Top 10 Best Ryobi Drills Reviews 2024: Best Ryobi Drills

Good reviews make your task easy, and it would be beneficial to pick the right one. This particular “Ryobi drills review” is the perfect tool for an average homeowner looking for the best budget drills.

As such, we came up with this Ryobi Drills review to help you get the best Ryobi drill for the money. Buying a drill can be quite tasking.

Not to mention tools like drills come with diverse features that are alluring. Hence a budgetary decision is important so as not to overspend.

Take note of the power source of any drill you choose to buy. A drill can either be corded or cordless.

While cordless drills might give you the convenience of moving about your workstation, they are not as powerful as corded drills.

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Ryobi Drills Reviews

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The 10 Best Ryobi Drills Reviews 2024

If you go for cordless drills, consider the capacity of the battery. Similarly, if you go for a corded drill, consider the length of the wire.

And if you don’t know which drill to consider first, here is a list of recommended Ryobi drills for 2021.

Ryobi P1832 Dual Chemistry Charger 18V One+ Handheld Drill

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The Ryobi P1832 drill is an exceptional cordless driver that offers you the versatility of a drill and impact driver. This P1832 drill is a perfect tool for DIYers, contractors, and homeowners looking to add to their collections.

And as a lightweight tool, you can use it for an extended period. Also, the notched rubber molding on the handle provides you with a comfortable grip and better maneuverability.  

P277 Drill Driver

Included in this kit is a P277 drill driver ideal for driving in screws and other small fasteners. This drill driver is a 24-setting clutch featuring a dual-speed gearbox.

As such, you get ultimate control over this drill’s power thanks to its features. At the same time, the keyless chuck of the drill in this kit makes it easy for you to replace the bit of this drill to get jobs done faster.

P235 Impact Driver

Another tool you can find in this drill kit is the P235 impact driver. This driver also comes with a gearbox housed in cast aluminum.

Note this impact driver can deliver up to 1600 in-lbs of torque, which is adequate to get the job done in no time.

And with the ¼-inch quick connect coupler and belt clip feature, you get easy access for easy bit changes.  

ONE+ Battery Included

Powering this drill kit is the powerful ONE+ battery. The ONE+ battery is an 18-volt battery that can work with any Ryobi tool in the ONE+ system. Ryobi included two batteries in this kit.

Also, you get a P118 charger that can help you recharge any Ryobi battery from NiCad to Lithium-ion.  

Tote Bag

A durable tote bag is included with this kit that helps you store both the drill and impact driver safely. Also, this tote bag offers you a portable way to carry these tools.


  • Free charger 
  • Versatile ONE+ battery 
  • Easy bit replacement 
  • Lightweight with an easy grip 


  • Motor is loud 

Ryobi P235 1/4 Inch One+ 18 Volt Drill with Power Tool

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Another cordless Ryobi tool we recommend you check out is this Ryobi P235 impact driver. This impact driver is a bare tool.

An interesting feature of this impact driver that makes it quite attractive is the onboard magnetic tray. With this tray, you can easily hold bits and screws in the tray for maximum convenience.

Powerful Impact Driver  

As a DIY enthusiast, having a powerful impact driver is important. As such, the dual-action motor that combines the driving force of a hammer drill and a motor-assisted torque in this impact driver delivers unparalleled strength.

Also, the P235 impact driver offers you up to 1600 lb-ft. Giving you enough power for heavy-duty tasks.

Compatible with ONE+ Battery

Additionally, this Ryobi P235 impact driver is compatible with the ONE+ battery. The ONE+ battery included in this impact driver is an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, which provides you with enough power and lasts for a long period.  

Easy Bit Change

Using an impact driver will, from time to time, require you to change the bit. Changing the bit on this Ryobi P235 is quite easy and can be done with one hand.

Ryobi designed this impact driver with a ¼-inch chuck attached to a quick-connect cuff, which is why it can easily be removed with one hand.

Pulling back the cuff, it ejects the bits allowing you to install a different bit.

Comfortable Grip

Ryobi designed this P235 impact driver with a notched rubber grip handle that offers you a comfortable grip. Additionally, this impact driver has a lightweight design, which reduces fatigue of the hand from prolonged use.


