Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack Reviews – Best RGBW LED Par For You To Consider

You want to buy an RGBW LED Par, but you don’t know which one is right for you. There are so many different brands and models out there that it can be hard to find the perfect one. It’s not just about the price either – some of these lights are too big or too small, or they’re missing features like DMX compatibility.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack is the best choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet powerful RGBW LED Par with all of the bells and whistles. This light has everything from DMX compatibility to wireless remote control, making it easy to set up in any venue without sacrificing quality.

Here is our review of the Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack in 2021. Check out!

Things To Consider When Buying Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack


The first thing to consider when buying Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack is design. You should consider things such as color, shape, and how much space it can fit in your home. The design is important because it will be used to complement the aesthetics of your house.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack comes in a variety of colors and shapes. The design that will fit best in your house depends entirely on the shape, color, size of the room where it will be placed. There are some designs that can work well with larger rooms while others are better suited for smaller rooms.


The next thing to look at when buying Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack is the materials. The material determines how long your cart will last and if it can withstand wear and tear produced by the public. You should take into consideration that different types of materials have different benefits, such as steel having better weight-bearing capacity than wood.


The price of the Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack usually varies depending on the design and the materials. You should consider how much money you can afford to spend.

Because if a product is way too expensive it could mean that the manufacturer was just targeting a certain type of market instead of trying to sell a car that works well. In addition, you have to take into consideration how much benefits the cart will provide for its price.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack


You should consider the beams of the Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack. If the cart has strong beams it will be able to hold a lot of weight and provide support. The beams determine the sturdiness of the cart and how suitable it is for its purpose.

Power Consumption

If you are worried about your electricity bill, then do not buy carts that have high power consumption. You should also consider if the cart is energy efficient or not because it can greatly affect your monthly bills. You should check the power consumption of the cart and compare it with other carts.

Number of Wheels

The number of wheels that a cart has affects how mobile it is. If you intend to move around your cart, then we recommend that you buy one with four wheels as this provides better mobility than those with just three wheels. It would also be easier to maneuver and control a cart with four wheels.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack


The next thing to consider when buying Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack is its size. The cart’s dimensions should be able to fit your needs. For example, if you are planning on selling clothes fashionably, then it would be best to buy a cart with medium-sized shelves so that it can accommodate small items such as jackets and cardigans.

In addition, you should also be able to determine how many items you want to store in your cart because it can help your customers buy more items without having to walk back and forth from the shelf every time they have a new item they want to purchase. You should also consider if its size meets the standard requirements of the public to avoid inconveniencing your customers.


When buying Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack, consider its efficiency. This means that if it can effectively and quickly deliver items from one place to another. However, you must also consider that the cart should also be able to carry other things such as tools for your carpet cleaning service. In addition, you should also consider if it has different compartments that can be used for different items.


When we say mobility we mean how easily the cart can be moved by its users without too much difficulty or effort. It should not take a lot of effort to push the cart from one place to another. In addition, you should also consider carts that have a lot of space for your products as it will make them more accessible.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack


The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack is expected to last long and serve its purpose properly. It should not fall apart easily which makes it a great option for you. On the other hand, if it is poorly made or of low quality, it may get broken easily and be of little to no use.


This means that the cart should not be hazardous to its users and others around them. It should have a proper braking system and hazard lights in case there are emergency situations on the road. In addition, it should have a proper harness and belts to secure your items from falling off while the cart is being used by its users.


This is where you check on what warranty the manufacture gives you when buying their Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack. This means that if there are any parts of the product that are damaged or broken, you can always return them and replace them.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack Review

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR is a fantastic tool for even the most experienced stage performer. The price is affordable but its features are very advanced. Tour packs come in different sizes, all of them feature high wattage spots and fresnels that create some powerful blindingly bright beams.

Control options include either DMX or Sound Active mode. The lighting fixtures have a built-in digital microprocessor that makes it possible to adjust each individual light from 1% to 100%. You can choose from different color combinations by using the RGBW controller built into the back of the unit.

It has a touchscreen, allowing you to easily access all functions and control it without having to use a remote controller. All settings and features can be saved into memory for later use: 8 separate, factory presets can be stored in the tour pack’s internal memory.

Who Is Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack For?

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR is for stage performers who want to have the best lighting possible. It can be used in various settings, from live concerts to DJ sets.

This RGBW LED PAR is for those who can easily handle complicated programming, allowing them to get access to all functions without the need for a remote controller. Tour packs have DMX and sound active modes which give you total control.

Pros Of Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack

The fixtures are very well built and come in different sizes. They can also be used in different settings, for example, in venues that have DMX or sound active mode. This product is good for users who want to have control over the light settings.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR is user-friendly. It features a touchscreen, making it easy for you to change the color combinations you want without the use of a remote controller or any other device.

