Top 17 Best DJ Controller Under 500: Reviews & Comparison 2024

For DJs or beginners who want to start a new experience with DJ controllers, it is a difficult job to own a DJ controller that is suitable with them as there are a whole range of choices and a variety of brands and models pop up at the present time. And it is even harder for ones who have a low budget as a DJ controller is not a cheap item. However, once you read our review, you will not worry about this problem anymore as right now we are gonna offer you the best DJ controller under 500.

DJ controllers have become a vital item in clubs and parties, thus the demand in using it is increasing. Knowing that, based on many surveys and research, we have found 17 best DJ controllers under 500 that can meet all the needs of the users.

If you are the one who is looking for the best DJ controller under 500, do not miss out this review and also the dj controllers below, we believe that they are purchases that you will not regret.

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Best DJ Controller for Weddings

Best DJ Controller for Music events

Best DJ Controller for Producing tracks

Best DJ Controller for Beginners

Best DJ Controllers for Travel

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Top Best DJ Controller Under 500 Reviews 2021

[amazon box="B01DTGCMFC" ]

This DJ controller is a modern package that enables you to blend and perform via the iPad, therefore you can install DAW apps to make your tracks simple.

In addition, the controller also allows rapid convergence with playback and songs libraries, allowing it too fast to start mixing sound with iTunes and Spotify. You can capture and store mixtures in the cloud, and consequently you have 3 independent channels to merge – such as interconnected LCD displays.

On the deck itself, there are also an amazing amount of controlled and FX buttons supplied, ensuring that if you select, you can completely rule your tunes physically. You can also connect to classic music technologies such as CD drives and players and perform and merge tracks.


  • Easy to replace crossfader and existing 3-channel mixer inputs
  • LCD shows
  • Audio mixer with two channels


  • Occasionally desktop freezes

[amazon box="B00CRKRHRA" ]

The Gemini G4V is a versatile DJ controller made for mobile DJs who need to quickly streamline their layout.

Its master and booth outputs will give you the links you need for the performance, so that you can concentrate more on the audience.

The Gemini G4V for Virtual DJ brings a lot of great things, it comes with a solid metal case, with an advanced design and lots of pro functions. It's not as sophisticated as Serato's elevated controllers with comparable characteristics – but it's half price again. If you're a digital DJ fan looking for a deal, you're almost definitely going to love this DJ controller.


  • Suitable for mobile DJs
  • Advanced design


  • No serato support

[amazon box="B00SCP7IB4" ]

The Mixtrack Pro 3 is a DJ controller featuring plates triggered by capacitive tap and a full, qualified deck configuration. There are 2 banks of 8 control pads to execute songs, switch to cue stages, and several other functions, including adding effects and performing drums.

This controller has 4 inputs and outputs onboard in the system. So, when you play, you don't need to bring a sound interface with you, which is incredibly helpful irrespective of if you are performing or producing. The touch-sensitive trays are incredibly authentic on this thing and make it feel just like you're scraping with a vinyl recording, and by adjusting the edges, you can even utilize them to twist pitches.


  • 16 loop launch pads and going between hot cues.
  • Highly precise crossfader for smooth blending.


  • Lack of personal control over the decks.

[amazon box="B07GY8C9JV" ]

A great entry DJ controller built for the new Traktor Pro 3 program - The Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3. This is an exceptional controller at a wonderful price. It has a bundle with the program you need to start blending the songs. In addition, this device's small footprint also let it fit into most small spaces.

Compared to the previous version of the same controller, the S2 MK3 DJ controller has larger jog wheels and a better RBG output pad section. Nevertheless, from this unit, you should not expect quite as much of an improved design quality as you would from the S4 MK3.


  • Perfect entry-level price with included program
  • Very compact for travelling DJs
  • Larger job wheels than the last version


  • Sound card is not as good as some other NI options

[amazon box="B00DVU9ETO" ]

The DJ Control Jogvision is a two-channel USB controller perfect for enhancing the enthusiasm of your performances. This machine has  an edition copy of Serato DJ that you can update afterward.

Thanks to automatic touch control, it includes large jog wheels which are easily manipulated that enable you to scratch with accuracy and are totally latency free. The jog wheels have constructed screens that allow you to watch the existing playback speed of the track as well as your present position to make sure you stay concentrating on blending.

The AIR Control feature is another very great feature of this controller. It allows the electronic low pass filters to be operated with no contact, ensuring that the audio effects of the filter are produced by your movements.


  • AIR Power for manipulating filters
  • Instant touch detection on jog wheels


  • Plastic construction

[amazon box="B0754128NW" ]

If you're a beginner who doesn't fear challenging a complicated system, or if you're a professional DJ searching for a DJ controller that can fit your abilities, then perhaps the Roland DJ-202 is the one you're searching for.

