Best Hockey Tape of 2023 – Top 7 Reviews

Regardless of the material your hockey stick is made of, it still needs to be taped before you go out to play with it. With the right amount of tape, you can create an excellent knob at the handle for a good grip.

It is not uncommon for moisture to accumulate on the blade of a hockey stick when it is in use. This can negatively influence your gameplay. However, when taped, the blade is protected from moisture. Tapes are also required for other gear like the shin guard and the socks.

Best Hockey Tape

Since tapes became essential for hockey players, many different types have flooded the market. In this review, we have carefully selected some of the best, and we will be talking about the individual properties of these tapes.

Best Hockey Tape – Top 7 Picks of the Year

Here are the best-selling Hockey tapes on the market today.

SportsTape Hockey Tape

SportsTape Hockey Tape - 6 Roll Multipack (White), 0.94"" x 19.7 yd
  • Durable and tough cloth hockey tape
  • Made from tightly woven poly-cotton fabric with a high thread count
  • Ideal for taping blades and improving grip
  • Serrated edge for easy tear
  • Excellent color retention with anti-fade technology

SportsTape is a well-known brand among hockey enthusiasts. The brand is known for its line of traditional adhesive cloth and polyester stick tapes. It is made from woven poly-cotton and is water-resistant, able to protect your blade and handle against moisture as you play. In choosing a tape for your hockey stick, durability is one of the essential things to consider, and in that regard, this tape excels.

The serrated edges make the tape very easy and quick to cut. Many hockey tapes don’t offer long-lasting bonds, and they detach so easily, requiring you to tape repeatedly during a game. The SportsTape hockey tape is strong, and it has a lasting bond.

Also, you won’t have to worry about the tape leaving residues on your gloves. This is one of the tapes you should consider when looking for tape for your hockey stick.


  • It is water-resistant
  • Long-lasting bond
  • Serration makes it easy to cut


  • Not the most affordable tape

A&R Sports Black Hockey Tape

Another well-known brand in the hockey world, A&R, makes one of the best hockey tapes you can get on the market. It is perfect for taping stick handles, blades, and grips. One of the selling points of the A&R tape is that it helps achieve the optimal grip required in the game of hockey.

Smooth tapes are not the best way to go when you’re buying hockey tapes as they tend to slide out of your hands. Also, the tape provides additional comfort and shock absorption, reducing the intensity of the vibration you will feel in your hands when playing.

The tape is black for people who are specific about colors. Nonetheless, A&R makes hockey tapes in several other colors. Furthermore, the tape is quite thin but durable at the same time. It is also water-resistant and will provide much-needed protection from moisture. Depending on how much tape you use, you can choose from the 2-piece or 6-piece pack.


  • It is not too thick
  • Very durable
  • It is water-resistant


  • It is not the best in terms of stickiness

Goodyear Hockey Shin Guard Tape

The Goodyear Shin Guard Tape is perfect if you want a versatile hockey tape that you can use with your hockey gear. It comes with strong adhesive, so it sticks well to whichever equipment you need it for.

Cutting some tape after wrapping around your shin guard can be a bit of a struggle. However, this Goodyear tape is designed to rip easily. Also, it is water-resistant and snow-resistant, so you can be sure that your gear will be protected from moisture.

To withstand the rigor of hockey training and games, the tape is designed with superior material and properly reinforced. Another thing that makes it a favorite among many people is its bright color. If you prefer clear-colored tapes to colored ones, this is one of the excellent options available to you.


  • Super-strong adhesive
  • The tape is reinforced for strength


  • Some players find it too sticky

Tape Brothers Carton Sealing Tape

Tape Brothers Carton Sealing Tape 2" x 110 yds or 55 yds 2 mils, Several Colors
  • 2.0 mil (0.051mm). 28 micron film. Water Based Acrylic Adhesive.
  • Adhesion: 22 oz/in. Tensile: 18 lbs/in. Elongation at break: <180%.
  • Application temperature range: 23°F to 104°F.

Although not designed for hockey, the Tape Brothers Sealing Tape is versatile enough to be used with all your hockey gear. The tape works well on sticks, blades, and shin guards with water-based acrylic adhesive and durable elasticized polyethylene backing.

