Top 17 Best Skateboard Shoes Reviews In 2023

You’re interested in skateboarding and you would like to join this fun sport? But you’re not sure which shoes to buy? It is important to choose a good pair of skateboard shoes that keep you safe and still help you perform well.

As we understand that, we have been working on a list of best skateboard shoes which includes the top 17 products, it all comes from our real experience!

The list of the top of 17 best skateboard shoes below has both shoes for beginners and shoes for professional skateboarders.

Top 17 Best Skateboard Shoes Reviews In 2023

Buying a good pair of shoes is not an easy task, even a pair of skateboard shoes. With so many options available from famous brands, you’re probably having a hard time. Therefore, you should read my detailed reviews below to choose the best pair of skateboard shoes.

Supra Men’s Stacks Vulc II Skateboard Shoes

Supra Men's Stacks Vulc II
  • Extensive choice of colourways and hues.
  • Fits true to size; features medium width.
  • Pairs well with a multitude of casual outfits.
  • Lightweight yet durable construction.
  • Offers excellent grip and comfort.

Taking up the top spot on the list of the top 17 best skateboard shoes is the Supra Men’s Stacks Vulc II Skateboard Shoes, which are the first shoes I would recommend to you.

Overall, this is a pair of shoes with a simple design, lightweight, and high durability. Moreover, it is an effective pair of skateboarding shoes.

The vulcanized rubber sole is lightweight and flexible for easy portability. It also provides a strong and firm grip on the skateboard. The middle sole is the Suprafoam cushion, which makes it comfortable when walking, skating, jogging, etc. The thickness of the sole has been considered to both protect your foot from the impact and maintain a genuine board feel at the toes.

The upper is made from fabric or suede. Both types of materials are durable, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable on every move.

The low-top design and wide form make it easy to put on shoes, even those with wide feet.

This Supra Men’s Stacks Vulc II collection comes in a variety of colors, from dark colors like black–brown to light colors like gray-white. That provides users with a variety of options to suit their tastes, styles, and outfits.

The manufacturers have produced shoes from lightweight and flexible materials to provide the best sports experience for you. Despite this, it still supports shaping a firm and comfortable feet posture when skating.

It’s worth buying a pair of shoes for skateboarding enthusiasts.


  • Vulcanized rubber sole – lightweight and flexible
  • Canvas or suede upper – durable and breathable
  • Lightweight – easy to move and flexible
  • Low-Top shape – assists you to slip your feet into shoes more easily


  • Not be able to protect your ankle
  • Slightly expensive

Product Specs

Size2 x 2 x 2 inches
Highlight featuresVulcanized rubber sole Canvas or suede upper Light weigh Low-Top shape Simple style design

VANS Sk8-Hi Skateboard Shoes

Supra Men's Stacks Vulc II
  • Extensive choice of colourways and hues.
  • Fits true to size; features medium width.
  • Pairs well with a multitude of casual outfits.
  • Lightweight yet durable construction.
  • Offers excellent grip and comfort.

Until now, the VANS Sk8-Hi Skateboard Shoes are one of the iconic skateboard shoes. To be honest, it is still very popular and also the best option for those who love skateboard.

Overall, the shoes have a classic design and good supportive features for the skateboard.

The shoes have a wide and spacious form, which makes it easier when you put your foot on the shoe. Moreover, you also feel comfortable and airy. I think it is suitable for wide feet.

The striking characteristic of VANS shoes is the prominent seams along with the leather or fabric panels.

The durable waffle rubber sole, combined with the skeleton heel case along the back, helps you to keep your foot more firmly and limit wear. Besides, a diamond pattern along the bottom increases the grip on the skateboard better. It can be said that the grip of the VANS Sk8-Hi Skateboard Shoes is first class.

The high-top design is really useful with the ankle. It protects your ankle from painful collisions with the floor or skateboard. I appreciate this high-top design.

Its old classic design is still very stylish. In addition to using it for skateboarding, you can combine it with casual or street style clothing like jeans, pull shirts, short pants, etc.


