2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews That You Should Not Miss In 2022

When you scroll into this article, we know that you must be a fan of the Osu game. The quick speed, the high-level accuracy demand, and the focused coordination make the game attractive to many people. Therefore, you may consider reading 2 key keyboard osu reviews. 

And we have to say that we’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will talk to you about some basic knowledge about the Osu game and some tips in helping you choose the right Osu keyboard for yourself. 

We know that it is a relatively exhausting journey because you have many options in the market. Also, not many websites will give you a thorough review guide about the game and the keyboard. Therefore, we’re here to accompany you! 

Now, let’s dive into the reviews and see what we’ve got for you!

First, we think you should know some about the Osu game; specifically, the Osu standard is here.

How Can We Play Osu Game?

2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews
2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews That You Should Not Miss In [year] 9

Beat maps in the Osu game are made up of three elements: hitting circle, slider, and spinner. These elements are called “hit elements” or “circles” and are displayed in various locations on the computer screen multiple times during a track.

Cymbal crashes and spinners are included in Taiko beat maps. Fruit and spinner are organized in a horizontal descending pattern on Catch beat maps. Buttons, which are shown as bit grips, create Mania beat maps.

The user engages with the things to the music beat when the beat map is presented with background music, generating a rhythmic pattern as the user contacts the items to the song beat. Each beat map has its backdrop and melody.

Now, we think that you have gained some knowledge about the element in the Osu game. We know that with some of you, this part may be unnecessary. You may think that you’ve played this game for thousand times. You’ve already known about this. 

However, the article audience is not just experienced gamers like you. There are still many beginners trying to figure out this game, and even people who have just heard about it decide to give it a try. 

Therefore, since some of you have had a broad picture of this game, we will discuss the advantages of playing Osu. 

Advantages of Playing Osu Game

2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews

Listen To Different Songs

Firstly, the most obvious advantage is that you may have the opportunities to listen to various songs worldwide, even those not widely popular. Interacting with many pieces also helps you improve beat counting and listening, which require tremendous time practicing. If you want to step into the music industry, the game can be a helpful tool for you to relax and learn at the same time. 

Better Eye Coordination

If you have ever played this game, you will understand why. This game teaches you to focus on every detail on the screen. Unlike the other games, you may allow ignoring some unnecessary information. With Osu, everything is vital. 

Some of you may think that it will block your thinking and movement. However, it’s even the opposite. Osu will display all the notes you have to hit and guide you to hit each note each time. 

Some notes may be irrelevant at this time but will become crucial later. You need to train your mind to filter which notes you should hit right now to the nearest future. Not many games will teach your eyes like that.

Accurate Hand Movement

With better eye coordination and a maintained high level of accuracy will enable you to perform these actions much quicker. You can’t just slowly move your mouse to the position of the notes to hit them. 

You must combine your ability to maintain precision, muscle memory, eye coordination to put pressure in your minds to recall and move your hand in precise commands. In this way, you will also enhance your mouse skills. 

These are only a few advantages of playing Osu. We are sure that when you get to know this game, it will be a unique gaming experience in your whole life.

Now, you may ask, how can I play this game. Which equipments do I need? Our research shows that you can either use only mouses or combine mouse with keyboards; 2-key keyboards are acceptable, too. 

Since most people here are beginners, we highly advise you to use the mouse with the keyboard for better movement. The only-mouse usage is only for professionals; therefore, you can try that method later. 

This article will tell you some tips on choosing the best two key keyboard osu for yourself. Therefore, we advise you to take notes, write down features that you consider critical when selecting the keyboard. 

Firstly, we want to address some concerns you may come across when buying the keyboard. 

Some Concerns When Buying 2 Key Keyboard Osu

2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews
2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews That You Should Not Miss In [year] 10

You Don’t Understand The Value of The Keyboard

We think that before buying any product, you should ask yourself why you have to buy it. And Osu keyboard is not an exception. Only you are the one who can determine and assess the value it brings to you. 

You should research the keyboard, the technology it is equipped inside, and the features it contains. You must never buy a keyboard when you do not fully know about it, and it doesn’t meet your needs. 

