Best AAA Flashlights in 2024

The flashlight may appear to be outdated. But having them on hand is useful in many situations. Unlike rechargeable models, those with AAA batteries have evolved and light more efficiently. But which one to choose? Save yourself the long hours of research with this guide to:

The Best AAA Flashlights – Complete Guide and Reviews

Editors’ choice: Fenix ​​PD35

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With the Fenix ​​PD35, treat yourself to a flashlight with unmatched performance and price. Completely waterproof and ultra shock-resistant, you can use it in all circumstances. It has been designed to provide a comfortable grip.

On the performance side, enjoy a variable light intensity of up to 1000 lumens. Add to that the always useful strobe function. The Fenix ​​PD35 torch is recommended for professionals such as security guards, construction technicians and many others. It is also an ideal piece of equipment for home or individual use.


  • The Fenix ​​PD35 is hands down the best AAA battery-powered flashlight around today.
  • It ticks all the boxes required for this type of device for an unbeatable price.

The best cheap: Olight i3E EOS

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The Olight i3E EOS fulfils its role perfectly. What more could you ask for? One of the highlights of this AAA battery-powered flashlight is the Philips Luxenon LEDs, with a lifespan of 60,000 hours. There are two colours to choose from: the standard colour and the silver colour, which will save your batteries.

In terms of performance, these are correct, with a power of 90 lumens in standard colour and 120 in silver colour. Its range is 44 m, 48 m for the silver colour model. This torch fits in your pocket and fits perfectly into a bunch of keys. Apart from its price and its lifespan, we like its discretion.


  • Discreet and easy to use, the Olight i3E EOS torch is designed for everyday use.
  • Without a doubt the best inexpensive flashlight around.

The best high-end: Klarus XT11GT

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If you are looking for a reliable AAA battery-powered torch, the Klarus XT11GT is a no-brainer. Hard to beat, given its performance and built-in features. Robust, modern and easy to learn, you will appreciate its capacity indicator, temperature control and rapid mode change.

This device works with AAA batteries but can be recharged quickly via the USB port for more convenience. The light beam emitted has a range of 316 m with a maximum output of 2000 lumens. The highly intelligent digital charging module provides overload protection.


  • If you were looking for quality, give yourself the Klarus XT11GT.
  • Modern, efficient, robust and very long-range, you can use it in all circumstances.

Excellent: Anker LC90

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Choose the Anker LC90 flashlight to have a robust, powerful and efficient material. It offers an LED light with 300 m of range, which has nothing to envy high-end models. The surface has been designed for ease of handling and to allow it to be held without the risk of it slipping through your hands due to moisture.

Equipped with a zoom function with five settings (High, medium, low, blink and SOS). The Anker LC90 torch works with 3 AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery and is equipped with a USB port. Connect it to the USB cable for about 6 hours for a full charge. This AAA battery-powered torch can be used in all circumstances, including in the workplace.


  • If you are looking for a versatile lamp, the Anker LC90 LED lamp will satisfy you.
  • Efficient, robust and rechargeable, you can use it in all circumstances.

How to choose your Best AAA Flashlights battery torch?

The quality of a flashlight is defined by its brightness, autonomy, modes and many other criteria. Here are the most important criteria for choosing the device that best suits your needs and your budget.

best aaa flashlights

Criterion 1: Autonomy

It goes without saying that a flashlight with AAA batteries requires this kind of battery to function. With a torch powered only by batteries, you could run out of battery at the worst possible time. Also, make sure you know the exact length of time the device has been used when using the batteries in full brightness mode. If the device is efficient, but the duration of use is short, it is not worth it. Fortunately, you have the solution to this battery life problem, as many devices run on batteries and have an alternate power source.

Criterion 2: Modes and functions

Today’s torches have many features that bring them a plus, especially for professionals. These include tazer, strobe and many more. Depending on your needs, choose the right device. On the other hand, in terms of modes, it is more judicious to choose a torch with at least two brightness modes, with one that saves the battery. In general, a device that has 5 modes will be fine.

