual before proceeding! 

Series wiring connects each speaker in succession from left to right across one side of the amplifier outputs, while parallel connections are made by running cables from output to output across the amplifier. 

If you have a 4-channel amplifier, for example, there should be four connections from the amplifier to the speaker. These are typically labeled as “FR” which stands for front right, FR+ (for rear right), FR- (front left), and FL (back left).

If your amplifier is a 2-channel amplifier, these labels shift to “FL” being the front left speaker, and “FR” representing the rear right. If a setup has a crossover, a separate amplifier will likely be required for each set of speakers.

Before plugging any devices in, make sure that all amplifier gain levels are completely down by turning them counter-clockwise as far as they will go. This prevents amplifier clipping when the amplifier is switched on. 

The amplifier uses a speaker wire to be purchased at any electronic store to connect your amplifier’s outputs to each speaker in your setup. When speakers are wired in parallel, the impedance of each speaker must be added to determine the total impedance so that your amplifier can work out the amplifier power it needs to supply. 

For example, if you have a 4-ohm amplifier and three 8-ohm speakers parallel, the total impedance will be 12 ohms.

If your amplifier is rated at 150 watts (RMS) and your system’s impedance adds up to 12 ohms, this means that each speaker will receive about 50 watts (RMS). 

If all four channels are wired in parallel, the amplifier will supply 150 watts (RMS) to each speaker. You can use multiple amplifiers together if your speakers require more power than what’s provided by one amplifier but remember that you’ll need to purchase an amplifier for each set of speakers! 

The amplifier also features a series crossover. The amplifier’s low-pass crossover has multiple controls for adjusting the cutoff frequency as well as the slope of the filter, which is measured in octaves. If you’re unsure what any of this means, just set it to “full-range” and call it a day.

Technical Pro H12x500UBT: Overview

technical pro h12x500ubt

The Technical Pro H12x500UBT is a very powerful amplifier. It can produce 500 watts of power and has an input sensitivity range of 250 millivolts to 10 volts. This means that the Technical Pro H12x500UBT will work with any speaker or subwoofer you plug it into, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues. 

The Technical Pro H12x500UBT also features a bass boost switch for an extra low-frequency response. 

The Technical Pro H12x500UBT is designed by professionals to meet all the needs of professional users who need high-performance powered speakers. 

If you want your music to be heard loud and clear over long distances, then this could be the perfect amplifier for you!

The Technical Pro H12x500UBT is the ideal amplifier for getting absolute power in an affordable package! The Technical Pro amplifier can handle any application, from powering a small PA system to a high-powered sound reinforcement system. This amp offers flexibility without compromising on output, and it’s versatile enough to be used for virtually any application. Everywhere from stadium events and live performances to flight line operations and theme parks, this Technical Pro amp will provide incredible bang for your buck!


  • Lightweight and compact size amplifier that can be moved or transported easily
  • The amplifier’s sound is crisp and clear.
  • Bluetooth is compatible with wireless connections to audio devices.


  • It lacks a few inputs that other amplifiers have.

Technical Pro H12x500UBT: Key Features

technical pro h12x500ubt

I purchased this amplifier to use in a concert hall. I was looking for something that would be powerful, versatile, and capable of providing good sound quality. I am delighted with my amplifier. It does everything I need it to do and more!

It has a sleek, stylish design. I also love how it is Bluetooth compatible! The amplifier has one of the highest wattage outputs I’ve seen in an amplifier. It also has very versatile inputs and outputs and a USB and an SD card slot that can be used to play music directly.

I would recommend this amplifier to anyone who is looking for a well-rounded amplifier. 

Technical Pro H12x500UBT Reviews

After learning basic info about Technical Pro H12x500UBT, let’s follow our review for this amplifier.

Type Of Amplifier

Technical Pro H12x500UBT is a solid-state amplifier. It amplifies their input signals y utilizing solid-state electronics. It has an amplifier circuitry based on the transistor. The H12x500UBT amplifier control according to the current. The output transformers are selectable, so it is easy to operate.

technical pro h12x500ubt

This solid-state amplifier is affordable and reliable, so you do not need to maintain it. However, it is challenging to troubleshoot due to more details.

