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Anybody who takes the sport of golf seriously knows that every little thing matters. It isn’t just about your clubs. It isn’t just about your accessories. It isn’t just about the golf balls and tees. It isn’t just about the shoes you wear, either. Every little thing matters in the sport of golf, right down to the socks that you wear. Yes, even the socks that you choose to wear before a big day out on the course can and will affect your performance.

The most seasoned golf players who play golf for a living would agree with this observation and they know that the socks that they wear matter just as much as anything else when it comes to their performance. Knowing this, the following are some of the best golf socks that you can find in the sport of golf.

Top 10 Featured Best Golf Socks

6 pack men’s moisture wicking combed cotton cushion crew socks by Sox Town

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There are two distinct issues that surround most socks that are designed for golf. First, most of these socks are not designed for cold climates. This is because the majority of golf-related events take place when it is warm out. Also, most socks that are worn for golf tend to lose their shape after being washed several times, forcing one to replace them.

Sox Town solves both issues with their socks. They are made of cotton with a little more cushion to keep yourself warm when it is not as warm as you would like it to be, and unlike many socks that are designed for golf, they retain their shape after being repeated washings. You’ll get a lot out of them if you are resolved to golfing in cold climates.

While Sox Town’s golf socks do provide moisture wicking, the effect is hardly noticeable in warm climates. Your feet will not stay dry in these kinds of climates and it may affect your golf game a little bit. That is the only thing about Sox Town’s golf socks that you may not like. 

“Maxus Zero” no-show running and golf socks by Swiftwick

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Right along with moisture management, friction in the toebox is something that you never want to deal with when playing golf. Just the slightest friction can ruin almost any given swing. Encountering this kind of friction over the course of an 18 hole game can compound into much bigger issues.

All of this is solved with Swiftwick’s Maxus Zero golf socks. The toe has no seams, which means that you will encounter zero friction in the toebox. This combined with the no-show design makes the Maxus Zero perfect when you are golfing in warmer climates, when this friction can affect you the most.

The only thing you might not like about Maxus Zero’s golf socks is that they do not last. While they contain a lot of very useful technologies, these technologies come at the expense of their durability. Expect to replace them after 10 or so washes at most. 

“Performance Zero” running and golf cushioned no-show socks by Swiftwick

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Very few socks that are designed for golf can provide decisive sweat and moisture management. It’s the same with providing durability in the heel and the toe. Both of these are at an absolute premium if you desire comfort when golfing.

Swiftwick has created golf socks that do provide decisive sweat management, moisture management, as well as durability in the heel and the toe with the Performance Zero. Being crafted by olefin fiber, your feet will be able to breathe as long as you need them to. This same fiber also provides near perfect durability in the heel and toe.

Despite these wonderful technologies, you will go through Performance Zero golf socks very quickly. The olefin fiber will wear out after only a dozen or so washes. Keep a few pairs on hand if you wish to wear them for full-time golfing sessions.

“Maxus Zero Tab” no-show golf and running socks by Swiftwick

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No-show designed socks are very useful for golfers, especially when the climate is hot. Most of them allow your feet to breathe, which is at a premium when it comes to playing hours of golf. The only issue with any no-show socks is that they are not easy to put on.

Swiftwick has solved this with its Maxus Zero Tab golf and running socks. They provide everything that their original Maxus Zero socks provide, only they contain a tiny tab above the heel of the sock. This allows you to put them on very easily, much easier than most other no-show socks.

The issues that surround the Maxus Zero Tab golf socks are the same as the issues that surround any given golf socks by Swiftwick. They do not last long and you will need to think about replacing them after a dozen or so washes.

Golf-themed humorous socks by Lavley

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Although there exist dozens of different kinds of socks that express how much you enjoy a certain activity, there don’t really exist socks that express how much you enjoy the sport of golf. This is unfortunate and searching for them is difficult.

You will want Lavley’s golf-themed socks if you are looking for a pair of socks that do express how much you enjoy the sport. With both socks resembling a golf course with the words “I’d rather” and “be golfing” on each sock, you’ll finally possess a pair of socks that can express how much you enjoy the sport.

As you probably would have guessed, Lavley’s socks are not suitable for the sport of golf itself. While you could probably wear them when playing golf casually, any serious golfer will want to look for a different pair of socks that micromanage the issues that their feet run into when playing the game.

2 pack “ProDry” sport socks by FootJoy

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Toe support as well as heel support is at a premium for any serious golfer. While most golf shoes provide the former, the latter is usually left to the socks that you wear. Most socks that are designed for golf don’t provide the heel support that most golfers need, either. Dealing with this is frustrating.

These frustrations have ended with FootJoy’s ProDry sport socks. While they are designed for most every sport, they are designed especially for golf. This is because they contain double-layers in the heel area. This provided much needed cushioning that most serious golfers need to make sure they are as comfortable as they need to be.

The only thing you’ll need to watch out for with the ProDry socks is that they will begin to warp after being washed about a dozen times. You’ll need more than a few on hand if you are interested in wearing them to golf.