It is very easy to use so even beginners will not have a hard time learning how to operate this product. It also comes with a lot of advanced features that make it very easy for you to use.

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR is a high-quality and affordable tool for stage performers who want to take their shows to the next level. It comes with advanced features and functionalities, making it easy for you to adjust your settings according to your preference.

Cons Of Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack

As much as this product is amazing, other users have claimed that the DMX connection was a bit faulty in some cases. However, most of them say that they were able to get it fixed by contacting customer care.

Features & Benefits

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack


Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par is perfect for its design. The light is integrated with a total of 10 RGBW 4in1 LEDs, which allow you to create your own lighting from an endless pallet of colors.

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par has 10 x 1W LEDs and is extremely popular among car audio enthusiasts for its nice & bright illumination that’s not blinding or distracting.

Weight & Size

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par is very easy to install and lightweight.

Use the included mounting hardware for trunk or hatch installation as well as adhesive tape strips for quick interior installations, such as underneath or inside console placement.

With dimensions of 3 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches and weight 1 pounds, the Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par is small in size but big on illumination.

Price vs Performance

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par is loaded with features that will impress any user. It has 10 x 1W LEDs and a slim profile, which allows for a number of attractive installations.

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par also comes with an adjustable beam angle, allowing you to aim the lights as needed. It’s a great unit that will work wonders for any car, whether it’s an Audi, VW, BMW, or another vehicle.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack

Power Consumption

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par is easy on your system and won’t drain your battery under normal operating conditions. Each light consumes only 10W of power. This means you can run up to [email protected] safely without worrying about burning out your wires or igniting a fire. This makes the Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par a great way to add tack-sharp lighting to your ride.

LED Specifications

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par has 10 x 1W LEDs and comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. Each light emits an impressive 3000K of pure white light, which is a perfect way to add a touch of light while keeping the color temperature neutral. The lights have been tested and proven to last 30,000 hours without burning out.

RedLine Report

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack in RGBW is the ideal solution for anyone looking to improve visibility when it comes time to park their vehicle overnight at work, the mall, the airport, etc.

They are also great for fleet vehicles and work trucks. Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack is loaded with innovative features that will keep you coming back for more. It has a slim profile design that gives it an ultra-modern look without compromising performance or safety.


Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack is very bright and highly visible, making it a great solution for anyone who needs to improve the safety of their vehicle. It features 4 x 1W LEDs and has an adjustable beam angle of 90°, ensuring that your lights will shine precisely where you need them.

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack

Color Choices

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par is offered in four different colors so you can choose the one that best fits your vehicle. For additional color options, please contact customer service.

Convenient Installation

Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW comes with all of the accessories needed for an easy installation, including brackets. You can use screws or the 3M tape to mount the lights virtually anywhere. They come in a pack of 4, ensuring you’ll have enough for your entire vehicle.


Make sure that the Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED Par will fit into your car when you purchase it online or at an electronics store. Most users need only one pack of lights, so you’ll probably want to buy 4 units.

Emergency Case

In an emergency situation that requires you to use your vehicle’s high beams, you can simply activate this mode on your Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack. You won’t have to worry about temporarily blinding other drivers and causing a collision.


V-Show 4 PCS Wireless Dj Uplights

V-Show LED Par Lights Battery Wireless DMX Led Wash Light 6x18W RGBWA+UV Party Stage Light with Remote Control and WiFi Function for TV Studio (4PC-Black)
  • 【No Wires No Fuss】Powerful, 100% True wireless, 6*18W battery uplight par led rgbwa uv (Six-color) with built-in 2.4GHz wireless DMX 512 receiver allows you to link multiple lights together without wires, save a lot of time running cables and extension. This party lights is a fun gift for any family, party or event!
  • 【Multiple Control Modes】dj uplights wireless easy to control through DMX, IRC Remote, Wi-Fi, Sound Active, Master/Slave, Auto. Set and confirm the color setting or DMX, the program can be saved, no need to repeat the setting. it's easy to use it no matter you are the profession or new. Single colors could work on more than 10-20 hours. Great uplighting for wedding,church, dj gigs, facade booth, birthday, party, bar, disco night club,musical live show

V-Show 4 PCS Wireless Dj Uplights are a great addition to your DJ lighting rig. These wireless uplights can be used in a variety of ways and are perfect for uplighting bars, walls, and stage features.

Offering 16 different colors, you can set the mood of the room quickly with this wireless DJ uplight. Use these RGBW ukulele lights to enhance your DJ’s lighting rig. V-show Uplights provide the most cost-efficient setup and are easily controlled with an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.

This is an all-in-one wireless uplighting kit with everything you need to get started. The wireless control box emits infrared signals which are picked up by the lamp’s receiver for quick and easy set-up. You can control them not only on your iPhone or Android, but they also work on pc so there is no need for a controller.

