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Golf is considered to be a sport for the rich and famous. However, it’s becoming quite popular nowadays, even with just the average group of people. Just like any other sport, the equipment for this sport matters a lot. Two of these that one must have as equipment in golf are golf putters and golf drivers.

These golf putters and golf drivers, give a person who is playing golf, the thrill and the confidence as well. Through these, one may not be a professional golfer but may surely improve their game. This state of the art equipment allows people to play golf the best way they can. It is still a different sort of feeling when you know that you are fully geared while playing golf, it is like being in a war with your full geared on.

If you are into this sport and you want to learn the essence of playing it, you still need to familiarize yourself with important golf accessories, such as golf putters and golf drivers. These are the most frequent equipment you might encounter so it is just right that you know something about them so you can be worthy enough to be called as a golfer and improve your skills in playing this sport. Through being familiar with these sports equipment you can truly get the feel of playing the sports for the rich and the famous.

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Points In Selecting best golf putters

To select a putter, one needs to know the art and science of selecting it. First of all, there is no putter that can make a person great golfer. It is the skill and practice that can make a great golfer. But when choosing a putter, it is better to have enough knowledge about selecting a putter so that the golf putter selected is compatible with your style and also provides you with the sound and feel you really need.

Types of Putter Styles 

Putter styles are of three types and each one has its own advantages. The modern blade putter is made replicating the early design which was used for putting. This style is usually left to the golfers who are highly skilled.
The second design, sometimes considered the most copied design in putters, is the Pinger Anser. This design is somewhat of a modern standard. This putter is easier to use than the blade putter because it provides more forgiveness. This is due to the flange heel-toe weighted design.
The final style is the face-balanced mallet putter. When it comes to hitting the golf ball off center this putter gives the most forgiveness, making this the easiest putter to use for most golfers.
Moment of Inertia (MOI) – Moment of Inertia is the measure of an object to resist a change in its rotation. Much of the accuracy of a putter rests on its ability to not twist during impact.
The higher moment of inertia of the putter helps in reducing the putter face movement when the ball is hit off the center.

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The putter shaft enters the putter head either at the heel or the center. There are different types of Hosel design and shaft shape.
It is found that straight-in centered shaft putters are much better due to the reduced effect of twisting of the putter face they cause. This is the same principle that is used in the designing a hammer which has a shaft at the center of the head.


When selecting a putter, the cost is the least thing that must be taken into consideration. When you select a wrong putter, it is of very little or no use. Hence it is expensive for the usage it offers. When you select the right putter for you, it will be used on every hole and hence is better than even the most expensive putters.


When selecting a putter face, you may often doubt what effect does inserting the material cause. The material inserted neither helps nor obstructs with aiming. One must choose it depending on what causes the best sound and feel when in contact with the ball.

Alignment Aids 

Aiming is a part of every golf swing, and many manufactures will put various aiming aides on their putters. These come in the form of lines, circles, and other shapes on the putter head.
With most marketing claims these should review with a little skepticism. They may work for some people and not with others. Just take a moment to view the aides and see if they help you line with your aim. If not don’t use them or select a different club.

5 Best Golf Putters Reviews

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

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Proper alignment and contrasting white colored head are two of the chief reasons for any golfers to invest on the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter. Its visibility against the putting green surface makes the player’s focus stable on the ball and gives him the confidence to score lower while driving through either a 300-yard or a 3-foot green.

While the white finish provides an outlandish look and feel, the little heavier weight of this mallet putter will keep on making your shots powerful, cutting the chance of missing perfectly planned shots. No more unwanted sliding across the green! Expect only soft and true spin on the ball from practise session to actual tournament.

One long line and 3 marks on its top along with the 2 well-defined cutouts in its head’s back act as alignment indicators, making it easier to know the exact center point of the putter face. Turns out, the golfers can foresee how the ball will react after implementing their aimed shots.

The included headcover perfectly fits the putter. You can use it while carrying inside the bag or storing purpose, so that its aesthetically enriched white finish keeps on boosting your confidence like a new putter, whenever you swing.


  • Additional 40-gram introduces better feel and balance
  • White head for better concentration on the green
  • Stylish as well as solid
  • Affordable


  • The head loosens over time

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter

[amazon box=”B002VUBK7E”]

It’s not always that we get an inexpensive model that looks good and works well at the same time. But the Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter is an exception. Primarily meant for newbies, this putter comes with 34” shaft that is sure to improve their game. It’s affordable and hence, you’ll never feel like splurging a huge chunk of cash as an amateur golfer.

During practicing on putting green, it feels so well balanced in terms of both feel and weight that it’s possible to make almost every shot count. Talking of the grip – the Pinemeadow Putter handle has got a practical structure, so you can get the best out of it. More precisely, except the flat side where you’ll be placing the thumb, the entire grip is roundly shaped. The workability of this thoughtful combination of a rounded and flat grip is further boosted by covering it with gripping tape.

