Best 4 String Bass Guitar (2024 Rankings)

With more high-quality options available, bass players are in a great mood now. Now is the ideal moment to get one of the greatest bass guitars. You’ll have many options, whether searching for a thunderbolt five sequence to bring doom, a four-killer sequence you can smack about, or a humorous classic. We looked everywhere for the greatest bass guitars available; some will be more reasonable than others, but we cared to include basses for every playing style and price range. Before deciding, you may read my suggestion for the best 4 string bass guitar here.

Best 4 String Bass Guitar: TOP PICKS

Best Overall: Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 60’s Jazz Bass

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The Jazz Bass has been copied numerous times since it was initially released in 1960 under the misleading name two-pickup Precision. Over time, Fender has made several adjustments to the Jazz Bass. There’s a good reason for this; the layout is functional and stylish. Based on the original 1960s versions, the Classic Vibe Jazz Bass from Fender’s entry-level brand Squier offers a comfortable ride, some eerily retro tones, and lots of extra cash for $500.

Best Budget: Fender JMJ Signature Series Road Worn

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Although we never considered the Fender Mustang to be a versatile bass, the fact that Justin Meldal-Johnsen thinks his ’67 Mustang to be his top bass is significant. There isn’t a Venn Diagram you can make with much overlap between Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, and Beck and Meldal-Johnsen, a well-known session musician who has performed with them. What, then, makes the Mustang so unique? However, the 30″ short-scale bass is a very playable small one.

Best Master Volume: Fender Mustang Bass – PJ – Pau Ferro

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Short-scale basses have seen somewhat of a rebirth lately, attracting more female bassists to the instrument and providing rich, vintage tones that are now highly in vogue. A variety of tones are available with both split and single-coil pickups but warned. The result is that the tone is noticeably softer than you may be used to with a long-scale bass due to the shorter scale length, which decreases the speaking length of each string.

Best Narrow Neck: Fender Geddy Lee Signature Jazz

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This bass has grit and twang uncommon in a bass of this caliber and is a highly dynamic performer. This bass blows you away with its playability, superb setup, and solid build-out of the included Deluxe gigbag. Along with the black sheen and white scratchplate look, black block position markers still have a retro feel. The features and tones are available for players of various genres, but few jazz basses at this price play as well as this model.

Best Sound: Epiphone Viola Electric Bass Guitar

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Although short-scale bass guitars aren’t for everyone, they were large enough for possibly the most well-known band in history. Although Paul McCartney’s Viola bass was a German-made Hofner, the design of this classic tiny instrument is still popular today owing to the Epiphone Viola. A well-built, charming bass with a lovely tone may be had for less than $400. Younger students may use it more easily because of its lower scale length, and its maple body and neck provide a lovely sound.


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Why 4 string bass the best?

The neck on four-string bass guitars is substantially smaller and thinner than those on five-string guitars and six-string guitars, making them simpler to play and learn on. Four-string bass guitars are 100% suitable for most, if not all, musical genres.

Is 4 string bass enough?

A 4-string bass is usually sufficient, if not ideal, for most individuals. Why acquire extra strings if you won’t utilize them? A 4-string bass may be tuned lower than its conventional tuning, which is fairly popular. If you sometimes require lower pitches, you may tune it down by 2 or 3 notes.


Finding the best 4 string bass guitar for you may be difficult if you don’t know where to start. There are many things to think about, particularly if you’re searching for a bass guitar to learn how to play on. Before shopping for a brand-new bass guitar, you’ll need to make some of the following crucial decisions.

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