Top 16 Best Longboard For Dancing Reviews In 2024

Have you ever heard of longboard dancing? It is an art that takes a lot of time and effort to practice. But once you succeed in making some dance moves on the board, you will enjoy an ultimate sense of freedom that few activities can offer. Sound great, right?

But before you start, you need a good longboard. It must meet specific requirements to support you in every movement. Read on to know the best longboard for dancing in 2024!

16 Best Longboard For Dancing Reviews

RIMABLE Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B017J7AS8U”]

One of the best longboards for dancing must be the Rimable board, and it is for several good reasons.

First off, the 41-inch deck is fully crafted out of laminated maple. There are 9 layers in total, making it incredibly durable. You can use this board to travel across rough terrains without breaking it. What’s more, such a deck support a high weight limit of up to 250 pounds.

However, if possible, I would prefer a longer deck. 41 inches is quite short.

To make the board attractive, Rimable added a beautiful ‘New Beach Waves’ design on top, which inspires a fresh feeling of the beach. As an added perk, it does not fade away so soon like those of cheaply made boards.

The board comes complete with drop-through aluminum trucks, PU wheels, and high-speed lubricant bearings.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • 9-ply laminated maple deck
  • Adjustable aluminum kingpin trucks


  • Quite short deck

Krown Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B017J7AS8U”]

What first drew my attention to this board was the graphic on the deck. It looked so lively and attractive that I bet once you saw it, you would not be able to take your eyes off it just like me.

Krown used Canadian maples to craft this board. You already know the benefits of this material, don’t you? Canadian maple is lightweight and tough at the same time.

Another advantage of Krown dancing longboard is it owns a large deck of 43×9’’, thereby giving you plenty of room to dance.

Most boards on today’s list are symmetrical, but not this one. For your information, it is pintail shaped to offer better grip and easier movement. Especially, pintail shape is excellent for carving.

Other useful features include the black grip tape and aluminum alloy truck. However, the wheels disappoint me a bit. They are of mediocre quality, and you would be better off with an upgrade.


  • Perfect for entry level riders
  • Lively graphic design
  • Spacious dancing platform


  • Mediocre wheels that can get loose over time

Loaded Boards Icarus Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B01HU972I6″]

Looking for a game-changer in longboard dancing? Take a look at this Icarus board that comes from the reputed brand of Loaded Boards.

It is important to mention that Icarus longboard is not purely dancing oriented, it is a high-performance longboard that can serve a lot of purposes such as snowboard-style carving, pumping, freestyling, etc.

It embraces the drop-through design with a cambered profile and variable edge concave. These features are intended to give you a lively and smooth riding experience no matter where you go and dance.

Meanwhile, both cutouts and flared wheel wells are for deep carves and tight turns. You do not to exert much effort while doing these moves.

There is not much to say about other features, except for the fact that the wheels are a bit heavier than other boards. But a serious deal-breaker to me is the narrow deck, which measures 38.4×8.6’’ only.

So overall, as long as you don’t mind its small platform, this Loaded Boards Icarus might be an excellent board for dancing on snowy day.


  • High-performance longboard
  • Drop-through design with cambered profile
  • Efficient trucks


  • Quite narrow deck

Rayne Whip 47″ x 9.5″ Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B06XG9B6VD”]

This Rayne Whip is another popular model amongst longboard dancers. It measures 47×9.5 inches, and the wheelbase is 31 inches long. Meanwhile, the EFP is surprisingly large, measuring 31 inches.

As for the material, the manufacturer used both bamboo and triaxial fiberglass to build this longboard, thereby making it super light, flexible, and responsive to every movement of yours. At the same time, it is durable to withstand the test of time.

Note that the board boasts a weight limit of 190 lbs. Don’t feel attempted to exceed this limit; otherwise, you would cause damage to it.

You can see that the Whip’s deck features a subtle rocker and a micro drop that help dancers display fancy footwork without compromising stability.

Using the Rayne Whip longboard, you can carve deeper on the board. This is thanks to the tub-like concave, which is designed to rise towards the round edges of the board. However, some might feel that this type of concave hinders boardwalking.

On the whole, this is an excellent longboard for either dancing or performing tricks.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Durable longboard for dancing
  • Tub-like concave allows deep carving


  • Might hinder boardwalking

Playshion 39 Inch Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B01EOUWUT0″]

It is a pity if you miss out on the Playshion dancing longboard. It makes an all-around choice for entry level dancers out there.

I have reasons to back up my opinion as follows.

First, the board is lightweight (around 7 lbs), so you may find it effortless to control when riding and dancing.

Second, it follows the drop-through design, which suits newbies who have little experience well. You can start practicing fundamental steps with this board.

The deck features only slight concave, which secures your feet to the board and facilitates turning. And in case you want to know, it is made of 8-ply maple.