The only downside is that it’s not well-painted, meaning you may feel some bulge here and there. After using for a few times, the black paint can also peel off. But the fact is – all drawbacks of the putter is related to appearance only. And since that should only matter to those who are more concerned about the putter’s look than their performance, you may want to try it if you’re after mastering the game by golfing with family, friends or co-workers.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Both left and right handed putters are available
  • Inexpensive
  • Ensures effective swing


  • Not tournament grade
  • Casual use only

Two-Way Putter – Left and Right Hand

[amazon box=”B0000APCLJ”]

The great feasibility that the Two-Way Putter offers to both left and right handed players is enough to explain why it has been marked as the Amazon’s choice for the putter category. Irrespective of being a right handed or a lefty golfer, everyone in a family or group of friends can practice with this same putter. In fact, if you’re yet to discover which handed putter you feel comfortable with, the Two-Way Putter is the option you should definitely try. As for its pragmatic value, some ambidextrous users left their positive feedbacks on Amazon about the product.

Constructed out of metal, it’s sturdy as well as perfectly weighted. So, in case you’re thinking of adding some impactful putter on your indoor golfing kit collection, this one is going to be a perfect add-on. Appreciably, unlike the regular sized putter, this model caters to up to 6 feet tall guys, thanks to its well-proportioned structure.

However, one thing you may miss is its consistency to contact the ball – a feature that every typical putter with a flat face can easily manage. It also lacks in alignment issue, but once you get used to it, you’ll find its feel second to none. Overall, a great buy for the money.


  • Compatible with both right handed and lefty golfers
  • Works well with tall players
  • Great for using on the indoor putting green
  • Good price


  • No specific feature for aligning purpose
  • A few users received it with the shaft slightly bent.

Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized M5 Mallet Golf Putter, Right Hand

[amazon box=”B00BHJFKYE”]

When we think of a mallet putter, the features that come to our mind are the larger club head along with larger sweet spot and elaborate designs for aiding with alignment. And when you’re looking for all these traits together in a quality putter, it’s better you cease your exploration after meeting the Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized M5 Mallet Golf Putter. It’s high performing, comfortable and reasonably priced. You’ll love its out of the box construction while making a square-to-square stroke.

Unlike the traditional putter, this model has got larger diameter grip which will help you hole more putts. What’s the science behind it? Your less active hands and your shoulders’ even position during the swing. This posture not only assures more accurate shots but improves your skill gradually after every practise session with the M5 Mallet Golf Putter.

Ergonomically designed, this putter provides a perfect combination of balance and power. More, apart from praising your nice strokes with the putter, your fellow golfers will be obliged to add a complimentary remark on its beauty. Above all, it’s an ideal putter for golfers who are struggling to avoid “3-putt” (which is a big no-no in golf), or constantly failing to align on short putts, or suffering from putting yips.


  • Thick, soft and comfortable grip
  • Well-balanced
  • Value for the money


  • Way too light to have necessary control on the swing.

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Limited Edition Green Putter

[amazon box=”B01MRAMTTV”]

It’s all about the technology Ray cook introduced in the PGA Tour in 1963 by its victory with the M1 putter. Granted, the rich colored finish decreases the shine of the putter, but what it refines, instead, is the alignment. Because, on such black surface, it becomes easier to see the bold lines and dark undertones for making well-measured stroke following the target style.

The moderately heavier head boosts this right hand putter’s capacity to produce more powerful and precise shots. And Ray cook has designed it with soft mid-size paddle style grip to make your swing comfortable. Not to mention, the Silver Ray Series comprises varieties of models that are engineered keeping different types of golfers in mind.

The grip looks somewhat like the dri-tac oversize, so you can expect it to be equally comfortable, tacky and shock absorbing. Hence, it’s standard for aged players suffering from arthritis or hand fatigue. Finally, it’s easy to gauge its high-quality by the renowned name Ray cook behind. But since perfection exists nowhere, you may witness chipping off its incredible finishing after some days.


  • Good to look at
  • Weight and feel are great
  • Sure to improve your game
  • Helps to make accurate shots
  • Smooth rolling and well balanced putter


  • The paint peels off over time which hardly affects your performance

How To Choose The Right and Best Golf Putters

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In golf, your putter is your energy. After you’ve driven your golf ball the extent that you can off the tee and chip it onto the green, it’s an ideal opportunity to haul out the putter. This is the place the vibe for the club turns out to be so essential since you need a deft touch to stroke the ball into the hole. Putters ordinarily include a level striking face, a bowed shaft and non-roundabout grips that assume a key part in kicking it into high gear the ball to the hole with confidence.
Since the putter is utilized amid what can be viewed as the most essential snapshots of a golf game, it is imperative to pick the one that will give you the correct swing. You’ll be utilizing regularly out of the greater part of the clubs in your golf pack, so settle on beyond any doubt to make the most of your choice. Here are the things you ought to search for when attempting to locate the correct golf putter:

Design of the Head

The head design you picked is profoundly affected by your mark stroke. There are three types of putter head design: cutting edge, fringe weighted and hammer. If you have all the more a straight putting stroke and see yourself as an exact player, an edge putter is your best decision. If you have a few abilities, the fringe weighted putter highlights longer, more slender cutting edges and also extra weight in the heel to take into consideration a more prominent level of absolution for your stroke. If you are new to the game, a hammer putter contains a considerable measure of arrangement helps that helps with enhancing execution.