  • Waffle Rubber Sole combine with Skeleton heel – good support for shaping your foot posture
  • High-Top shape – protects your ankle from bumps
  • Wide shape – comfortable, even wide feet
  • Old school classic design – easy to combine with diversity style clothes


  • Lack of cushion
  • Not improved in a long time

Product Specs

Size9.6 x 7 x 3.7 inches
Highlight featuresWaffle Rubber Sole combine with Skeleton heel High-Top shape Wide shape Old school classic design

Emerica Wino Skateboard Shoes

Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe
  • Built upon one of Emerica’s classic after-skate chillers, the Wino, The Wino Cruiser stays true to the original design, but modernizes it with some essential upgrades, taking the classic shape and building upon it.
  • Most Wino Cruisers are canvas, but depending on the specific shoe, each model and colorway could be slightly different for its material. With touches of suede, mesh, and some leather mixed in, each Wino Cruiser has its own style, so you can personally choose which is right for your taste.
  • Triangle Tread Sole For Extra Grip & Support: The Wino Cruiser comes equipped with a customized sole, featuring Emerica’s trademarked Triangle Tread. Triangle Tread holds the best of both worlds, allowing for great grip mixed with durability and protection.
  • The Wino Cruiser is a low-profile skate shoe with a protective rubber toe. This provides toe protection. The lace up feature allows you to decide on how snug of a fit you want to roll with. This is not designed to be a high performance skate shoe , its focus is on cruising and will not withstand the traditional abuse over everyday performance skateboarding. Please reference the Reynolds Low Vulc Skate Shoe if that is the main goal of the shoe.
  • The full length mid-sole provides support throughout the entire shoe, rather than just focusing on parts of your foot bottom. Why cover only pieces of your foot when you can accommodate the whole thing? Known as Vulc Construction, The Wino Cruiser’s sole is equipped with this vulc system, which allows for extra grip and durability. Great board feel allows you to have more control over your board when you’re rolling on and off the board.

If you like thin model shoes, these Emerica Wino Skateboard Shoes are a perfectly suitable choice.

It remains the vulcanized rubber structure like other products. Thanks to that, it has good durability and flexibility. The full-length midsole acts as a cushion. Your feet are supported and it makes you feel more comfortable. The flat sole has triangle treads to increase grip on the skateboard. It has an anti-slip effect when you move.

The upper is made from 100% of textile fabric, which is imported. You can absolutely assure of its durability and breathability. Moreover, this durable material protects your entire foot efficiently.

I like this low neck design because it makes it easier for users to bring in and more flexible when moving.

I find this collection has a variety of colors, including dark, neutral, light, and striking. It also has a plain form and a patterned model. Thus, you can easily choose a favorite model.


  • Full-length midsole – for cushion
  • Vulcanized construction – for durability
  • Flat triangle tread bottom – for good grip
  • Low-profile skateboard shoe – for flexibility


  • More expensive than other brand
  • Not suitable for thick and wide feet

Product Specs

Size2 x 2 x 2 inches
ManufacturerEmerica Wino
Highlight featuresFull-length midsole Vulcanized construction Flat triangle tread bottom Low-profile skateboard shoe

Reebok Work RB1910 Skateboard Shoes

Reebok Work RB1910 Men's Soyay Safety Toe
  • Classic skateboard oxford
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Steel toe
  • Grip master slip resistant rubber sole with EVA cushion midsole
  • Meets ASTM F2413 Testing Standards

I am sure that you do not feel strange when it comes to the Reebok brand. It is a famous brand for sports equipment and shoes. These Reebok shoes won’t let you down.
Like most skateboarding shoes, the sole is made of lightweight rubber. It is durable, flexible, and increases grip with the board. Besides, the Grip Master Rubber outsole is effectively anti-slip even in moist and oily conditions. With all its characteristics, it holds your feet firmly to the board.

Reebok manufacturers are very concerned about the safety of their users. The steel toes are added to better protect your toes against injuries when skating. Another highlight is electric hazard protection. If you are in an electrical work environment, the shoes will protect you safely from dangerous agents.

The upper is made of 100% imported leather for ensuring quality and durability. I did not forget to mention the removable EVA cushion with a sponge rubber heel wedge. Because they make you feel fit and comfortable in every movement.

In general, if you want a good anti-slip and protective option, buy it. It will meet your expectations.