There Are Too Many Reviews

That’s true. This factor is the situation that we were in in the past. Besides the wide availability of the products, there are also numerous reviews associated with them. Reading this feedback makes you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. 

3.3. Not Enough Time To Find The Suitable Keyboard

We know that all of you here are busy with your work, school, and your families. You can’t just simply spend hours only searching for the best osu keyboard. You just can use little time in your schedule to research; therefore, it is inevitably hard for you to choose the best keyboard for your needs. 

We think this is the perfect time for you to move into the most crucial part of this article: Factors to consider when buying a 2-key keyboard. 

Factors To Consider When Buying 2 Key Keyboard Osu

2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews
2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews That You Should Not Miss In [year] 11

Switch Type

  • Linear Mechanical Switch

According to our research, many people want to choose the light or medium weight linear switch. Below here, we will list to you some reputable switch names of this type. 

When it comes to gaming switches, you should consider the smoothness, the simple press, and the predictability to bring accurate timing for your rhythm games. 

If your switch has a high travel distance, it will hurt your fingers and exhaust you while playing the games. Soon, you will no longer find excitement in this exciting game. 

Therefore, we think it is better to buy a linear light switch with a reasonable travel distance. In this way, you can comfortably play the game, knowing that your fingers will hardly be tired. 


There are two linear switch brands. Firstly, the Gareton. This brand is famous for its affordability, reliability, and availability of many weights. The Gareton Clear weighs 35 grams, and the Red is 45 grams. 

Also, if you want a sense of chill feeling and quiet operation, you should choose Gareton. They create silent modifications for most of their switches. 

Kailh’s Silent Box Pink:

In our opinion, this will be the best option for you when choosing the linear light switch. It weighs only 35 grams actual, and a 45 grams lowest part for a constant feel. 

For your information, it features dampening cushions that decrease the lowest part and upper sensations, as well as the volume. 

The advantage is that you can concentrate on the sound instead of the switch. The advantage is that you can focus on the sound instead of the control. This may take some practice, but it could recover your fingertips in the long run.

  • Speed Switches
2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews
2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews That You Should Not Miss In [year] 12

For your information, this switch is the alternative to the cherry MX-style switch. With this switch type, you will be offered decreased travel distance to serve them as high as possible actuation level. 

You should know that this switch will not be as light as a linear switch; however, you should praise the noticeably decreased travel distance and may require little time to be familiar with it. 

Thanks to the decreased travel distance, you will see that the switch is quicker and more responsive, which is suitable for games that require excessive presses. 

For this switch type, we recommend you using the Kailh Speed Silver. It is a medium linear switch that weights 50 grams in actuation and 70 grams of the lowest part. 

One advantage is that it is affordable. You don’t have to worry that it may be over your budget; you can afford it.

Like we’ve mentioned before, this switch type is famous for its reduced travel distance; therefore, the switch also features this. Thanks to the reduced travel distance, your fingers are no longer feel fatigued anymore. It feels comfortable. 

  • Optical Linear Switch

For your information, this type is becoming more and more common in the gaming industry and other small brands. 

Although optical switches are the latest technology with fewer possibilities and after-market modifications than regular switches, they are faster than you have ever expected.

An optical switch can be more effective than a standard mechanical switch in the long term because it is a less interaction switch that does not depend on metallic foliage to operate.

If you ever want to improve your switches, especially for rhythmic games, not depending on metal hooks gives you a lot of extended hot-swap lifespan.

Because opticals are resistant to bouncing and debouncing, you may be confident that your keypads will be quick, reliable, and free of chattering or dual-inputs.

With this switch type, we highly recommend you LK Lightstrike Optical Red or Libra Brown. This product has lowered the travel distance and extended the click lifetime to offer you optimal performance. 

There are two options for you, Red and Libra Brown, as we’ve mentioned to you. Choose the Red ones if you want 1.5 millimeters of actuation distance and the Libra Brown for 1.8 millimeters actuation distance. 

  • Hall Effect Switch

This switch is one of a kind because it works with magical magnetism. The electromagnetic magnet force is used to calculate the location, timing, and closeness of these switches.