The wireless control box has a wide array of color and function controls which can be easily set using built-in buttons. You can choose flash, strobe, or fade with speed control as well as many other settings. Another great feature is the ability to link 2 lamps together via Bluetooth. This allows for more colors and effects than just one lamp.

Each lamp comes with a self-adhesive rubber backing which can be used to secure the lamps wherever you need them most. This is a great package deal that includes all you need to get started in the world of wireless DJ uplighting.


CHINLY 6pcs DMX512 DMX Dfi DJ 2.4G 5 Charging Wireless Receiver Built-in Battery & 1 Transmitter LED Lighting Control for LED Stage Par Party Light
  • Latest design wireless DMX512 receiver have a built-in battery, don't need power adapter any more when it works. 2 hours full charging time, can lasts about 8 hours of work, Users also can use the product while charging. (Transmitter does not contain charging function)
  • Work frequency section: 2.4G ISM ; No time delay when signal data is transmitting, signal data is real time and reliably.

CHINLY 6pcs DMX512 DMX is a high-quality DMX512 signal transmission to make your life easier. It is a professional DMX512 decoder and transmitter, can be used as a miniature-sized wall control for one fixture or a mini lighting controller with multiple fixtures dynamically.

CHINLY 6pcs DMX512 also allows you to use two or more units together as a Cubmaster console. DMX512 signal is the standard digital protocol used to control stage lighting and effects around the world.

The DMX512 decoder input DMX signal will be directly decoded, without any processing or programming required, by simply connecting it to your source (PC, master controller) through a standard XLR 3 pin connector. It transmitter then sends out the decoded signals to control all connected devices, such as dimmer racks, moving heads and fog machines, etc.

CHINLY 6pcs DMX512 is responsible for receiving the DMX512 control signals at one end and transmitting them to 6 different dimmer packs or 6 outputs of moving headlights at the other. It is actually a tiny little wall controller that can be used to control multiple fixtures dynamically.

SAHAUHY 12x1W LED RGB Dj Par Lights

Stage Lights, SAHAUHY Par Lights LED RGB Uplights with Remote Sound Activated DMX Control uplighting for Wedding Event Club Party (8 Packs)
  • 【Multiple lighting modes】 Dj lights includes 7 functional modes to meet your needs. Static color/Fade in and fade out mode/Strobe mode/Sound activation/AutomaticA/Master-slave/Dmx.
  • 【Easy to control】 The remotes are universal,through which you can easily control the effect of the stage lights. You can also connect it with the DMX system through the DMX cable and then operate it through the DMX controller. Whether you are a professional DMX or an amateur buyer, club lighting effects can be easily controlled(DMX Controller not included).

SAHAUHY 12x1W LED RGB Dj Par Lights are very good for beginners and advanced DJs looking to add additional lighting effects to their setup. This pack is a must-have for DJs, Bands, Bars and Clubs, KTVs, and other entertainment venues.

The lights come in a convenient and sturdy carrying case that has ample space for all accessories required to run the system. It can be easily fitted in most DJ booths and is a very smart investment for any music enthusiast.

The lights are bright enough to provide a perfect lighting effect for a medium-size hall or lounge. They come with different static as well as dynamic lighting effects which adds to their versatility. They are compatible with DJ software like Virtual DJ or Serato.

Setting up the lights is very easy and only requires the user to connect two cables for the power supply. There is no need to be an expert in music electronics since this system installs in seconds.

It even comes with a remote control that makes operation super easy. The different lighting effects can be controlled using buttons on the unit itself or by using the remote.

The lights come with a long power cord which makes them ideal for large events and venues. They are also very durable and can be run continuously for several hours without overheating or malfunctioning.

The build quality is decent and we don’t think there is anything more to be expected at this price point. A great buy for anyone looking to enhance their entertainment setup with some cool lighting effects, SAHAUHY 12x1W LED RGB Dj Par Lights to come highly recommended.


Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack

How does this Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR to compare to other similar products on the market?

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR is about the same size as other products that are similar to it on the market. The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR is also an ideal product for anyone who is looking for a high-quality product because of its durability and quality assurance.

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR has become popular because it comes with two switches, one to control the pan and tilt, and one to control the four LEDs.

What does the Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack come with?

The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR comes with a standard set of items such as power cords and connections. The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR also comes with an installation manual so that the user knows how to set up the product.

What is the weight of this product?

The total weight for this product is 4 pounds. It has metal housing, so it will add some extra weight to any setup. This also helps further ensure the durability and longevity of the fixture.


The Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack RGBW LED PAR is a great addition to any professional DJ’s lighting rig. It offers high-quality, full-color effects that are perfect for most types of performance settings.

The compact size makes it easy to transport and the wireless DMX connector means you can control this unit with your favorite DJ software remotely from another location.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to increase your production value at live shows or in nightclubs, then look no further than the Ape Labs Maxi Tour Pack!

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