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Anybody who is serious about succeeding in the sport of golf knows that they need to practice as much as they can, wherever they can.

If you do not want to or cannot practice your golf game outside, then you’ll need to practice inside.

Doing this is much easier and more effective with a hitting mat.

A proper golf hitting mat will reflect most of the elements that you face when you are at an actual golf course.

When you combine good practice habits outside with the practice habits that you can develop with a proper hitting mat, everything about your golf game will improve by leaps and bounds.

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10 Featured Golf Hitting Mats

25 x 16 inch 3-in-1 foldable grass mat by Milliard

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One of the biggest issues that surround any given golf hitting mat is that they only contain one lie. You’ll need additional mats if you know that you need to practice on different lies. Dealing with this is frustrating, as nobody wants to keep different mats for different lies.

Milliard solves this with its foldable mat. It contains 3 different turfs, allowing you to be as diverse as you need to when you practice. Whether you need to practice your putting, driving, or chipping from a rough or fairway, you’ll be able to do anything you need to do with Milliard’s mat. You can even take it to the range to emulate what you see on an actual course.

The only thing that you may not like about Milliard’s grass mat is that it does use turf. Given that nearly all golf courses don’t use turf, you will not get the most realistic experience when using it for practicing. While it does come in handy for indoor use, you’ll need something else if you want a mat that truly emulates what you see on the course. 

“Launch Zone” hitting mat with rubber backing by Callaway

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Most hitting mats are not as stable as they need to be. This makes them very uncomfortable to use, especially when you are using them for practicing your long game, since there is often a lot of impact from the clubs involved in long game practice. Most hitting mats also only hold certain tees, which also affects how effective they are.

You will not need to worry about this at all when using Callaway’s Launch Zone hitting mat. It comes in very handy if you need a mat that you can use for practicing your long game. Its rubber base is weighted, preventing it from moving around. It also holds any kind of tee, making it versatile when practicing driving.

The Launch Zone is one-dimensional in how it is used, however. It is only suitable for driving, since it does not contain the kind of turf that you can use for short game practice.

“Mat Attack” portable driving and chipping aid with adjustable tees and foam practice balls by Rukket

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Most golf hitting mats contain nothing but the mat itself. You’ll typically need your own practice balls and practice tees to make the most out of them. Finding these additional items is very frustrating and tedious.

Rukket has solved this with its Mat Attack driving and chipping aid. It is the closest thing to complete that a golf hitting mat can get, containing not only fairway, rough, and tight lies, but also its own practice balls and practice tees. The tees themselves also have varying heights, which makes for an even more diverse practice experience.

The only thing that you’ll need to watch out for with the Mat Attack is that it is not nearly as stable as you would like it to be. It will move around a lot as you use it, especially when you use its tees. This is something that you’ll need to prepare for when using it.

5 x 8 foot synthetic grass mat with drainage holes by Goasis

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Most golf hitting mats have almost too much to be desired when it comes to surface area. This is frustrating to deal with because it doesn’t completely replicate a true golf experience when practicing. You’ll need to either connect several hitting mats together or search tirelessly for a mat that has a lot of area if you want to practice something like chipping or creating spin.

Goasis has solved this with its synthetic mat. While it is not designed specifically for golf practice, you can use it as a hitting mat all the same. It measures 5 by 8 feet, giving you plenty of area to practice different short game techniques anywhere.

Keep in mind that Goasis’s grass mat is definitely not tailored to reflect any real lie that you would find at an actual golf course. This means that if you do master a chipping technique on it, it may not translate well to when you are on an actual course.

3 by 5 foot “Pro Residential” hitting mat with foam pad by Premium Pro

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As useful as golf hitting mats are, they tend to encounter a lot of wear and tear that take away from their usefulness in the form of curling, tears, and separation. This kind of wear and tear tends to develop a lot faster than you might think as well, especially if you practice on your hitting mat regularly.

Premium Pro has solved this with its Pro Residential hitting mat. Not only does it have a thick foam backing to prevent it from moving around, it will absorb any and all kinds of shocks that come from any of your clubs. The nylon based turf also prevents most forms of wear and tear from developing for a very long time.

The only thing that you’ll need to worry about with the Pro Residential is that it does not contain multiple lies. In fact, the turf that it uses isn’t reflective of any of the lies that you’ll encounter on the course at all.

Artificial turf mat with 3 rubber tees by GoSports

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Figuring out what kinds of tees you can use on your hitting mat is one of the most frustrating things about them, if not the most frustrating. Something else that is frustrating about some hitting mats is that they aren’t stable, especially if you are practicing your driving with them.

GoSports has solved both of these issues with its artificial turf mat. It contains three sizes of rubber tees, all three of which are very common sizes that you encounter regularly when playing. This, combined with its 5 millimeters of non-slip foam make it perfect for practicing driving.

The only thing you’ll need to watch for with GoSports’ artificial turf mat is that it is really only designed for driving practice. While you can use other clubs on it, it doesn’t reflect any of the lies that you would use other clubs on. You’ll likely need to find a different hitting mat when it comes to using other clubs.

Putting green training mat by LITA

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Golf mats that are designed for putting are extremely rare on their own. Golf mats that are designed for putting that are available in adjustable sizes at the time of ordering are nearly impossible to find. This makes for an extremely tedious search when looking for one.

