Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Player: Get Ready to Make the Leap to the Pros

Making the leap to the pro levels can be extremely daunting and not every intermediate player might be ready for this big leap. Having the right tennis racquet can certainly make this leap easier and improve your skills greatly.

Having the best tennis racquet for intermediate player is one of the best tools to have in your arsenal when you move on to the bigger leagues. We have searched far and wide and talked to many of the most advanced players to get their take on what they consider will be extremely beneficial to intermediate players.

We were able to try out these racquets and now we would like to share our feelings on how these racquets could improve your overall gameplay.

With that being said, let’s look at the top tennis racquets for intermediate players.

Tennis Racquet
Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Player: Get Ready to Make the Leap to the Pros 3

Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Player

Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone Tennis Racquet

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One of the top things that make the intermediate racquets more advanced than the beginner racquets is the stringing. The stringing is more advanced and players will be able to get more distance behind every shot and even more control with this simple improvement.

The stringing tension on this racquet has been set to medium. This helped us get more shots connected with the sweet spot and thus is allowed us to play better finishing shots.

The medium stringing also helped us to learn the basics of spinning the ball and any intermediate player will have a great game when using this racquet.

The style of the racquet is very professional and this helps exert a more professional feel. The new patented comfort zone material that has been included will also help players to have more control over the shots and reduce the vibration that comes with every shot. We believe that intermediate players will greatly benefit from this and it will allow you to play more freely and comfortably.

The gripping feature has also been enhanced and players will have fewer problems keeping the racquet in hand when they sweat. This is great for prolonged games and training sessions. We highly recommend this racquet and we believe that the price will pay for itself over the many years of use that you have from the racquet.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the racquet is made from extremely durable and high-quality materials that will allow you use the racquet for longer periods of time. Should the stringing begin to disintegrate, the racquet can simply be restrung and you will have a strong and reliable racquet.


  • Durable and quality design
  • Shock absorption technology to give you more control
  • Perfectly strung with a 20% increased sweet spot


  • The price might be a barrier to less fortunate players

Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet

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We were lucky enough to try a few more of the Head brand racquets and they were quite impressive compared to some of the beginner racquets.

The Total Sweet spot Construction in the head of the racquet was extraordinary and it spreads the sweet spot throughout the entire face of the racquet. This ensures the user that every shot will come off perfect and it makes it easier to play those difficult shots. This helped us out of many bad predicaments.

The racquet also features a revolutionary damping system that will reduce the vibration on the racquet by 27%.

For us, this was a great feature as it assured us more control over every shot and the ability to play those more advanced spin shots. This will also help players that tend to pay backhand shots with one hand.

Furthermore, we were able to hit more shots with the extra-long design and the 112 square inch head made it harder to miss a shot than to hit the ball. This is also a great feature for beginners and this racquet might be great for beginners as well. The racquet will be a huge investment as players will be able to use it all the way until they become pro and perhaps even during that time.

Finally, we sought out some intermediate players and compared the balance and weight to some of their racquets. This racquet stacks up perfectly and might exceed some of the other racquets in terms of the balance.

The racquet is also stylishly designed, but it might be a little expensive and this might discourage some buyers. We believe the price will even itself out over time.


  • Extra-long construction to ensure that you make difficult shots
  • Larger sweet spot for a better connection
  • Stylish design and professional look


  • Average grip feature

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

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While the Wilson brand has been known for creating the best beginner racquets, this racquet will certainly blow the mind of any intermediate player when it comes to features and perfect quality. We had the opportunity to try this racquet and we found it to be one of the top tennis racquets on the market at the moment.

The racquet has been stylishly designed and also factory strung that assures you of a durable playing process. The oversize constructed head of the racquet is great for hitting every ball and it will also ensure that you have the extra explosive power behind every shot.

This feature really helped us to play more winning shots when we were able to get the ball into a gap on the surface. This feature is also great for improving your serve.

The racquet is also quite light and the goal of this feature is to enhance the ability to control the racquet. This also helps you maintain more control over every shot and you will be able to play those more advanced spin shots more easily. This racquet actually allowed us to learn some spin shots and improve the slice and chip shots.