  • ONE+ battery compatible 
  • Brushless motor
  • Lightweight and easy to use 


  • Bare tool 

Ryobi P238 High Quality 18V One+ Cordless Impact Driver

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If what you are after is a tool ideal for heavy-duty fastening, then this Ryobi P238 impact driver is the perfect tool for you.

Ryobi designed this drill with a powerful motor that shoves out a high amount of torque.

And the best part is that despite its powerful motor, it remains compact and comfortable to use.

3-speed Settings

Ryobi designed the P238 drill with a powerful motor that can rotate at about 3,100 RPM, which is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Also, this drill comes with speed adjustment settings.

As such, you can easily switch speed depending on the current tasks.

Tri-beam LED

Beyond the powerful motor that comes with this drill, Ryobi also included a tri-beam LED that helps illuminate your workplace. The tri-beam LED is located under the keyless chuck.

On pressing the trigger, it activates the LED, which lights up your workplace, removing distracting shadows.

Compatible with the ONE+ Battery

This Ryobi drill is also compatible with the ONE+ battery. The ONE+ battery is a lithium-ion battery. It is an 18-volt battery that can power this tool for a long time.

Rubber Handle with Belt Clip

Whether you need a drill for a professional purpose or a personal one, this Ryobi P238 will suffice. Featuring this drill is a rubber over-mold grip pistol that provides you with a solid grip of this tool.

Ryobi also designed this drill with a belt clip that lets you easily attach this tool to your belt while on job sites.  


  • Adjustable speed settings 
  • LED light 
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Magnetic tray base 


  • Bare tool 

Ryobi P1819 18V One+ Multi-Tools Impact Driver

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The Ryobi P1819 drill is a perfect combo for any DIY enthusiasts. Adored by many, the Ryobi P1819 drill includes all the essential tools you need to get things done.

To top things up, Ryobi designed the tools in this kit with powerful motors, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Combo Kit

The Ryobi P1819 is a combo kit consisting of six tools: the impact driver, drill driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, multi-tool, and an LED work light.

The drill and impact driver comes with a dual-speed gearbox with a 24-position clutch to adjust the amount of torque generated. The reciprocating saw comes with a 1-inch stroke blade.

The circular saw comes with a compact design and features a variable speed dial. And the work light that can produce up to 160 lumens of light provides enough light for your workspace.

Powerful Motors

The type of motor used in a tool determines the type of task you can accomplish with it. Ryobi designed the impact and drill driver in this kit with a powerful motor that can produce up to 1800 in/lbs. of torque.

The reciprocating saw can deliver up to 3400 SPM, letting you cut 60% faster. While with the circular saw, you can achieve between 10,000 – 20,000 OPM for optimal control.

Two ONE+ Battery with Free Charger Included

Included in this combo kit are two powerful ONE+ batteries. Ryobi made the two 18-volt batteries with lithium-ion. One battery produces up to 4.0Ah, while the other produces 1.5 Ah.

Additionally, a free charger is included with this kit ensuring you can always easily recharge your battery.  

Tote Bag

Store all the tools in this combo kit in the tote bag that comes with this kit. The tote bag is durable and provides you with a convenient way to carry or save all the tools in this kit.


  • Multiple tools included 
  • Powerful motor for demanding projects 
  • Batteries included with free charger  


  • Makes you spend more on tools you might not need 

Ryobi P222 Premium Quality Ryobi Drills Reviews

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The Ryobi P222 is a rotary hammer drill that gives you the versatility to use a hammer, drill, or chisel.

Unlike previous models, the Ryobi P222 is a more powerful and compact model that is ideal for every DIY enthusiast.

More so, the Ryobi P222 drill comes with an SDS-plus chuck design that allows for secure, quick, and tool-free bit changes.

Powerful Motor

The Ryobi P222 features a powerful motor that gives you enough torque for tough tasks. The powerful motor can produce up to 5000 BPM, which is quite adequate to hammer through tough materials.

And with a speed of 1300 revolutions per minute, you can trust this hammer drill to get you through a variety of tasks.

