The Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer: A Suitable Choice For Your Budget

Quite possibly the most annoying thing about being a DJ - in any event, we'd envision it's the most troublesome - is the way that you're frequently compelled to do a decent measure of hard work. Most DJ-accommodating scenes have a spot for them to set up, yet they don't give the stuff. This means a great many people in the exchange need to become acclimated to pulling around a hefty sound table - in addition to other things. Wouldn't it be decent if the entire apparatus could fit in your pocket, all things considered? The Monster Cable Products is an association known for the assembling of top-grade sound equipment - as of late disclosed by the Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer. Essentially, they took a whole DJ studio and pressed it into a regulator no bigger than most cell phones. This will, the organization claims, permit DJs to both "produce (and record) broadcast quality sound and DJ sets" regardless of where they are.

The Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer is a good choice for customers looking for the perfect way to practice mixing or researching songs for a live show while on the go. This is the smallest DJ desk on this list that can fit in a backpack and is extremely durable. 

This is a high-quality portable DJ desk that gives you the key features for smaller DJ events. Due to its many features and compact design, we believe this professional mini DJ desk is perfect for professional DJs to practice.

Besides, if you're a DJ that wants to use a full club setup but don't need the entire setup for weddings, smaller events, or situations where you mostly rotate discs, then Monster GO DJ Trusted is a great option.

Monster GO DJ Portable Mixer Review 2021

Looking through the exterior design, you can see that Monster Go DJ has a total of 6 LCD screens and each one offers different features and tools. On each LCD screen, you can allocate music and mix it, repeat it, balance it, add different effects, or even create sound. This is one of the best portable compact DJ desks on this list that you can also use for live gigs of almost any application that mostly only requires conversion.

Let's go into a detailed review of Monster Go DJ so you can understand more about this product!


One more cool piece of information on the equalizer screen. You may be pondering "Would you be able to control the addition by the Function handle like how you can with the equalizer?" The appropriate response is yes you can. This component is classified as "Focus" as appeared in the picture beneath. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

At the point when you contact the addition block on the left, you'll notice its environmental factors become featured. This is called 'center.' In the present circumstance, you can handle the addition by the function handle. 

At the point when you pivot the handle clockwise, the increase goes up. At the point when you turn the handle counterclockwise, the addition goes down. At the point when you click the handle, the increase is reset.

Time arrangement

Before carrying GO-DJ to the vehicle sound market, we built up a valuable capacity that all drivers will appreciate. Since a driver's seat can be both either on the left or right side of the vehicle, there is a delay among left and right speakers to the driver's seat. In the present circumstance, sounds might be misshaped or disjointed in a specific recurrence band.

Changing the volume equilibrium of the left and the right speakers doesn't take care of this issue. Utilizing progressed utilization of DSP innovation executed in the GO-DJ, the time arrangement work created for the vehicle sound market settles this issue by embeddings a deferral to one or the other left or right yield. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

Presently you can establish the best listening climate to the driver's seat (or the associate driver's seat!).

EQ pitch twist

I'd prefer to clarify the last fragment in the equalizer screen. In the wake of accepting a lot of input from our board of VIP DJ's, we put a waveform and pitch twist square to the top region of the equalizer screen. 

We allude to this square as 'EQ Pitch Bend.' The upper waveform consistently shows track A while the lower waveform shows track B. Vertical lines are likewise appeared to demonstrate the beat area when a track is utilizing. 

You can without much of a stretch change the beat position by contacting the +/ – button to adjust the vertical lines at the focal point of the waveform.

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer


In the equalizer screen, you can handle the low, center, and high recurrence groups independently. To keep the equilibrium of the blending to the corridor, you need to control the degrees of frequencies that may make crash furthermore changing the volume. 

This screen is devoted to controlling the entirety of the abovementioned. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

The fundamental thought is that "the band that is turned on goes down first." As appeared in the figure above, when the low band (enlightened) is on, the work handle pivot counterclockwise will drop the low band down. 

At that point, the high groups will go down. All mixes of these catches have novel capacities. Don't hesitate to try it out! 

