Best Water Shoes For Women Who Love To Hike And Swim

The great outdoors is calling you.

Are you ready to get out there? Hiking through forested mountains, swimming through babbling brooks, and generally getting back to nature are all staples of a happy and healthy life.

However, the great outdoors can really tear your feet up. Luckily, there’s a product for that. We’re talking about water shoes.

But not just any water shoes will do for the woman who wants it all. You need something that provides support while offering durable protection. Oh, and something you can get on your budget.

Eek. The list is getting longer. How are you supposed to find all that? Well, we can help. That’s because we’ve got the skinny on shoes. Specifically, the best water shoes for women who heed the call of the wild.

You’ll be able to hike, swim, leap, and laugh with this collection of fashionable footwear. If you’re ready to get started, read on to discover our top ten picks for the best water shoes for active gals. We’ll also divulge the secrets on how to choose the best pair of kicks for you.

water shoes for women
Best Water Shoes For Women Who Love To Hike And Swim 4

How We Choose the Best Water Shoes for Women

We take water shoes seriously, because your foot health is no joke. We choose our ratings the right way, incorporating lots of factors into the score. Check out how we do it:


The modern goddess of nature needs a versatile water shoe. We know you’ll need to go places besides the pool with your digs, so we’ll examine how they hold up in the water and on the trail.


What are these shoes made of? We’ll dive deep into the makeup of your new footwear, so you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re getting a long-lasting, comfortable shoe for your money.

Customer Reviews

What have other women said about these shoes? One of the most important factors in determining whether a product is a good buy is to find out what others have said about it.

Top 10 Best Water Shoes for Women

Are you ready to get outside? Check out the top 10 best water shoes for women on the market today.

ALEADER Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

[amazon box=”B07K6S4TM3″]

We just can’t say enough about these quick-drying shoes from ALEADER. Unlike traditional water shoes, these have added sole and arch support. Know what that means?

Yep, that’s right. Hop out of the water and jog up the mountainside, because these babies won’t rub your feet raw or create any blisters. FluidFlow technology allows water to be drained through the outsole so you can switch seamlessly between activities. Ladies absolutely adored these shoes.

Adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex Climacool Boat Sleek WaterShoe

[amazon box=”B01MG9CSEI”]

These Adidas Climacool boat shoes are probably the most attractive shoes on the list. You can’t actually tell they’re water shoes, they just look like some sweet sport shoes.

But they aren’t. These shoes are an absolute gem when it comes to comfort and stability. With a specially formulated TRAXION outsole, you’ll get amazing grip with these shoes.

Not only that, but easy-breathe mesh combined with stretchy synthetics means they won’t rip or tear on you for many years.

Women rave that these kicks make it easier than ever before to switch from hiking to swimming — and these shoes are so cute you may be able to wear them out to dinner.

RYKA Women’s Hydro Sport Water Cross-Training Shoe

[amazon box=”B00I9TMZTS”]

The water shoes from Ryka are feminine and super hardcore at the same time. These are aquatic cross-trainer shoes, meaning they’re good for both jogging on the beach and water aerobics class.

The synthetic materials are all chlorine-resistant, and the midfoot webbing provides support across the entire shoe.

The insole is quick-drying with holes for drainage, but it’s also removeable if you want an even faster dry. These shoes are perfect for every activity, from hiking to swimming to camping and everything in between.

Ladies loved the quick-drying shoes, with many gushing about comfort and stability.

Chaco Women’s Outcross Evo MJ Hiking Shoe

[amazon box=”B00NJXNCYG”]

If you’re ready to splurge, look no further than the Chaco Outcross Evo. These shoes advertise first and foremost as hiking shoes, and they certainly have the technology to back that claim up.

Get ready for a different experience with this shoe. The polyurethane insole couples with a nylon support shank to bring you the very best of wearable wonders. These ultra-lightweight shoes offer adjustable heel straps, and the soles are made specifically for women.