Three-mode Selector

Not all tasks require the same amount of effort. As such, Ryobi designed this hammer drill with an adjustable speed setting.

Additionally, this drill comes with a 3-mode selector, which includes rotary hammer, chisel only, and rotational drilling.

LED Light

Another stand-out feature of this hammer drill is the LED light feature. The LED light increases visibility in the working area.

As such, with these features, DIY enthusiasts no longer have to worry about distracting shadows in their working area.

Grip Zone Handle

While this tool is lightweight and reduces hand fatigue, Ryobi designed the handle with an improved grip zone over-mold.

This handle provides optimum grip preventing this tool from slipping off your hand even in wet environments.

Also, the grip zone over-mold provides users with great comfort.


  • Innovative adjustment mode 
  • Tool-free bit change 
  • LED light 


  • Battery and charger not included 

Ryobi P239 Powerful Design 18V One+ Impact Driver

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The Ryobi P239 is an impact driver that gives you the performance of a corded drill, yet you will still enjoy the convenience of a cordless drill.

The all-new innovative design of this impact driver can handle a variety of heavy-duty tasks.

Brushless Motor

Specifically, this impact driver comes with a brushless motor that delivers 2,000 in-lbs of torque. With this unmatched power, you can deliver up to 4,350 impacts per minute for fast-driving applications.

Additionally, Ryobi designed the motor of this impact driver to feature a 2-speed gearbox and 24-position clutch.

Easy Bit Change

Changing bits in an impact driver is important. As a result, Ryobi designed this tool with a dual functional ½-inch chuck that makes it easy to secure bits with the chuck jaw.

Also, to make working with this tool easy, the MagTray onboard bit storage on this tool gives you a convenient place to store screws and bits.

LED Light

Another feature of this impact driver that makes it one of the DIY enthusiasts’ favorites is the LED light feature.

This light feature helps illuminate your work area, making it easy to work anywhere without problems with distracting shadows.

Compatible with the ONE+ Battery

While no battery or charger is included in this kit, it is compatible with the ONE+ battery, an 18-volt battery. The ONE+ battery is a lithium-ion battery that provides you with enough capacity to get more things done on one charge.


  • Brushless impact driver 
  • Easy bit change 
  • 2-speed gearbox 
  • Cast aluminum gear housing 


  • Battery and charger sold separately 

Ryobi P1813 One+ 18V Magnetic Bit Holder Power Tool Kit

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As a contractor or DIY enthusiast, we recommend you take a look at this Ryobi P1813 drill kit. It includes all the essential tools you’d need to get the work done easily.

And unlike most Ryobi kits, it is not a bare tool but comes with a big battery and durable charger.

P251 Hammer Drill

Included in this P1813 drill kit is a P251 hammer drill. This cordless hammer drill has a 24-position clutch and can produce up to 750 pounds of torque. Along with that, it also comes with 3 different speed settings.

As such, this hammer drill can tear through diverse materials from masonry to plastic, wood, and thin metal sheet.

P108 Battery

The P108 battery included in this kit is a ONE+ battery. The P108 is an 18-volt high-capacity battery with a 4 Ah capacity, which is one of the largest in Ryobi’s lineup of batteries. Interesting, it has an onboard fuel gauge.

There is also an included P117 battery charger that lets you charge any ONE+ battery in no time.

Magnetic Bit Holder

The magnetic bit holder near the base of this hammer drill provides users with a platform to keep fasteners and bits secure.

Because of this magnetic bit holder, you can easily store bits and fasteners without working away from your job site.

Carry Bag Included

Keep your hammer drill, charger, and other tools tucked away in a safe place, thanks to the carrying bag included in this kit. This bag features a sturdy zipper, which keeps all your tools sealed.


  • Fast charger 
  • 3-speed setting 
  • High capacity battery 
  • Magnetic bit holder 


  • Chuck feels slightly wobbly 

Ryobi P251 Premium Design Ryobi Drills Reviews

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The Ryobi P251 drill is a brushless hammer drill that lets you get more done thanks to its excellent design. Ryobi’s aim for designing this tool is to offer users a tool that gives them value for their money.

