Top 05 Best Milwaukee Chainsaw Review & User Guides

If you are involved with construction developments, and looking for a chainsaw, here are the best Milwaukee chainsaw reviews. Owning a mechanical saw with a set of teeth-like structures that glides through easily is a satisfaction in itself.

Also, it is essential to use one that is portable and easy to use. With innovation in technology, chainsaws are now battery-operated and have a very high demand among people dealing with wood.

Best Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

Chainsaws are especially useful in tree felling, limbing, and other precise cutting methods along with firebreaks. Apart from these, it can also cut other durable materials like concrete and metal.

5 Best Milwaukee Chainsaw Review 2024

Along with the reviews, there are some buying considerations that you must look into while choosing an ideal chainsaw. Other than the table saw, it also includes construction power saws.

Milwaukee 2727-21HD Chainsaw

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Being one of the most commonly preferred chainsaws is operable with an attached motor, which also runs longer. With an entire weight of 21 pounds, it also includes the 16 inches saw blade.

Along with providing an easy-to-use technique, it also yields deep cuts. Get yourself this wireless chainsaw kit from Milwaukee, as it also offers quite a few safety features.

Power Consumption

Since the chainsaw is battery-powered, it is wireless and thus does not require any electric supply to function. With the use of one lithium-ion battery, it will give you effective results.

Besides its attractive color of red and black, it follows the design of the M18 battery platform. Thus, it saves electricity consumption and is convenient to carry.

As it uses a battery, it becomes easier to operate in those areas where an electrical connection is not available.

Exceptional Cut

For cutting any concrete materials, use this chainsaw kit, as it consists of a 16 inches elongated bar. As the bar is comprised of alloy steel, it does not wear off quickly, even after continuous use.

Each part of the chain has small but very sharp teeth-like structures. For precise and clean cuts, the directions of teeth are in alternate directions.

Safety Features

With increased safety and alert features, using this chainsaw provides maximum protection to the user. Chain break is useful during back force instances and is available inside the cover of the clutch.

The operating handle has an anti-slip and secure grip, which prevents skidding while using the chainsaw. Handle guard prevents the hand of the user from injuries if there is a derailment of the chain.

With the coverage of a rubber-based material on the grip, it gives the handle the required firmness.

  • D-shaped handles for extra grip
  • Excellent tension mechanism
  • Safe and easy-to-use
  • Light in weight
  • No batteries included

Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 Higher Capacity Chainsaw

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If you are looking for a chainsaw for cutting hardwoods for preparing your personalized wooden furniture, this chainsaw from Milwaukee is apt for the purpose.

Weighing only 15 pounds, it is easier to relocate to multiple destinations without any hassle. Because of the provision of a trigger, gives the operator full control over the tool.

Since it is battery-operated, it does not require an additional source of power or electricity.

Oregon Bar

Due to the attachment of a 16 inches Oregon bar, it can easily slide through any durable material in the least amount of time.

The elongated bar is of alloy steel and thus does not corrode readily and gives a more extended duration of usage. With faster cuts, this chainsaw yields better performance.

By delivering around 150 cuts on every single trigger, time-consuming work becomes faster. 

Chain Lubrication

As the chain runs along the bar runs inside the gauge, the oil lubricates it to the nose. For distributing oil around the bar, the drive link helps for the same, supporting the chain’s location.

There is no requirement to grease the cutting chain for every use, as it consists of an automatic oiler. To ensure better results, keep the chains sharp enough. 

Operating Technique

Weighing only around 15 pounds, this chainsaw is compatible with all kinds of M18 batteries. There is no involvement in removing gas, nor are there chances of a short circuit; thus, easy to use.

For extensive usage and achieving better results, you can change the battery capacity. Many safety features like a bar lock and secure and anti-skid handle make it safe for usage.

Blushless motors minimize noise and vibration, thus making it convenient to operate.

  • Includes a bar cover
  • Speed controlling knob
  • Light in weight
  • Automatic chain oiling
  • No extra bars

Milwaukee – M18 FUEL 16″ Chainsaw Kit with Higher Capacity Batteries

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Designed with innovative technology, this chainsaw will be useful for those willing to enhance their carpentry skills. Invest in your fuel-powered chainsaw and work according to your convenience.

A little adjustment in the carburetor makes operating in extreme altitudes easier. Being quite a sought-after tool, it is efficient enough to cut tree trunks and other similar hard materials.

With proper precautionary and safety measures, there is hardly any other chainsaw that can replicate its adequacy.

