Top 10 Best Automatic Cat Scratcher For Beginners In 2022: Check It Out

After hours of research and using all the models on the market, we have found the best automatic cat scratchers for beginners in 2022. With all the detailed information this list provides, it will only take you a short period of time to decide which product to buy. 

For a happy and healthy cat, a good scratching post is essential. A scratching post not only provides an outlet for your cat’s natural desire to scratch, but it also functions as a kind of exercise. Most importantly, it will keep your furnishings from being destroyed.

These ten products appearing in this list have different price ranges, models, functions, etc. Generally, they are all good for your lovely cat with great benefits. This is why we have created this comprehensive guide with our top 10 best automatic scratchers. Check out the ranking below!

Best Automatic Cat Scratcher Comparison 2022

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Automatic Cat Scratcher, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

SaleBestseller No. 1
AOLIGY Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Automatic Rotating Cat Massager Wall Corner Groomers Smart Self Cleaning Cat Brush, Electric Head Hair Massager for Cats, Interactive Catnip Cat Toys
  • Interactive catnip cat toys: Package including catnips, help inspire cats to approach, play, rubbing their face.(Not all cats will respond to catnip, if your cats are not interested, simply contact the customer service to get a solution)
  • Cat Brushes for Indoor Cats: Designed by cats' lifestyle, make them feel comfortable by rubbing. The rotating massager produces massage and grooming, helps remove and collect loose hair for your cats, gives you a cleaner and more enjoyable living environment.
Bestseller No. 2
Electric Pet Massager for Dogs and Cats, Cordless Handheld Dog Cat Massage Tool with 4 Massage Heads and 96 Massage Nodes, Head and Back Scratcher for Relieving Tension, Tight Muscles, and Stiffness
  • 🐕【Electric Pet Massager】-- Our electric massager for cats and dogs provides therapeutic massage that aids in relieving tension and stiffness due to age, prevents injuries, improves performance in agility dogs, delays the onset of age-related arthritis, improves mobility for older pets, and helps recover faster from injuries while promoting bonding between you and your beloved pet.
  • 🎯【Designed for Pets】-- The electric massager is equipped with four rotating heads with 96 soft massage nodes that are made with soft silicone to be gentle on the skin and fur. The electric pet massager replicates the technique of a masseuse to scratch, grasp, pinch and knead your pet's body.
Bestseller No. 3
[Upgraded Version] Pehum Anti Fall Down Cat Arch Self Groomer and Massaging Brush for Indoor Cats,Cat Scratching Pads,Cat Toys (M: Brush height:13.4")
  • 【Upgraded Cat Scratcher Cardboard】★Weighs more than four pounds and is very stable,never knocked down ★Large size, Up to 15.5 inches in diameter.Suitable for Small/medium/large cats ★By using natural cork surface treatment and high twine covering the scratching pad, Safe and environmentally friendly, will keep your cat’s claws
  • 【Upgraded Connection Mode】★Fixed it with screws,Easily secure the cat brush and scratcher cardboard ★It's so stable and the brush will never be pulled out
Bestseller No. 4
Electric Scalp Massager with 4 Replacement Massage Heads, Scalp Massager for Hair Growth and Stress Relieve, Head Massager Scalp Stress Relief, Automatic Hair Massager Scratcher Handheld Cat Massager
  • 【Deep scalp and stress-relieving massage】With a 4-speed motor, the soft heads with 84 individual nodes can precisely provide a finger simulation massage to stimulate the inner scalp circulation and relieve your stress.
  • 【Replaceable massage heads】Our scalp massager features 2 full sets of massage heads with 84+76 Kneading Nodes, which you can vary to enjoy different massages. Additionally, the massage heads are very easy to detach and clean.
Bestseller No. 5
Luxury Cat Scratcher Couch Shape Interactive Paw Exercise Toy Big Corrugated Cardboard Cat Bed with Mat
  • LUXURY DESIGNE Normal scratcher do not match your lovely cat? Now you find the best choice! A scaled-down of real couch shape for your cat. Back rest and arm rest make it more comfortable than normal scratchers.
