Best Quality For Your Money: X Laser Aurora 4C Reviews In 2023

You want to buy a laser, but you’re unsure which one is best for your needs. The x laser aurora 4c quad-aperture light lasers are the perfect solution.

The X Laser Aurora 4C quad-aperture light lasers are the most potent laser show kit on the market. They contain four powerful CO2 lasers, each of which can deliver up to 10 watts of power.

The kit includes all the components needed for a basic setup, including mirrors and mounts for your projector screen or wall. It also comes with software that allows you to control everything from timing to colors and effects.

You get two controllers (one for each side), so it’s easy to set up different shows simultaneously. All in all, this is an excellent product at an unbeatable price point!

This laser has been used by DJs, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, theaters, and more worldwide because it’s versatile and powerful. It’s also affordable enough that anyone can afford it!

Although they are beneficial in many aspects, you tend to get little information about them. There are not too many sources on the Internet providing you with valuable information; therefore, you may feel confused.

Knowing your concern, we have written this article to give you some information about this quad-aperture light laser type, including definition, features, advantages, disadvantages, and how to choose a light laser in general.

Let’s jump into the article and see what we’ve got for you!

Firstly, I think you need to know what is the X Laser Aurora 4C. We see that not every person visiting this article knows complete information about this product; therefore, it’s necessary to have this section.

What Is X Laser Aurora 4C?

x laser aurora 4c

X-Laser is one of the most popular brands for laser accessories, which are produced in the USA. All the products are designed to allow their customer to get laser light with excellent beam quality.

The Aurora 4c quad-aperture light lasers are lightweight and portable lasers, which function well on every surface of wood, plastic, steel, paper, or living material.

Aurora 4C quad-aperture light lasers allow you to choose even between green and red colors for the design.

This choice is perfect for different purposes since some people prefer green lasers while others want more significant output.

The green and infrared lasers also provide you with precise and reliable laser welding. There is no doubt that your professional life will be easier and more efficient in light-laser technology.

The X Laser Aurora 4C: At The First Glance

x laser aurora 4c

– 4 channels, each capable of outputting up to 400 watts at 100% Duty Cycle

– LED status indicator on each channel. (Red or Green)

– Modular design allows for future upgrades and expansions.

– The output power of the 400-watt laser is adjustable via dial knobs on each channel.

– The entire machine is built with an aluminum alloy construction.

– It outputs up to 4 beams which are completely clean and safe to the human eye. Each beam is adjustable via a dial knob on each channel.

– The main chassis of the machine has built-in cooling fans to keep the unit safe during operation.

– It’s optimized for smaller venues but big enough to meet industry standards.

– Auto alignment system gives no need for manual setup or adjustments.

– High resolution and refresh rate of up to 80,000 Hz for a smooth transition between colors. The entire unit is controlled via included ethernet controller—no need for any additional hardware setup.

– It also includes a built-in MP4 player capable of playing hundreds of selectable video files with audio.

– It includes a beamer for projecting the images onto your projection surface.

– This unit has been designed to have little maintenance required, meaning it’s perfect for venues with staff shortages or time restrictions.

The X Laser Aurora 4C: In Details

Laser Aurora 4C is a quad-aperture LED light fixture that has been designed as a versatile solution for all spectrums of applications. In this article, we will go deep into the features of the Laser Aurora 4C.

We will also explain its innovative features and how they make it a unique product for any installation.

Operating Principles

x laser aurora 4c

First of all, we will explain the basics of how this fixture works.

As you might already know, Laser Aurora 4C is a quad-aperture LED light fixture, and each aperture holds an individual 20W power supply and housing 12 x 5W RGBWA LEDs (5 red + 2 green + 3 blue).

The central element inside the fixture is a unique optical system with a 13-facet prism that distributes the light from each aperture into a perfect 120-degree beam angle.

Therefore, each of the four quadrants produces powerful beams pointing in all directions and covering quite an area. In addition to this, the central element has been designed as a one-piece unit.

All the parts are joined together with metal inserts. The system is based on an aluminum die-cast frame that ensures that all components are securely mounted together, maintaining total optical alignment.


x laser aurora 4c

This fixture is a versatile solution for the installation due to its high intensity and extensive accessories range. 

The Aurora 4C Quad-Aperture Light fixture is also one of the most stable machines on the market, with little maintenance required. It is optimized for small to medium venues with its high power yet compact design.

With its high power but compact design, the Aurora 4C is perfect for small to medium venues. The machine has a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use.

This product has been created to be the most powerful and reliable laser in the industry.

It has four outputs, capable of outputting up to 400 watts per channel at a 100% duty cycle. The machine has a modular design, meaning it can be upgraded in a variety of ways.