  • Imported leather – for high quality and durability
  • Rubber sole – for good grip on the board
  • Steel toe – protect your toes effectively
  • Electric hazard protection – protect you safely from dangerous agents
  • Grip Master Slip Resistant Rubber outsole – effectively anti-slip even in moist and oily conditions


  • The steel toe makes it a bit heavier

Product Specs

Size12 x 4 x 8 inch
ManufacturerReebok Work
Highlight featuresImported leather Rubber sole Steel toe Electric hazard protection Grip Master Slip Resistant Rubber outsole

DC Men’s Evan Smith TX Skateboard Shoes

DC Men's Evan Smith TX Skate Shoe
  • Impact-I inflexion vulc technology to cushion impact and protect the foot
  • Plush 7mm ortholite sockliner for comfort

Actually, DC skateboarding shoes have never let me down. In this product, the DC manufacturer collabs with Evan Smith to create the best skateboarding shoes.

There are three noticeable features in this shoe: vulcanized sole, rubber toe cap, and IMPACT-I technology.

First, the vulcanized sole along with the low-profile design gives you natural flexibility when moving. Also, it has a good grip on the board and a real onboard feeling. Therefore, it is good to support your skateboarding skills.

Next, the rubber toe cap is an innovation. With it, you can comfortably move and skate without worrying about toe injuries. Because it will protect your toes effectively.

Finally, IMPACT-I technology is a unique technology of this product. It absorbs part of the force exerted on your feet during sudden landings. It protects your entire foot but still maintains your board feel and natural flexibility.

Besides, the 100% textile imported upper is durable and breathable. It also helps in part to protect your foot from injury.

All of the above features show us that this is a product that is carefully focused on quality.


  • 100% textile imported – for good ventilation and durability
  • Vulcanized sole – lightweight, flexible and good grip
  • Rubber toe cap – protect your toes effectively
  • IMPACT-I Technology – protect your entire foot


  • Lacks of cushion
  • Not suitable for wide feet

Product Specs

Size11.8 x 7.4 x 4.7 inches
Highlight features100% textile imported Vulcanized sole Rubber toe cap IMPACT-I Technology

VANS Classic Slip-On Skateboard Shoes

VANS Unisex Classic Slip-On Shoes
  • Cotton drill lining provides breathability and extra comfort

Finally, I choose VANS Classic Slip-On Skateboard Shoes for the top 17 best skateboarding shoes list. They are beautiful and popular shoes.

These shoes are rather lightweight, flexible, and well grips on the board. The classic look and easy-to-wear design are also the characteristics that make it popular.

This vulcanized structure is combined with an original waffle outsole to enhance durability and grip with the board.

Its sole is made of many layers of rubber glued together. Therefore, it brings a more comfortable feeling.

The imported fabric upper, patterned or plain, is quite airy and protects your foot.


  • Vulcanized sole – thin, lightweight and flexible
  • Canvas upper – for good breathability
  • Waffle Textured Sole – for extra grip on the board


  • Less protection as compared to other skateboarding shoes

Product Specs

Highlight featuresVulcanized sole Canvas upper Waffle Textured Sole

Globe Men’s Sabre Skateboard Shoes

I was overwhelmed by a collection of colorful and stylish shoes. Each pair of shoes with a unique color scheme looks special and eye-catching.

While the upper of the other skateboard shoes are made of textile or fabric, the upper of this skateboard is made of 100% action nubuck leather. It creates a premium and eye-catching look for these shoes. Moreover, it is sturdy and durable to accompany you to perform difficult skating skills.

The vulcanized construction makes it more stable and grips on the board. The nitrogen airbag sole is a unique design, which has impact control and helps reduce feet injury. You can safely make sudden landings without foot pain.

Another difference of this shoe is that it has an integrated inner sock to fit the foot and protect the ankle.

These shoes have up to 20 different colors to choose from. I believe that when you wear it, your feet are better protected and you feel more confident with a nice pair of shoes.


  • 100% Action Nubuck – for higher durability
  • Rubber sole – flexible and good grip
  • Integrated inner sock – protect the ankle
  • Nitrocel airbag sole – for better support


  • No ventilation

Product Specs

Size12.5 x 9.1 x 4.7 inches
Highlight features100% Action Nubuck Rubber sole Integrated inner sock Nitrocel airbag sole

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoes

Etnies Mens Jameson 2 Eco Skate Skate Sneakers Shoes Casual - Blue
  • Canvas upper
  • Lace up closure
  • Recycled Open Cell Pu Foam Insole
  • Recycled Rubber Outsole

Etnies is known as a brand of environmental sports shoes. Their shoes are made from eco-friendly materials, even so, are Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoes.

Most shoe parts are made from eco-friendly materials, natural fabric upper, recycled rubber soles, and recycled plastic bottle laces. However, these shoes still have high durability not inferior to other products.