Your search for the perfect golf putting mat has ended with LITA’s putting green mat. Not only is it built exclusively for putting, but you can also choose what size you want it to be when you order it. This allows you to practically install a putting green in your own home if it is big enough. LITA’s putting green mat is a must if you know you need to improve your putting and take it to a completely different level.

As you might have guessed, LITA’s putting green mat is designed specifically for putting. No other club in your bag should come near it. It also develops a lot of wear and tear very easily, especially if you practice on it a lot.

Residential practice grass mat with rubber tee holder by Relilac

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The turf that most hitting mats utilize often do not reflect real grass. They might slightly resemble real grass, but chances are good that the practice you get on these hitting mats will not translate well when you get out onto the course to apply what you have learned.

One of the best things about Relilac’s hitting mat is that it’s turf reflects real grass as much as possible. You will notice a difference when using it compared to other hitting mats, and you’ll be able to easily translate the practice you get on it to what you experience on a real course. It is perfect for anybody who wants to significantly improve their drive. 

You also will not need to worry one iota about Relilac’s hitting mat moving at all since it includes 4 ground nails that you can use to literally pin it to the ground, preventing it from moving anywhere.

The only thing you should be concerned about with Relilac’s hitting mat is the rubber tee that it includes. This tee only comes in one size and it can create a very limiting practice experience.

3-in-1 foldable indoor and outdoor hitting mat with 10 nonbreakable tees by Golfit

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While most hitting mats are able to be folded, things do not end well when they are. Folding a hitting mat for the purpose of transporting them can result in it warping and curling, rendering it useless. This is very frustrating to deal with for anybody who wishes to transport their hitting mats.

You’ll be able to take Golfit’s hitting mat literally anywhere you want, solving this problem. It folds very easily and when you do fold it to take it somewhere, you will not need to worry about causing any blemishes to develop on it that could affect how it can be used. It also contains 10 tees that do not break, eliminating any concern you have regarding tees.

The only thing you’ll need to watch for with Golfit’s mat is that it does not withstand impacts from clubs too well. This is true on any of its surfaces. The divots you create when hitting it will get plastic on your clubs that can be difficult to remove.

Hitting mat with alignment guide by Champkey

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Golf can be very intimidating for anybody who is new to the sport. Anybody who is new to the sport also needs as much practice as they can get, especially if their goal is to be competitive. Unfortunately, most hitting mats don’t contain any guides that give the player information as to how aligned they are, which is at a premium in the sport.

One thing that separates Champkey’s hitting mat apart from nearly all other golf hitting mats is that it contains an alignment guide. A solid white line separates the mat, telling you everything you need to know about how aligned you are before or after a shot. This is perfect for anybody who is interested in taking their golf game to the next level.

Champkey’s hitting mat utilizes 3 different mats. While this does a very good job of keeping it in place, it can also make your clubs really dirty after just a few swings. Prepare to spend more time than you probably want cleaning all the rubber off of your clubs after a practice session.

Golf Hitting Mats – A Buying Guide

golf hitting mat
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Anybody who is even remotely familiar with the sport of golf knows that about how complex a game it truly is.

Because of this, not all hitting mats do not serve the same purpose.

You’ll want to consider a number of things before buying a hitting mat.

What is your skill level?

This is fundamental consideration not only for golf hitting mats, but also for any golf-related accessory.

In the realm of hitting mats, some hitting mats contain guides that assist with how lined up you are for a particular shot but most of them do not.

You’ll definitely want to keep your skill level in golf in mind as you select from these two distinct hitting mats.

What will you be using the hitting mat for?

Hitting mats in golf can be used to practice both long game and short game techniques.

Some of them even specialize in certain aspects of the game, such as driving or putting.

One of the best things you can do to make the most out of your hitting mat is to determine exactly what you need it for, this way you can get a specialized mat that will significantly improve one area of your game.

golf hitting mat
Best Golf Hitting Mat 7

Will you be using your mat indoors or outdoors?

While most hitting mats can be used both indoors and outdoors, some of them have specific advantages to being used in specific environments.

For example, some hitting mats can be installed along entire rooms of homes, transforming said room into a putting green of sorts.

Some hitting mats can be simply placed outside to give you a feel for what to expect when on an actual course without tearing up your own grass.

Do you plan to travel with your hitting mat?

Hitting mats are very fragile in that when you fold them, you risk damaging the turf that they are made of.

However, there exist some hitting mats that do not do this when you fold them, and these are ones that are designed for traveling.

You’ll need to determine if you need to do this when buying a hitting mat, and you’ll need to know that there might be a slight compromise in quality if you decide to buy one of these.


There are literally dozens of different accessories in the sport of golf that are specifically designed to help you improve on the course.

While many don’t believe so, a hitting mat is indeed one of these accessories.

Maybe you don’t have the time to go to a driving range.

Maybe you can only practice at night when most golf courses are closed.

Maybe it has been raining all day, preventing you from setting foot in a golf course.

For situations like these, you will need a hitting mat if you want to practice.

Don’t forget that there are different hitting mats for different aspects of your game.

Decide which part of your game needs the most improvement and acquire a hitting mat that is designed for that part of the game

This is how the best players of the sport accomplish what they accomplish.

It would only make sense if you did the same.

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