Other features deserve my compliment too, from the soft PU wheels and 7-inch aluminum trucks to the ABEC-9 bearings. There is only one small thing that the manufacturer should improve: the wheels can get loose quite easily.


  • Lightweight dancing board
  • Drop-through design
  • Great for beginners


  • Not tightly attached wheels

Bustin Daenseu 45 Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B07K2GV2LL”]

If you prefer compactness over spacious platform, take a look at this Bustin Daenseu.

Regarding size, It falls within the small range with a 44.9×8.9’’ deck. This is considered pretty narrow but actually when you try it, it isn’t that bad. To make up for that, the manufacturer equips the board with a long wheelbase to give you more space to do old-school tricks.

Due to the small size, the whole board is quite lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Freestylers will be better off with such a light board.

The deck is made of Canadian maple wood coupled with fiberglass and proprietary epoxy. Therefore, it is able to last longer than cheaply made dancing longboards.

One of the features I like best about Bustin Daenseu longboard is the micro drop. It lowers your center of gravity, thereby making you feel safe when doing tricks at high speed.

The board comes complete with a Caliber or Paris truck and 64 to 73mm wheels.

So my verdict for this board is that it is a go-to option if you like a compact board for freestyling and dancing sometimes.


  • Lightweight and compact board
  • Long wheelbase
  • Micro dropped rocker profile


  • Small platform for pure dancers

RIMABLE Bamboo Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B07F5NSVHD”]

I am glad to introduce to you another Rimable dancing longboard today.

The best part about it is probably the extremely large deck that measures 46×10’’. Needless to say, this is one of the largest decks on this list. Even if you are tall and have big feet, you are totally fine with this board.

Its wheelbase is spacious, too, about 37 inches. Both features contribute to a stable ride.

Want to know the best part?

As for me, I like the intricate graphics on the board. Plus, there are many different designs, ranging from striking vintage to avant-garde looks. Feel free to pick one based on your preferences.


  • Intricate graphic
  • Extremely large deck
  • Spacious wheelbase with precision bearings


  • A bit stiff flex

Landyachtz Stratus Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B075SJ1H54″]

What makes Landyachtz Stratus dancing longboard outstanding is the fact that it weighs only 4 lbs. Being lightweight makes it a breeze to carry around.

If you think it is lightweight only because of the small deck, you are seriously wrong.

In fact, the Stratus manages to provide a good standing platform of 45.5×9.25 inches. I know there are other larger decks, but 45.5×9.25’’ is quite spacious and enough for you to dance beautifully.

The board remains lightweight mainly thanks to the ‘Hollowtech’ construction, in which Landyachtz uses fiberglass and wood to craft the deck while leaving its core empty.

Like most popular dancing longboard, this one is symmetrically designed with a slight concave. However, the tails are giant, allowing you to pop high and do shuv-its, kickflips effortlessly.

There are grip tapes on these giant tails, while none are placed between the trucks as the manufacturer believes grip might hinder boardwalking if equipped there.

As for the flex, you can choose between two options: Standard and Super Flex. The former is for heavier dancers while the latter suits lighter ones.


  • Incredibly lightweight and portable
  • Quite spacious deck
  • Slight concave and giant tails


  • Low deck resistance

WHOME PRO Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B07K75JJLC”]

WHOME is a trusted brand in the industry, so most of its products are of high quality. This Pro dancing longboard is a prime example.

It boasts a spacious dancing platform, which measures 42×9 inches. On top of that, it is lightweight and durable thanks to the material of 8-ply Alpine hard rock maple.

When you take a close look at the deck, you can see the premium anti-slip grip tape on top. As its name might suggest, thee tape is supposed to keep you firmly on the board without falling off, especially while traveling at high speed.

The deck is attached to a wide truck and wheelbase to give you stable rides across different terrains. Meanwhile, the large wheel options allow you to travel faster while commuting in urban areas.

Some popular boards may come with mediocre bearings, but it is not the case with Whome Pro dancing longboard, which got ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings for extra smooth rides.


  • Spacious dancing platform
  • Anti-slip grip tape
  • High weight capacity of 330 lbs


  • Some products arrive damaged

ENKEEO 40 Inch Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B07BRL194M”]

Another drop-through longboard! One great thing about the drop-through design is it keeps you lower to the ground, thereby giving you more stability and control over the board.

Deck is the most important feature that people need to consider when buying a longboard. Fortunately, Enkeeo does not let us down with its excellent deck.

What makes this deck sought-after is its anti-slip feature that keeps you firmly on the board no matter what tricks you are doing. Feel free to cruise and do carving even when traveling at high speed.

I am impressed with the fascinating ocean design on the deck, which has a ‘cool’ vibe to it.