“ProDry” low cut socks (women’s) by FootJoy

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Women golfers are unfortunately at a severe disadvantage when it comes to finding a pair of socks that can give them a good amount of stability when playing the game. Most of them are resolved to socks that aren’t nearly as effective as the socks that their male counterparts enjoy.

FootJoy has solved this with their ProDry low cut socks. Containing moisture control fibers as well as a double layer of the heel area, they will ensure maximum comfort for any female golfer who takes the game seriously. The comfort provided by ProDry socks can lead to whole differences in scores for any lady golfer. That is how effective they are.

You will need to have more than a few pairs of ProDry socks on hand if you do plan to wear them to every golf session, however. The moisture control fibers as well as the double layers will wear out as you wash them.

Unisex elevated performance no-show socks by Under Armour

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Anybody who plays golf seriously knows that the sport puts a lot of pressure on both feet. What many do not know is that this pressure comes from socks that do not have an anatomical fit. Socks can have all the technology in the world, but this means nothing if they do not fit anatomically. Virtually no socks that are worn for golf have this feature.

Under Armour’s socks, however, contain this feature. You will feel a significant difference in the anatomical fit, especially in a sport such as golf where you are spending hours on your feet preparing for shots. The seamless toe promises comfort, and they also provide arch support. These are also two things that are in high demand for any serious golfer.

Like with many socks that are designed for athletics, Under Armour’s socks do not last long and you will need to stock up. They can only last less than a dozen or so washes before the comfort providing properties wear out. Not only that, but the anatomic fit can also limit you in that you’ll need to replace the entire pair if just one sock is lost.

Cushion ankle running socks by Aptyid

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Most socks that are worn for the sport of golf tend to develop wear and tear very quickly, resolving you to replace entire pairs of them after maybe a dozen or so washes at the most. Dealing with this is frustrating and nobody wants to deal with it.

Aptyid has solved this in a demonstrative way with their running socks. While they are not particularly designed for golf, you won’t notice much of a difference. They contain all the qualities you’d come to expect from any socks that you wear for golf: Breathability, mesh ventilation, heel tabs which allow you to put them on easily, all of them. 

The only difference is that Aptyid’s athletic socks can be washed dozens of times without encountering any significant wear and tear. That is what makes them so fantastic.

If Aptyid’s athletic socks weren’t made of 90% polyester, they would be perfect. Because they are made of so much polyester, they aren’t as breathable as socks that are designed for golf are. That is the only thing you’ll need to watch for.

6 pack Athletic ankle running socks by Bering

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Socks that are made for athletics, let alone golf, do not last long. Most of the time, you should expect them to last just about a dozen or so washes before all the fantastic qualities that make them what they are wear down, reducing them to nothing more than everyday socks. This is very frustrating for any serious golfer.

Bering’s athletic socks are easily the most durable. Not only do 6 pairs come in the pack, they also contain most things that you’d come to expect from socks that golfers wear to make sure they can play at their best. Moisture wicking, reinforced heels, breathable mesh, you’ll find all of those in Bering’s athletic socks.

The only thing you’ll need to watch for with Bering’s athletic socks is that they tend to absorb impacts too much. Being made of 9% rubber, they’ll feel a little heavier than the common sock designed for golf. While this may not affect anybody who doesn’t play often, it will affect those who play for long periods of time.

Golf Socks – A Buying Guide

Golf is a simple but complicated sport. Anybody who is experienced in playing golf knows that to change one thing is to change everything. This is why you cannot just grab a pair of golf socks that your local professional claims is the most effective. What works for one golfer doesn’t work for another. Consider these things before investing in any golf socks.

What is your experience level in golf?

The golf socks that those who make significant money playing golf are not going to be the golf socks that those who play golf on the weekends with their partners and clients wear. Like with anything golf-related, you will need to consider how experienced you are before buying any kind of golf socks. Golf socks fit very differently than other kinds of socks, and if you buy golf socks that promote a very radical change, you might actually perform worse at the sport.

How often do you play golf?

Some golf socks are reserved for one or two key golf sessions, such as a local or national tournament where the stakes are high. Some golf socks can be worn just like normal socks in that you’ll be able to wash them dozens of times without any real penalty. Determining how often you play golf can lead you to having the right pair of golf socks in your possession.

What kinds of terrains will you encounter?

Like with golf shoes, different golf socks work better for different terrains. You should certainly familiarize yourself with terrains that make up the courses you are playing at, such as dew points and other qualities that could affect traction. Knowing about this will also lead you to having the right pair of golf socks in your possession.

What kinds of climates will you encounter?

Will you be golfing when it is warm? Cold? Dry? Wet? If these affect everything else you wear when you play golf, wouldn’t it make sense that it would affect the socks you wear as well? When you know what climates you will encounter, you’ll be able to detect which golf socks match up to said climates.


Golf is a sport where everything needs to come together in order to succeed. It is similar to an orchestra where if just one small thing is not right, everything else will also fall apart. Of the many aspects that the beginner or even the experienced golfer overlooks, socks are probably the most overlooked. This is what leads to performances that you wish were better. However, it is also what leads to performances that you never thought possible. Take the kinds of socks you wear when you golf seriously. You will not regret it if you do.

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