Best Rechargeable Flashlight under 50 in 2024

The torch offers many possibilities of use: for work, to move in the dark … More versatile and autonomous, rechargeable LED models have replaced battery-powered models. But between range, autonomy, brands and brightness, it’s not easy to make the right choice. To make your life easier, here is our guide to the Best Rechargeable Flashlight under 50 in 2024.

The Best Rechargeable Flashlight under 50 Reviews

The Best: Klarus XT21X

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The Klarus XT21X is a powerful tactical flashlight with a dual rear switch and LED side switch. It recharges via its 5,000 mAh battery and offers a brightness of 4,000 lumens. The range of the light beam reaches 316 m, enough to illuminate far in front of you.

For recharging, a USB cable is provided to connect this rechargeable LED torch to any device with a USB port. You can adjust the brightness in 4 modes. There are even 2 flash modes to meet all user needs. And for more convenience, a storage case is offered.

The Best Cheap: ITimo

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As shown in the picture, this entry-level LED torch has a small solar panel on one side and a dynamo crank on the other. You, therefore, have the choice between 2 charging modes, essential for outings in the countryside (camping, hiking, mountaineering, etc.).

Note that by turning the ITimo crank for 5 minutes, you will be entitled to 1 hour of lighting. And 40 h of exposure to the sun ensures a full recharge of the battery. Khaki in colour, this rechargeable LED torch slips easily into a pocket. And to top it off, it costs less than 6 $.

The best high-end: Fenix ​​RC40

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The Fenix ​​RC40 has a brightness of 6000 lumens. Its power is such that its luminosity reaches 730 m! In addition, the enormous battery has a capacity of 7,800 mAh, which gives it an autonomy of 125 hours. However, this has a negative impact on the dimensions of this rechargeable LED torch and its weight (1.15 kg).

IPX8 certified, the Fenix ​​RC40 can be submerged up to 2 m deep. Robust, it also withstands drops from 1 m or even a little more in some cases. And for the lighting, you will have the choice between 5 modes: Turbo, High, Mid, Low and Eco, without forgetting the Strobe (flash) and SOS functions.

The Best Powerful: Acebeam X80

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The rechargeable torch is distinguished by its brightness of 25,000 lumens. Such a feat is possible thanks to the 12 CREE XHP50 LED emitters that produce white light with a range of up to 332 m. D es issuers XPE2 CREE and Nichia are used to vary the colour of the light beam (pure red, green, blue and ultraviolet) for specialized use.

About the size of a soda can, the Acebeam X80 is the perfect tool for emergency rescue, scuba diving up to 30m, and outdoor activities. Its body incorporates 4 Acebeam rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of 3,100 mAh each. Thus, it keeps very good autonomy despite its strong brightness.

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best rechargeable flashlight under 50

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How to choose your rechargeable LED torch?

If you want to choose your rechargeable LED torch, you will need to take the following criteria into account:

Various uses

best rechargeable flashlight under 50

First of all, you choose a flashlight according to its use. Some people use rechargeable LED torches only to replace old-fashioned candles when the power goes out. The others use it during night hikes.

They are also used by security personnel or DIY enthusiasts. The required performances are different according to the use which one makes of them, but in all cases, one wishes them to be operational at all times. You can choose between two beam widths: panoramic and point.

Ergonomics, size and weight

Weight and size are also important. If you have to walk with a lamp on your belt or in your hand, go for the lightweight model. Note that the rechargeable LED tactical lamps are light and very powerful. They offer both a very long lifespan and a brightness unmatched by incandescent lamps.

No one wants to walk around with a heavy flashlight in their bag. In practice, tactical flashlights tend to heat up excessively when compact. For example, a lamp with a length of 10 cm and a brightness of 1000 lumens heats up more quickly than a 16 cm torch with the same value of light output, regardless of the material of manufacture.

If the lamp overheats a few minutes after use, you will be forced to switch to a lower wattage mode if the model has one. For everyday use, I prefer a type that is 7 cm or less in length. For those passionate about outdoor activities, choose a flashlight with a light capacity approaching 1000 lumens.

Usually, 12 cm long torches have this brightness. For professionals, lamps that measure more than 8 inches and provide more than 1,500 lumens are the most efficient.

The power source

best rechargeable flashlight under 50

Power sources are available in different types: batteries, cells, photovoltaic cells, etc. Rechargeable batteries and cells have good autonomy and are more practical in isolated areas. Some flashlights work with AC power. Others can be recharged with a dynamo or from your car’s cigarette lighter using a cable and a USB charger.


Power is measured in lumens. The greater this value, the more powerful the flashlight, and the more it illuminates around it. Some models offer different power levels to adapt the brightness to your needs and save a little battery life.