If you are an adventurous rider who loves speed, you will be into the PU wheels of this Enkeeo dancing longboard. They not only help you travel faster but also offer better balance at high-speed downhill riding.

On the flip side, there is no kicktail on the board. This lack might limit the number of tricks you can do on the board. It has nothing to do with your dance moves, though.


  • Drop-through design with lower center of gravity
  • Fascinating ocean design
  • Speedy PU wheels


  • No kicktail
  • Quite delicate board

Magneto Slot Machine Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B07YGRC82Q”]

This Magneto dancing longboard boasts a unique pending design with a slot that runs the entire length of the deck. It is an intention of the manufacturer to support your turning and carving performance.

The deck is hybrid, which means Magneto uses a combination of bamboo and fiberglass to craft it. It makes the deck lightweight for an effortless ride. At the same time, the deck is able to support up to 275 pounds. Impressive!

Heavy riders out there, now you know which one to choose!

The trucks and wheels are the same as those of most boards on today’s list. In particular, this thing comes with kingpin trucks and high rebound PU wheels.


  • Unique pending slot design
  • Hybrid deck that is lightweight and durable
  • High weight limit


  • Quite short deck (40 inches)

Rayne Whip Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B07MMVL636″]

At first glance, the thing is eye-catching with cool pink graphic. There is a contrast black graphic on the back of the board as well. So overall, this Rayne Whip model looks really sleek and stylish. Any young riders would love to bring it home.

Things only go better when it comes to its features.

The deck measures 44 inches, which allows you to do cross-steps and make dance moves with much ease. It is still small enough for no-complys, shuv-its, and 180s.

This Rayne Whip board is also a go-to option if you care for the environment. To be specific, the manufacturer is committed to using eco-friendly materials to create its products, including this board.


  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Flexible and responsive longboard
  • Eco-friendly material of fiberglass and bamboo


  • Quite expensive

VOLADOR 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B071P462YX”]

One of the most premium dancing boards you can find on the current market. If you can afford a bit extra, don’t hesitate to go for this Volador model.

At first sight, the board makes a great impression on any riders, including me. Carved on the deck is a drawing depicting beautiful nature. It expresses the motto of Volador: to make boards that are environmentally friendly.

The Volardo’s deck is made of 8-ply cold pressed hard maple, so you can tell that it is tough against the test of time. But what actually makes the deck outstanding is its area of 46×10’’. Coupled with the 37’’ wheelbase, you are able to dance effortlessly on this board.

Under the board lie aluminum trucks, which are fully adjustable. Feel free to adjust them based on your needs of maneuverability. Along with the durable PU wheels and ABEC-9 precision bearings, the board lets you enjoy an exceptionally smooth ride.

One thing I love about Volador maple dancing longboard is the fact that it can support almost any riding styles.


  • Beautiful design of nature
  • 8-ply cold pressed hard rock maple
  • Spacious dancing platform
  • Adjustable kingpin trucks


  • Mediocre trucks that need upgrading

Magneto Bamboo Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B076DLJXB6″]

Right from the name, you can tell that this board is crafted out of bamboo. Despite falling within the low price range, it features 3-ply bamboo deck combining fiberglass layers just like other premium longboards made for dancing.

The bamboo gives the board a natural wooden finish. Coupled with the sanded clear top finish, the whole thing has a vintage vibe to it. Grip tapes are not necessary then.

The deck is huge, measuring 46×9.5 inches. It comes with dual kick tails, arched camber, and shallow concave, each of which serves a different purpose.

For example, the symmetrical kick tails are there to support flip tricks, shove-its, or manuals. Meanwhile, the shallow concave allows continuous carving or stepping effortlessly, and when you do so, you will have a really lively feel thanks to the upward arched camber.

It comes complete with a high angle Paris style trucks and 70mm Magneto wheels.

Overall, Magneto dancing longboard is a nice board that offers a comfortable and flexible ride for a very reasonable price. It makes a great gift for beginners.


  • 3-ply bamboo deck that is lightweight and durable
  • Huge deck with thoughtful features
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Mediocre wheels

Loaded Boards Bhangra Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B078XL16TN”]

The Bhangra longboard is a top favorite when it comes to dancing boards, and there are several good reasons for that.

It boasts a huge 48.5×9.5’’ deck, which offers a spacious platform for dancing, urban commuting, or performing freestyle tricks. However, you might find it slightly awkward to do freestyle since the board is quite heavyweight (around 6.3 lbs).

I am impressed with the functional design of this dancing longboard.

Along with the rockered profile that gives comfort when rolling around on the longboard, there is a mellow concave to provide fluid edge control without interfering your footwork. The wheels are functional, too. They get the board moving forward effortlessly and reduce the risk of wheelbite.