The cupsole construction with 400 NBS rubber outsole and EVA midsole is durable, wear-resistant, and grips well to the board. This structure is easy to bend, so it’s naturally flexible. Triangle treads at the flat bottom increase extra grip on the skateboard.

It has a padded collar and STI Foam Lite 1 cushion, which provides effective foot support and additions comfort for long-term use.

In terms of design, it is quite simple and classic with the Etnies logo on the heels and tongue.

Overall, this is a good quality pair of shoes, comfortable and supportive for skateboarding.


  • Made with recycled materials – for eco-friendly product
  • Imported fabric – for high quality and durability
  • Padded collar – provide effective foot support
  • Cupsole construction – for better shock absorption


  • Slightly expensive

Product Specs

Size11 x 8 x 4 inches
Highlight featuresMade with recycled materials Imported fabric Padded collar Cupsole construction

Vans Men’s Old Skool Classic Skateboard Shoes

Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes
  • Vulcanized construction
  • Original Waffle Outsole
  • Skate-Influenced Design
  • Double-Stitched Multi-Paneled Upper for Durability
  • Padded Tongue & Collar

These Old Skool Classic Skateboard Shoes from VANS are legendary icons of skateboarding shoes. Until now, it is still very fashionable and popular. Then, many people love it as an ordinary fashion accessory.

It has a classic design with a trademark side stripe. It has a simple look but it is beautiful and easy to combine with casual costumes when walking on the street.

The lightweight rubber sole with textured waffle bottom provides stability and a strong grip on the table or floor. As a result, it is anti-slip well in many conditions.

The upper is made of imported canvas so it is durable and breathable. It helps you move flexibly and confidently. The padded cuffs with advanced cushioning technology make you feel more comfortable to wear.

I am into these shoes because of their old-school classic looks and their collection with a large number of colors. It provides users with many options to pick up the most suitable one.


  • Suede And Canvas Uppers – for comfort and flexibility
  • Waffle Textured Sole – for extra grip on the board
  • Padded Cuffs – for better support your feet


  • A few special colors are quite expensive

Product Specs

Size13 x 5 x 5 inches
Highlight featuresSuede And Canvas Uppers Vulcanized sole Waffle Textured Sole Padded Cuffs

Supra Men’s Low Skateboard Shoes

I have to say that sports shoes from Supra always bring satisfaction to the users, because of its quality and design.

The first thing to consider in a pair of skateboarding shoes is the sole. This Supra sole is made of lightweight and moderately hard material to make it flexible but still has a good grip on the skateboard. SupraFoam technology is attached to the middle sole for added comfort for your feet on the movements. Besides, the premium grade EVA sock-liner with BK mesh effectively reduces shock in cases of a sudden hard landing. The terry visa lining increases the feeling of grip between the foot and the shoe. These shoe technologies provide an optimal skateboard feel when skating.

The upper is a combination of canvas and suede. These durable materials efficiently protect your feet from damage. At the same time, it stimulates steady breathing.

The low-top design provides flexible and easy movement for the wide feet that bring it in.

As I mentioned, these shoes have a simple design, neutral colors, and many features that effectively support skateboarding. When you wear these shoes, I am sure your feet are well protected from bumps and painful injuries.


  • Lightweight sole – easy and flexible movements
  • SupraFoam midsole – more comfortable
  • Visa terry lining – better feeling of grip
  • Premium grade EVA sockliner with BK mesh – reduces shock when hard landing


  • Not as durable as other brand’s shoes

Product Specs

Size2 x 2 x 2 inches
Highlight featuresLightweight sole SupraFoam midsole Visa terry lining Premium-grade EVA sock liner with BK mesh

DC Men’s Anvil TX SE Skateboard Shoes

DC Men's Anvil Casual Skate Shoe, Black/Gum, 10 D M US
  • COMFORT: The lightweight, padded tongue and collar provide added comfort and support to your feet; Ventilation holes help your feet breathe while on the move at the skatepark, or on the way to class, work, or to hangout with friends
  • UPPER: The Anvil upper is constructed with leather, nubuck, or suede and feature the DC Logo; Match the Anvil back with DC tees, hats, fleece hoodies, shirts, pants, jackets, and more
  • OUTSOLE: Our Anvil is contructed with a vulcanized outsole that provides a sleek fit with maximum board feel
  • ANVIL: The classic silhouette is always evolving with on-trend colors and new materials that keep the OGs coming back for more and the younger generation hungry for the latest-and-greatest skate styles
  • DC SHOES: We’re passionate about skateboarding and we spend as much time on our skateboards as we do in the design lab so that we can always be ahead of the trends when it comes to knowing what skateboarders need to perform at their best

If you are looking for a premium pair of shoes, DC Men’s Anvil TX SE Skateboard Shoes will perfectly meet your expectations.