The custom-built power supply unit ensures that this machine can achieve everything it can do without compromising its performance. The Aurora 4C also has a modular design which allows for future upgrades.

This product comes with an enclosure to protect it from dust, humidity, or other environmental factors. Also, this open-air system ensures that the unit doesn’t overheat due to a lack of airflow.

Laser Aurora 4C comes with the unique Prismatic Dimming system that allows different levels of intensity setting, which can be remotely controlled using an optional eight-channel controller.

This enables the light designer to set different light effects and create spectacular sceneries with fog machines.

This fixture has been designed with a 13-facet prism that distributes the light into a perfect 120-degree beam angle creating powerful beams pointing in all directions.

Furthermore, it has already been widely used in numerous applications worldwide because of its superior optical system and low power consumption.

The Aurora 4C laser can be used in many different fields like entertainment, sports, and advertising. It is highly customizable, meaning it can suit any environment or requirement that you might have.

X Laser Aurora 4C Benefits

X Laser Aurora 4C is a quad-aperture performing light fixture. It can turn on and off up to four laser beams at once, which provide effects that spectators from miles away can see.

Great For Nighttime Events

x laser aurora 4c

This product is especially great for nighttime events, as it will set your event apart from any other outdoor activity in the area. X Laser Aurora 4C provides an experience that you won’t find anywhere else! 

This product has been used at many significant events, including live music festivals and outdoor nighttime sporting events. Live bands have also used X Laser Aurora 4C to provide a stage experience that their audiences will never forget!

Set The Mood For Productions

x laser aurora 4c

Artistic directors can use this product to set the mood for their productions. For example, you could turn on the green laser beam to simulate the soothing light of a bright full moon.

Black and green lasers provide an intense beam that is capable of light showing at great distances. They also can be seen in many different conditions, making them perfect for outdoor events.

Red lasers are much less intense than their colored counterparts, making them ideal for lighting specific props and scenery in a production.

The possibilities are endless, which makes X Laser Aurora 4C such an exciting product to work with!

These powerful and versatile lights can be used to set the mood for a wide range of productions, and they will surely impress your audiences!

Versatile And Energy-Efficient

x laser aurora 4c

The X Laser Aurora 4C quad-aperture performing light fixture is an innovative and versatile device that can be used for many applications, including schools, theaters, clubs, and more.

Moreover, they are designed for indoor applications such as factories, exhibition halls, and gymnasiums; they are also suitable for outdoor applications such as stadiums or open-air event venues.

Regardless of the application or use case you need to fulfill, the Aurora delivers with its four different types of laser colors (red, green, blue, and white) as well as an RGBW color mixing system so you can create any color on your own.

The Aurora also features a variety of lens shapes, such as round lenses or rectangular lenses. This product has long using hours because it is energy efficient, which means lower operating costs over time!

Various Modes

x laser aurora 4c

The system will automatically respond in a dynamic sequence to music in a DJ show in sound-activated mode. In this mode, the Aurora 4C operates in Auto standby mode and allows for DMX control.

X Laser Auroras 4C is designed with four operating modes: fade, strobe, sound active, and DMX-controlled.

The quad-laser fixture can use each of these modes simultaneously, which means they can be used in conjunction.

Various Beam Angles

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They also offer more advantages than small because each aperture can be adjusted to provide various beam angles. 

In this case, it also comes with three different beam angles to suit various needs. This allows you to direct the light exactly where it needs to go without wasting energy on parts of your work area not being used at all times.

Compact Size And Easy To Use

x laser aurora 4c

X Laser Aurora 4C quad-aperture performing light fixture is compact, perfect for installation in small spaces. The maximum aperture, the maximum divergence angle, and the minimum divergence angle can be adjusted.

It has a multi-function touch screen controller that allows you to select from different operating modes, set parameters, and adjust brightness or color temperature at your fingertips.

The single cabinet contains four independent heads that can be controlled as one or set individually to create any number of lighting effects, including individual dimming and strobe functions for each head.

Durable And Convenient

x laser aurora 4c

X-Laser Aurora 4C quad-aperture performing light fixture is built with durable materials, making it perfect for use in schools and libraries.

The X-Laser Aurora 4C is also fully compatible with the VISTA Control System, making it easy to control large numbers of fixtures from one location.

It features four completely independent apertures that can be controlled individually or together in any combination of manual or automatic mode. This means that you have a lot more options when you’re designing your lighting scheme.

You can even set up a sequence of color changes across all four apertures at the same time! The versatility of this fixture will work well for many types of spaces – from classrooms to auditoriums to gymnasiums.

X Laser Aurora 4C Limitations

x laser aurora 4c

The limitations of the Laser Aurora 4C quad-aperture performing light fixture are that, for the light to be projected, there must be a constant airflow.

The other limitation is that once you turn these lights on, it will take time for them to warm up before they’re fully projected.

