ADJ DOTZ TPAR Reviews – Choose The Best DOTZ TPAR For Your Needs

You’re looking for ADJ DOTZ TPAR and want to find the best one. There are so many options out there, it’s hard to know which is the best choice. ADJ DOTZ TPAR Reviews will help you make an informed decision about which product is right for your needs.

We’ve reviewed all of the top products on the market and narrowed them down to our favorite three choices, as well as some honorable mentions that might be worth considering if you have more time or money than we do!

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Things To Consider When Buying ADJ DOTZ TPAR 



The first thing you should consider when buying ADJ DOTZ TPAR is design. It is important that you get to choose a design that will match the theme of your party. It will also be good if you are able to get something that looks attractive because this can serve as a decoration for your party.


You should also consider the size of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR when buying. The size is important in order for you to know the number of ADJ DOTZ TPAR that will be needed to cover up the surface in your venue. It is also advisable that you get to choose something that has a good brightness because this serves as an attraction when setting up your party.


The price of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR is also important. You need to choose something that you can afford without straining your budget. It will be good if you get something that has a reasonable price because this means that it does not compromise the quality and design of the party decoration.


You should consider the quality of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR when buying. You need to get something that is made from durable material so that you do not have to keep on changing it every now and then. It is also important that you get to choose something that has a wonderful finish so that it will not easily fade when exposed to sunlight.


You should consider the availability of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR when buying. You need to get something that is readily available so you can save some time and effort in looking for one. There are a lot of online stores that sell party supplies and you just have to choose the one that is going to give you what you need.


Length Of Power Cord

You should also consider the length of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR’s power cord when buying. It is important that you get something with a long power cord so you can easily set it up in your venue. You should also get something that can be powered by a switch and not on a timer because this will give you better control over the brightness of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR.


You should also consider the compatibility of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR with the disco light effect when buying. This is important so you can get something that will be able to produce lighting effects that are compatible with your sound system. It will also be good if you choose something that has different light modes because this gives you more options in choosing the best lighting effect for your party.

Type Of Bulbs

The type of bulbs used is also important when buying ADJ DOTZ TPAR. It is important that you get something that uses LED lights because these bulbs last longer and save more energy. You can also choose something that has a wavy light effect because this is enough to produce a magical ambiance.


You should also consider how to operate the fixture when buying ADJ DOTZ TPAR. It is important that you choose something that will be easy for you to set up and not something that is complicated. You can also check on the manual of the product if it has a detachable control box because this will give you an easier time when operating it.

Power Outlets Required

You should also consider the number of power outlets required to put up the ADJ DOTZ TPAR. This is important so you can know how many power outlets are needed before buying one. It would be best if you get something that only needs one power outlet for it to work well.



The portability of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR is important. You need to get something that you can easily transport from one place to another. You can also choose something that comes with its own carrying case so you do not have a hard time bringing it everywhere you go.


The color of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR is also important. You should choose something that will go well with your party theme or venue. It is also advisable that you get to pick a product that has different lighting modes so you can achieve a variety of colors and designs depending on your preference.

Height Of The Fixture

You should also consider the height of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR when buying. You need to get something that has a proper height so you can easily set it up at various places in your venue. You should also choose something that will not obstruct guests or party-goers especially if they are doing some activities on the dance floor.


You should also consider the controller of the product. It is important that you get a product that has an on and off switch, a detachable control box or remote control, as well as a 0-10v dimming system for it to be more efficient.

Power Requirements

It is also important that you check on the power requirements of the ADJ DOTZ TPAR when buying. This will help you in knowing if the product is compatible with your sound system or not. You can also choose something that does not consume too much power so that it saves more energy and gives you a long time to use it.


  • COB LED Par Wash System with 4 Par fixtures COB Technology (Chip On Board) produces powerful, smooth RGB color mixing with rich palettes of color
  • Smooth RGB Color Mixing (fast or slow color change operation) Great for Stage Lighting, Bands, Night Clubs & Mobile Entertainers

ADJ DOTZ TPAR is an American company that specializes in professional, interactive lighting technology for DJs. The ADJ DOTZ TPAR is their first release to come into the market since they were acquired by Pro Black Industries.

The light is capable of both wireless control via Bluetooth & wired control allowing DJs to connect multiple units together for maximum visual effects.

ADJ DOTZ TPAR is designed to be used with Rekordbox DJ, the latest version of Pioneer Pro DJ software. Featuring four LED lighting modes that can be controlled using any wireless device, multiple units can also be synced together when connected to a computer via USB.

The light show is incredibly versatile allowing you to mix together your own patterns via the built-in patterns mode. In addition, sound-activated modes allow for lights to be triggered from pre-existing music or audio from your computer.

Incorporating music into the light show is a great way of engaging with your audience and creating an amazing atmosphere during a gig & this is where the ADJ DOTZ TPAR will really shine.



ADJ DOTZ TPAR is for those who like to work (or play) with flashlights. It can be used for any task you want to complete. ADJ DOTZ TPAR is for anyone who is looking to add some light to their style or work with flashlights. You don’t have to be an expert… just know how to turn on a flashlight.