Our natural controls permit you to swipe up/down and move the slider on each band. You can handle the degree of groups by changing the capacity handle. Circle formed catches at the lower part of each band can be switched on or off by contact. The mix of these catches decides the activity of the capacity handle.


Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

First how about we investigate the increase regulator situated at the left half of the equalizer screen. One of the amazing highlights is that you can save the increase in an incentive for each document. At the point when you press the SAVE button at the base, the addition esteem is saved to the inside information base. 

At the point when you press the LOAD button, the increased esteem is stacked from the inward information base. Since the worth is put aside for each document, you can set the addition esteem in anticipation of your next play. 

In the CONTROL(2), when you set Reset pick up on the burden alternative to Keep for each record. You can likewise stack saved addition esteems naturally when stacking your document.


  • A total of 6 LCD screens and each one offers different features and tools
  • A valuable capacity that all drivers will appreciate


  • With its mid-range price tag, Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer has nothing to complain

Some Suitable Choices Besides Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

Here are some other DJs besides monster go DJ portable mixers you can refer to at a reasonable price and quality that is worth your money.

With thorough command over Serato DJ Pro programming, an inherent 24-bit/96kHz sound interface, and locally available drum designs got from the TR-arrangement drum machine, the Roland DJ-707M DJ regulator offers large execution potential in a super advantageous organization. 

Outside programming ability to control, this four-channel regulator offers seven devoted contributions for outer sound sources. Three assignable yield areas give you adaptability when associating with various sound frameworks, including a sound system ace out, stall out, and daydream. 

Also, for consistent DJ handoffs, double USB inputs uphold two unique PCs both running Serato meetings. Complete with MIDI yield to synchronize outer gadgets to your Serato DJ Pro meeting, the Roland DJ-707M DJ regulator is prepared to perform. 

Roland DJ-707M Four-Channel

Design and control

It has all the recognizable controls one would anticipate from a regulator: EQs, levels, perusing controls, cushions, and so forth. The cushions are significantly more modest than most regulators, however, all the Serato cushion capacities are accessible at the press of a catch (or Shift and a catch): Cues, Loops, Loop Roll, Slicer, Sampler, Pitch Play, and a couple of something else. 

Prompting is standard per-channel catches, and the earphone volume controls are situated at the front of the regulator instead of on the face. They incorporated a split signal component, which is somewhat of an extraordinariness in the regulator domain nowadays. 

A minuscule presentation window and a solitary encoder handle/button combo live on the upper right of the regulator. 

It's utilized to control the different extra equipment highlights interesting to the regulator, just as change a large number of settings including things like cushion affectability, crossfader cut, LED splendor, among others. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

The single handle is somewhat more natural than one would expect given the absence of screenland, however, it does at present require burrowing through the bountiful menus to change the settings. 

At the point when left inert, the screen will show the BPM of each of the 4 channels – an extremely pleasant touch. 

To fit such a huge amount of usefulness into the unit, there might be some standard controls that a few DJs will miss. The most prominent is in the impacts segment – which merges the three impacts handles into a solitary handle – just as the absence of devoted circling controls (which are taken care of by the previously mentioned cushions).

Construct quality/in general feel

The construct quality on the DJ-707M is… okay. Perhaps the greatest grievance about the past DJ-505 regulator was the generally modest inclination construct and the 707M has fortunately improved the materials utilized. 

While it still virtually all plastic – with the solitary metal being the faceplate over the blender part of the regulator – the general durability of the regulator feels significantly in a way that is better than the 505. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

The regulator feels somewhat lighter than I'd care for. Heavier doesn't mean better fabricated, yet there is such a consoling vibe to weightier and more tough inclination regulators. Numerous portable DJs will lean toward the lighter feel as they're frequently hoping to shed whatever number pounds as could reasonably be expected while picking gear. 

As far as the DJ controls, the cushions feel better, if somewhat stiffer than some different organizations, and the snap y catches feel sufficient, even though we saw a couple of misfires with the play/interruption and prompt catches – some of the time requiring a little firmer presses to make it work.

Sound quality

As we would like to think, Roland makes the best sounding regulators available presently. This is a slope I'm willing to bite the dust on – and I've heard and thought about a great deal of stuff throughout the years in various settings and sound frameworks. 