  • FURNITURE PROTECT Cat scratcher made of good quality corrugated cardboard, one of the best material for cat scratch and exercise its paws, as a scratcher, this product protect your furniture and doors, help your cats more well-behaved.
Bestseller No. 6
PERLEVI Electric Scalp Massager, Waterproof Portable Head Massager with 120 Kneading Nodes, Handheld Head Scratcher for Body Massage, Hair Growth, and Stress Relax
  • 【Scalp Massager】: Perlevi Smart scalp massager has four massaging heads with 30 individual nodes each and 3D Deep-Kneading, Imitates finger massage for head care, deeply relax the scalp, massage head acupuncture points, improve blood circulation, relaxes nerves, reduce stress, improves sleep, and promote hair growth.
  • 【2 Speeds Adjustable】: The hand-held head massager has 2-speed modes for options. You can select the low speed for a gentle massage or the fast speed for a deep massage. The head-scratcher can also massage the head, neck, back, etc any part of the body, providing you with a comfortable full-body massage experience.
Bestseller No. 7
MyAhtty Cat Self Groomers and Scratchers with Grooming Arch, Sisal Scratching Pad for Indoor Cats and Kittens, Scratch and Groom
  • 😺SCRATCH AND GROOM ARCH KEEPS CATS ENTERTAINED - The MyAhtty Scratch and Groom Arch keeps feline friends entertained and occupied for hours while providing them with an easy way to groom themselves for as long as they'd like and as often as they want to. Keep nails filed and loose hairs at a minimum with this grooming station.
  • 😺DURABLE, LONG-LASTING SISAL MATERIAL - Our cat scratcher consists of natural, durable Sisal material designed to last a long time. The high-quality scratcher will stay in good condition long enough for your cat to continue grooming itself daily for months and years.
Bestseller No. 8
BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toys Interactive Cat Feather Toys, Pet Exercise Toys, Electric Cat Toys for Indoor Cats/Kitten with Feather (Auto Cat Toy)
  • 【Automatic Cat Toys】BENTOPAL auto cat toy works as robotic, it can smart play with your indoor cat when you are out, which will automatically shut off 1.5 hrs every 10 minutes working to rest your cat.
  • 【Cat Exercise Toys】Two motors work independently, ensure the robot toy run irregularly, multi track increase your cat’s exercise. 620 mah large capacity battery could work 8 hrs under default mode. it will suitable to whom need to go out for daily work.
Bestseller No. 9
yuntop 2 Pack Softer Cat Corner Self Groomer with Catnip Wall Corner Massage Comb Corner Scratcher Pet Grooming Brush Comb Grooming Wall Brush Self Massage Tool for Long & Short Fur Kitten Cats Dogs
  • Cats Favorite Combs - This is a cat corner self groomer which is designed according to the cat's lifestyle. It plays a role of the rubbing object for the cat to make them comfort. Made of upgraded version 3.0 softer ABS plastic base and softer plastic bristles, ensure gentle massaging and grooming without painful remove fur or scratch the cat's skin
  • Collects Loose Hair - Our self groomer helps you remove and collect loose hair of your pets, real self groomer! It can not only gives your pets a rubbing place, but also gives you a cleaner and more enjoyable living environment. Such a practical product, you deserve
SaleBestseller No. 10
Happi N Pets The Original Cat Arch Self Groomer Cat Massager, Cat Hair Brush For Grooming With Sturdy Cat Scratching Pad And Catnip Toy, Cat Face Scratchers, Durable Brusher, Cat Rubbing Post & Scratcher
  • 2022 Newly upgrade with 2.0 soft & larger brush, good for full-grown cats.Allow your cat to comfortably groom fur while rubbing the brush and make your home hair-free. A free bag of catnip is provided in package.
  • Enhanced brush plug which is more thicker and longer than other brands. Just simply insert the brush to the bottom and finish with the unique secure lock, it will not be pulled out easily and avoid shaking & tipping.

Top 10 Best Automatic Cat Scratcher Reviews 2022

Happi N Pets Cat Posts and Scratchers

No products found.

This best automatic cat scratcher is a product of the brand Happi N Pets. This scratching post is an indoor space saver and a perfect place for big cats to scratch, climb, play, and sleep with a modern design. It can effectively protect furniture from cat scratching. 