This explains why despite the powerful motor with versatile use of the Ryobi P251 drill, it is still quite affordable.

3-drilling Modes

The nature of the job you are working on will determine the amount of power you need. As such, Ryobi designed the P251 drill with the ability to switch between modes.

If you are working on masonry or wood, or you simply want to drive screws through pilot holes, you can easily set the right mode for it with this drill.

24 position Clutch

In addition to the ability to switch the amount of power you want to be delivered from this drill, Ryobi designed this driver with the ability to fine-tune its torque.

Ryobi designed this hammer drill with up to 750 inches pounds of torque. And thanks to the 24-position clutch, you can easily fine-tune the torque to what you need allowing you to either apply light or heavy torque when needed.

Magnetic Bit Holder

Another stand-out feature of this hammer drill is the magnetic bit holder at the base of the tool. Ryobi designed this hammer drill such that you can easily keep fasteners and bits secured at the base.

Because of the magnetic bit holder, you can easily change bits without having to walk around to pick them.

Dual-position Side Handle

At the side of this hammer drill, Ryobi included a dual-position side handle. This handle gives you maximum control over this hammer grill, irrespective of your handedness.


  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable 
  • Compatible with the ONE+ battery 
  • Adjustable speed settings 


  • No LED 

Ryobi P1810 High Technology One+ 18V Lithium Lon Drill

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The Ryobi P1810 drill is an essential drill for any beginner user who is looking to get more DIY work done.

More so, what interests us the most about this drill is that it comes with all you’d need to drive fasteners without complication.

Featuring in this kit are a powerful drill, a high-capacity battery, and a charger to ensure you never have a flat battery.

Powerful P209 drill/driver

A powerful P209 drill is included in this kit to help you get work done from lightweight to heavy-weight. Ryobi designed this drill with a maximum rotational speed of up to 1,300 RPM, and it can be adjusted between 2-speed gearboxes.

Additionally, you can adjust the torque of the tool as it features a 24-position clutch.

High Capacity P102 Battery

Another stand-out feature of this Ryobi P1810 drill is the high-capacity P102 battery. The P102 battery belongs to the ONE+ battery, which is an 18-volt lithium-ion battery.

More so, its compact size battery, with a 1.3 Amp Hour battery.

P118 Charger Included

A P118 charger is included in this kit, which comes in handy, and has dual chemistry technology. In other words, you can use the P118 charger to load either a NiCad or lithium-ion battery.

Also, the onboard fuel gauge of the P118 changer is a great addition as it tells you the status of your battery.

Philips/flat Head Bit Included

To make things more interesting, Ryobi included a Philip/flathead bit. But if you already own a bit, you can keep the included bit as a backup in case yours gets damaged or misplaced.


  • Lightweight 
  • Durable construction 
  • Charger and battery included 


  • No LED 

Ryobi P1818 High Quality Best Ryobi Drills

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The Ryobi P1818 is a combo drill kit that comes with all the handy tools you’d need as a DIY. Each tool comes packed with enough power to get you through most of the work around the house timely.

Most importantly, we love that this combo kit comes with two batteries, meaning you can get more done before there’s a need to recharge.

Drill Driver

One thing we love about the drill driver included in this combo kit is that it comes with a ½-inch single-sleeve keyless chuck.

Additionally, the 24 position clutch design of the drill driver allows you to adjust the torque generated from it. And with the 2-speed gearbox, you can get up to 1750 RPM speed to match your needs.

Impact Driver

Also included in this kit is an impact driver that can deliver up to 1800 inches/lbs. of torque. And with up to 3200 impacts per minute, this impact driver makes a perfect tool for demanding tasks.

Reciprocating Saw

A P519 reciprocating saw is included in this kit, which features a variable speed trigger. As such, you get maximum control over this saw when handling a variety of materials.

Work light Included  

Also, a work light is included in this kit, which helps light up your workspace. Interestingly, this work light can produce up to 160 lumens of light output.

More so, this work light is ergonomic and designed such that its head rotates to change the direction of the light beam.