You can feel secure about its superior quality because of imported materials. The vulcanized rubber sole provides good onboard feeling, flexibility, and having a good grip on the skateboard. Besides, the abrasion-resistant rubber outsole makes it durable and slip-resistant when skating. The mesh lining increases ventilation and the feeling of adhesion between feet and shoes.

When you wear these shoes, you can be assured of breathability. The upper is 100% textile combined with ventilation holes to optimize breathability for your feet. The padded collar is added to make it more comfortable to wear.

The eye-catching look with the DC Men logo on the tongue, side, and heel makes it look more fashionable. These shoes are beautiful, stylish, and provide great support for skateboarding. It truly is above all your expectation.


  • Textile upper combine with ventilation holes – for durability and breathability
  • Mesh lining – for extra breathability
  • Abrasion resistant rubber outsole – for high durability
  • Vulcanized construction – lightweight, flexible and good grips


  • Lack of cushion

Product Specs

Size12 x 8 x 4 inches
ManufacturerDC Shoes
Highlight featuresTextile upper Mesh lining Ventilation holes Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole Vulcanized construction

Etnies Swivel Skateboard Shoes

Etnies mens Barge Ls Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 8 US
  • Keeping the spirit of adventure alive
  • Recycled open cell PU foam insole
  • Hefty armored collar
  • Slim, vulcanized shoe
  • One piece clean toe design

The next choice in the list of the best 17 skateboard shoes is Etnies Swivel Skateboard Shoes. The shoes are beautifully designed and supportive of skateboarding.

The most important part is the sole, which is well designed. This sole is made of super-light MD rubber. Hence, it is flexible and can bend in the shape of your foot when moving. The Foam Lite technology efficiently supports your feet and adds more comfort. The outsole is made of 300 NBS rubber. As a result, it has good abrasion resistance and strength. Besides, it also prevents feet from damage and increases grip with floors or skates.

The suede leather upper is scratch-resistant, durable, and moderate thickness. It is very effective when protecting your entire feet from bumps against the skateboard.

These shoes are not only beautiful and fashionable but also get high performance. It was created to well protect your feet in cases of landing with hard surfaces.


  • Suede upper – scratch-resistant and durable
  • Rubber sole – flexible and good grip
  • Foam Lite 1 Insole – more comfortable
  • 300 NBS rubber outsole – good abrasion resistance and strength


  • Less size options available

Product Specs

Size15 x 10 x 5 inches
Highlight featuresSuede upper Rubber sole Foam Lite 1 Insole 300 NBS rubber outsole

DC Men’s Court Graffik Skateboard Shoes

Another option from the DC brand is the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skateboard Shoes.

When it comes to durable skateboarding shoes, I’m sure this DC Men’s Court Graffik is one of the most strong and durable products.

The cup-sole construction is unique and has good abrasion resistance. It also reduces the force exerted on your feet upon sudden ground contact. Also, the leather upper with strong stitching certainly makes it no less durable. It will protect your feet completely from collisions with the floor.

For further comfort, a foam tongue and a collar have been added for better fit and support. A pull tab at the heel makes it easier to put on.

While other skateboarding shoes have a simple design, these shoes have cool graphics on the hip. That is the highlight of this shoe. Besides, the upper surface has ventilation holes to ensure breathability for shoes and feet.

This collection with various eye-catching colors is a plus point that makes you pay more attention to this product than other shoes.

Not only is it durable, but its design is also stylish and fashionable. There is no reason for you not to own such a good pair of shoes.


  • Leather upper – for extremely durability and protection
  • Foam added tongue and collar – add more comfortable feeling
  • Ventilation holes – for breathability
  • Cupsole construction – for better shock absorption and effective protection


  • Slightly stiff at first but gradually more comfortable after repeated use

Product Specs

Size12.6 x 8.8 x 4.9 inches
Highlight featuresLeather upper Foam added tongue and collar Ventilation holes Cupsole construction

Lakai Men’s Griffin Skateboard Shoes

Lakai Men's Griffin Skate Shoe
  • Lakai limited footwear are the shoes we skate

For professional skateboarders, Lakai is a familiar brand with high-quality and good skateboarding shoes.