Indeed, stable quality is eventually abstract and an individual inclination, yet I've generally felt that Roland has reliably punched well about its weight class with their remembered sound cards for their cutting edge line of regulators, and the 707M is the same. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

There are a glow and presence that you normally just find in top of the line DJ blenders – numerous that cost well over double the cost of the Roland regulators and we put it up there as far as sound quality to profoundly promoted sound-quality-centered brands like Allen and Heath or Rane. 

The solitary less we found concerning sound quality is that playing vinyl didn't generally match the great sound nature of computerized documents and line-level sound. The phono preamps sounded somewhat dull, albeit a long way from the most exceedingly terrible I've heard on DJ gear.


The two primary Microphone contributions on the upper left of the regulator incorporate a level handle, a three-band EQ (switchable between a full slaughter isolator and standard EQ), just as on/off controls, dodging controls and committed impact controls.

Each mic channel can be relegated to an individual equipment impact from a set-up of voice-explicit impacts – going from the genuinely standard reverbs and postponements, to some silly impacts like harmonizers and robot channels – albeit just a solitary impact can be utilized on the double. 

Past impacts, there are various settings you can apply to the mic signal including pick up/lessening, a low profile channel, a commotion door, panning, generally speaking dodging settings, and dodging impact steering. We would have gotten a kick out of the chance to have seen a blower for the mic contributions also, yet that is shockingly not accessible. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

At the point when we initially tried the mic inputs, we found the default pick up for the mouthpieces somewhat high and we were encountering some contortion in any event, talking at lower levels. At the point when we dialed the inward mic restore to about - 18 dB, everything sounded much better. 

Generally speaking, we discover the mic contributions to be awesome – a lot higher caliber than the normal mic preamps typically remembered for regulators. 

While the assistant information sources can likewise be utilized for mouthpieces, they are far less strong regarding controls – the pair of information sources is constrained by a solitary volume handle. 

While all the highlights like EQ, impacts, dodging can likewise be applied to the aux inputs, they should be controlled through the screen and encoder instead of any committed controls.


  • The cushions are a significantly more modest
  • Can control the different extra equipment highlights interesting to the regulator


  • The turntable needs more improvement
  • Capacitance is not high latency

Ableton control relaunched

The track controls additionally have some extraordinary upgrades. The channel rotational encoders have moved from the right–hand side of the board and assumed their legitimate position by the tracks. That answers our primary format worry about the MkI. 

These pots are exchanged between Pan, Send, and User modes. The pots themselves are of a comparable spec: interminable encoders with 15–portion position pointers. The plan has been refreshed, however, with a lower, more extensive profile with a serious intensely damped activity. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

Even though this causes them to feel more excellent, it makes them to some degree impervious to quick changes. A transition to mechanized faders would have been incredible, however, would have expanded the expense and, apparently, dependability. In any event, Live's Scale Takeover mode eliminates the volume bounces while moving faders. 


The originators at Akai haven't halted at tweaking the APC's structure factor and design, they've likewise taken a gander at incorporating it somewhat further into the Live insight. When forming you have the center work process of choosing and outfitting tracks from the surface, with control of the Devices in the chose track. 

The MkII keeps up your number one component, which is the control pots mirroring the 2x4 Macro design utilized on the top board of Live's Rack Devices. By late forms of Live, you presently have two Record catches, one for customary Arrangement recording, and the Session button for punching into cuts in the Session see. 

For live execution and course of action, notwithstanding the fundamental clasp and scene dispatching, you presently have a committed A/B button on each track for steering to the crossfader. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

Even though the first APC had a physical crossfader, tasks must be made in the product. This admittance to the crossfade usefulness in Live's blender denotes the APC MkII out against the mounting resistance. 

The catches in the Device Control segment currently accomplish more valuable things for execution, and you get a Lock button for when you need to attach the controls to a specific instrument or impact, regardless of what else the surface is doing. Moreover, there are additionally now committed Bank catches for flipping the controls through numerous boundary pages. 

