Best Starting Bass Guitar – Top 12 products in 2024

It’s not easy to pick a bass guitar if you don’t know what brands and features to look for. Here, I’ll go through the top best starting bass guitar in each price range, but if you’re still interested in learning more about bass guitars before reading reviews, you can find that information below.

Best Starting Bass Guitar: TOP PICKS

Best Overall: Yamaha BB235 BB-Series 5-String Bass Guitar

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The body of this Yamaha, which measures in at a full 34 inches, is carved from a single piece of Alder wood. It looks great and feels great to play on because of its thin profile and soft corners. These days, slimline bass designs like these are all the rage. The neck is made of maple and mahogany laminated wood and is joined with a miter joint and six bolts. However, its shape is pretty bulky, and its 21 frets are smooth and rounded.

Best Budget: Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar GSRM20BWNF

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This Poplar instrument has a lovely slender body and a small scale length of 28.6 inches. The instrument’s truss rod-equipped maple neck has a sleek profile and a smooth playing feel. Weight is below seven pounds. The perfect harmony between the body and the neck makes movement and rest easy. The comfort is due to the theme of the design. That’s a crucial consideration for a newbie. The first few days are crucial, so finding a balance and a comfortable spot is necessary.

Best Design: Best Choice Products 22-Fret Full Size Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

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An acoustic-electric bass like this seldom exists. The guitar may be played acoustically or plugged into an amplifier. It’s the best-case situation for everyone involved, including the novice, their parents, and even the neighbors. It’s constructed out of wood and looks like laminated wood because of the rosette that decorates the sound hole. The blue finish is visually appealing, and the black pickguard contrasts well. A cutaway has been added so that the whole neck can be seen.

Best For Jazz: Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70’s

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Due to its similarity in tone to Fender’s Precision, Fender began to experiment with the guitar’s design. An improvement was made by moving the bridge pickup closer to the bridge and by the 1970s, a maple neck had been added. This new version of the guitar catered to a particular demographic. This Squier is like that Jazz bass from the ’70s came back to life. Glossy polyurethane coats the Poplar body. All the original curves that made it well-liked are already present. It has a body form that is a little “off-set” compared to the more conventional Precision. That’s because some people find it more convenient and relaxing to do so.

Best High-Quality: Ibanez GSR 4 String Bass Guitar GSR200BWNF

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Ibanez’s GSR line is aimed at bassists who want high-quality instruments without breaking the bank. Almost defying logic, Ibanez manages to produce such a high-quality instrument at this pricing. For the price, it’s the greatest bass guitar you can get for a novice. Tonewood made from Nyatoh is used for the body. This is a replacement for the Mahogany that was formerly used to construct the GSR200’s body since it is more environmentally friendly. It’s important that they’re unrecognizable from one another sonically and aesthetically.


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How should I choose my first bass?

The majority of bass guitars have four strings, and beginners should likely begin with a four-string instrument. The necks of these basses are smaller than those of five- and six-string basses, making them more manageable and simpler to learn.

Can a novice begin with the bass guitar?

If you are just beginning to play bass guitar, there is no need to invest hundreds of dollars in an antique instrument. Beginners may begin with an entry-level bass and then move to a higher-end model as their abilities improve.

What is the most often used bass guitar?

The electric bass guitar is the most prevalent form of bass guitar. The bodies of electric basses are substantial. To be audible, an electric bass must be plugged into a bass amplifier. In essence, a bass amplifier, or “bass amp,” is a powered speaker.


Choosing the best starting bass guitar is a difficult task. In some respects, it is comparable to purchasing a first vehicle for a newly licensed teen. They seek just one thing. You want that they have another.

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