This controller has wide trays that are perfect for scraping, with the minimum lag available. It also has drum sets created with iconic Roland tech. Each TR set includes eight sounds.

Personally, we truly love the 16-step modular system of this DJ Controller. Accessible through performance pads, you can effectively customize and sync rhythms and stage shows in the Senator Library, offering you greater flexibility and inspiration to create more creative transformations and soundtracks.


  • Comes with a wide range of characteristics
  • Able to control music via a laptop and has a full modular system and drum sound


  • Not friendly to absolute newbies or novices

[amazon box="B0845W2M5F" ]

This DJ Controller is an advanced DJ controller that lets you satisfy your aspirations and dreams! Made for Serato DJ Lite and to support you begin the new DJing experience, adapt your skills and success in front of the audiences.

This DJ controller has a stunning build with a solid metal backboard and a vast range of awesome features: four customizable feet to lift your blending, a sound input hardware blender, a dedicated Filter zone with amazing effects,... And much much more. Moreover, with digital music offerings, you can combine millions of songs.


  • Professional design
  • Many features


  • Poor quality in the faders

[amazon box="B087S1ZNNT" ]

The Mixtrack Platinum FX has all the necessities for the success of professional DJs you like. It is a Serato DJ electronic four-deck DJ controller with a specialized FX software section, big 6-inch touch sensitive jog wheels with hi-res monitors and 16 multi - functional output pads installed in.

Mixtrack Platinum FX, preparing to take on every DJ style and great for minor events, parties and improving your DJ skills, mixes in-demand features with all the materials to create your unique style.

The Auto Loop of the controller makes it easy to mix and combine between tracks, increasing or reducing the loop section with the Loop Operator on-board controls.


  • 16 multi-functional output pads
  • Auto Loop


  • Limited by its software

[amazon box="B01LXKL5IK" ]

Among all the controllers of Pioneer DJ, the DDJ-WeGO4 is the most portable and the only model that has been produced especially for traveling and DJing when you 're on the travel. It is compliant with WeDJ and also Pioneer's rekordbox DJ program as a two-deck controller

This controller is unique in that an iPhone or some other iOS device can be utilized with it. To mix songs remotely from your iTunes library and monitor various items on the hardware device, Pioneer provides its iOS app, WeDJ. With a lightning cable, you can easily insert it into your system.

The DDJ-WeGO4 design is very simple and basic, but allows you to update to upper end pro DJ configurations such as CDJ multiplayers and DJM blenders quickly and conveniently when you feel like you require something with more controls.


  • Compact but solid
  • Professional features


  • The configuration can be frustrating
  • No Connectivity for Android

[amazon box="B07B4SP526" ]

Searching for a DJ controller that is newbie-friendly with a more enhanced number of characteristics? The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller has everything you need. This controller has features that not all DJ controllers would have.

This controller gives you all the fundamental effects, all the controls and rollers you need in a brilliant and intuitive layout. In addition, you have a Pad Scratch, so you can quickly apply scratch sounds to the currently playing tracks and tracks  in the list. Even if the tracks have clashing styles, you also have the FX Fades function that enables users to seamlessly mix tracks!

There are many things about the Pioneer DJ-SB3 controller that we love, but one of our favorite reasons is it has a Serato sound system that allows you to easily attach to the PC/Mac through USB – there 's no necessity for an audio output system.


  • Made from durable premium materials
  • Sports and Portable Design
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with easy grip handles


  • Some functions can only used with the Serato software

[amazon box="B07F3TNCMK" ]

The DDJ-400 is a two-channel DJ controller and has a rekordbox license, which is the DJing program of Pioneer DJ itself.

The DDJ-400 has a great instructional function that lets you know the ins and outs of the controller. To help you learn both the hardware and the software, the instructional function works in conjunction with the included rekordbox DJ license.

You can opt to hear the mixes via your computer's microphones or studio speakers, for added versatility. You can concurrently pull up the headphone master performance. This controller is perfect to take on the road and is also very robust, so you don't have to worry about getting scraped up.


  • Light enough to take on the road
  • Comes with rekordbox DJ license


  • Not suited to those who are not utter beginners

[amazon box="B00DTQ2TV0" ]

For better reliability over your decks, the Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 features a versatile touch pad. Some of the biggest strengths of this unit are the two double-digital LED setpoints, and the backlit controls. This is the perfect tool for you if you want to create a more versatile solution.

This DJ controller has everything you want to monitor different effects in a tactile manner. One thing you need to notice is that  the  jog wheels are not provided, so you will not get the same complete version you'd get from a larger unit.


