Top 7 Best Smart Sprinkler Review

Best Smart Sprinkler Review

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler System

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Rachio is a WiFi smart sprinkler controlled through the mobile app or Alexa voice control.

It comes w/ 8 watering zones to meet your needs.

This smart sprinkler can even create its own sprinkling schedule (based on your plants’ specific needs)

New feature: tell Rachio which type of plants you’re watering — Rachio will auto-adjust the schedule according to their needs (less maintenance for you!)

Another lovable feature is that it will auto-check weather reports + adjust the schedule if needed. (** Why waste water when it’s supposed to rain!)

Buyers love that it’s easy to install + easy maintenance

Although one of the more expensive options, personally, I think it’s worth the price.

Netro Sprinkler Controller System

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Netro is a “Smart Sprinkler” w/ voice control and mobile app functionality.

There are a few options, but the 12 zone appears to be the most popular.

What I like about the Netro is that it creates its own schedule — auto constructs the schedule based on historical weather + forecast.

Comes w/ 12 zones — water up to 12 different areas of the yard.

Affordable smart sprinkler option and high customer satisfaction rating.

Buyers say it’s easy to install + easy to command w/ the mobile app.

Orbit B-Hyve Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler

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Orbit smart sprinkler comes in 12 or 6 stations.

Like other smart sprinklers, Orbit creates the best watering schedule based on weather forecasts.

Also, inform Orbit which types of plants you are watering + what sunlight is needed. It’ll auto-create a schedule based on that info!

Orbit reduces water usage while ensuring your plants thrive. Buyers say it’s easy to install.

** One of the most affordable smart sprinklers on my list

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Review

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The Rachio Smart Sprinkler is the most water efficient on my list

It’s tested to reduce water by 30%!

Like the other Rachio sprinklers — easily customize your watering schedule for 8 different zones (weather patterns + daily forecasts).

It works w/ Alexa Voice + mobile app for scheduling.

Buyers say this smart sprinkler is easy to install + easy to use.

Aeon Matrix Yardian Sprinkler w/ Camera

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Aeon Sprinkler is EPA WaterSense Certified, conserving water use by as much as 50%

What’s unique is the built-in HD security camera (a bonus feature, you can keep an eye on your home when you’re away!)

Another bonus feature includes a built-in surge protection system — it’s designed to follow the watering schedule even if the WiFi is down.

You can set up 24 watering schedules for each of the 8 watering zones.

Also comes w/the option to automate the schedule (based on plant needs + weather forecast)

Smart Irrigation Sprinkler System

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NxEco is weather aware, has EPA WaterSense, and can be connected via WiFi (with the mobile app)

Control up to 12 zones + customize the schedule for each type of plant you’re watering (option to expand up to 36 zones)

It’s very easy to operate using your smartphone.

Lots of positive buyer reviews + comes w/ customer service for installing

Also helps that it’s one of the most affordable smart sprinklers on my list!

Rachio Lawn Sprinkler System (16ZULW-B)

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Rachio lets you manage your watering needs for up to 16 zones – an ideal option if you have a large yard or a wide variety of plants.

Like other Rachio smart sprinkler models, it will adjust your watering schedule if it’s windy or raining to prevent wasted water.

The system meets EPA WaterSense guidelines + promises to better water conservation.

Easy to operate through Alexa or a smartphone app.

Although the most expensive smart sprinkler on my list, it has the 2nd highest customer satisfaction rating.

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