Top 5 Best Ankle Brace Reviews in 2024

If you have an ankle injury that’s preventing you from walking right, then you probably need an ankle brace? What most people don’t know is that ankle braces are not just for when you have an injury. You can count on one to give you balance and support if you have any balancing issues.

Athletes too, especially those who play sports like basketball and volleyball (involving a lot of jumping) are encouraged to wear ankle braces in the attempt to prevent injury.

This guide tackles everything ankle braces, highlighting the different types and most importantly, helps you choose the best ankle brace for your needs. We do this by reviewing the best ankle brace brands as well as matching different ankle injuries to the right ankle brace. To learn more, read some more.

Top 5 Best Ankle Brace Reviews

Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace

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The strong support that is offered by this ankle brace is one of the things that makes it stand out. You will be comfortable while wearing the ankle brace and won’t have to worry about it coming off. Your tendons and joints will also be supported well and remain stable throughout the period which you will be wearing the ankle brace.

It also comes with impressive compression effects that are really quick in curing edema and enhancing faster recovery. Your feet will be gripped firmly and securely without getting hurt by the ankle brace, unlike other braces that may exert pressure on the feet arches.

It is also, made of moisture absorbing material with perforations that allows for easy oxygen circulation to avoid odors.


  • The anti-odor andante- itching capability that comes with the brace.
  • The brace is quite cheaper as compared to the other braces and offers great value.
  • The one size that fits most people and therefore no worries when purchasing as they will more often than
    not fit the person they are meant for.


  • You may have a hard time figuring out how to put on the ankle brace if you are a newbie. Sometimes you may wear the brace the opposite way.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

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This ankle brace comes with stabilizing straps that provide excellent support for your ankles. The ankle brace itself is a quite low profile and will fit into your shoes easily. The design is also made such that the brace can be worn on any of the feet.

The material that is added to the inside back of the ankle brace makes your feet comfortable throughout the time you have them on ensuring no stress is added to the Achilles area. It comes with excellent closure and is very easy to wear.

Moreover, it is quite lightweight hence it will be easy and convenient to have it on throughout the day.


  • It is quick and easy to put on and there is no pain experienced during the process.
  • The elastic closure that is made to enhance support while keeping the laces and stabilizing straps held secure.
  • The durability as it is made of highly durable bilateral nylon which also adds to its strength.
  • Its light weight that is enhanced by the contoured tongue which provides exceptional fitting capabilities.


  • They are of different sizes and therefore may need you to be physically present to get the right size for your feet as the wrong size may have effects on feet.

Sleeve Stars Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve with Ankle Brace Strap

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You will like the good compression that the brace offers which improves blood circulation hence easing the pain and discomfort that could result.

The sleeve is also adjustable and therefore suitable for all sizes of feet. Worries of the sleeve not fitting your feet well and therefore causing discomfort are done away with the adjustability.


  • The extra compression strap that provides support and extra compression whenever needed.
  • The ease of caring and maintaining them as they are also machine washable.
  • The security that comes with wearing the sleeve as you are not afraid of it coming off while walking.
  • The ability to suppress the pain whenever they are worn. In case the ankle swells, the extra strap can be adjusted to ease the pain.


  • The sleeve is sometimes too big for most under shoes and therefore restricting on the kind of shoes to wear and those not to wear.
  • There are no instructions on how to use the sleeve together with the extra strap that is purchased with it.
  • The material inside the sleeve may start coming off as soon as you wear the sleeve and thus making it loose.

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Stabilizer Straps

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This ankle brace offers great support and protection to the ankle upon wearing. It comes with a figure-8 strap that eases your movements while having the brace on. You will also love the plastic material that is on both sides of the brace. This offers flexibility to the brace as well as the leg.

They are easy to put on and can be hand washed or machine washed depending on your preferences. You will also have these ankle braces for a while since they are quite durable.


  • They are fast and simple to put on that is to get on, lace up and also put the straps in place.
  • Their ability to air dry after every use and therefore putting away the possibility of odors and having itchy feet.
  • They are quite affordable and easy maintenance as they can either be hand washed or machine washed.
  • They are long lasting due to the durable material used to make them.


  • They come with a complicated strap design that starts from the back to the front and also cross each other. This may be hard to figure out.
  • They come in different sizes that may not fit you well. This means you might have to be physically present when buying them.

PowerLix Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve for Athletics, Injury Recovery, Joint Pain

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This ankle brace is quite excellent because it applies even pressure throughout the ankle and the area around it. This provides relief to different types of pain that you may be experiencing.

Since these braces are not just designed to heal ankle injuries, they are meant to fit almost all shoes hence very convenient in the activities you can use them in.