Several manufacturers provide the value in lumens corresponding to the maximum power of the LED. But keep in mind that practically and in most cases, you will lose up to 30% of power due to the energy loss caused by the protective lens of the LED and the reflector. For example, if the LED has 1040 lumens max, this value is not that which is at the exit of the lens.

Autonomy and regulation

You have no doubt noticed that from the moment the batteries or cells begin to discharge, the light intensity tends to drop. It is for this reason that the manufacturers have implemented in the new models of LED torches, in particular the tactical models, the regulation systems to regulate this intensity.

Autonomy, on the other hand, determines the length of time the user can operate their lamp. This criterion should not be neglected, in particular in the event of an emergency situation. It should be noted as a note that generally, models with greater autonomy cost more.

The lighting range

Illumination range is one of the most important characteristics because it establishes how far the light beam can go to illuminate. And to see as much as possible, it’s obviously best to have a longer range unless your only goal is to use this light for repairs.

best rechargeable flashlight under 50


The majority of high-end lamps are manufactured to certain standards. The best-known is IPX. It ensures that the lamp is waterproof to rain and up to a certain level of immersion according to the number indicated; for example, IPX-8 means that your lamp remains waterproof up to two meters underwater. The lamp in question is not necessarily used for swimming two meters underwater.

The ATEX standard is observed on all flashlights designed for firefighters or employees working in explosive atmospheres. They are explosion-proof. ATEX zones (EXplosive ATmospheres) are classified from 0 to 22.

Battery torch or rechargeable torch?

Battery powered torch

By purchasing the battery-only flashlight, you are making the right choice for the simple reason that with rechargeable batteries like NiMH, you will have access to maximum power. In addition, this type of battery is sold in the majority of stores; you will have no trouble finding it. However, if your torch only works with batteries, it is obvious that you have fewer charging solutions.

Rechargeable torch

With a torch with AAA batteries and a rechargeable battery, you will undoubtedly have solutions not to run out of battery. If you find yourself in a remote location and the nearest store is hundreds of miles away, all you need to do is charge your torch using its USB port. This type of device is significantly more expensive than simple AAA battery devices.


If you are looking for a good flashlight with an AAA battery, choose a device that has many recharging solutions, that is to say, a model with batteries and rechargeable via a USB port. On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerful torch but do not have the necessary means, the battery-powered torch is the ideal solution for you.

best rechargeable flashlight under 50


Do not confuse ultra power and long-distance lighting

A lamp with a very high power of several thousand lumens is not necessarily going to light very far. This is not always correct. Certainly, to illuminate far, you need a certain power, but you also need a design adapted to the level of the lamp: the lighting angle has an impact on the range, and the reflector has a role in the distance over which the luminous flux will diffuse.

The real power of a flashlight

We subtract 30% of the value indicated in lumens to get a rough idea of ​​the real power. You should also be wary of low-cost torches that claim to provide 1000 or 2000 lumens. 1000-lumen 12 LED torches do not necessarily provide 12,000 lumens, and it takes large batteries to achieve this value.

Choose between the different types of LED torch models available

For night hikers and building professionals, headlamps that keep your hands free are recommended. Also, opt for this model if you need to hold on during your outdoor activities. For individuals who wish to illuminate a particular place or their path, choose a standard lamp. It is light, handy and adapts to mobile use. You quickly neutralize your enemies both at home and in the street, thanks to the tactical LED torch with a switch on the right. The safety side it provides and its power are the main advantages of this type of lamp. Tactical flashlights usually have high brightness and strobe mode, which makes them easy to commission. They have a compact design with a very good grip. Emphasis is also placed on the robustness of the material, the simplicity of its interface and its resistance to water and shocks.

best rechargeable flashlight under 50


What is the Best Rechargeable Flashlight?

The Best Rechargeable Flashlight depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products around.

What are the two main types of flashlights that are water resistant?

There are two main types of lamps that are water resistant: waterproof flashlights that can be immersed in water according to the manufacturer’s specifications for the duration and depth of immersion, and water-resistant flashlights that can be used in the rain but cannot be submerged in water. These two types of lamps have a certain degree of tightness, allowing them to be in contact with water.

Is there a way to prevent a reduction in battery life?

It is advisable to always charge your new battery overnight before using it for the first time. This is called initialization, which will allow you to get the optimum capacity from the battery. Do not recharge the battery until it is about to be completely discharged. Avoid letting your battery completely discharge.

How to best maintain your flashlight?

You need your flashlight in almost all emergency situations. With this in mind, it must be properly maintained so that it can function normally without malfunction or incident. To remove impurities, we advise you to use an alcohol swab or other degreaser cleaner. Q-Tips, toothbrushes, or other bristle tweezers are needed to clean flashlights with slits or grooves. Lubricating lotion can be used to easily screw on or unscrew your equipment.

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