Internal Engine

With an adjustable carburetor, the internal engine of the chainsaw functions effectively. Using a filter mesh according to the different levels of pollution ensures dust-free air passes through the carburetor.

Their designs help to operate in different positions and angles. While performing with the chainsaw, the centrifugal clutch broadens when there is an increase in speed.

Also, the clutch protects the engine when it stops working for other reasons.

Elongated Bar

For the long-lasting durability of the chainsaw, the Milwaukee fuel chainsaw provides a sturdy material. With the alloy-steel combination in the bar, it is resistant to early wear or corrosion.

The length of the bar is 16 inches or 40cm, and it weighs around 22 pounds. To provide the chain’s autonomous lubrication, it passes through the gauge and runs till the round end of the bar.

Fuel Consumption

For a clear view to check the balance amount of oil in the fuel tank, there is a provision for a side window. To prevent the loss of the lid of the fuel tank, it attaches with a string.

With no leakage from the oil tank, the storage space is convenient enough to store oil even when not in use. Oil holes on the saw head distribute the oil in the gauge’s lower portion during pumping.

  • Sharp and angular tooth
  • Multiple safety features
  • Cover for guarding the bar
  • Applicable for different positions
  • Refilling of the oil tank

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16 Inch Powerstate Brushless Chainsaw Kit

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Weighing only 15 pounds, this chainsaw without cord or brush will serve all of your extensive cutting purposes. Even if you are wearing your gloves, the front and back handle gives an excellent and secure grip.

Efficient chain brakes will protect the operator in case it reverts by releasing the clutch instantly. Thus, from safety standards, it fulfills all requirements.

Battery Power

As it is a quick and easy working tool, this chainsaw reaches its maximum speed within seconds and doesn’t waste power in gaining acceleration.

Since it is cordless, it does not require electricity but needs a battery for operation. With the compatibility of the M18 red-lithium battery, it is useful during heavy and long working hours.

Thus, it does not require any additional power source of either gas or oil to continue functioning.

Heavy-duty Bar and Chain

Built with 16 inches of elongated Oregon bar and powers up the engine until 40 cc and yields fantastic performance. The rounded end of the bar provides the necessary loop for the cutting chain to run through it.

Resistant to wear for a long duration as the bar’s material is of steel and usually with alloy. Each of the teeth-like structures on the cutting chain over the bar is sharp and has a curved angle for smooth slicing.

The placement of these angular curves is in an alternate position of left and right.


Its popularity relies on the using procedure for the right purposes like regular household usage, tree trimming, and carpentry applications.

However, if you have a more extensive working schedule, you will need more than one battery, depending on the work extension.

Since it is cordless, this chainsaw produces minimal noise and is thus useful for application in the city. Shaping and pruning trees will become more comfortable with their use.  

  • Battery-powered tool
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Compatible and fast
  • Speed control possibility
  • Narrow chain than others

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 16 Inch High Quality Chainsaw Kit

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Light in weight, easy to carry chainsaw from Milwaukee slices through concrete and wood very quickly and precisely.

A set of rotating chains that run along with the elongated saw also consists of teeth-like structures placed alternately. Useful for working during tree felling or cutting and harvesting wood for fuel.

Other than this, some construction and usual household purposes like carpentry become more accessible with its utilization.

Power Source and Engine

An electric motor mechanism generates power in the engine and initiates its operation. With no usage of any gas or oil, it actually uses M18 batteries, thus providing maximum convenience in the absence of electricity.

Batteries are rechargeable, reducing further costs of purchasing additional ones on exhaustion. Carburetors present in it automatically adjust their position based on altitudes, both higher and lower. 

Occupational Safety

Prolong use may either vibrate or dampen the chainsaw, but it avoids the same as it has rubber coverage on the handle. Ensuring cleanliness in the carburetor consists of filter mesh to restrict the entry of dust and dirt.

For preventing severe injuries, this chain saw includes a chain brake mechanism that is above the clutch. During kick-back events, the upper handle releases the chain brake and protects the operator.

A chain catcher is useful to stop the chain during derailing by shortening its length to prevent hitting the operator. Similarly, the guard of the rear handle also serves the same purpose. 

Saw Bar and its Lubrication

A long and elongated bar of 16 inches has a curved end, and the cutting chain runs along the entire length. Using stainless steel to prepare the bar gives it a long-lasting feature and does not wear off quickly.

A cutting chain with sharp teeth for cutting convenience runs above the saw. For lubrication, the gauge is available on its lower side, which oils the entire chain as it moves through it.