From simple tasks such as adding some light for a walk or grabbing something from a dark area, to more specific uses such as map reading – hunting – camping – security – tactical – working on the car – looking under the sink for those pesky leaky pipes and so much more.

Pros Of ADJ DOTZ TPAR system

ADJ DOTZ TPAR is a flashlight system that makes it easy to work with any type of flashlight. It’s designed for those who need more light, but don’t want to spend hours reading manuals or hunting for the right tool. If you need to use your flashlight for work or play then the ADJ DOTZ TPAR is for you.

It can be used in conjunction with flashlights of all types and brands (the work lights included). The system has a universal clamp that works on any surface up to ½ inch thick. It also includes different sized aluminum mounting blocks and bases for most flashlights.

The work lights are corded, which means that you can attach them to a wall or post without worrying about batteries or dead flashlight bulbs… making your job easy.


While the ADJ DOTZ light system comes with a lot of “bells and whistles” it does lack some necessary tools that every flashlight user should have. Due to this one might need to pick up additional items in order to use their flashlights fully. However, for many people, this will not be an issue. Some things you may want to add include a flashlight or two, batteries for flashlights, and extra bulbs.

Features & Benefits



ADJ DOTZ TPAR comes with an excellent design. It’s the next generation in wash fixtures. The design is done with a great sense of engineering.  It is made from durable aluminum and steel materials.  

The unit is made for indoor and outdoor use. It has a great design with excellent features, which makes it stand out in the market of its competitors. Catch this awesome fixture by ADJ in your nearest dealer or you can purchase it online from different dealers’ websites.

The reflectors are designed to provide a soft even wash of 16 different color LEDs that can be adjustable through DMX, automated via internal programs, or sound activated.

ADJ DOTZ TPAR includes the latest LED technology by ADJ. The LEDs used in the fixture are of high quality to provide excellent output and smooth color mixing. It can run on AC power or 12VDC (input voltage: 100-240V).


ADJ DOTZ TPAR is available for a very affordable price, which definitely doesn’t mean that you’ll get something cheap. It can be used for small events as well as large concerts. You can set it up in several different ways. You’ll surely get the best value for your money by buying this unit.

ADJ DOTZ TPAR is available in the market for an affordable price compared to its competitors. You can easily get this unit in your nearest dealer or online stores at a very reasonable cost with all required accessories, including a warranty card and manuals.



ADJ DOTZ TPAR is very well built. It has a metal housing with an aluminum front, for additional sturdiness and durability. The sturdy construction allows you to run this fixture for many years without any extra equipment or maintenance. It is made of high-quality materials and parts to give years of reliable and efficient performance.

ADJ DOTZ TPAR is extremely lightweight in weight and very compact in size, which makes it easy for you to transport it from one place to another without any inconvenience.

Low Wattage

It has a low wattage that saves your electricity bill. The excellent heat management system allows this fixture to run cool for a long time and prevents it from overheating.


One of the best features of this fixture is that it can be controlled wirelessly. The controller comes with a 2-channel wireless remote, which makes controlling easy and comfortable.

Power & Performance

ADJ DOTZ TPAR gives you an excellent performance. It has 16 RGB LEDs, each RGB LED having 5 diodes for amazing output and color mixing. The unit can produce a very bright light, which is needed for good shows and events.

It has a high power consumption of 100W. So we suggest complementing it with a board that supplies the required power to the fixture without reducing its performance.



ADJ DOTZ TPAR can be controlled by most of the popular lighting consoles. It can be controlled wirelessly by ADJ’s wireless XLR system. It is also DMX-compatible for easy connectivity with other devices. It is compatible with ADJ’s LED RC controller.

It has standard IEC power in/out connections for easy connection to your DMX controller or another ADJ fixture. It also includes 5-pin XLR input and output connectors, which makes it compatible with most of the popular lighting controllers available in the market.

The unit has cutting-edge technology that allows it to run at any given temperature. It is very safe to use as it can bear prolonged exposure to heat.

Color & Effects

Since ADJ DOTZ TPAR has 16 red, green, and blue LEDs, it can produce a brilliant light of 256 colors. The fixture offers multiple effects with smooth dimming to provide a show that is truly worth watching. It also makes itself compatible with many different consoles for easy control.


ADJ DOTZ TPAR is a very powerful wash fixture. It has a 4-facet rotating prism to provide a brilliant output and smooth color mixing. The unit comes with 16 red, green, and blue LEDs, each LED containing 5 diodes. The fixture offers multiple effects along with smooth dimming.


DE8359 DMX Decoder

DE8359 DMX Decoder 12V-24V DC RJ45/XLR 5Pin XLR5 DMX512 Self-dimming 10A*6CH Constant Voltage 10KHZ for LED Strip Lights
  • Meets or exceeds DMX512/1990,with RJ45 interface and XLR5 options
  • 256 levels of brightness or dimming control with the buttons

DE8359 DMX Decoder is a receiver-transmitter decoder. It receives DMX512 data and sends signals to the output sockets. This has a high speed, low cost, and easy installation.

