Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Female Hands! (Updated 2024)

Playing guitar may be difficult for women with smaller hands because of the distance the fingers must travel apart while fretting certain chords. As luck would have it, other options make playing more tolerable for female players with smaller hands. Don’t allow the size of your hands to prevent you from learning to play the guitar; these acoustic models are great for players with smaller hands. Check the best acoustic guitar for small female hands right here.

best acoustic guitar for small female hands


Best Overall: Martin Guitar DJr-10 Dreadnought Junior Guitar

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Test-playing, a Martin Guitar, is usually a treat, and the D Jr-10E was no exception. This Martin is one of the only real dreadnought guitars in a smaller size, making it possible for guitarists with tiny hands to enjoy what is often thought of as one of the most ungainly body shapes. The first impressions were quite positive, as is the case with the vast majority of Martins. In addition, it has one of the greatest gig bags we’ve ever seen, which is semi-rigid and can hold your instrument securely.

Best ¾ Body Size: Fender Sonoran Mini, Natural

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One of the newest guitars in Fender’s lineup, the Sonoran Mini, is also one of the most remarkable. Even though Fender doesn’t seem to have any electric guitars in this price range (outside of Squiers), the Sonoran Mini is an excellent option since it’s comfy and has the distinctive Stratocaster headstock along with the company’s name. The guitar’s appearance was a major selling point for us. A caramel-colored pickguard complements the Spruce top, creating a look that is both vintage and modern. The scale length of this instrument is a third of a standard guitar, and the body shape is that of a parlor guitar.

Best Solid Design: Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB w/Gig Bag

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The GS Mini-e Koa Plus is an excellent option for those with deep pockets. When we first saw this instrument, we were astounded. There’s no denying that the top was made out of Koa, one of the most beautiful tone woods. The semi-rigid Taylor gig bag that came with it was perfect for transporting and storing the instrument since it offered both protection and room for extra gear. String tension is further reduced by the small scale length of 23.5″, considerably lower than that of the already ultra-comfortable Fender Sonoran Mini.

Best Tone Adjustment: Epiphone Dove Studio Solid Top Acoustic Electric Guitar

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The Epiphone Dove may be the solution for players with thick necks who require the volume and projection of a full-size dreadnought. It has a strong, deep tone, and the neck is remarkably smooth and slim, so playing barre chords and improvising solos is a breeze. Epiphone has a long brand history, with numerous significant acoustic guitars being created in the past while being best known presently for creating low-cost licensed reproductions of Gibson guitars. Based on the design of the classic Gibson Dove from 1962, the Epiphone Dove has a fast-playing narrow neck and a comfortable slim profile.

Best Sound: PRS SE P20 Tonare Parlor Vintage Mahogany

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Despite being a newcomer to the acoustic market, PRS has impressed with the quality of their P20 parlor acoustic. Although parlor guitars aren’t made explicitly for guitarists with tiny hands, several of their specifications suit the demands of guitarists with such hands. The paper version doesn’t seem like it would work well for those with little hands who play the guitar. After all, the P20 has a neck with the PRS Wide Fat profile, which may not be ideal if you have tiny hands.


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What size guitar should a woman get? 

best acoustic guitar for small female hands

When it comes to acoustic guitars, women are better off with a 3/4 size instrument. If you’re looking at the Taylor GS Mini, you’ll see that it’s the ideal size for players with tiny hands without sacrificing the guitar’s ability to create a full, robust tone.

What guitar is best for short fingers?

Body forms with a more compact overall size tend to work better for players with smaller hands. These range from little acoustic instruments to massive concert guitars. Since it has a more compact body, an electric guitar in the “Stratocaster” form is also a viable alternative.


If you’ve been having trouble locating a guitar that suits your needs in terms of comfort and tone, we hope you found this advice helpful. Choose the best acoustic guitar for small female hands, and you’ll have a much better time strumming.

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