Criterion 3: Maneuverability

In addition to the functions and performance of the devices, you will also have to take into account the handling of the flashlight, as it stands to reason that you will have to hold it in your hand during use. Consider choosing a torch that does not have a too smooth surface to prevent it from slipping through your hands at the worst possible time. Size matters, too, because if your device is too large in volume, you’ll have a hard time handling or storing it.

best aaa flashlights

Criterion 4: Power

Power is a criterion to be taken into account to define whether a torch is efficient or not. This is defined in lumens. If you want to have a powerful device to use in a professional environment, prefer models with at least 1000 lm of power. However, if the torch is used only very rarely, you can choose one that has 90 to 100 lm; it will perform all the essential functions of flashlights.

Criterion 5: Scope

The range of a flashlight is one of the main criteria to consider in order to get the maximum light you want. This range varies from 40 to several hundred meters. Also, if you need a long-range lamp, choose one with a beam of 200 to 300 m, the longest in existence today. Nevertheless, always make sure to put this last criterion into perspective since some devices have very long ranges, but fail in terms of other criteria, in particular, power, manoeuvrability, and especially autonomy.

Battery torch or rechargeable torch?

Flashlight battery-only?

best aaa flashlights

If you are looking for the best AAA battery-powered flashlight, consider a device that has multiple charging solutions, i.e. battery powered and rechargeable via USB port. This will limit the risk of being deprived of a torch at a critical moment. On the other hand, if you need a high-performance torch but cannot afford it, the battery-only torch will be fine.

Rechargeable flashlight?

Thanks to a torch with AAA batteries and a rechargeable battery, you will have many more solutions to never run out of battery. You are in a remote location, and the nearest store is hundreds of kilometres away; no worries, you will only have to recharge your torch thanks to its USB port. This is the ideal type of device; on the other hand, it is much more expensive than devices with simple AAA batteries.


If you are looking for the best AAA battery-powered flashlight, consider a device that has multiple charging solutions, i.e. battery powered and rechargeable via USB port. This will limit the risk of being deprived of a torch at a critical moment. On the other hand, if you need a high-performance torch but cannot afford it, the battery-only torch will be fine.

The Best AAA Flashlights battery torch: always essential

best aaa flashlights

Having become somewhat obsolete with the appearance of torches on smartphones and many other gadgets, the independent flashlight can still be of great help in many situations in life. Engine failure in the middle of the night and in the rain, repairing a difficult-to-access pipe, all this requires a flashlight.

In addition, at one point, our two hands may be occupied, and the lamp will have to be put in the mouth to continue to light. Difficult to do this with a phone. And if, unfortunately, the device falls out of our hands, we will be relieved that it was the torch but not the smartphone costing several hundred euros. In short, a flashlight is always an essential piece of equipment.

Tips for Best AAA Flashlights

Vary the brightness

Your flashlight has variable brightness. Depending on the product range, you will have 2 to 6 options in your hands. No need to use full power mode to light your drawer when there is a power failure. Not only will it dazzle you, but you will waste charge.

Switch on your lamp regularly

Remember to turn on your device regularly, especially if you are using high-intensity NiMH batteries. As explained previously, this type of battery gradually discharges if it is not used. It would only be a waste to let batteries run down, which has come at a cost.

Always keep batteries in reserve

best aaa flashlights

For your safety, remember to keep spare batteries near your flashlight. For some reason, you may have to use your device for a long time. Also, the battery charge may not be enough, and you will run out of light at an inconvenient time.

Choose AAA batteries according to the type of device

If you choose a high-end device with maximum power, you will need matching AAA batteries. For this type of device, lithium batteries will be perfect. On the other hand, for a medium-power device, alkaline batteries will suffice.

Take the torch regularly

A torch is designed to be handy. On the other hand, if you only use it infrequently, you will not know how it grips your hand, and you will have to innovate when using it. The flashlight is like a pen, phone, or battery wand; you need to use it frequently to fully master it.


What are the Best AAA Flashlights?

The best AAA battery-powered flashlight depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products around.

What is an AAA battery?

These are the small batteries used for the remote control or toys. AAAs are smaller than AAs.

Where to buy a good quality AAA battery-powered flashlight?

Many stores sell this type of lamp. You can also find it in many online stores.

How long does it take to recharge an AAA battery?

The charging time varies from 1 h 30 to 15 h depending on the range.

Is a torch really waterproof?

Tests have been carried out, and the torches are waterproof, but this may depend on the brand of the device.

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