A good grip is not only a function of training or talent. You need the right accessories to work with. With this tape, you get better energy efficiency and an overall improvement in your game. Also, it comes in a wide range of colors, so you can choose colors that will complement your gear.

Although this is not exclusively a hockey tape, it has a decent grip that will prevent the stick from slipping out of your hands when in play. As a result of the strong adhesive, it may leave some marks on your gear when you remove it.


  • It can be used for different purposes
  • Very durable


  • It does not have the best grip

Renfrew Cloth Hockey Tape

This woven cotton cloth tape comes with a superior adhesive formulation. The tape comes with an additional grip for shock absorption and better puck handling. Besides, it is thick enough to absorb the vibrations. It is very durable and wear-resistant. The adhesive coating is also quite thick; it serves as a functional barrier between moisture and your equipment. 

Although it comes in single rolls, a roll is large enough to last for a long time. The color options are numerous, so it is more likely than not that you will get a color that goes with your other equipment. With the improved grip comes energy efficiency. Less energy will be lost in transition, and you can take better shots. Lastly, the tape is affordable.


  • Very durable
  • Improved grip
  • A lot of color options


  • Leaves a bit of residue on removal

Lizard Skins Solid Hockey Grip

If you want a tape that will protect your equipment from moisture without adding considerable thickness, this is the product for you. It is made from a unique lightweight material called Durasoft Polymer. This makes the grip much more comfortable, and you will find it easier to make high-impact shots with more energy translation from your stick to the puck.

A lot of tapes, especially the thick ones, do not complement gloves well. However, the thinness of the Lizard Grip eliminates glove wear and tear. Compared to most of the other tapes in this review, it is a bit more expensive. However, when you consider the tape’s functionality and exquisite feel, the price is justified.


  • Long-lasting performance
  • It is not too thick


  • Some players may find it too thin

Jaybird & Mais 299 Hockey Tape

Jaybird And Mais 299 Hockey Tape
  • Adhesive: rubber
  • Backing/Carrier: cloth fabric

Jaybird & Mais 299 Hockey Tape is one of the best hockey tapes you can get on the market. Much like the Renfrew tape, it is made from woven cloth fabrics and versatile enough to serve several other purposes. It can be used with all hockey sticks, including composite sticks.

The tape is coated with very strong adhesive, which causes it to stick well to your hockey equipment. It may, however, leave some residue after removal due to the strong adhesive. It comes in about ten colors, so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to color. Additionally, it is one of the most affordable tapes on our list.


  • Solid adhesive
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • It is a versatile tape


  • Leaves a bit of residue

Taping Your Hockey Stick

The blade and the handle are the commonly taped parts of a hockey stick. The blade is protected from wear and tear, and the stick’s handle is protected from moisture that can negatively affect your game. If you want to get the best out of your hockey stick, you need to properly tape some parts before you go out to play a game or practice.

The first thing you should know before buying a tape is that hockey tapes are the best. Other tapes are versatile enough to be used on your equipment; however, buy a hockey tape specifically if it is within your means.

The Blade

When taping the blade, apply a little wax so the puck will bite on it during play. You can use hockey stick wax for this. While some players rub the puck on the blade to stop water from sticking to the tape, you won’t need to go through all that if you use an excellent water-resistant hockey tape.

Best Hockey Tape

The Butt

This is another part of the hockey stick that you should tape properly. Hockey stick handles tend to slip and can be hard to grip if not taped. With tape wrapped into a knob around the butt, you get a better grip and prevent moisture from messing with the grip.

After taping the butt, you can go ahead to tape the shaft. The size of the knob, big or small, depends on you. You should also know that the thickness of your tape may affect your grip. Some tapes are thin enough to give a good grip without you making a big knob.

Best Hockey Tape

The Shaft

This is not so common, but it is not unheard of. It is just like creating another grip zone along the shaft. All you have to do is roll the appropriate amount of tape at a comfortable distance from the butt. Tapes used in the grip area may wear out, especially if the tape is not durable.

Best Hockey Tape


SportsTape hockey tape is one of the most popular, and rightly so. These tapes have some unique features that separate them from one another. This is why you decide what you want in a hockey tape before you go ahead to buy one.

If you are running on a very tight budget and still need a good tape, you should look at the A&R tape or the Jaybird & Mai. Whatever your requirements are, one of these tapes will satisfy you.

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