Balance Type

If you have a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke, a face-balance putter is perfect for you because of its face that looks upward. If you have a bend in your putting stroke, a toe-balanced putting is the best decision for you.

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Putter Face

There are three types of putter faces: metal-faced, embed faced and groove-faced. Metal-faced putters are best for players searching for a controlled vibe. Embed faced putters re-circulate the heaviness of the putter, permitting more absolution on the stroke.


The length of the putter assumes a key part in deciding the nature of consistency in your stroke. The base required length is 18 inches. Preferably, your hands ought to hang actually when you are going to putt so that there is no strain. There are two noteworthy lawful shaft lengths: conventional and long. The most usually utilized is conventional, which ranges from 32-26 creeps long. If you have the propensity of breaking your wrists through the stroke, an arm-bolt putter is best for you.


The hold is the part of the putter that you touch, so it is essential that it is agreeable for you. Putter grips can fluctuate in thickness, shape, weight, length and materials. Firmer grips reduce the impact making more criticism, while softer grips upgrade beat and give less input. A more extended grasp permits you more scope of where you like to hold the putter, permitting you to convey your weight as indicated by what’s agreeable for your swing. Thicker grips, which are to a great degree famous, eliminating the influence of your finger and wrist which provides opportunity for a larger margin of error.
Choosing the right putter for your particular stroke can be difficult. There are a few factors that go into choosing the right one. Putting ins all about feel, so you want to feel comfortable with the feel of the flat stick in your hand.

Advice on Buying Best Golf Putters

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Probably the most talked about club on the course is the golf driver. Perhaps it is something about hitting the ball a long distance or bringing out a golf driver at the tee that will strike envy in your friends, but this club tends to overshadow the other clubs in the golf bag.
One such club is the putter. This is an extremely important club, but it doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. The fact is, a golf driver might get you to the green but it is up to the putter to get the ball in the cup. There are three main golf putters and you will need to know a little bit about them to make the right selection for you.
A conventional putter is one that you are probably most familiar with. It is about 33 to 35 inches. A long putter has an extra long shaft. A belly putter has an even longer shaft that can go right up to your chin and it rests against your stomach as you play the shot. Which one you choose will depend on your personal preferences. It is usually a good idea to give each type of a putter a few rounds before you make a decision.
In order to find a good deal on a putter, you should first go window shopping. You can often test the putters in the actual shop and get a feel for which one might suit your game. Generally speaking, a heavier putter is good for slower greens and lighter putters for slicker greens.
Of course, a putter is only part of the solution to your putting game. In order to really improve, you need to practice as much as you can. Whether that is at home, in the office or at the course, the more hours you put in the better you will become.

The Conventional Putter

If you are just starting out, you should play with a standard conventional putter. Also, many golf teachers agree that this is the easiest kind of putter to play with and should be used if possible. It is also recommended that your putter be slightly shorter than your standard woods and irons.
This is because the correct posture for putting means that you are hunched over the ball, bending forwards and therefore there is less distance between you and the ball. A conventional putter is the only model that lets you use that stance though.
The perfect putting stance requires that your arms and lower body stay perfectly still while the shoulders pivot and you hit the ball in a straight motion. If you can’t seem to manage this because you inadvertently move your hands or body at the wrong moment, then this putter may not be perfect for you.
A conventional putter will allow for the perfect synergy of feel and precision but if you cannot keep to this solid stance and style, your puts will all be out of line and you will fail to sink shots.

The Belly Putter

A belly putter allows the player to anchor the putter against the upper body, therefore allowing for more stability in the shot. The advantage of this is that the putter rests along the arms and into the belly or abdomen, which gives you more control. If you have problems with your wrists moving the shaft during putting, this could be the perfect model for you.
The only issue with this kind of putter is that, due to the longer shaft and the larger grip, the amount of feel the golfer can ascertain from the shot is reduced. Compared to a conventional putter, the belly putter is not as intuitive or easy to use but can give a better shot. It will also be harder for the player to control the amount of distance the ball travels when using a belly putter. However, with enough practice, these issues can be overcome.

