Best Electric Guitar To Learn On 2024: Everything You Need To Know

If you want to study electric guitar, you’ll need one of the finest beginner electric guitars. There are several options for any price, but the quality might vary substantially. That is why I have produced a list of the best electric guitar to learn on, which we believe give novices a trustworthy and pleasant entrée into the world.

Best Electric Guitar To Learn On: COMPARE PRODUCTS

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Best Overall: Fender Player Telecaster Electric Guitar

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The Telecaster is the best electric for fingerstyle and an excellent choice for country music. It has a great classic country sound. The bridge pickup on a Telecaster is where you’ll find the rural charm. In Nashville, everyone’s Telecaster is tuned to the first position to get that iconic bridge pickup tone. Chicken plucking is a country-style technique that is often used on a Telecaster. Chicken pickin’ is a popular country music technique that involves picking with your fingers and a pick.

Best Comfortable: Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium Sitka

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The fingerstyle Taylor 214CE acoustic-electric guitar is suitable. The first reason is that it is quite comfortable to play. These guitars are comfortable to hold and play. After playing one of them, I became a Taylor devotee. The balanced tone they generate is the second reason they are great for fingerstyle. There’s enough bass for solo fingerstyle, but not so much that it overpowers and stifles the rest of the song. You can use light, skippy lead lines or dive in for a strong sound.

Best Versatility: Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

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The uncontested king of versatility is the Fender Stratocaster. It has been used effectively in almost every genre and style. It’s not only the sound of a strat that makes it so versatile; it’s also its adaptability. A Stratocaster may be ordered with humbuckers in all three pickup locations, two or one. My favorite is the HSS Stratocaster, which includes a bridge humbucker. The bridge pickup is only used for higher-gain genres like rock and metal. Everyone knows that for most rock and roll/metal sounds, a humbucker is all you need.

Best Value: Washburn D7S Harvest Dreadnought 6

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The tone, workmanship, sound projection, and distinctive guitar qualities of the Washburn WD7S make it unsurpassed in its price range, according to Washburn. This guitar will grow with you; if you’re serious about learning to play, you’ll only need to buy a nice guitar once. The Washburn WD7S Harvest Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is well-known for generating high-quality sound at a low cost.

Best Easy Playing: Takamine 6 String Acoustic Guitar

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The GD20-NS is affordable for all levels of players, including novices, and plays like a guitar worth thousands of dollars. Consider the Takamine GD20-NS if you want a guitar with a distinct tone. The uncommon combination of a solid mahogany neck and solid cedar body gives this instrument a deeper tone. This guitar is perfect for novice players due to its narrow neck.


How do I pick my first electric guitar?

It is critical for beginners to have a simple guitar to play and remain in tune. A novice may have a favorite guitarist who motivates them to learn to play. Examine the guitars that their idols use and strive to emulate them.

Can you play electric guitar without an amp?

There are four ways to play an electric guitar without using an amplifier. You may use headphones or speakers to play your guitar with a PC or Mac, an iPhone or iPad, a micro-amp, or a multi-effects pedal.


Buying one of the best electric guitar to learn on is pointless unless you know how to play the fundamentals. Some individuals can learn by ear or are fortunate enough to have someone in the family to assist them. If none of these apply, we would always suggest taking classes.

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