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Bestseller No. 1
Apex Energetics K-79 Glysen-Synergy (60 packets 4caps each)
  • Glysen-Synergy combines four complementary formulas that each support sugar metabolism and help maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range.*
  • Glysen (K01), Adaptocrine (K02), Fibromin(K25), and Protoglysen (K28) are combined into one easy-to-use package for the client. Each serving is packaged individually with the combination of these four formulas.
Bestseller No. 2
Apex Energetics K-64 GI SYNERGY (90 packets 3 caps each)
  • Three formulas in one: H-PLR, Yeastonil, and Parastonil.
  • Each serving is packaged individually for convenience.
Bestseller No. 3
GI-Synergy™-SM K-83
  • Supports the intestinal terrain
  • Each serving is packaged individually with combination of three formulas
Bestseller No. 4
Apex Energetics Oxicell (K-22), 1.6 oz
  • Oxicell KR-22 provides glutathione and superoxide dismutase in a topical cream.
  • These antioxidants are vital for cellular health and protect the cell against oxygen radicals and mitochondrial oxidative stress.
Bestseller No. 5
Apex Energetics Protoglysen 90ct (K-28) Helps Support Both The Metabolism and Peripheral Utilization of sugars with Specially Selected phytonutrients
  • Support both the metabolism and peripheral utilization of sugars with specially selected phytonutrients
  • Key ingredients include extracts of maitake mushroom, bitter melon, and Gymnema sylvestre
Bestseller No. 7
Source Naturals L-proline 275/l-lysine 275
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Combining herbs, nutrients, nutraceuticals in one formulation.
Bestseller No. 8
Roex Vitamins | L-Lysine | L-Proline | Muscle Maintenance and Recovery | Healthy Joints | Nutritional-Supplement | 120 Count
  • POWERFUL COMBO - Roex Lysine Proline is a powerful combination of two essential amino acids, L-Lysine and L-Proline that are needed to make hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine. When they two amino acids are combined, they help the body to form collagen that makes up bone cartilage and connective tissue.
  • ESSENTIAL AMINO - L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that is a necessary building block for all protein in the body. L-Proline is a major amino acid found in cartilage and is important for maintaining youthful skin, and proper functioning of joints and tendons, and helps to maintain a healthy heart muscle. *

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