The material of this product is sisal and sofa fabric, making it air-permeable, scratch-resistant without producing any scrap, and risk-free for the kitten’s paw. It’s also suitable for adult cats and kittens. Additionally, the golden angle one up to the standard of cat engineering is the 45° scratching pad. Immediately, cats will love to lie on the scratching board. 

Pet owner N Pets Cat Posts and Scratchers also include an ultra-soft huge cat bed, so cats of all ages can sleep and rest comfortably. The improved base provides solid structural support and assures that the entire post can stand independently, even with an adult cat.

Despite these benefits, when you buy this cat scratcher, you will have to assemble it before let your cat use it.


  • Space saver
  • Multi-function use
  • Premium material
  • Best angle
  • Jumping platform


  • Need assemble before using

7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post - Wall Mount Wooden Sisal Cat Scratcher - Vertical Scratch Pad for Indoor Cats or Kittens - Cute Modern Cat Wall Furniture (22 x 5.7 inches)
  • Cat Scratching Has Evolved, Here’s How - multidirectional weave, adjustable height, and much more…
  • Natural Sisal with Multidirectional Weave - means cats can shred more deeply & be more satisfied

This ideal item receives rave reviews from pet owners and pet review sites alike. It looks excellent on the floor and has versatile uses throughout the house. Use this cat scratchboard as a floor scratchpad or a cat scratching post on the wall for cats who prefer a vertical cat scratcher and a nice stretch.

The 7 Ruby Road’s product is easy to install with all the included scratch posts, including screws for installation, cat-scratch plugs, etc. The cat scratch post mat is 22 inches in length, 5.75 inches in width, and 1 inch in depth. These dimensions are helpful in making the product sturdy and durable. All frames are made of natural wood. The surface of the cat scratch post is made of sisal fiber, making it the perfect scratch post for all cats.

Sadly, this product is suitable for only indoor use.


  • Modern, chic design
  • Versatile use
  • Easy to set up
  • Built for play


  • Only indoor use

Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy 

Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy - Cozy Design of Cat Hammock Allure Kitten to Lounge in, Cats Love to Lazily Recline While Playing with Feather Toy and Scratching Post, (Classic Style)
  • PLAY WITH CATRY - What else does a cat do other than sleep? Of course, it's PLAY! Catry cat trees always provide a maze-like attraction to cats. They love to play around with this amazing cat house. Cat scratching post isn't enough? Here is a teasing feather string toy ready for your pal!
  • LOUNGE IN HAMMOCK - What does a cat most often do? The answer is always chilling. Our Catry cat condo is a cat house for your cute kitten to lazily recline. The well-designed cat hammock tenderly holds cat like a lover's hug. And the cat tower offers cat additional option to chill out from a higher view with their endless curiosities.

Are you interested in an automatic cat scratcher in classic style? If yes, try the Catry Cat Tree with a feather toy. Apart from providing your cat with a place to sleep, this item can serve as a toy. Your cat will love to play around with this amazing cat house.

This item has another function. The well-designed cat hammock hugs the cat tenderly, like a lover’s hug. And the cat tower provides cats with an additional option to relax from a higher vantage point with help make limitless curiosities. Also, cats can use this product as a ladder for a window chill.

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience in the pet supply market, Catry has continued to push the boundaries of the highest quality products. You have our word on a 100 percent guaranteed return with your pleasure.

Sadly, the product is relatively small for cats. The polls are designed for scratching; however, the short one is relatively short for a cat’s usual stretch and scratch position. The tall one is adequate in height. However, it is up against a wall.


  • Play with Catry
  • Lounge in hammock
  • Premium quality control


  • Quite small

ScratchMe 2 in 1 Cat Scratcher Lounge

FluffyDream 2 in 1 Cat Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Bed, Cat Scratching Post, Durable Board Pads Prevents Furniture Damage,Large
  • [Unique 2 in 1 design]: 2 in 1 design can make unlimited combinations. You can take the inner piece out and let the Kitty hide in the cutout. Cats can lay down at the cutout like a bed or couch.
  • [PROTECT FURNITURES]: Unique curved design makes it easier for cats to scratch. Cat scratching Board can be used for both vertical and horizontal scratches, and it is fully reversible.