Besides, the H12x500UBT solid-state amplifier owns higher damping agents and harsher distortion. Its sound is more stable and consistent. When using a solid-state amplifier, your space almost does not have noise; the temperature is independent of the environment. And this equipment is lighter compared to other products.

Inputs And Outputs

The Technical Pro H12x500UBT is a low-to-mid-range amplifier with two inputs. The Technical Pro H12x500UBT has an easy, straightforward design that appeals to users of all levels due to the provision of large, bright meters for level setting and simple setup switches. 

Besides, Technical Pro H12x500UBT is are essential to make sure you get the Technical Pro 500-watt subwoofer. Technical Pro 500-watt subwoofer is an excellent product for bass lovers. 

Technical Pro H12x500UBT amps come with various input options, including digital optical input, coaxial input, and analog inputs; this makes Technical Pro suitable for almost any type of setting. 

Technical Pros also provide outputs such as RCA (which has stereo), composite video output (for use in conjunction with televisions), and HDMI connection (for use in conjunction with HD televisions). 

Technical Pro’s come with speaker connectors on the front where speakers are securely fastened to Technical Pros using Technical Pro’s heavy-duty speaker terminals. Technical Pros are rated at 12-500 watts of pure, clean power to make any setting impressive.

Technical Pro 500-watt subwoofers have been designed with the latest amplifier technology, featuring Direct Energy HD amplifiers that offer high efficiency and low distortion for crystal clear sound reproduction. 

Technical Pros also come equipped with an integrated 24dB/octave crossover network that provides seamless transitions between different types of speakers or audio components so that you can enjoy your music without interruption from outside noise or interference. 

With Technical Pros’ rugged construction and extended warranty, these are some of the top-rated products on the market! 

Technical Pro 12-Inch 500-Watt Powered Subwoofer is a great way to enhance your home theater system. This Technical Pro amplifier is used in some of the best cinema sound systems on the planet. 

And now you can experience Technical Pro power and performance right at home with this 500 watts powered subwoofer, which will make even your most demanding music come alive again! 

Technical Pro H12x500UBT has a 20 Hz – 200 Hz frequency response and 650 watts RMS continuous output power. It features a down-firing design that provides deep bass from an amplifier cabinet that’s only 11 inches high (height). The built-in amp delivers plenty of low-end punch. 

Technical Pro 12-Inch 500-Watt Powered Subwoofer also has line and speaker level input connections, matching up to any system. Technical Pro H12x500UBT has a 12-inch down-firing woofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils for wiring flexibility, heavy-duty carpet, and nonskid feet. 


The Technical Pro H12x500UBT can power up to twelve speakers or eight OHM loads. The impedance of the speakers must stay within the range of four and sixteen OHM for the amplifier to work correctly. A bass boost for Technical Pro H12x500UBT is included to optimize the sound output. 


Control And Connection Features

Technical Pro H12x500UBT includes an Input Sensitivity Switch (250mV/2V) to match input sensitivity with different sources; it also has a high pass filter switch for off or 80 Hertz cutoff frequency. 

Remote control included Technical Pro H12x500UBT Amplifier offers the ultimate versatility and power! It’s perfect for bands with multiple speaker cabinets, DJs who need to hear their own speakers, and any musician that wants more power! 

Not only that, but the manufacturer does not forget to add Bluetooth connection to its products. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that has been integrated into Technical Pro amplifiers to provide a higher-quality listening experience. 

Bluetooth also provides the opportunity for individuals to be mobile without being tethered by cables. Technical Pro amplifiers have an inbuilt amplifier and a Bluetooth interface. 

Connecting a Bluetooth-enabled device to Technical Pro will allow the user to control the volume or skip tracks from up to 33 feet away. Technical Pro amplifiers can also work with music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, and many others.