This small and compact unit features 9 channels of DMX512 outputs with a 3 pin XLR connector for each channel and an RS485 port which provides power supply or accepts commands from a PC.

The unit can be used for various applications in studios, theatres, TV stations, etc. It is especially suited to any lighting control system that needs to be controlled remotely or where it is necessary to have DMX512 channels independently of the number of channels currently being used.

It receives 512-channel data from a computer or a DMX-controlled device and distributes identical data to 32 independent outputs.

If you want manual control, there are a few options available. The first way is using a separate hardware unit. While this can be expensive, it isn’t hard to configure and you have all the features that come with the device which isn’t a bad thing.

The other option is to use a computer application that acts as a DMX controller. It’s usually free to use and doesn’t require any additional hardware, which may be a better alternative for smaller budgets.

DMX Converter will allow you to convert the signal from your software or hardware editor into a DMX signal which you can then use to control your lights. This will require a separate device but it may be the most affordable option for budget-conscious users.

ADJ Products Foot Controller

ADJ Products FC-DOTZ Foot Controller for DOTZ TPAR SYS
  • package dimensions :11.3 cm L x 16.3 cm W x 35.7 cm H

ADJ Products Foot Controller is great for any Par 56, Par 64 or Par 56 RGB. It works with ADJ’s PAT-4 and PAT-5 programs to control effects like Color Chasing or Chase Effects. The Foot Controller does not work with Par Cans.

Foot Controller for use with ADJ’s PAT-4 and PAT-5 programs in DMX mode (does not work in sound active or autorun modes). It can control 2 different functions in either independent or combined mode -Including a 3 pin XLR cable and bracket.

Operates in sound active mode (does not work in DMX, master/slave, or autorun modes) -Includes 3 pin XLR cable and bracket.

ADJ’s PAT-4 Par can be used for static, color-changing effects with ADJ’s Illusion LED units to create stunning stage looks. It features 9 different modes for static colors, color chasing, autorun, and sound active.

ADJ Foot Controller is great for moving headlights or LED items that are in DMX mode. The Foot Controller does not work with Par Cans.

You can use it to control many different fixtures independently or simultaneously. It also has an option to run programs in sound active mode (without DMX signals). Also, you can set it so the fixture will only respond to DMX.

ADJ Products Dotz Rf

ADJ Products Dotz Rf; Remote For Dotz Tpar System Dotz Rf
  • Blackout - Pressing This Button Will Blackout The Fixture.
  • Fade - This Button Will Activate The Color Fade Program.

ADJ Products Dotz Rf is the world’s first RF Rf remote-controlled pixel-based fixtures. The Dotz Rf contains four-in-one RGBW LEDs and each fixture comes with an integrated receiver as well as a built-in automatic/sound activated program animation modes.

Offering both wireless handheld control as well as DMX control, the Dotz Rf makes it easy to take control of any lighting situation with ease. And when used in combination with ADJ’s new remote control, no programming is required to run the Dotz Rf.

Simply select one of the built-in program animations or use the included RF handheld unit for complete wireless control over your lighting fixtures. The Dotz Rf offers automated programs, strobe effects, color-changing animations, and more.

The Dotz RF is the newest addition to ADJ’s award-winning line of innovative lighting products. The new modular LED system features an integrated rechargeable battery, built-in automatic/sound-activated programs with control over speed and brightness, multiple DMX channel modes, wireless remote control, and a variety of mounting options.

The Dotz RF is designed to work as a standalone fixture as well as part of an entire modular system using other compatible ADJ products such as the Power EL, Power-TR LED PAR can, Vizi-Bar LED pool bar, Viper LED Viper Profile, and more.



How does an ADJ DOTZ TPAR help you?

The ADJ DOTZ TPAR is a high-quality, low-cost solution for your home or office. This device will help you to eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming professional installation.

The ADJ DOTZ TPAR is easy to use and install in minutes with no tools required! Simply plug it into any standard outlet, download the app on your phone, scan the QR code on the back of the unit with your phone camera, and you’re ready to go!


The ADJ DOTZ TPAR is a parabolic umbrella camera mount designed specifically for moving light fixtures. The ADJ DOTZ TPAR has a standard 5/8″ diameter stud and includes a 3/8″-16 thread to attach popular third-party grip accessories such as sandbags, magic arms, booms, and clamps.

How can I clean my ADJ DOTZ TPAR?

Cleaning your ADJ DOTZ TPAR can be a pain. The ADJ DOTZ TPAR is made of plastic, which means it’s not the easiest thing to clean. You’ll need to use soap and water or alcohol wipes, but that leaves streaks on the surface. We’ve found that using a microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol does the trick! Just wipe down your device and you’re good to go!


ADJ DOTZ TPAR is a great system for you to consider. ADJ DOTZ TPAR has the experience and is a known brand name. ADJ DOTZ TPAR will provide you with everything that you need to create a great time during your next party or event! So, what are you waiting for?

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