If you want a product that combines the convenience of a lounge with the utility of a cat scratcher, ScratchMe 2 in 1 Cat Scratcher Lounge is what you need. What makes this automatic cat scratcher outstanding is its two-in-one architecture. The design allows for an infinite number of combinations. You may remove the inner piece and let the Kitty hide in the cutout, and make use of the cutout as a bed or couch for your cats. Moreover, because of the unique curved form, cats may scratch more easily. The product is reversible and may be used for both vertical and horizontal scratches. In addition to scratching, this automatic cat scratcher can serve as a place where your cats can lie and play. 

With high-quality corrugated cardboard, the product has five layers of corrugated paper as a pressed unit, put together with a strong glue bond to ensure endurance.

Sadly, this cat scratcher lounge is quite large and heavy, and some cats prefer rope or carpet to cardboard.


  • Two-in-one architecture
  • Scratch easily
  • A place to scratch, rest, and play


  • Large and heavy

Made4Pets Wooden Cat Scratcher Toy

Made4Pets Cat Scratching Post Cat Scratcher Toy Wooden Two-Layer Cat Turntable with Interactive Balls and Dangling Ball
  • 【Cat Scratching Post】:This interactive cat scratcher is a combination of cat scratching post and cat toys and it features with a flush ball on the top, 1 sisal scratching post for climbing and sharpening cat claws and 4 playballs to exercise cats’ instinct of catching. This scratcher engages small kittens and adult cats in multiple levels of play, making it both useful and amusing!
  • 【3-Tier Cat Toy Board】:The cat scratchers pole is designed with 3 levels of tracks and 4 moving balls to attract kitty’s attention! Your cat will adore batting, swatting, and pouncing the playing balls as they entertain their natural instincts to hunt.

This product from SU87HOMU receives relatively high global ratings due to its design and quality. This interactive cat scratcher combines a cat scratching post and cat toys, a flush ball on top, one sisal scratching post for climbing and sharpening cat claws, and four play balls to develop cat catching instincts. This scratcher engages both little kittens and adult cats in various levels of play, making it both functional and entertaining. Furthermore, with three levels of tracks and four moving balls to entice the kitty, allow your cat to hit, swat, and pounce the playing balls as they satisfy their natural hunting impulses.

Also, SU87HOMU is popular among consumers looking for an automatic cat scratcher for beginners because it preserves your expensive furniture and home furnishings by giving cats the suitable toy to scratch, claw, pull and tear.

However, there is one thing you should consider when deciding to buy this product. There are four steps you need to go through to assemble the six boards and one pole. So, it will take you a few minutes to finish.


  • 3-Tier Cat Toy Board
  • Natural Sisal Rope & Sturdy Base
  • Keep Your Furnitures Free From Kitty Claws


  • 4-Step Installation

Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower 

Amazon Basics Cat Tower with Hammock and Scratching Posts for Indoor Cats, 15.8 x 15.8 x 19.7 Inches, Gray
  • Cat tower designed to engage indoor cats in climbing and scratching and cozy naptime
  • Includes a plush grey cat hammock suspended between 2 sturdy scratching posts, plus a replaceable dangle soft toy

If you are seeking an automatic cat scratcher on a budget, then look no further. The Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower is what you need. The neutral color tones fit in with your home’s existing decoration. 

In addition, the plush hammock provides a comfortable space for your cat to relax and keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, and more.

Moreover, this device is easy to assemble and has durable, long-lasting construction.

Unfortunately, it is a safety hazard when you intend to use this cat scratcher for your cats, especially adult cats. It is dangerous if you let your cat over 5 Ibs utilizing the product.


  • Smart color
  • Multiple functions
  • Easy to assemble, durable


  • Dangerous

FUKUMARU Cat Self Groomer 

FUKUMARU Cat Self Groomer, 2.0 Version Cat Arch Face Scratcher with Scratcher Pad, Cats Back Grooming Massager Toy Brush for Indoor Kitten and Small Dog
  • 2 IN 1 TOY - Self groomer massager & Cardboard scratching pad. Helping stop fur shedding everywhere and keeping kitty entertained. With scratcher can also keep your Cat's Plaw heathy.
  • 2.0 Version Cat Self Groomer - Longer bristles, thicker steel strips, stronger mortise and tenon structure. The mortise and tenon construction of the arch is very strong and steady for durability and stability.