They come at an affordable price while still being able to deliver excellent service. To add to this, they are very durable and are great at curing edema.


  • They are durable and you can use them for a considerably long period of time before they can start tearing and wearing out.
  • They are of low maintenance costs as they can be hand-washed.
  • The sizing chart that helps in choosing the perfect size for your feet.


  • They may not be effective for ankle Achilles tendons’ pain.
  • They don’t provide enough support if you are suffering from plantar. They may therefore not be effective for you if you have plantar and Achilles tendon pain.

The Choice Of An Ankle Brace

The challenge that comes with getting ankle braces is trying to get the perfect fit. Too tight will be very uncomfortable and will probably cut your blood circulation and while loose braces are often comfortable; they may not effectively support your ankle.

Then there is the issue of choosing ankle braces according to your gender. If you have done your homework on ankle braces, you’ve probably realized that nowadays, we don’t just have the old school one fits all ankle brace.

You can get ankle braces based on your gender. The major difference is usually the size and probably designs of the brace. I mean no male (especially athletes) world like to be seen wearing a pink, flowery ankle brace!

It was also pretty difficult for kids to get ankle braces some time back. Luckily, companies have been able to notice this gap and produce efficient braces for children of all ages and sizes.

Finally, to get the right ankle brace according to your needs (especially if you have an injury); you will have to consider the kind of injury you have and treat it with the right ankle brace. This brings us to the next section of our guide, what types of ankle injuries exist? And, what ankle braces are available.

Different Ankle Injuries

There are three types of ankle injuries which all depend on where the ankle is displaced after the injury.

An inversion ankle sprain is when your ankle is turned inwards after the injury. This is also called a lateral ligament sprain. With this kind of injury, you will be experiencing pain on the outer part of your ankle either when walking or when it is touched depending on the severity. This is the most common type of ankle injury especially among athletes and takes between two and three weeks to heal.

The opposite of an inversion sprain is an eversion ankle sprain where the ankle rolls outward. Although this is rare, it can be really painful and will need medical attention to treat. Eversion ankle sprains are also known as medial ankle sprains.

Lastly, we have high ankle sprains which are known as high because the ankle is pushed up, above its normal position. These usually take about six weeks to heal and also require medical attention.

Types Of Ankle Braces

Having known the different types of ankle injuries, you can review the different types of braces to learn which one suit you best. Maybe you don’t have an injury, ankle braces can still be helpful to you as they are a common prophylactic (used to prevent injury) equipment. Without further ado, below are the different types of ankle braces.


These are arguably the most comfortable type of ankle brace and are easily available. You won’t even need to go to a doctor to get them as they are found in drug stores and online stores. They are not the best for providing support especially for people with serious balance issues.

They are however a good option for anyone with a knee injury requiring compression and can easily be worn above your socks.


These are an excellent selection for anyone with any kind of ankle injury, especially high ankle sprains. They come with metallic or plastic strips that run along the length of your leg and can be adjusted to treat high ankle sprains.

Some stir-up ankle braces come with removable bladders at the sides which are used for added compression and can be placed in the fridge or microwave to provide the injury with a warm or cold compression. You can adjust the strap to provide ample rigidity depending on your injury or desired outcome.


This kind of ankle brace comes with different closing mechanisms but what is common in all of them is the availability of laces for proper support. They are great for providing ankle support whether it is for prophylactic measures or for treatment. Some even include extra Velcro straps to help secure your ankle better. These can also be worn above socks and beneath normal clothing.

Hybrid Ankle Braces

Although most people don’t put ankle braces into this category, it exists. There are ankle braces that contain all the key features of other braces. This means that they have laces from lace-ups, strips and Velcro straps from stirrups and sleeve design all in one ankle brace.

As you would expect, these kinds of ankle straps are quite comfortable, stable and convenient. You will, therefore, end up paying some extra coins above the normal cost of ankle braces.


Ankle braces are an invention that has been around for some time now. They are constantly being designed to fit user needs with the aim of reducing the gap between their rigidity and comfort. Maybe with time, there will be ankle braces that provide excellent support and are still comfortable to have on.

Meanwhile, in our best ankle brace round up, one ankle brace emerged on top as the best among all others. This is the Liomor ankle brace. This is because of the excellent support offered to your ankles as well as the ease of maintenance.

The good aeration for your leg even when wearing the ankle brace also gives it points. To top it off, it is durable and you will be able to get it at an affordable price.

Finally, I hope this article was able to clear up any questions you might have on ankle braces and perhaps help you in choosing the right one for whatever needs you may have. Additional questions and comments are welcomed as usual so let me see them flowing in!

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