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Do you like playing acoustic guitar? Do you want an American-made acoustic guitar that will rock your world? In this post, I have compiled a list of the best American-made acoustic guitars. These goods have been thoroughly examined by us on the market; if you have a need, please choose one of our five choices below.

best american made acoustic guitar


Best Overall: Fender Paramount PM-1 Standard

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Do you need a high-quality Fender acoustic guitar? You should give the Paramount PM-1 Standard a go. The instrument has everything you might want in a guitar. Some excellent songs are due to the outstanding sound. The guitar is intended for professional musicians and others who like listening to high-quality music. The instrument features excellent hardware, including vintage-style radio control knobs.

Along with the phase controller, you receive a master volume and master tune. The warmth and balance of the music are amazing. Because of the smaller size, it is ideal for musicians who also sing.

Best Ebony Bridge: Breedlove Solo Concert CE Red Cedar

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Breedlove is a well-known guitar maker in the United States. The maker, based in Oregon, is responsible for some of the greatest guitars on the market. The Solo Concert is a great example of their outstanding work. The guitar has a small body that makes it simple to play. There are 20 frets on the rosewood fretboard. The neck is mahogany, while the body is a laminated rosewood construction. Solo is an electro-acoustic guitar with an under-saddle piezo pickup by L.R Baggs. A sophisticated 3-band EQ control is also included.

Best Material Type: Taylor Guitars 224ce-K DLX Koa Deluxe Grand

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Taylor guitar is well-known around the nation as one of the greatest guitar brands on the market today. Many people like acoustic guitars because of their tone, sound, and design. The 224ce-K DLX exemplifies their exceptional work. The guitar is made in the United States and has an American feel. The Hawaiian Koa, a tropical hardwood, was used to make the guitar. It is essential to the tone’s sound and creates a distinct theme while performing. This guitar’s neck is solid Sapele, while the fretboard is made of African mahogany and has 20 frets.

Best Body Type: Martin Standard Series D-28 Dreadnought

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The Martin D-28 was a favorite of these two giants, and it has continued to amaze seasoned musicians since its debut in 1931! This is one of the best guitars in history, with balanced tonal notes that are superb in both bass and treble. When performed with rhythm, the guitar generates clarity in harmony. The look is unremarkable, which is fine since the Martin D-28 is quite comfortable to carry and feels like a luxury instrument.

Best Grand Auditorium Body: Taylor Guitars 314ce V-Class Grand

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The firm forewent high-end components like the tortoiseshell pickguard, mother-of-pearl inlays, and fancy binding to provide a less expensive Taylor instrument with the outstanding sound and quality craftsmanship we would expect from an American-made acoustic guitar. This is ideal for individuals on a budget who desire the bright and clear high-end notes, deep bass, and smooth middle of a Taylor guitar.


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Can you play the acoustic guitar the same way as the electric guitar? 

best american made acoustic guitar

These guitars are somewhat different. They are also intended for various genres. However, there are electro-acoustic guitars, which may be used as either. These guitars include crossover characteristics and may be plugged in to function as electric guitars. Acoustic guitars are ideal for mellow music, but electric guitars are suitable for rock and metal.

What’s the difference between the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar?

The biggest distinction between the two is the tone. The sound of an electric guitar is different from that of acoustic guitar. However, only an experienced player will perceive the difference.


They will provide you with all you need from an American-made acoustic guitar. They are tiny, portable, and packed with the greatest features. Although other foreign acoustic guitars play at a comparable level, they have the edge over them because of their long history.

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