With its unique 2-in-1 function, the FUKUMARU’s Combination Scratcher offers the ideal combination of a self groomer massager and a cardboard scratching pad for your cat. The product keeps kittens engaged while preventing fur from shedding everywhere. You can also maintain your cat’s paw health by using a scratcher.

It is a 2.0 version cat scratcher with longer bristles, thicker steel strips, and a full mortise and tenon structure. For longevity and stability, the arch’s mortise and tenon structures are robust and sturdy. Moreover, the cat scratcher pad has two sides so that you can use it as a cat lounge.

Another good feature of this automatic cat scratcher is the material. The manufacturer uses a high-quality PVC and steel bar for the cat brush arch as well as environmentally friendly corrugated paper for the scratching pad. Therefore, the product will keep your cat’s claws healthy, your furniture safe, and be suitable for cats of all ages.

Nevertheless, in spite of many good characteristics, the brush is too short in the hole for it to be secured.


  • 2-in-1 toy
  • Safe and durable material
  • Perfect for all ages cats


  • Short brush in the hole

Happi N Pets Premium Cat Arch 

Happi N Pets The Original Cat Arch Self Groomer Cat Massager, Cat Hair Brush For Grooming With Sturdy Cat Scratching Pad And Catnip Toy, Cat Face Scratchers, Durable Brusher, Cat Rubbing Post & Scratcher
  • 2022 Newly upgrade with 2.0 soft & larger brush, good for full-grown cats.Allow your cat to comfortably groom fur while rubbing the brush and make your home hair-free. A free bag of catnip is provided in package.
  • Enhanced brush plug which is more thicker and longer than other brands. Just simply insert the brush to the bottom and finish with the unique secure lock, it will not be pulled out easily and avoid shaking & tipping.

Happi N Pets is a brand that is familiar to many pet lovers. Among its products, Happi N Pets Premium Cat Arc is what you should try for your cats. In 2021, the brand improved the automatic cat scratching post with a broader brush and a height of up to 12″ suitable for full-grown cats. It also allows your cat to groom fur while rubbing the brush, leaving your home hair-free.

An additional artificial interactive mouse toy with catnip and a rattle inside allows your kitties to spend more time entertaining themselves on the self groomer. To prevent cats’ paws from harm caused by the spring, the brand provided a protective shell.

Unfortunately, the item weighs 2.2 pounds, which is quite heavy. Besides, it seems unfit to several cats due to its moderate size.


  • Newly upgrade
  • New brush plug with cap, more stable
  • Artificial interactive mouse toy


  • Quite heavy
  • Moderate size

MSBC Big Cat Scratcher Lounge

MSBC Cat Scratcher Cardboard, Kitty Cat Scratching Pad Recycle Corrugate Scratcher Cat Scratch Bed Long Lasting Reversable (Triangle)
  • Smart Design - Unfold the small triangle part of this scratcher, when you change the placement of this scratcher, your cat will get different angles to scratch and train different muscles.
  • Kitty Loves - Cat likes to rest on the wide board after scratching;

The automatic cat post from the brand ComSaf is famous for some reasons. The first good feature is its design with the small triangle part of this scratcher. It is great because when you change the placement of this scratcher, your cat will get different angles to scratch and train other muscles. 

Second, this is an environmentally friendly and recyclable product. Even after your cat has finished using it, the cat scratcher is still recyclable to reduce your carbon footprint.

Another good feature of this automatic cat scratcher is its size. It has the dimensions of 17 1/4″ x 10″ x 3 1/8″ (L x W x H), which makes it better suited for indoor use. To avoid moisture softened corrugated paper, please keep the scratcher dry.

Despite the positive elements, the product may not last as long as other scratchers. The glued-on label may be difficult to remove and may not sustain the weight of huge cats. 