This means that if you want to use this fourth-generation LED fixture, you should plan and get it ready before the event starts.

Another limitation is the size of both the lamp head and reflector for this particular fixture. This can make it difficult to work if you’re in a tight space or have low ceilings because it cannot project as far as some other fixtures on the market today.

Furthermore, there must be a plug-in nearby for this light to work correctly. This fourth-generation LED fixture is great for small stages, but it cannot accommodate big sets because of its size and the intensity of its light.

Lastly, even though this light can withstand some bumps here and there, you do not want to drop them because it could damage the LED light.

Reviews X Laser Aurora 4C 2023

Soaiy Aurora LED Laser

[amazon box=”B01N222LXA” ]

With its lovely free-flowing appearance, you may enjoy the majestic Scandinavian Northern Lights from the comfort of your own home. 

Personalize your bedroom, sitting room, children’s space, gaming room, and more with the Aurora Projector. Involve you daily.

The remote may be used to turn on or off the device, revolve it or not, change the brightness and volume intensity, change to natural sound, change the sound and light mode, and set a timer. Kids and adults alike will find it simple to set up.

It includes four timer settings (half-hour, four-hour, and time off) for what you want. There are three brightness settings to choose from: 30%, 60%, and 100%. The projector comes with a hazy lid that you can remove to make the image clearer.


– Decent size

– Soothing sounds to get some sleep

– Convenient rotate on and off button

– Diverse brightness levels


– Customers complain that the light should be brighter

Chims DJ Laser Lights Projector

[amazon box=”B06XRCJRD8″ ]

This light should make you feel magical, romantic, magnificent, and unexpected. 24 Designs in RGB Laser Lights were used to create 96 different combinations of pictures. The finest gift-giving and entertaining option.

It’s an excellent-quality, small-in-size, yet unexpectedly robust device. The compact design makes it convenient to use, and it’s also simple to set up. 

This product comprises an excellent-quality Laser Diode, a long-lasting heat removal system, and a robust metal casing, all packaged in sturdy packaging that will endure a long time.


– Amazing laser light

– Portable

– Easy to set up

– Bright lights


– Limited customization on the remote

Chims Aurora Galaxy Projector

[amazon box=”B08GCYLBPR” ]

The small laser light’s constructed lithium-ion battery can be recharged via USB power generators, making it portable.

This miniature laser light features four-color supplies: blue, green, red, and orange, as well as a variety of Aurora designs and a star backdrop light. 

The stunning special effects can be music-activated and synchronized to the beat of the song. With a single button, you may select between three settings.

The Chims Mini Laser Light can be used for various purposes, including parties, shows, DJs, and inside and outside décor. It would be an ideal choice for a birthday celebration, company celebration, dance party, karaoke, campground, or outside party.


– Compact

– Convenient sound activation modes

– Lights up the room

– Battery-powered


– It takes a relatively long time to charge. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing X Laser Aurora 4C

There are some factors that you need to consider to choose which illuminating light fixture is the best pick for your needs,

Type Of Venue

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First off, you need to determine what type of lighting fixture will work for your specific space.

The farther away from the stage the lights are positioned, the larger they will need to be, so make sure there’s enough space available. Wherever you place them, make sure they’re secure and won’t fall.

For example, if your room is small and has low ceilings, then a recessed can would not be a good idea because it would not illuminate the room due to the lack of space fully.

Your white beams will need to be at least 50mW for them to look bright enough on stage; this is the minimum required for most shows.

The colored beams must also meet the same standards, but if you want a more intense color beam, such as green or blue, a minimum of 100mW is recommended.

If you want a more visually calming color, such as red or orange, 30mW will be enough.

Kind Of Bulb

x laser aurora 4c

Furthermore, as another factor, you want to consider what kind of bulb will work best for you and how much wattage they require so that you do not go over the maximum amount of watts available in your house or business.

You also want to look at the color temperature of the light. The higher it is, the more relaxed and more sterile it is likely to be, while lower color temperatures will cast a warmer tone.


x laser aurora 4c

Lastly, you want to determine what features your lighting fixture has, such as dimmable lights or energy-saving capabilities like LED bulbs do. These types of features are great for saving energy to save money in the long run.

Here are some factors that you want you to consider. Next, let’s move to a part where we will point out steps to follow when buying a laser light fixture. You can also apply these steps for X Laser Aurora 4C.

Steps To Take When Deciding To Buy Laser Light Fixture

Choosing a performance light fixture is difficult without knowing what you want. It is also challenging to know the specifics of the fixture because they have so many different features and styles.

If you know what you want your venue or home to look like, then choosing a light fixture will be a lot easier.

Gather Information About Your Needs

x laser aurora 4c

Gathering information about your needs can help with the process of choosing a light fixture.