For your information, the mechanical switches are significantly smoother than hall effect switches. However, this switch is still one of the options for your 2-key keyboard. 

Hall Effect switches use magnetism to provide outrageously high dependability, with the initial Honeywell HE switch estimated at up to 30 billion keyboards. One thing you should know is that this switch will be sold on a whole keyboard, not individually. 

2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews

Build Quality

Like any equipment in your life, you will want to buy a durable one. And with keyboards, you need them to be the most durable ones. 

Because who knows, gamers can be short-tempered when losing one of the crucial matches, at least to them. 

During our research, we’ve found out that some high-end keyboards feature metal or ultra-durable plastic that removes almost wholly the risk of breaking. And thanks to this material choice, it will protect the switch and the circuit inside. 

In contrast, most keyboards nowadays are plastics, especially PVC. Therefore, it may break quickly. The only advantage is that it’s cheap. 

However, as we’ve said, manufacturers will build a keyboard that lasts for a decade. Therefore, they will likely choose the ABS offering more durability, the ability to resist oil, and put up with highly repeated, violent keystrokes. 

In general, if you want your keyboard to be durable, you should go for a metal or ABS keyboard. 

If you want to put your playing into a large screen, here are our recommended projectors only for you!


2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews
2 Key Keyboard Osu Reviews That You Should Not Miss In [year] 13

When talking about the gaming experience, we are sure that most of you will instantly recall the backlighting. It looks so excellent, and many of you want that for your keyboard. 

Well, we were like you in the past. When talking about the keyboard, we all thought about the backlighting, and we wanted it right away. 

For your information, it comes from many gaming keyboards, from single color to RGB color, with up to 16.8 million colors. 

The only difference between the two keyboards is that you can only change the brightness with the single-color ones. In contrast, the RGB ones will assist you in varying colors and effects. Cool, right?

In general, if you want to mix your keyboard color, you should go for an RGB color keyboard. 

If you want to find an RGB 2-key keyboard, here’s an option for you:


One of the most crucial points you need to focus on, the price. Most of us can only be willing to pay a certain amount for a keyboard. And that amount varies among other people. 

One thing you should know is that you should set a budget, determining precisely the amount you’re willing to spend. 

Then, you will follow your budget to buy for yourself a keyboard. This way will stop you from feeling overwhelmed when seeing too many options in the market. 

You should remember that you shouldn’t buy a too cheap keyboard, it will only cost you a great deal of money to rebuy the keyboard in the future. Find a keyboard that is both affordable and of high quality; that’s a smart purchase.

Wireless Vs. Wired

With many of you here, the wireless keyboard will be the more suitable option for you. The main reason is that you can quickly move the keyboard around, and it will not cause a mess on the desktop. 

However, the wireless keyboard may have some disadvantages. Firstly, it needs to be charged with the USB cable. During this time, it will only function as a wired keyboard. 

Also, the wireless ones may cause latency between your press and the registration of the signals into the PC. If you are not a gamer, it will be no problem for you. However, with the gamer, the story will be entirely different. 

Although many manufacturers are trying to reduce the latency; however, it should still be a factor for you to consider whether you should buy the wireless one or not. 

Finally, the wireless will be more expensive than the wired ones. Consider your budget for this factor. 

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:


After reading our article, we hope that the 2 key keyboard osu reviews will help your buying decision more manageable. We know that before this article, you may find it hard to choose the most suitable keyboard for you. 

However, all you have to focus on is the build quality and the switches. Backlighting is simply just an add-on to make your keyboard more interesting. It is not a must. 

You should also focus on the price to buy high-quality yet still affordable ones. If you still struggle with the buying process, we recommend you research and read the customer reviews. That’s one of the reliable sources for you!

If you still don’t know if your mechanical switching is working or not, we’ve listed some reliable machine testers that will help you a lot! 

Sadly this is the end of our article. Thank you for staying with us through the end of it! Please keep visiting our website for more informative content about different products in your daily life. 

Goodbye and see you in our next article! Good luck with your research!

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