  • Smart design
  • Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable
  • Better for indoor use


  • Not last very long
  • Difficult to remove the glued-on label

Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

Coastal Pet Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy - Cardboard Cat Scratcher Pad with Cat Toy Ball Track and Catnip (1 Pack)
  • Cat Toy Ball Track: The rounded race track with a ball encourages cat exercise and kitten play
  • Practical Cat Toy: The no-slip bottom prevents this cat toy from moving around during play

For an affordable and simple product, the Bergan Turboscratcher cat toy is an ideal option. The product features a cardboard cat scratcher with a small ball and catnip, making it a delightful cat accessory.

This is a furniture guard that provides a claw grip to prevent cats from damaging the furniture. Plus, the toy’s non-slip bottom prevents it from rolling around and comes with an adjustable scratchpad.

Another good feature of the product is that it gives your cat what it needs to play. To be more specific, a pet rolling ball offers mental stimulation as well as a range of recreational possibilities. 

Sadly, the ball comes right out, which is annoying to the pet owner.


  • Fun cat accessories
  • Furniture protector
  • Interactive cat toy


  • The ball comes right out

How To Choose The Best Automatic Cat Scratcher: A Complete Buying Guide

Cat scratching is typical behavior. They do it in order to stretch their muscles. They also scratch to get rid of their nails’ top layer and mark their territory. Scratching is a natural activity in cats. Therefore, you should not attempt to educate your cat to stop scratching. Instead, you should invest in a high-quality automatic cat scratcher (or several).

automatic cat scratcher

One of the faults people make is selecting posts that appeal to humans rather than attracting the kitty. When it comes to picking the best automatic cat scratcher for your cat, a little knowledge goes a long way. The solution is to provide something alternative that your cat will like clawing even more than your antique dresser—but this necessitates selecting a post from your cat’s point of view.

Scratchers are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and they can be vertical or horizontal. So, before purchasing an automatic cat scratcher, you should think about the following factors.


You may have noticed that cats like to stretch and scratch vertically, such as sofa armrests and clogged doors. You want to scratch horizontally, for example, when you stroke an area of ​​the mat. Therefore, when looking for a scratching post to choose if the cat is possible, it is necessary to combine the two-directional surfaces. This usually means offering different scratch posts and pads.

We recommend you to have a vertical (high) automatic cat scratcher and a horizontal (flat) or angled cat scratching post. Moreover, sisal linen (material, not rope) should cover the candlesticks, and flat or angled rakes require cardboard for different textures and experiences.

automatic cat scratcher


You buy an automatic cat scratching post for your cat, which means that you don’t want it to ignore the product. Therefore, unless you expect your cat to scratch an expensive rug, never scratch the mat. Although it is less costly than the following material options, it is not the kind of product that is only valuable for a short period of time.

In manufacturing several products such as carpets or darts, people use sisal because it is strong plant material. Cat scratchers are not an exception. The sisal wire will deteriorate over time and finally fall off or come loose from the stanchion. Woven sisal carpets or sisal rugs are a relatively new addition to the automatic cat scratcher market. Woven sisal is usually bonded or stapled to a pole. It is rougher than sisal and is more susceptible to scratches. Likewise, woven sisal scratchers also last longer in the long term.

Corrugated cardboard, particularly corrugated cardboard, is among the most affordable automatic cat scratcher materials. Due to the fact that scratching on this material brings a pleasing sound and a comfortable feeling, cats enjoy this material. Cardboard scrapers are available in a range of characteristics, thicknesses, as well as ability to last for a long time. Meanwhile, some cardboard scratchers endure only a few months; others last for years. In most cases, price significantly reflects the quality and lifespan of a product.

Besides the corrugated cardboard’s lifespan, another major disadvantage is the confusion it causes when a cat rips it off. Cheap cardboard scrapers start peeling off cardboard pieces almost instantly. Even high-quality ones wear down over time, so the cat owners will be in charge of cleaning up the remaining residues.

automatic cat scratcher


Cats scratch and extend their muscles. This is the explanation for cat scratching behavior. And to do this, cats will want an automatic scraper that has a suitable size so that they can accommodate a completely elongated figure. Unfortunately, most scratching posts sold are not large enough to use for adult cats. Scratching posts should be at least 24” in height for the average-sized cat.