We can’t stop saying nice things about these shoes. They’re great for the ocean, great for the mountains, you can bring them to the river — the possibilities are endless.

Merrell Women’s Water Shoes

[amazon box=”B07DYGG35W”]

You won’t go wrong if you end up purchasing a pair of Merrel Sieve-Style Shoes to take on your next adventure. These shoes are comfortable, stylish and built to last.

They’re made of waterproof leather, which brings you the very best in both comfort and durability. Unlike some other women’s water shoes, these offer something called “toe-box protection”. This means all your toes will be enclosed and protected from the elements.

Despite this, the shoes are quite breathable. The material ranges from mesh to thick rubber on the 1-inch soles, so you’ll have all the arch support you need.

Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal

[amazon box=”B0017L7ZR2″]

Teva knows how to make a good outdoor sandal, and the Omnium is a testament to their abilities. The closed-toed sandal is great for active walking and hiking, while the webbing overlays offer multiple points for draining out water.

Like many other Tevas, the Omnium features stretchy elastic and durable synthetics. These combine to provide you with a great shoe which is suitable for uneven surfaces like riverbeds and hiking trails.

Customers raved about the amazing arch support of the shoes, but a few complained of blisters. Though it could be from user error, it’s important to note if you are particularly susceptible to rubbing.

KEENmen’s Newport H2 Sandal

[amazon box=”B01H763M8G”]

The KEEN Newport is a sport sandal that will take you both in and out of the water. Washable polyester webbing gives this shoe a comfortable shine and ensures stability in all situations.

The hydrophobic mesh won’t weigh you down when you’re out for a water adventure, and the sandal offers toe protection to keep your feet safe when you decide to hike up that mountain or head over to that paddleboarding spot you’ve been wanting to try.

These shoes are described as rugged and incredibly useful, if not the most attractive sandals on this list.

Northside Women’s Burke Sandal

[amazon box=”B00MNLLR2Y”]

The waterproof sandals from Northside are fun, attractive and sturdy enough to keep you going day and night. The rubber outsole is multi-directional, providing traction from all sides when you go over wet or uneven ground.

The shoe won’t get soaked if you want to splash through some streams on your hike because of the water-resistant material. If you want to take a jump in the lake yourself, you won’t be uncomfortable afterwards because these shoes are quick-drying.

The bungee lacing system ensures your shoes fit snug like a glove, but not too tight — in other words, perfectly.

Best Water Shoes for Women: Buyer’s Guide

water shoes for women
Best Water Shoes For Women Who Love To Hike And Swim 5

Now that you’re familiar with the best water shoes for women on the market today, let’s go over some qualities that you need to look for when making your purchase.


Arch support is one of the most important factors to consider when making your purchase. If the shoes you are considering don’t have proper support, run the other direction. Especially if you’re going to use them for some heavy-duty outdoor activity.

Stumbling around on improperly-supported feet will contribute to destabilizing your arches, and cause foot pain which you can easily avoid.

The Perfect Sole

When choosing a shoe, pick one with a comfortable sole. It should provide proper support and be thick enough to protect your feet from various objects on the ground.

Many people go wrong with soles when they buy water shoes. That’s because they think it just isn’t an important aspect. Won’t your feet be protected in the water? The answer is yes, but if you’re planning on buying a hiking/swimming shoe hybrid, the sole does matter. Get a thick one, and you’ll save yourself a lot of pain in the end.

Snug Fit

This almost goes without saying, but you want to make sure your water shoes fit well. If they don’t fit, your feet will be subjected to rubbing which could possibly result in blisters. You definitely don’t want those, so make sure your shoes fit well.

Buy the Best Water Shoes for Women and Tackle the Great Outdoors

The best water shoes for women are versatile, comfortable, and at least a little bit attractive. Every shoe on this list fits the bill.

If you’re hankering to get outside, what are you waiting for? Get a pair of these babies and get to splashing.

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