  • Powerful motors 
  • Two batteries included 
  • Easy to use 
  • Not too heavy 


  • The 1.5 Ah battery power is unsatisfactory 

Best Ryobi Drills Reviews- Buying Considerations

ryobi drills

No doubt, buying a drill can be quite challenging for a beginner. As such, we came up with this section of this review to help beginners make the best buying decision.

Below are features to take note of in any drill you want to buy.


One of the first things worth taking note of when buying any product, a drill in particular, is the price. Check the price of a drill before its features to help you determine if the drill falls within or close to your budget.

Take note; it is important to always have a budget when you are trying to buy anything. A budget ensures you do not overspend.

And while we all aim to buy the most affordable drill, be careful not to buy a substandard drill. Again don’t be misguided to believe the higher the price, the higher the quality – this is not always true.

Motor Power

On taking a closer look at the drill itself, be sure to take a look at what kind of motor comes with the drill. Most drills either come with a brushless motor or a brushed motor.

Manufacturers use different types of motors on different drills depending on whether or not it is corded or cordless.

So, a cordless drill is most likely to come with a brushless motor, while a corded drill is most likely to come with a brushed motor.

Brushed motors are more powerful than brushless motors, but they make a lot of noise and weigh more.

Adjustable Speed Settings

ryobi drills

Another feature we would be looking at is the ability to adjust the speed settings of the drill. As simple as this feature may sound, it is quite important to have it on your drill.

Some drills were designed without this adjustable speed feature, while others come with 2-speed settings or 3-speed settings, or even more.

Whatever the case may be, being able to change the speed settings to match the current task you have at hand is important.

Sometimes you might need to use a slower speed to get delicate work done, while other times, you might need more speed to get the work done faster.

Chuck Size

Take note of the size of the chuck when buying a drill. This tells you two important things about the drill. Firstly, the chuck size tells you the capability and power of the drill.

Powerful drills often have a larger chuck. Secondly, it tells you the upper limit for the shank size of the bits you can use on the drill. Big bits have a wider shank.


Since a drill is a handheld tool, the weight of the tool is quite important. Aim for a drill that offers you maximum performance but is lightweight.

A lightweight drill will not tire your hand even after prolonged use. Also, while considering the weight of the drill, make sure the handle is ergonomic to give you a proper grip on the drill for easy maneuverability.

High Capacity Battery

While many other features matter when buying a cordless drill, without a decent enough battery, your cordless drill will feel like a corded drill.

A cordless drill without a high-capacity battery means you’d find yourself always charging.

When buying a drill, take note of the type of battery included with it. Two important specs to take note of when checking the battery are the voltage and the amp-hour ratings.

While the voltage gives you an idea of the power of the battery, the amp-hour rating tells you how much fuel the battery contains.


ryobi drills

A charger is a nice gadget to have included in your drill kit. A good charger should be well-designed with the latest technology that prevents overcharging batteries.

Additionally, aim for a charger with an indicator light that tells you how close the battery is to being fully charged.

Some drill brands even have LED indicators on the batteries themselves, telling you how much charge is left in the battery.

Built-in Work Light

A built-in work light on a drill is an important feature to have because it helps light up your workspace. However, this feature is not so compulsory because it does not improve the performance of the drill but makes using it easier in a dark environment.

Magnetic Bit Holder

A magnetic bit holder is a new feature to have on a drill. It helps you store bits and fasteners in a safe place while working.

A drill with this feature saves you the hassle of having to leave your work area to pick a bit or fastener you need.

Final Words

In conclusion, while Ryobi drills reviews may not have the selection that DeWalt, Makita, or Milwaukee has, they come with a few options, you can choose from.

With this Ryobi drills review above, you can see that Ryobi offers quite a category of impact drivers, drill drivers, reciprocating saws, work lights, different battery capacities, and so much more.

More so, you can choose from lightweight, compact tools to heavy-duty drills with enough power that lets you screw and unscrew bolts of different sizes. Ensure you read through the buyer’s guide section in this review.

The buyer’s guide equips you with all you need to know about drills, even if you aim to buy another brand other than Ryobi.

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