The synthetic sole with herringbone tread added bottom is durable, pliable, and has a good grip with the board. The EVA insole and the crated midsole are attached for shock absorption and effective foot support. The lightly padded collar and tongue give you complete comfort when you wear them throughout the day.

The 100% imported textile upper has good ventilation and durability. Moreover, this wide form and low-top design are perfect for those with wide feet.

If you require a pair of shoes to improve your skateboarding skills, this Lakai Men’s Griffin Skateboard Shoes is an effective supporter.


  • Synthetic sole – for good durability
  • Herringbone tread – add extra grip on the board
  • Lightly padded collar and tongue – give you complete comfort
  • 100% imported textile – for good ventilation and durability


  • A bit expensive

Product Specs

Size15 x 13 x 7 inches
ManufacturerLakai Limited Footwear
Highlight featuresSynthetic sole Herringbone tread Lightly padded collar and tongue 100% imported textile

DC Men’s Pure Skateboard Shoes

DC Men's Pure Low Top Casual Skate Shoe, Grey/Gum, 10.5 M US
  • Foam padded tongue and collar for comfort and support
  • Wrap cup construction
  • Abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole
  • Pill pattern tread
  • Mesh Lining

The next DC skateboard shoes on the list are the DC Men’s Pure Skateboard Shoes. Skate shoes of this brand are focused on design and quality.

The capsule structure with a lightweight rubber sole is designed for a firm grip and flexible movement. This form is also durable and stable.

The upper is made entirely of leather to keep your feet safe and comfortable when skating. This material is also durable. Don’t worry about ventilation because the manufacturer has designed extra vents to solve that problem.

The foam-padded collar and tongue have been added to better support your feet. It also makes you more comfortable to put on.

It is an all-black one with a red heel and the DC logo on the hips accents.

It is an easy-to-use shoe, whether you are a professional skateboarder or a sports enthusiast, you can buy it to do many different purposes.


  • Cupsole construction – for better shock absorption
  • Foam added tongue and collar – provide effective foot support
  • 100% Leather – for high durability and flexibility
  • Ventilation holes – for good breathability


  • Difficult to find the right size

Product Specs

Size11 x 4 x 7 inches
Highlight featuresCupsole construction Foam added tongue and collar 100% Leather Ventilation holes

DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skateboard Shoes

DC Men's Stag Low Top Skate Shoe, Black/Blue, 10 D M US
  • Medial perforations for breathability
  • DC's Trademarked "pill pattern" Tread

It seems that the DC brand shoes take up a large number in this list, right? The last DC skateboard shoes are the DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skateboard Shoes. This is an innovative version of the previous DC Men’s Court Grafik.

These shoes still are retained the cup sole construction, which is durable and has a firm grip on the board. It also has good abrasion resistance. The moderately thick sole keeps it stable and reduces foot injury.

The upper is made from leather or nubuck leather that making it look premium and wonderful. This imported leather also effectively protects your foot from bumps. The ventilation holes are added for good breathability.

When I put on these shoes, I found them fit and comfortable. This is due to the foam padded and collar. I believe that when you experience it, you will feel the same way.

I think it is also suitable for walking, jogging or some other light sport.


  • Leather upper – for high durability and flexibility
  • Foam added tongue and collar – provide effective foot support
  • Ventilation holes – for good breathability
  • Cupsole construction  – for better shock absorption


  • It is rather thick and heavy

Product Specs

Size12.6 x 8.8 x 4.9 inches
Highlight featuresLeather upper Foam added tongue and collar Ventilation holes Cupsole construction

Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skateboard Shoes

adidas Originals Men's Seeley Running Shoe, Ash Grey/White/Black, 8 M US
  • Abrasion-resistant skate shoes with a vulc outsole
  • Smooth, abrasion-resistant upper; Reinforced toe for durability
  • Lightly padded for ankle protection
  • Grippy vulcanized rubber outsole for precise board feel

Adidas is a famous sports fashion brand, which is specialized in providing high-quality sports equipment. These brand’s products usually have an iconic three-stripe logo, as well as these shoes.

It has a simple design and a low-top form. All parts are firmly incorporated to achieve high durability and good performance.