Safe And Bass Boost Features

technical pro h12x500ubt

Audio amplifiers are most often used to increase the power of an audio signal. Technical Pro H12x500UBT amps are designed for high-end sound systems with a need for more power. 

Technical Pro H12x500UBT amplifiers have many different aspects that can be customized, but two of Technical Pro’s best features are the bass boost and the speaker protection circuit. 

Technical Pro has some safety features. It owns an internal electronic crossover network that prevents Technical Pros from sending low frequencies to tweeters, damaging Technical Pro. 

Technical Pro H12x500UBT also comes with speaker protection circuits that turn Technical Pros off if a short circuit or speaker wire disconnection within Technical Pro’s circuit boards. Technical Pros are designed to protect speakers and provide optimal power. 

Technical Pro also has a bass boost that increases Technical Pros’ low-end frequency response by about 12 decibels. Technical Pros add an extra punch to any sound system and protect Technical Pro’s from damage, whether Technical Pros are in your car, boat, or business. 

Technical Pro H12x500UBT amplifier has an aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat from the amplifier’s internal components. Aluminum was chosen due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. 


This Technical Pro H12x500UBT is a heavy-duty amplifier with an RMS power of 650 watts and peak power of 6000 watts. As you can see, this power level is outstanding compared to current competitors.

Thanks to the noticeable wattage level, This Technical Pro H12x500UBT is suitable for the sound system in the significant events at large spaces (halls, dome theaters, stadiums, etc.)

Wiring Options 

You can set up a series wiring connection using this product because Technical Pro H12x500UBT is a 12-speaker engineered to provide the best performance possible. 

This amp has an RMS power of 650 watts and can handle up to 400 watts when in bridged mode. In the bridge mode, 12 channels with 2 ohms per channel (bridging for 4 ohms).

Technical Pro H12x500UBT: Alternative Products

Marantz PM10S1 PM-10 Integrated Amplifier

Marantz PM10S1 PM-10 Integrated Amplifier, Black
  • The new reference class integrated amplifier
  • Four switching power amplifier channels in bridged mode (two per channel) for maximum grip and drive
  • True balanced concept from input to speaker to realize ground free signal management
  • Massive power: 200w per channel into 8ohms, and 400wpc into 4ohms
  • Easy driving of a wide range of speakers

I have been looking for an amplifier for my home theater room. I was looking for something that could power my 8inch woofers. I also wanted to be able to bridge the amplifier so it could double the amplifier strength. After researching different amplifiers, I found the Marantz PM10S1 PM-10 Integrated Amplifier. 

I liked all of its features and how well it was made. With dimensions of 17.83 x 17.32 x 6.61 inches, this amplifier was perfect for my home theater room. 

I can easily connect my CD player, turntable, TV, DVD player, and Blu-ray player to this amplifier by using multiple connections available on the unit. 

The amplifier has four channels, and each amplifier channel can deliver 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms. The amplifier has a True Balanced Concept technology from input to speaker to realize ground-free signal management and quickly drive a wide range of speakers.

The amplifier is packed with devices such as a passive preamplifier, four amplifier channels, a switching power amplifier in bridged mode (two amplifier channels per channel), and balanced technology from input to speaker. 

The amplifier’s channels have a damping factor of greater than 150, which means that it can drive speakers with low impedance without loss of control or compression. In contrast, this amplifier does not have a high-frequency limiter, so there is no need to worry about high frequencies that will be lost.

The amplifier has deep foundations with a low impedance amplifier channel, which means that it can drive speakers with low impedance without loss of control or compression.

This amplifier has an excellent heat dissipation capability because of the large heatsink used on both amplifier channels in bridge mode. This amplifier is also very effective for driving low impedance speakers, eliminating the need to worry about high frequencies lost when driving speakers with low impedance.