For different kinds of scratchers in vertical or horizontal positions, stability can be an issue. If it shakes or moves from side to side in a way that shows poor balance, cats may never try your cat scratcher for one more time. The higher the height of the automatic cat scraper, the less stable it is. Therefore, make sure your product’s bases are wide enough. Additionally, ensure that the scratchers on the wall are correctly attached. Furthermore, the paws will cling broader together if the horizontal scratcher slides on the floor as the cat uses it.


The automatic cat scratcher should be tall enough for your cat to stretch when scratching. This implies that your cat may fully stretch its body and pull back and shoulder muscles, which is beneficial to the cat’s health and flexibility. If your cat needs to crouch and scratch, training and stretching these muscles may not be of maximum benefit and can be painful for your cat.

automatic cat scratcher


The placement of a scratching post in a home influences a cat’s acceptance of the post. Outdoor cats provide scent and visual cues for other feline invaders by scratching visible markings in their area. For the same reason, many furniture scratching cats choose chair armrests and table legs that stand out so people entering a room or house can see where they are. Placing a scratching post in a prominent place in one of the most commonly used rooms in the home, even right in front of a cat locker, often causes cats to scratch and claim their territory.


Before purchasing an automatic cat scratcher, always make an observation of your cat’s behavior since the greatest cat scratcher is the one that your cat will use. For example, if your cat scratches the living room rug, consider purchasing a carpeted cat scratching post rather than one with sisal rope. Also, make sure the scratcher is large enough for your cat to fully stretch—at least 18 inches long for horizontal scratchers or 24 inches long for vertical scratchers.

If you are a beginner pet-owner and first buy an automatic cat scratcher, this video is a great instructional guide for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should an automatic cat scratcher be?

The length of a horizontal cat scratcher should be at least 18 inches. A vertical scratcher should be 30 to 32 inches tall to allow your cat to stretch and stand on its hind legs. If you can’t find one that matches this criterion, seek a vertical cat scratcher that’s at least 25 inches tall and stable enough not to topple over while in use.

Do cats like automatic cat scratchers?

Most cats are drawn to cardboard scratchers because the material is malleable and feels terrific under their paws. It is also less dense than other scratcher materials, such as sisal rope, so your cat’s claws are unlikely to get trapped in it.

How many automatic cat scratchers should I have?

automatic cat scratcher

If your cat’s scratcher is worn or the only scratcher in the house, they may lose interest quickly. Move the scratcher around the house to keep your cat entertained. Better still, cats enjoy variety, so buy several scratchers in different patterns and forms (made of their favorite materials) and set them in other rooms.

How do I teach my cat not to scratch the furniture?

Long strips of double-sided tape are more substantial and broader than those available at office supplies stores, stick firmly to the surface, and leave less residue when removed. Glue to the side of the sofa or the edge of the curtain. Or skirting boards to limit scratches: cats don’t like sticky stuff. Then, redirect your cat’s scratching instincts to a cat scratcher placed near their favorite scratching spots.

Takeaway: Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Automatic Cat Scratcher For Beginners

An excellent automatic cat scratcher exists to satisfy any demanding cat and owner, whether it is made of cardboard, wood, or sisal, vertical or horizontal, basic or sophisticated. Choosing a post to delight your cat can be an adventure, with the reward of vigorous and purring.

Choosing the finest automatic cat scratcher for your cat can be a time-consuming and costly process. You can end up purchasing many cat posts that your cat ignores and refuses to scratch. Instead, he marches up to his favorite “scratching post,” which happens to be your couch. You may conclude that your cat simply does not enjoy scratching posts, but this is rarely the case. 

Based on our research, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best automatic cat scratchers for beginners in 2022.


We recommend acquiring a range of cat scratchers because you presumably have more than one room in your house. Try a vertical sisal scratching post next to your couch in the living room. In the bedroom, consider a modern-looking horizontal cardboard scratcher. You’re now ready to head on over our Top Picks.

All the cat scratchers on our list are the best automatic cat scratchers we have researched and chosen. They are dependable gadgets that can progress the general quality of your cat’s life. Utilize the over data to assist you in deciding which one is right for your cat.

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