Gathering information about your needs includes figuring out what you want for your home or venue lighting and understanding any limitations that may exist for this type of application.

Look At Options On The Market For Your Needs

x laser aurora 4c

There are many options on the market for different types of light fixtures, so it can be hard to find what you want. You may need to look at several other options before choosing one that fits your needs and meets all specifications.

Read Reviews And Ratings On Each Option

x laser aurora 4c

Reading reviews and ratings on each option can help you narrow down your choices. You may find information about what you want to know but might not find it anywhere else.

The reviews and ratings will also give you an idea of cost, durability, ease of use, and other important factors influencing your decision.

Review The Warranty For Each Option

x laser aurora 4c

Reviewing the warranty for each option is very important. You need to know what type of warranty you are getting and how long it will be valid.

The cost and terms of a warranty can vary depending on the manufacturer, so make sure that you read through all the information before making a final decision.

Ask For A Quote From Each Option

Suppose you are having problems choosing between options; the best is to ask for a quote from each one. You can also hire a professional lighting designer or consultant to help you make the right decision if you want more guidance.

They will look at all your needs and help you find the best option for your venue or home.

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:

FAQs about X Laser Aurora 4C

– Does it have a DMX connection or stand-alone?

No, the X Laser Aurora 4C quad-aperture performing light fixture does not have a DMX connection. It runs on mains power and has a stand for permanent placement.

You can set the fixtures to DMX Enhanced Stand-Alone Mode, which will sequence with music input.

You can also program stand-alone show presets using Aurora’s eight quick select buttons. These represent common lighting sequences that are sure to turn your floor into an instant party!

– Do you need an electrician to install X Laser Aurora 4C?

x laser aurora 4c

No, the Aurora 4C fixture allows for direct connection to a 120v power outlet and is pre-wired and ready to use.

The X Laser Aurora 4C features a DMX-controlled 12:1 dimmer that can be easily programmed from any Mac or Windows, including your laptop.

You have also hardwired this light into your electrical systems; there’s no need for an electrician if you’re familiar with basic home wiring.

And because it has such excellent brightness, we recommend setting up the Aurora 4C as close to the dance floor as possible so it’ll have an easier time filling the room with color!

– What are the advantages to buying X Laser Aurora 4C instead of renting from another company?

There are several advantages to buying your light instead of renting.

– Maintain 100% control over the fixtures you choose, including color temp choices

– Upfront costs are not a concern since they pay for themselves in a few months while providing a more cost-effective solution

– Owning your fixture always ensures someone on the other end for customer service and maintenance concerns. We can currently service our lights locally or via phone/email, but some countries do not have local representation at all

In addition to these benefits, you might know that X Laser Aurora 4C is an LED light that will provide high-quality controllable illumination indoors or outdoors – perfect for any task, large or small.

It is about the size of a shoebox but makes light that illuminates objects up to 60 feet away with just 2.5 watts of power – about the same as a 15-20 watt halogen bulb.

– Is there any difference between X Laser Aurora 4C performing laser light fixtures and other lights?

x laser aurora 4c

It can depend on what you’re trying to achieve. If you want a bright and saturated red color, some lasers produce better than others.

Generally speaking, LEDs and RGBs offer brighter colors at a lower cost per watt than lasers. Still, their colors will never be as saturated or vibrant because the beam cannot really “wrap” itself around objects in the way that light from a laser scan.

Lasers also typically offer more lumens (brightness) per watt of power consumed – meaning they may consume less electricity over time for optimal illumination.

If you need bright, crisp images of dissected insects or microscopic slides, nothing beats the detail of an optical laser; however, if your needs are more artistic, then lasers might not be for you!


Generally, the X Laser Aurora 4C quad-aperture performing light fixture is the perfect tool to create a magical experience for your guests.

The intense colors and patterns will wow them, while you’ll be able to choose from four different operating modes that suit any occasion or mood. This laser can even change color on the fly if you’re feeling inspired!

It’s easy to set up with just two cords: one power cord and another DMX control cable plug into our 12V DC input. This means you’re not restricted to hanging it from your ceiling and can even use it as a portable light display.

The Aurora 4C is designed for professionals who regularly put on events. It’s lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to pack up after the party has ended.

On top of that, the control panels are well labeled and quick to learn, which means you won’t need any technical expertise to use this laser light. It even comes with its carrying case, so it’s protected when you’re not using it.

The Aurora 4C is a great way to add excitement and energy to any kind of party, whether it’s a rave or a holiday event. And if you are in love with it, do not hesitate to buy it right away.

If not, just make sure you keep researching and don’t give up. You will soon find the laser light fixture you want.

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of the article. Thank you for staying with us till the end. Goodbye and see you in our next article.

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