The upper is made of 100% synthetic suede. This material is durable, breathable, and has good abrasion resistance. You can comfortably do all skateboarding skills without being afraid to wear or tear quickly.

This vulcanized construction is combined with a rubber outsole. They are lightweight, durable, and provide a firm grip with the board.

These shoes are a great choice for skateboarders. You can also purchase it to jog, walk, or use it as a casual outfit.


  • 100% Synthetic – for durability and high quality
  • Rubber outsole – for effective shoe protection
  • Abrasion-resistant skate shoes – add more protective for your shoes


  • No suitable for wide and thick feet

Product Specs

Size2 x 2 x 2 inches
Highlight features100% Synthetic Vulcanized sole Rubber outsole Synthetic suede upper Abrasion-resistant skate shoes

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Skateboard Shoes In 2023

If you tend to purchase a pair of skateboard shoes to start your favorite sport, you should check out the following criteria list. It absolutely helps you choose the best skateboard shoes.


Skateboarding shoes are usually divided into two main styles: vulcanized sole and cup sole. Depending on your needs and personal skills, you choose a suitable style.

First, with the vulcanized construction, these shoes have a thin sole, are lightweight, have high flexibility, and good grip. Its drawback is that it often lacks a cushion. Therefore, it does not support your feet well in case of hard landings. It looks like other casual shoes. Therefore, it is suitable for regular movements rather than performing difficult skateboarding skills.


Next, about the cup sole, it is made for professional skateboarders to show off difficult skills. These shoes have thicker and heavier soles because of the extra cushioning. Because it absorbs shock better, it protects your feet well from painful injuries.

The next criterion that you need to consider is durability. Highly durable shoes protect your feet well and save money.

You should choose shoes with an upper, which is made from durable materials and triple stitching. This prevents wear or torn quickly.

The part that directly contacts the floor and the skateboard is the outsole. A sturdy outsole offers a better grip and high durability. The outsole needs to have good wear resistance to save your money.


Two parts in the shoes protect your feet from injury: the middle sole and the collar.

The middle sole is usually made from foam because it’s lightweight. It also controls the impact on your feet well. Shoes with airbag midsoles support better.

The padded collar wraps around the heel to make you feel fit and comfortable in motion.


According to various research, materials like leather, suede, and synthetic leather, are often used to create the best skateboarding shoes.

Leather is considered the most durable and strong material. It divides into 3 main types: nubuck, full-grain, and action leather. Nubuck is the best type, which has high durability and a good grip to achieve good performance. The other two types are full-grain and action leather. They have the same structure but the full-grain is more durable.

Suede is also often used to make skateboarding shoes. Although it offers a premium look, it is not as durable as leather.

Synthetic leather is artificial leather with characteristics similar to natural leather. Although it is affordable, it does not have the elasticity and durability as good as leather.

Toe Caps

People do not usually pay more attention to the toe caps when they choose skateboarding shoes. It is very important because the toe caps protect your toes from painful injuries. It is made from leather, rubber, or steel.


A remarkable feature when buying shoes is size. You need to choose the right size shoes for comfortable and flexible movement. Each brand or region has a different size convention. Therefore, you should research the size chart carefully in order not to buy the wrong size.


I encourage you to select skateboarding shoes from big brands like Nike, DC, Adidas, VANS. Their shoes are usually good quality. It is also suitable for the skateboard. Because they know how to make a standard pair of skateboarding shoes.


Finally, I recommend looking at the reviews of previous customers. They have experienced it. They will show you the advantages and disadvantages of those shoes. From there, you can make the best decision.


What Are The Best Skate Shoes 2023?

I think it is the DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skateboard Shoes.

What Shoes Do Pro Skaters Wear?

As we can see, professional skaters often use cupsole construction shoes such as Globe Men’s Sabre Skateboard Shoes or DC Men’s Court Graffik Skateboard Shoes.

Do You Need Special Shoes To Skateboard?

For professional skateboarders, it is highly recommended to wear special and well-designed shoes.

Which Shoes Last The Longest?

My answer goes for Vans Men’s Old Skool Classic Skateboard Shoes.

How Do I Know The Quality of My Shoes?

I think you should experience it for a long time to know its exact quality. Or you can refer to the reviews of other customers.


With this list of the top 17 best skateboard shoes and detailed reviews of each product, I believe you can choose the best and most suitable shoes for you. I fully hope it will accompany you in every skateboarding moment.

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