  • Safety mechanism for the operator
  • Self-lubrication for smooth functioning
  • Rechargeable and compatible batteries 
  • Easy to relocate
  • No protective cover included

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review- Buying Consideration

milwaukee chainsaw

If you are planning to purchase a new chainsaw, the Milwaukee chainsaw review will guide you. You may also be looking forward to adding an electric or cordless cutting gear besides the manual one.

There are a lot of options available; selecting the perfect one may seem confusing. Below mentioned are some factors that you must look into while purchasing a chainsaw.  


Price is always an essential factor while busing any product. A lot of different varieties are available, which have different price ranges. Pre-decide on a budget before you set to invest in a chainsaw.

You may also avail of the deals and discounts that the seller offers at certain times.


There are mostly two types of chainsaws, which are quite popular among individuals working in construction or other sectors. Cordless 


These require oil to operate the engine and power up the saw and also the cutting chain. One must be aware of the ratio of fuel, oil, to gasoline, for proper adjustment. Once the fuel exhausts, you will have to refill the tank.


These chainsaws are operable with the use of batteries. Chainsaws are usually compatible with any M18 batteries. Thus, they do not require the refilling of gas or oil.

Some chainsaws have rechargeable batteries and are easier to use in areas with higher altitudes. Battery-operated tools where there is no electric supply.


milwaukee chainsaw

The major function of cutting through strong and hard materials like wood and other metals is by the saw bar. Long elongated bars should usually be at least 16 inches in length and ensure that the content is of steel.

Alloy steel preferably will be durable, long-lasting, and will not wear off quickly.


Ensure that the handle has coverage of rubber to maximize a secure grip and minimize slipping. The location of the chain catcher must be in between the saw and the clutch so that it can protect the operator in situations like a derailment.

Chainsaws, which are heavier in weight, are difficult to work with; thus, select a tool that weighs between 15 to 22 pounds.


Choose a chainsaw that can serve multipurpose utilities. An ideal chainsaw is useful for household purposes, carpentry, construction developments, and cutting tree trunks and branches.

Besides that, make sure also to use personal protective equipment for overall protection and avoid serious injuries.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review: Best FAQs

milwaukee chainsaw

Q: How many batteries does the Milwaukee chainsaw require?

Ans: Most Milwaukee chainsaw requires only one battery, which is compatible with any M18 red- lithium- battery. However, you may use a higher capacity battery for more top performance-based works.

Q: How frequently does the battery exhausts?

Ans: The working duration of the battery depends entirely upon the load of your work. The longer and more powerful demand for your task will soon exhaust the battery.

Optimal usage will use one single cell for a longer duration. Rechargeable batteries require electric power to operate again.

Q: Is it safe to use a Milwaukee chainsaw?

Ans: Milwaukee manufacturers follow all the safety standards that a chainsaw must possess. Rubber-based rear handle, chain brake, chain catcher, and centrifugal clutch protect the operator in case of a kick-back instance.

However, it is also essential to wear protective clothing for the operator’s extra safety while using a chainsaw.  

milwaukee chainsaw

Q: How to maintain a chainsaw?

Ans: Ensure that the fuel chainsaw is well lubricated to increase productivity and avoid wearing. Use different oil for chains and bars. On the other hand, an electric chainsaw does not require extra lubrication.

Ensure to change the filter mesh or clean it frequently, which prevents the entry of dust into the engine. Use a cover to keep the guide bar covered when not in use.

Also, clean the residues frequently after a specific time interval.

Q: Is it possible to control the speed of the chainsaw?

Ans: Milwaukee chainsaws have unique quality in their equipment, as they provide an adjustable knob on it. Being a variable trigger, you can easily control the speed of the chainsaw according to your convenience.

Its position can adjust according to altitudes, giving the possibility to use the chainsaw under challenging situations also.


With the Milwaukee chainsaw review help, it will be easier to choose from a wide range of options. Invest in a tool that serves your purpose and convenience.

Milwaukee chainsaws are more comfortable to relocate, and you may carry them along while on the move. Both gas-powered and battery-powered chainsaws are in high demand in the present scenario.

A lot of hobbyists, as well as professionals, are shifting from manual chainsaws to cordless ones. As it the light in weight, cost-efficient, requires less physical labor, and, most importantly, less time-consuming.

Ensure to have a basic knowledge of operating a chainsaw and follow all protective measures to avoid injuries. Enhance your cutting skills with the use of a chainsaw and ensure better productivity. 

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