The manufacturer placed aggressive grip tape on the nose, tail, and between the trucks. That way, you will feel more confident in sliding and hard carving.

When you buy this longboard, you will have two flex options. The Flex 1 is ideal for heavier riders, while the Flex 2 serves lighter riders or those looking for responsiveness just right.

Other features include a Paris 180mm truck and 70mm Stimulus wheels.


  • Spacious deck for dancing
  • Functional design
  • Aggressive grip tape for confidence


  • Fairly heavy board

Loaded Boards Tarab Dancing Longboard

[amazon box=”B07751N4K7″]

The last candidate on today’s list is Loaded Boards Tarab dancing longboard. It is an upgraded model of the Brangha that uses high-end technology to help with your dance moves.

Loaded Boards worked on the drawbacks of the Brangha, which is being fairly heavy. They used vertically laminated bamboo and two layers of fiberglass to reduce the overall weight of the board. Therefore, although the Tarab comes with mostly the same features as the Brangha, it is a lot lighter, about 5 lbs only.

Tarab’s design is more dancing oriented than its predecessor. In particular, it features milder concave, as well as smaller tail and nose.

All the nose, tail, and rails of the Tarab dancing longboard are reinforced for higher resistance to external impacts and abrasion, thus making the board long-lasting even with frequent uses.

One of the features that sets Tarab apart from Brangha is the cork layer. Coupled with the grip tape, it provides riders more traction and absorbs vibrations and shock on the ground.

The flex options and wheels remain the same as the Brangha.

So all in all, we can see that Tarab is a more advanced option for pure longboard dancers than its sibling.


  • Lightweight dancing longboard
  • Spacious platform
  • Fully reinforced nose, tail, and rails


  • Not for commuting or freestyling

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Longboard For Dancing In 2024

As I said in the introduction, a good longboard must meet specific requirements. You can check them out in the following buying guide.


It is simple enough: the bigger, the better. This belongs to common sense only. A large deck will give you ample space to dance effortlessly.

For specific measurements, I think 42’’ to 50’’ is the perfect length, while the width should be 9’’ at least.


Deck is one of the most important features of a longboard. Thus, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to deck.

First, it is the size. As said above, you should choose a wide deck so that you have enough space to dance.

Second, pay attention to the durability. Which material the manufacturer uses to craft the deck? How many layers are there? Find out the answers to make sure you buy a durable product that can withstand the test of time.

As for the design, I recommend the drop-through for entry level dancers. This is because this design keeps you low to the ground, thereby giving you more confidence in riding and dancing.


Wheels are no less important than the deck as they keep you going on the road.

You should choose high-quality wheels to ride smoothly and dance with much ease. The wheels should be attached firmly to the deck and don’t get loosen up; otherwise you would be in trouble.

I think wheels that are 65-70mm are good for dancing.

The best wheels nowadays are Orangatang products. Most boards on the list come with these wheels.


Make sure you choose great trucks that are responsive and flexible when you need them most, particularly when making turns and carving. Some trucks are totally adjustable based on your preferences, which is great!


There are four basic types of concave, including W-shaped, flat, radial, and elliptical.

Don’t go for a board with deep concave since it will prevent you from moving freely. In worse cases, you can even trip over and fall off the board while dancing.

My advice is to choose a longboard with mild or no concave at all.


Regarding flex, I think you should follow the manufacturer’s guideline. They usually give you some flex options, and all you need to do is to a suitable version. For example, the Loaded Boards Brangha comes with two flex options for light and heavy riders.


Can you dance on any longboard?

Of course you can. Dancing on longboard is even considered a sport that brings about free feelings when you make skillful movements on the board. You can dance on almost any longboard and do it anywhere you want.

Are Dancing longboards good for cruising?

Yes and no. Some boards  come with neutral features that serve both dancing and cruising purposes, so you can use them to cruise. Meanwhile, some are intended for dancing only, which I don’t recommend them for cruising.

How long should a dancing Longboard be?

The ideal range is from 42’’ to 48’’. You should choose a longboard with a spacious deck since it will be easier to move around and dance.

Is longboard dancing hard?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Longboard dancing takes a lot of time and effort to practice. However, once you master fundamental steps and have a feel with the board, everything will be a whole lot easier.

What is the best longboard brand?

Some of the most reputed longboard brands must be Landyachtz, Loaded Longboards, Rayne Whip, Rimable, etc. I tried to include their best-sellers in the list.

The Bottom Line

This is the end of today’s list on the best longboards for dancing. Have you decided on your pick yet? Don’t rush, since longboards are not a small investment. Take your time and choose the one that meets your needs and wants.

If you feel confused at any point, feel free to leave a comment here. I will try my best to help you out. Thanks for reading!

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