Top 10 Best Dog Ramps Car Buying Guide in 2024

We believe that some dog owners might have heard about this product; called the dog ramps for car already. We use this tool to help our dog enter a vehicle without jumping or needing help from us.

Some dogs might be very big that we cannot carry them into the car, and if they don’t know how to enter the car, that will be your difficulty.

So, today we bring to you the top 10 Best Dog Ramps Car for you to look at. Below, you will find the most convenient dog ramps that you can get for your needs.

List of the Best Dog Ramps Car

WeatherTech PetRamp, Foldable Pet Ramp by WeatherTech

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Weather Tech is from the US; it is made very well and nicely designed to serve your dog. This ramp will help your pet access into your vehicle. Moreover, it can reduce the risk of injury for those who can’t carry their big dog to the car. This ramp is very light in weight which is easy for you to bring along for a trip or holidays with your pet.

It is designed basically to fit dogs weighing up to about 300 pounds. It is designed with soft material on the surface and equipped by rubber material at the end to avoid slipperily. This ramp is also made foldable which is very convenient for you to bring it along during trips and also save your space.

Pet Dog Car Step Stairs, Metal Frame Folding Dog Ramp for Car by Yephho

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Having a big dog might be a bit difficult for you to bring them to trips or have it climb your car. So, that is why this ramp is one of your choices today. This Yephho will help solve that problem. It will help your dog enter the car without any trouble. It is designed like a stair but this ramp is so convenient to use because it is foldable.

Once you’re done using it, you can fold it small and put it anywhere you want. It is easy to bring along and store. This stair ramp is durable to use as it is resistant to scratches as well even if it is made with fabric. It is suitable for dogs of up to 120 pounds. You will find this ramp stair very stable with its stand.

Easy Step II Extra Wide Pet Stairs by Pet Gear

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Pet Gear is a type of ramp that is designed for your pet to help them with climbing to a higher place or enter a car. This one is also made like a stair in which your dog can just walk up there. If your car is quite high and they cannot jump and climb up to the car, this stair ramp will help them on that. This ramp is made ready to use without any assembly needed.

The weight load capacity for this ramp is up to 200 pounds. So, you can expect your big dog to climb on this ramp safely. It is 12 inches in height from the ground. This stair ramp cannot be folded but it is convenient by itself because it is light in weight and good for your dog.

Folding Portable Dog Ramp for Car, Lightweight with Safe Non Slip Traction by Petmaker

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Another brand of Dog ramps for car is from Petmaker. This one is basically invented to facilitate you and your dog during a hard time. This piece of the ramp is designed as a flat tool that can connect your car to the ground and have your dog climb up there very easy and fast.

This black ramp won’t make it slippery for your dog when the dog is on the way up to the car. If you have back pain or your dog is too big that you cannot carry it, so you can just use this ramp and they can walk to enter the car by themselves.

Its length is about 61 inches long but it can be folded to a half size which is easy for you place and bring it around. It can support any dog weighing up to 150 pounds.

Metal Frame Folding Dog Car Step Stairs by Suki&Sami

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If you are having difficulty with your dog to go into your car lately, you can refer to this ramp for car which will help your dog make it way easy up there. This ramp also got its look like a stair. This one is made from strong plastic material and also contains high quality fabric that won’t easily scratch.

It built-in lightweight for you to bring it along. After use, this stair ramp can be folded very small. It is also very supportive for a big dog up to 100 pounds. The stand of this stair ramp is stable enough to make it safe for your dog. If you find it dirty, this ramp can also wash up very quick and easy.

Step Ramp for Pets by Gen7Pets

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To make it very natural, this dog ramp for car has a design very unique from another ramp. It has included grass style at the surface where your dog can walk across and feel good. This ramp’s size is about 72 inches long and lightweight.

Getting in and out of the car won’t be any problem for your dog anymore. It can fold into half size after use and you can easily carry it with a handgrip and also got its locking latch as well. You can just store it at the back of your car when going out for a trip with your dog.

Portable Lightweight Dog and Cat Ramp by Petsafe

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Petsafe is also another good branded dog ramp for car that you can easily find it online and offline. If you have a big dog and need them to enter your car more conveniently, we can suggest you this ramp because it is a good tool to pave a way for dogs into the car without any of your help anymore.

This ramp is a flat type of ramp which you can fold it or unfold it very quickly. It is only 16 pounds in weight and it can support a big dog up to 300 pounds. The surface of this ramp is not slippery at all for your dog to walk. You can adjust this ramp’s height according to your car height as well.

Extra-Long Telescoping Pet Ramp by Petsafe

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This pick is also from the Petsafe brand, but it is a different model. Its name is Petsafe Solvit Deluxe Extra-long; a ramp that is very long up to 87 inches.

However, this ramp can also fold shorter as well. So, you can adjust it anytime you want in order to fit your car. It can support up to 300 pounds of weight. With this ramp, your dog will find its way to your car easier than ever before.

Portable Lightweight Aluminum Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp by Petsafe

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Over here is the top-rated PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp that has its longest length is 72 inches and can be folded for adjustment. It looks like a slide that your dog can walk through and enter your car.

It is super durable because it can support any dog weighing up to 400 pounds. It has a handgrip so you can easily carry it too. It comes with other accessories for ease of setting up.

Portable Full Length Ramp by PetGear

[amazon box=”B003IWYPXK”]

And, the last one is from the PetGear brand. This one is very portable to use as well because it is made flat and lightweight to carry along with you. This ramp can be folded shorter for better storage. The length of this ramp is about 71 inches long.

It has good quality material that can be used for a longer term in any circumstance and weather. You will find this ramp very stable with its gripper tools. It is an ideal option for your SUV car, truck or smaller cars.

Buying Guide for Dog Ramp for Car:

Purchasing items sometimes is not as easy as we think. If you lose focus on any important factors, you might end up wasting your money on wrong materials or tools.

As for a Dog Ramp for car, it is better to consider some important factors as below to get the right one for yourself and your dog.

best dog ramps car

Size and Weight

For size, if you want to have a convenient ramp for your dog, you should buy any ramp with a flexible size that you can bring along. You have to look for an appropriate size to fit your dog weight and size.

If you buy a small ramp, then your big dog will not be able to use it. Moreover, if you get a lightweight one, you will be able easily to carry it along your trip with your pet anywhere.

Length Adjustment

In order to have a flexible ramp, you need to find any type of ramp with adjustable size and length. You can ask for an adjustable length which you can fold it after use and extend it back to an appropriate height of your car and the ground.


Material for the ramp is also important as you need to find anything that is worth your expense, so you have to make sure you get a durable one that you can use for the long term.

For material, the ramp should be made from steel, aluminum, wood or concrete. Hence, the ramp will have a strong capacity to support your big dog as well as to resist potential damage.

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