  • Multi-purpose touch strip for loops and FX
  • Very small and portable


  • No Jog Wheels

[amazon box="B07FJC3JH9" ]

The Hercules Inpulse 300 has eight rubberized pads that sound much better than the plastics on the controller seen elsewhere. Installed with eight settings, this controller for newbies is amazingly powerful!

The mixer has specific knobs on each deck for the boost, high, medium and low levels, and a high and low pass filter.

The browser button at the top of the mixer enables the DJ to access their library without having to connect to a laptop. When using the internal assistant, the color shifting LED circling the knob provides visual feedback. The tool assistant recommends songs related on the track you are playing at the moment.


  • Eight rubberized pads
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Does not work on our Windows 10 operating system

[amazon box="B07F8PVYQ1" ]

This is a DJ controller that is incredibly lightweight and portable. However, in order to help you practice your scratching abilities, Hercules also did not forget to install eight pads, eight modes, and dual control jog wheels. The buttons are full-sized as well, but on the other side, the knobs and pads are quite thin.

The Inpulse 200 has DJUCED DJ tools to assist you with optimized instructional videos to teach you how to DJ. Also, "track suggestions' ' as it shows a selection of the top songs to play next, suggested by artificial intelligence.

Without a question, for newbies with a very small budget, this is the perfect DJ controller. In addition , it includes free DJ software, so you're not going to need to make another order.


  • DJUCED DJ tools included
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Less features

[amazon box="B01FHJLE6M" ]

For any bar, party, or show, the Numark Party Mix is a DJ controller is the perfect choice. This is a two-deck controller with plug-in and play capabilities. It also includes Serato DJ apps.

With its adaptive and useful control system, this dj controller allows you to mix, combine, and produce the right emotions. You can do all kinds of skilled things with it, such as presenting the blend in your headphones prior to actually mixing it into microphones to assure that it sounds really good. You can also synchronize the rhythm and merge songs with your playlist automatically or dynamically.

The Party Mix's layout is similar to the other Numark controllers -it is specifically designed with elevated materials to guarantee it can comfortably survive drops, scratches.


  • Optional light show feature.
  • Automatic syncing of beats.


  • It can be tough to load output pad files.
  • Pitch sliders are not as reliable as a deck.

[amazon box="B082L3XQGR" ]

If you are a novice seeking to get into the thrilling world of DJ'ing or looking for your DJ setup with the perfect no-compromise back - up controller.  DJ2GO2 Touch is a compact, inexpensive DJ controller with two decks and the ability to blend and scratch on jog wheels.

It works nicely in front of your laptop, or under a DJ laptop table, with a created sound card, compressor, headphones output and Serato DJ prepared, and offers you all the devices you need to plan, practice and play your mix at home, festivals and even the DJ booth. So do not be fooled by its compact size, all the strength of a large DJ controller is right here with this controller.


  • Built-in sound card
  • Serato DJ


  • Less feature

[amazon box="B00BCL96T2" ]

Are you seeking for a DJ controller that is super light but full of incredible options? The Numark Mixtrack Pro II can look flat and basic, but with the 16 backlight multipurpose drummer pads and lit touch-activated trays, it will give you a number of useful features.

There is a long list of competent functions for this DJ controller, and that is maybe the primary reason why we like this DJ controller.  For someone who is looking for something irreducible, it is great but also provides the users artistic freedom to play with their own vibe and taste of music.

For an experienced DJ and users who is seeking for their own personal style, we strongly recommend the Numark Mixtrack Pro II.


  • Lightweight
  • Great for the traveling DJ
  • Including Numark Remix Toolkit download


  • The full version of the Serato software requires extra payment

Key Factors You Need To Consider To Choose The Best DJ Controller Under 500Key Factors You Need To Consider To Choose The Best DJ Controller Under 500

Besides looking for a pocket-sized DJ controller, you also need to understand some fundamental factors of a good DJ controller in order to make a good decision. Knowing these important features, you can choose for yourself the best DJ controller which is suitable with your performing style. With the information below, we believe that choosing and purchasing a DJ controller will not be a difficult thing to you anymore.

Below are the key features that you need to keep in mind when buying a best DJ controller under 500. Those are what a good DJ controller must have. Read it carefully and do not miss out as it will help you a lot!


dj controller

There are various layouts on all controllers. For example, many of them have 16 pads. But these pads don't always activate the same functions by: slicer, tone play, pad scratch,... So keep in mind that the controller has the characteristics that you are looking for!