Yamaha A-S2100BL Natural Sound Integrated Amplifier

Yamaha A-S2100BL Natural Sound Integrated Amplifier
  • Floating and balanced power amplifier with MOSFETs, Symmetrical design in pursuit of ideal stereo reproduction
  • All-stage fully discrete construction, balanced transmission and low impedance design
  • Superior quality electronic volume control for optimum sound
  • Level meters visually reflect the dynamics in the music, Headphone amp with fully discrete configuration
  • Elegant design with luxurious real wood panels, Discretely configured phono amp

Yamaha A-S2100BL amplifier is a natural sound amplifier that has great features. It is made to be on the cutting edge of technology. The amplifier can handle any kind of music because it has all the necessary requirements for each music style. 

The amplifier is designed with MOSFETs and has a balanced design. It also has the capability of floating the power amplifier to match the sound dynamically. It is created with all-stage, fully discrete construction to create a superb stereo sound reproduction. 

The A-S2100BL amplifier also features a superior quality electronic volume control that will adjust your music’s volume to enhance your audio. It also does not produce the annoying humming noise that makes you annoyed. 

If you’re looking for an amplifier that will take your sound system to the next level, this amplifier will be perfect for you! With its elegant design and natural wood panels, this amplifier provides high quality and durability at an affordable price.

Crown CDi 6000 Two-Channel, 2100-Watt @ 4Ω, 70V/140V Power Amplifier

Crown CDi 6000 Two-Channel, 2100-Watt @ 4Ω, 70V/140V Power Amplifier
  • Extremely versatile; rated for 2-, 4-, 8-ohm loads and 70V and 140V outputs
  • Switch-mode universal power supply
  • Intuitive front-panel LCD screen for quick, easy configuration
  • Onboard digital signal processing includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay, and output limiting
  • Up to 20 user defined DSP presets are available

The Crown CDi amplifier is equipment for both home and commercial use. It can be used in either a two-channel amplifier or amplifier unit. 

The amplifier is rated to operate with either 4, 8, or 16 ohms of load, making it versatile for amplification needs. The amplifier has two modes of operation, one that has a power output of 2100 watts at 4 ohms and the other 40 watts at 16 ohms. 

Additionally, the amplifier offers 70V/140V outputs ideal for commercial amplifiers because they require more power output.

This amplifier offers features also not typically found on an amplifier unit today. These features make this Crown amplifier stand out from the competition because it has onboard digital signal processing, including crossovers, EQ filters, delay, and output limiting. 

It can store up to twenty of these pre-defined DSP settings that can be recalled at any time. This amplifier also gives users easy access to the amplifier’s functions through an intuitive front-panel LCD screen which makes setup quick and easy. 

I am using an old-school 100 watt Marshall amplifier. I bought this amplifier to replace the amplifier that came built into my speaker cabinet. With this amplifier, I was able to push the speaker to its limits. 

The way it has been designed allows for use in all kinds of metal mayhem. There is one amplifier setting that I like to use on the amplifier. It is called my “chickens-coming-back-to-life” setting. When you push this amplifier to its limits, it produces a very loud screeching sound. 

Well, when chickens lay their eggs, they make this same sound. So, if I am playing at a level that is too loud for the venue, I switch over to my “chickens-coming-back-to-life” setting, decreasing the volume. 

My amplifier came with a remote, making turning it on and off much easier when you are in front of an audience. I use this amplifier four nights a week, and it works very well.

Home Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier 2X120 Watt

No products found.

I was always looking for an amplifier that would be able to power my speakers effectively without the amplifier blowing out. The Home Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier 2X120 Watt was ideal because it had enough power to do just that. The amplifier also has many other features that I liked, such as EQ controls and pager/mixing mode.

It is very easy to set up and use. I also like the fact that it had several input options, which allowed me to hook up different devices with ease. 

The amplifier is also cheap for how powerful it is, making it ideal for anyone looking for a quality amplifier at an affordable price. I would highly recommend this amplifier to anyone looking for something high-powered without a high price.


It can be challenging to find Technical Pro H12x500UBT reviews that are worth reading. We hope you found this guide and the examples we provided value for your Technical Pro H12x500UBT purchase decision, as well as a way to learn more about how music touches our hearts.

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