The Long Putter

A long putter is a sight to be seen. Also called the broomstick, this long putter usually measures up to your chest or chin and allows for a full “pendulum style” swing at the ball. The golfer stands to totally upright and looks down the shaft at the ball. It’s a great putter if you suffer from a bad back.
Again, like the belly putter we have already mentioned, the additional length decreases the amount of feel and controls you get.Distance is also a problem with this kind of model and lots of practice is needed to get to grips with how best to use it.
The long putter is seen as the last attempt for a bad putter to put some balls in the hole when they get to the green. If all else fails, use the long putter. It is not pretty and is a pain to carry around, but is great to use if you don’t get on with any other putter.

Tips for Learning How to Use best golf putters

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Learning about golf is not that easy. It can be very difficult to figure out how to get the power you need to drive the ball far enough down the fairway-and it can take long duration of practice to gain excellent golf swing skills. Learning to accurately use golf putters can take even more golf training.
There are many ways in which people can choose to work on their golf skills. Golf training can teach people the finer aspects of using golf putters on the course. Some people, though, prefer to work either on their own or with a friend. Getting tips from a caddy can also be quite helpful for putting. Many golf experts also suggest that a good way to practice is to work with golf putters while your eyes are closed.
Yes, it does sound strange; however, it can be quite helpful to people who are trying to learn how to become skilled at putting. Many professional golfers even use the eyes-closed method with their golf putters when practicing. Here are the three steps to this technique:

  • Drop some golf balls on the green and use any of your golf putters to putt them with your eyes closed. Concentrate on feeling how the stroke flows.
    Lay down a few more golf balls. Do the same thing as you did previously, except this time putt with your eyes open. Do not aim for a target-you are putting to try to get a feel for the club in your hands.
  • Lay more balls on the practice green. Now you need to still concentrate on the feeling of your putter; however, this time you are to aim for a target. Don’t get upset if you miss-remember, this is practice.
  • This is not a technique that anyone will master at first try, of course. Instead, this is a practice technique, one that should become part of a golf training routine. This method will help you to gain control over your putter-if you have the patience to learn it.
  • If you want to learn how to accurately and easily use golf putters, you must also learn how to read the greens. Every green is different, so you need to understand how to use golf putters on various types of terrain. Additionally, conditions may be different on each course. It is essential for you to have a good understanding of how to interpret the greens.
  • The greens aren’t necessarily all that difficult to read-but, just like every other part of the sport of golf, it will take some practice in order to learn to read them easily. This is something that you must learn, too, so that you can successfully use your golf putters.
  • Speed and slope are the most important parts of working the greens. You must learn to discern the slope of the greens so that you can putt the ball with enough force so as to take the ball past the hole by about 15 to 17 inches. According to golf training professionals, this is the best way to keep the ball in a straight line toward the hole. If the ball is hit without enough speed, it will slow down and begin to follow the natural slope of the green, possibly rolling away from the hole.
  • Most people get frustrated any time they miss the hole when putting. It can be disappointing, to be sincere; however, it is wise to note that even golfing professionals miss a quite a good number of their putts. In fact, professionals do make only about 50% of their six-foot putts. So, for amateurs to expect to have good skills with their golf putters than that-especially with challenges that may be far longer than six feet-is rather unlikely.
  • Gaining strong ability with golf putters is not an easy endeavor; but, anyone who puts in the time and effort can learn good putting skills.

A Brief Look at Golf Putters

The history books have the first recorded game of golf occurring in Scotland. Since that time, the game has spread across the world and is one of the most popular sports played. Almost anywhere you go on globe there will be a golf course somewhere and many people eager to play.
In order to play the game you will need a set of golf clubs. The right set of clubs will ensure that you will play the game to the best of your ability. There are five club types that you will need to be familiar with: woods or golf drivers, irons, wedges, hybrid woods and putters.
Putters aren’t the most risqué club in the bag but are still very important. You might be able to hit the ball a long way with your golf driver and get the ball on the green but if you can’t putt the ball into the cup at the very last moment, all your hard work will have gone to waste.
A putt is low-speed but accurate shot. A putter will have lofts of between four to six degrees to ensure that the player can lift the ball off the ground a little bit if needed. The shaft of a putter is normally made of steel as they are less flexible and give a more accurate put. Under the rules of golf, a putter is allowed to have the shaft bent but other clubs are not. The club head of a putter is made from steel, aluminum, titanium or brass.
The first type of putter is the conventional one. They are about 33 to 35 inches in length and you hold them at the handle, around waist height. These putters tend to work the best, especially for beginners.
A long putter has an extra long handle and will require you to use your wrist when taking the putt. Compared to the conventional putter, this club can reduce the sensitivity and control that you have. However, some players believe that they can play better with this golf putter.
The third and final putter is the bell putter. This putter will minimize any wrist movement and its rests against your belly when you take the shot. The idea with this putter is to give you better balance.

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