Arrangers and entertainers the same will like the User mode on the primary channel rotaries. On the first, the handles must be exchanged among Pan and Send A–C; presently a solitary Sends button offers admittance to up to eight Sends. 

The User button changes the pots to conventional MIDI regulators, permitting you to utilize Live's MIDI Map mode to assume responsibility for any boundary. This is significant, as the MIDI tasks of the APC are fixed so you can't abrogate controls. 

On the MkI, all the better you could do was utilize one bank of Send controls for different purposes and try not to utilize that Send ID in Live. Presently you have a bank of eight custom controls.


  • Improved handle format
  • Full-shading cushions
  • More modest and lighter
  • Crossfader directing


  • Less expensive form quality
  • Not programmable
  • Just five lines of dispatch catch

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 is the third excursion of Pioneer DJ's entrance level regulator for Serato DJ Lite, and the regulator continues improving and better. In this third form, the DDJ-SB3, at last, gets isolated play/stop catches, with the goal that the 8 execution cushions can be devoted to execution includes as it were. 

The little and unconventional pitch fader is still there, we loathe it, yet that is about it on the negative side. 

The run wheels are extraordinary, as usual. The pressure feels perfect for track poking and if you are into scratching, the DDJ-SB3 serves you out fine and dandy. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

Quality insightful, the SB3 is all around worked true to form. It's as yet a plastic regulator, yet it doesn't feel like it will be self-destructing at any point shortly. 

As this is a section level unit, the yields are restricted to a couple of RCA ace yield and an earphone yield. However, for its proposed use, that should be sufficient, as you likely won't attach the SB3 to top of the line club sound frameworks with devoted corner screens. 

The impacts

The impacts segment of the DDJ-SB3 has 3 handles to shoot 3 Serato DJ impacts. Having catches rather than handles implies that you can't acquire impacts slowly.

The single-level handle will control the measure of impact for all actuated impacts simultaneously. It's conceivable to choose the number of beats applied with the impacts and select an impact from the regulator utilizing the impact catches and the move button. 

Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

On the DDJ-RB, the impacts segment permits to control 1 impact at that point, however with a lot of detail. Is this a preferred arrangement over on the SB3?

Depends on the event that you utilize more than 1 impact at that point, and to be honest, if you do that well, you presumably are too exceptional to Even thinking about DJ with this kind of hardware. 


Thus we go to the mix. I should state, this is a finished and equipped mix for a tenderfoot DJ regulator. There is an entire 3-band EQ segment, channel and gain handle per channel, fair quality line faders, and a free crossfader. There is likewise a VU meter, however just for the expert channel. 

In the center, there is an ace level and an earphone level handle, and an expert CUE button close to the two-channel CUE catches. If you are pondering where the CUE blend handle is, the expert CUE button replaces that.


  • Amazing run wheels
  • 8 execution cushions with isolated sign/play button
  • Isolated circle segment
  • Unique execution capacities like the Pad Scratch
  • Great form quality
  • Complete blender area


  • Little pitch fader
  • Cushion scratch can be seen as gimmicky

Some Notes When Adjusting Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using and tuning a monster go DJ portable mixer:

  • Never try to let all signal lines (eg every instrument, lyrics) sound equal. Determine what is primary, what is secondary, depending on the different circumstances that have priority.

  • With songs that many people know, the singing needs to be processed for sweetness and inspiring. With humorous songs, quickly calling, it is necessary to clearly express the lyrics are the most important factor.

  • If there are multiple microphones active at the same time, reduce the EF as well as the frequencies that are too low or too high to eliminate annoying sounds or eliminate resonance.

  • The processor needs to be nimble about who and when to be the main vocalist, who is the sub-vocalist with the duet performances. Since then, the Echo is well handled to create a striking effect between the two of them singing.

  • If there are no conditions for pre-rehearsal with the band while performing, then it is imperative to calibrate the signals on the monitor to be very harmonious and thorough. Make the band sound even then take care of external factors.

  • Please calm down, slowly handle it, not be hasty when something goes wrong.


Above is a detailed monster go DJ review. Let's take a look at some product information so you can get to know it more quickly!





Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer


6,6 x 1,68 x 25 cm


286 gram




2GD and 2TB

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