We highly recommend this racquet for intermediate players, but beginners will also be able to use this racquet. The racquet will help beginners to advance their game much faster and also allow intermediate players to make that transition into the big leagues. We were able to feel very confident with this racquet and it helped us to improve our overall game much faster.

The price might be a little excessive, but even beginners will be able to use this racquet for a very long period of time, allowing you to save money as you get better and the sport becomes more expensive.

Overall, we believe that the Wilson brand has done something new for the stronger players by maintaining most of the mass in the frame, while also dropping the weight.


  • Lighter racquet with all the mass
  • Great for beginners as well as intermediate players
  • Stylish design
  • Oversize head for better connection


  • This racquet might be a challenge to get used to

Babolat 2015-2016 Pure Drive STRUNG with COVER Tennis Racquet

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The Babelot 2015-2016 tennis racquet is one of our all-time favorite tennis racquets. The racquet is a little more advanced than most of the other intermediate racquets and we were able to enjoy every moment of playing with this racquet.

First, we loved the style that it is constructed with some high-quality materials and the durable and stylish cover which has been added to the racquet, gives it that professional feel and look.

The racquet is designed for softer players, but the stronger players will also be able to use the racquet to their advantage.

You will generate a lot more spin using this racquet than with the other racquets and we were able to apply our beginner level spin shots with this racquet to huge effect. The gripping feature is brilliant and we did not have the racquet slip even once. The racquet didn’t even become sticky when we were sweaty.

The player will also be able to choose the string that is used and the color. This allows players to customize their racquets just like the professionals and ensure that you have the perfect racquet that you love. Having a racquet that you love which fits your style, will give you more confidence and you will be able to play better and more difficult shots.

The cover is also amazing. It will allow you to store one racquet and a few balls. On the inside of the cover it has been padded and this will provide you with a level of protection from damage when it falls and also when transporting the racquet. The shoulder strap will allow you to comfortably carry your racquet and keeping it safe when it is not in use.

We highly recommend this racquet for beginner and advanced players. Softer players will also have the most benefit from using this racquet and you might be able to spin your opponent out of the game.


  • More advanced design and construction
  • Larger head with extra power added to every shot
  • Added carrying bag to make transport easier
  • Perfect for softer players to help with spin


  • Harder players might not get enough power behind their shots with this racquet

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

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This racquet is not only intimidating in terms of the features that it comes with and the design, but it also looks intimidating and will definitely improve the confidence of any player before they have even started to play or use the feature that the racquet is packed with.

We were able to give this racquet ago and just by picking it up, you are able to feel the difference in the gripping feature and you will know that it made from high-quality materials. The racquet never slipper nor did it become sticky in any of our games.

The racquet is quite heavy and we believe that stronger players will be able to enjoy every part of the racquet.

The stringing is perfect and it has been balanced to ensure that you still have the freedom of perfect control and the ability to play shots with the heavier frame. The professional stringing has increased the sweet spot and players will be able to get a better connection with every shot and this will allow you to finish the game more easily when your opponent plays a bad shot.

We highly recommend this for advanced players and intermediate players that are slowly progressing to the advanced level. The price should not even be a factor and we think that once you have achieved the professional levels, you will be thankful for this racquet and then it will still be great to use for casual play and for training. The Wilson Company has definitely set themselves apart from the competition with this racquet.


  • Great for stronger players
  • Perfectly strung that gives you a bigger sweet spot
  • Perfect gripping feature for prolonged play
  • Intimidating and stylish look


  • Might be a little heavy for softer players
  • The racquet is quite expensive


Choosing the right tennis racquet for an intermediate player can be a difficult process. It is important to consider your playing style, budget and preferences when selecting one that will suit you best. The weight of the racket plays a major role in terms of power, control and spin potential. A lighter racquet may help generate more speed but with less stability while heavier ones offer greater control with some sacrifice on agility.

Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you as each person has different needs depending on their game level and playing style. We hope this guide has helped provide insight into which type of tennis racquet would work best for someone at an intermediate level. With the right equipment in hand, enjoy improving your game!

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