Top 10 Best Snow Blower 2023

It’s never too early to start planning for winter – especially with a large purchase like this!

Some of the best snow blowers are cheaper and in stock – many include the newest features.

quiet operation, self-propelled, non-skid tires, push start, electric controls

Here is my list of the best snow blowers (and snow throwers!).

Prices range from $249 -$1499.

best snow blower review

Best Snow Blower

Husqvarna Snow Blower

[amazon box=”B0C9MZ43W3″]

The Husqvarna snow blower is a two-stage model designed for heavy snow.

Right away, you’ll notice its push-button electric start and self-propelled system — handles very well on steep driveways!

  • Price: Expensive
  • Type: 2-stage blower

Husqvarna snow blower includes 6 operating speeds + operates well in reverse (for walkways or paths)

For traction, it comes w/ skid shoes that glide on any surface:

Driveways, sidewalks, paths

Buyers love the upgraded snow chute, which can throw snow up to 20 ft. – helps avoid piles and drifts.

Added features include LED headlights for the night and heated handles.

Lots of positive buyer reviews online!

Push button starter!

  • Push button starter!
  • Smashes through ice/wet snow
  • Power steering controls
  • No slip track
  • Heated handle grips


  • Not lightweight
  • Bit expensive

Tacklife Snow Blower Review

[amazon box=”B0030BG1KE”]

The Tacklife snow blower was the most popular snow thrower last year.

For an affordable price, it is a high-performance option w/ 20-inch width and 4-blade steel auger.

  • Price: Affordable
  • Width: 20-inch

As an electric snow thrower, it weighs only 38 lbs – super lightweight compared to other snow blowers.

Tacklife snow blower is also low noise with fast recharge.

Buyers say it is easy to manoeuvre – anti-slip wheels make it great for ploughing sidewalks and walkways!

Affordable price w/ good buyer reviews!

PowerSmart DB7651BS-24

[amazon box=”B0969J3PBH”]

The PowerSmart DB7651BS-24 is the best snow blower for wet snow.

Heavy duty frame + steel auger are designed for winter storms. A good self-propelled blower that throws snow up to 40 ft!

  • Price: Expensive
  • Width: 24 inches

Buyers say it handles very well, even on slippery surfaces.

Extra large wheels designed for extra traction – by far the best snow blower for wet snow or icy driveways. 

PowerSmart snow blower is a two-stage blower w/ electric start. Metal skid shoes w/ multiple speeds for easy manoeuvring.

Voted the best snow blower released in 2020.

Snow Joe Snow Thrower Review

[amazon box=”B00W8YAVRS”]

Snow Joe Snow Thrower weighs 34 pounds, making it the best lightweight on my list.

It has a width of 21 inches and can throw snow up to 20 ft.

  • Pricing: Affordable
  • Recharge: 50-minutes

The battery is detachable, allowing you to recharge inside your house.

Another nice benefit is the noise level. Snow Joe Snow Thrower is much quieter than most – ideal for night ploughing!

The power chute rotates 180 degrees with w/the capability to throw snow 20 ft. (ideal for high late winter!).

Buyers say it handles well in any type of snow – even wet or icy snow!

Yardmax Snowblower Reviews

[amazon box=”B01M24YQ5O”]

The Yardmax snowblower is a two-stage blower designed for large areas.

As a heavy-duty option, it comes w/ serrated-steel blade augers – I think it’s the best snow blower for icy snow.

  • Price: Expensive
  • Width: 24 inches

Fully customizable, it includes six speeds + two reverse speeds (for walkways and patios). It’s a self-propelled blower with w/an easy electric start.

Buyers say the Yardmax snowblower works well, even in the worst conditions.

You will also like the bright headlight, heated grips features are the front headlight (for operating at night) and heated hand grips.

Expensive, but lots of positive buyer reviews!

Tacklife Snow Blower Review

[amazon box=”B0030BG1KE”]

Tacklife snow blower is an affordable option for small driveways.

As a 15Amp electric snow blower, it includes a steel auger w/ rubber blades – up to 800 lbs of snow per min.

  • Price: Affordable
  • Width: 20 inches

Powerful for an electric snow blower, it can toss snow up to 30 ft.

One of the key features is its low noise – the Tacklife snow blower is much quieter than gas snow blowers.

Weighing only 29 lbs, it is the best snow blower for easy handling.

Good price w/ positive reviews!

EGO Cordless Snow Blower

[amazon box=”B09FQ2WSKK”]

EGO Power Plus is the best snow blower for medium size areas.

Powerful for a cordless snow blower – similar capability as some gas snow blowers (but without the fumes!).

  • Price: Medium
  • Width: 21 inches

It comes equipped w/ 56-Volt Batteries giving you 1 hour of power per charge.

For size, it has a medium clearing width and includes a 180° chute

As a cordless model, it is the best snow blower with an electric start. Its compact size also makes it easy to store in a garage or outdoor shed.

The Ego cordless snow blower can also throw snow up to 35 feet!

