8 best useful presents for your elderly parents

Isn’t it a challenge to find any gifts for your elderly parents on any occasion? It is, right? If you ever go and ask, they will say, ‘Oh, your hugs, kisses, and wishes are enough.’ But you know that they will secretly enjoy receiving gifts and your time. The other challenge you may face is that your parents have different tastes than yours, and you risk giving them something they either already have or will not like at all.

But there is one way to make them happy about their gifts: to give them something practical and functional. Something that they can use and is sentimental will make them smile, even if they are angry at you for bringing the gift.

If you are unsure what practical and useful gift you can give them that helps them stay healthy and happy, the list below has you covered.

Amazon Echo Show Alexa- Voice Assistant

The Amazon Echo Show is an Alexa voice assistant similar to the Echo Dot but with the added features of a better speaker and video screen. With Echo Show, they can answer a video call with the help of the Echo’s drop-in feature without any trouble. Moreover, it has other features, like reminding your parents to take their medicines on time, playing music, and more.

It is a perfect present for your elderly parents, who can enjoy music while relying on Alexa to remind them to take their medicines or read out their notifications aloud.


Does your parent often go on runs or walks to stay fit? That’s great! But with the weather turning cold, it becomes challenging for elderly parents to leave the house for walks or runs. Also, you are always worried about them injuring themselves out in the cold. So, give them a treadmill, which is perfect for them to keep their health good. A treadmill is ideal as they can control the settings to optimize their cardiovascular health. The treadmill is also perfect for muscle toning and keeping joints in tip-top shape, so your parents will love this gift.

Robotic Vacuum

Is your mom a clean freak? Does she love keeping every nook and cranny of the house super-clean? But with age, she finds it challenging to vacuum using her old hand vacuum or broom. So then, it is time to give her a robotic vacuum cleaner that will clean the floors quickly. A few of them also come with Alexa, so she can simply give it a command without ever standing up.

First edition of their favorite book

If your parents are avid readers, they will appreciate a good book in large print or the first edition of their favorite book. Find out who your favorite authors are and start looking for a first edition or their latest book in larger print.

A massage pillow

An aging parent always has a few aches here and there. Joint aches and muscle spasms are part of getting older, but it doesn’t have to stop them from enjoying their lives. That’s where a massage pillow comes in, as it can help them get instant relief from the pain and feel infinitely better.

Custom photo blanket

Looking for a more sentimental present? Then gift them a customized photo blanket. They will love it, and it will keep them warm too. For a parent who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s, this is the perfect present.

Pill organizers

It’s hard to see your parents taking so many pills, but it’s harder when they forget to take one and suffer the consequences. Thus, give them a pill organizer that can sort pills for a day, a week, or even a month. If your parents live alone, this can be the perfect little reminder for them to take their pills on time every day.

Sleep sound machine

Sleeping problems in elderly parents are not uncommon. Thus, a sleep sound machine seems like an ideal gift for them, as it generates calming natural sounds or noises, helping them sleep better. 

Coffee subscription box

If your parents love coffee and drink it every day without fail, this is one gift they should have. A subscription box includes tons of different coffee flavors from the best roaster directly coming to their door is a wonderful gift. You can try a combo box, and once they start liking a flavor, you can ensure you subscribe to the same for them every month. This way, they will not have to worry about going to a specific store to get their favorite coffee every month.

A coffee maker

Of course, if they love coffee, they need a machine to help them brew any variety without much hassle. A Keurig coffee maker that lets you brew lattes and single-serve coffee using k-pods is a great and practical gift idea for them. They will not need filters or anything with this and will wake up to a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee.

Weighted blanket

A weighted blanket is a pretty special gift for parents who have trouble sleeping or have anxiety issues. It is also scientifically proven to work for people with dementia. So, if your parents are struggling with any of these issues, this is a practical and useful gift for them.

Feet massager

A foot massager is a wonderful gift for elderly parents. As they age, their legs hurt more and more. Thus, give them a foot massager, preferably one that provides heat to their calves, feet, toes, and ankles. There are many great pieces on the market that you can buy for them.

Perfect walking shoes

Encourage them to go on more walks and runs by buying them the right pair of walking shoes. Something that is ultra-light but keeps their feet from hurting or getting blisters. A comfortable and stylish pair of shoes for them is just perfect.

Parents will never ask you to give them anything, even if they need it. Therefore, your job is to make them smile by finding the best present for them using the above ideas.

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