Some controllers have a limited pitch fader to change the speed, which makes them less accurate. But it doesn't matter if you intend on using sync. Some have a large dish - jog wheels, which makes them more scratch-friendly. However if you don't scratch, that's not a concern either, actually.

In brief, what you are looking for and what suits your needs must be decided.

Control and Surface

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It is vital to have control structures with designated sliders, crossfader, buttons, jog wheels and quality pads. You can easily mix your tracks with a job wheel as you want.To bring the blending techniques to the next level, the controller must optimize capabilities of output pads, buttons, and faders.


You need a compact, lightweight and small device that you can easily move to your concerts. In addition, if the controller does not have a permanent role, it is important to look for a durable construction that can withstand difficulty and regular transportation. While all DJ controllers are designed to take advantage of abuse, some brands stand out for their durability.


DJ Controller Headphones

When picking a scraper, the jogwheels are the most critical feature. You need low latency jog wheels for optimum reactivity. You also want to make the jogwheels a good size to scratch fast.


If you are looking for a wedding DJ or something like that, it's important to have the inputs. This is the only way to plug in your microphones, place the sound of the projector on your audio system, etc. If you intend to have a bedroom DJ only, it may not be necessary for you to have inputs.

Built-in interface

Beginners guide to DJ equipment gear

Audio and MIDI signals and effect generators and PA modules are transmitted via the interface. Fortunately, all of the products in our list have a created setup for the best DJ controller.


Software for DJs only runs on a computer. You need a laptop for gigging, as you can't bring around your whole desktop system. DJ systems do not need a strong-duty, filled framework. Most software needs 2 GB ram, 10 GB internal memory, and an Intel core 2 CPU that you'll find in every laptop.


Type of surface

The DJ controllers are designed with dedicated softwares to work with. The controls are primarily 3 DJ applications designed:

Serato: Most Plug & Play: Fast and workable. See it as the equivalent of Apple. Among turntablists, Serato is really valued.

Traktor: With several options and parameters to adjust all, very complete. But for certain individuals, the program is a little difficult. Praised by DJs of techno.

dj eq mixing tips and guide

Rekordbox: Plug & Play, but certain solutions to match the special requirements are also suggested. With this program, the CUE points and loops you set are also consistent with the Pioneer club gears. That makes it the most versatile program for swapping clubs from home! It has a really interesting auto-mix feature as well.

Here is a helpful tutorial video for you to understand more important features about DJ controllers in order to make a reasonable choice:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a DJ controller be used in events?

Let us now get back to the key topic, whether a DJ controller can be used for events? The response is yes and no, since it relies on the case form.

For eg, you would need to ramp up your music game for a wedding ceremony or house party. In this case, you surely will not choose a DJ controller, right? On the other hand, a controller is great as you would need some real-time blending features to create rhythm drops whether you play an EDM party or on-stage music event.

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To start DJing, what do I need besides a DJ controller?

DJ Headphones: you can choose from a fantastic pair of DJ headphones with a wide range of models, specs, and budgets. If your controller doesn't provide one, easily attach to your DJ controller or external audio device. Have a look at the quality DJ headphones if you are looking for a quality pair of DJ headphones that all popular DJs favor.

DJ speakers: to do good mixing, studio displays and powered speakers for DJs are necessary. 

Laptops: Finally, to update your DJ controller and software, you'll need a strong and stable laptop.

In a DJ controller, what should I look for?

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It is necessary to understand how many channels the controller has and how separately it can function. A DJ has a strong understanding of the value of smooth mixes for pitch, gain, speed and power. In merging two different songs, all these sound qualities play a significant part.

Serato and Rekordbox, which is better?

Choose Rekordbox DJ if you are on a limited budget and want a DJ controller that looks slimmer and more contemporary. Go with Serato DJ Pro if you want a DJ controller that is more compliant with the others and much more stable. For DJs of any sort, both are outstanding options.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best DJ Controller Under 500

There are countless outstanding DJ controllers under 500, and we listed 17 of them on the basis of our analysis as the best DJ controller under 500. The easiest way to choose a DJ controller is to consider your options, but we believe you can select the best DJ controller under 500 on your own, based on the controllers we have recommended.

Below are 5 of the best DJ controllers under 500 that we think are the best and perfect for you because of their outstanding functionality.


Best DJ Controller for Weddings

[amazon box="B01DTGCMFC" ]


Best DJ Controller for Music events

[amazon box="B00CRKRHRA" ]


Best DJ Controller for Producing tracks

[amazon box="B00SCP7IB4" ]


Best DJ Controller for Beginners

[amazon box="B07GY8C9JV" ]


Best DJ Controllers for Travel

[amazon box="B00DVU9ETO" ]

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best DJ Controller Under 500 at the comment box below!

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