Ariens Two Stage Snow Blower

[amazon box=”B009K4Q8P8″]

Ariens Gas Powered, a 24-inch snow blower, is one of the most powerful on my list.

Equipped w/ 208cc engine, electric ignition (for easy start!) + steel auger.

  • Price: Expensive
  • Width: 24 inches

You’ll love the Tire Chains – allow it to glide smoothly in the worst conditions: hard-packed snow, slippery driveways + steep inclines.

Another top feature is the powerful chute which throws snow 40 ft. high (avoiding drifts or pile-ups)

Lots of positive reviews — one buyer says it rips through 3-4 ft. of snow “like it’s nothing.”

Expensive, but durability and performance make it worth the money.

Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower

[amazon box=”B01K6XRMGA”]

The Briggs and Stratton is the best snow blower with an electric start.

The powerful snow blower has an extra wide clearing path – great for driveways and large open areas!

  • Price: Medium
  • Width: 27 inches

As you can see, it comes w/a 12″ steel auger. Buyers say it chops through icy or wet snow!

Briggs and Stratton snow blower include six forward speeds + two reverse speeds. Easy to back out of walkways or corners.

Dependable, electric start snow blower w/ good reviews.

Poulan Pro Electric Snow Thrower

[amazon box=”B08KHYP2KV”]

Poulan Pro has a 2-step design making it versatile — super easy to handle; it easily clears snow from paved or gravel surfaces.

It’s designed to tackle larger areas — large driveways or long paths.

A powerful ribbon auger (the yellow blade) can chop heavy or icy snow

Comes w/ electric start + power steering. You won’t struggle to get it started or manoeuvre through deep snow.

There are 6 operating gears — You can also shift into “reverse”, which helps you back out of tight spaces (i.e. walkways)

Lots of strong buyer reviews – Many confirm that the Poulan Electric Snow Thrower can easily plough through 1 ft of snow.

Notable – Honda Single Stage Snow Blower

[amazon box=”B07YT8VZF6″]

** FYI – brand names may differ by country

One of the appealing features of the Honda Snow Blower is that it’s semi-self-propelled.

The user confirms that the Honda snow blower is super easy to control and can move up inclines without issue.

This model has an easy electric start and can clear snow width of 20 inches.

Powerful enough to throw snow 33 ft.

Buyers say it’s one of the best two-stage snow blower models for heavy snow.

Very easy to start and has good buyer reviews!

Notable – Husqvarna Snow Blower Review

[amazon box=”B0C9MZ43W3″]

Husqvarna Snow Thrower is a small yet powerful snow thrower.

FYI: Snow Throwers are single-stage and usually lightweight

What makes it unique — it’s very easy to start. Plug into a power outlet and use the 1-button ignition to get started.

Another thing I love about the Husqvarna is that it’s lighter and weighs only 95 pounds.

It’s relatively powerful, too — it can plough through 8 inches of snow. Performs great on flat pavements:

Driveways, pathways and walkways

If you’re looking for the best driveway snow thrower, I think the Husqvarna 208cc is your best option.

Notable – Troy-Bilt Gas Snow Thrower

[amazon box=”B09SBV6FRY”]

The Troy-Bilt snow thrower is an electric start, gas-powered engine.

As a single-stage snow blower, it has a smaller clearing width – however, it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

  • Price: Expensive
  • Width: 21 inches

Buyers also like how easy it is to start and tread tires. It handles well on slushy snow and icy surfaces.

The Troy-Bilt is the best snow blower for smaller homes.

A good option for city dwellers.

Notable – Toro 38381 Snow Blower Reviews

[amazon box=”B00YYPR9F6″]

Toro 38381 Snow Blower is the most affordable snow blower on my list 

It’s smaller than the other models — it handles well in tight areas making it perfect for paved walkways + medium size patios.

  • Price: Affordable
  • Width: 18 inches

Toro Curve Snow Blower boasts the ability to remove up to 700 pounds of snow in 1-min.

Not the most powerful on my list, but that should be enough for most mid-size residences.

At only 25 pounds, it’s also the lightest snow blower on this list.

Best Snow Blowers 2023

Depending on your needs, here’s what you should consider before purchasing.

  • Clearing Width – snow blowers and throwers will have a clearing width ranging from 18-inches to 30 inches. Snow throwers and electric snow blowers typically have a narrower clearing width.
  • Snow Type – how much snowfall do you expect in a given year? For light snow, an electric snow blower or snow thrower should do the trick. For wet, heavy snow, you should consider a gas snow blower – I suggest the Husqvarna or Ariens snow blowers.
  • Amount of Snowfall – most electric snow blowers are single-stage but can last up to 50-mins per battery charge. If it takes more than 1-hour to get the job done, consider a two-stage snow blower that is gas-powered.

Other features you can take into account include:

noise level, heated handles, snow throw distance, and weight

Today’s options are much lighter and more powerful than only a few years ago. A good snow blower can be a big purchase, but they’re made for durability.

Depending on the model, you can expect it to run strong for 5-10 years.

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